My Mini Review + Favorite Quotes From… Juliet the Maniac by Juliet Escoria

Title: Juliet the Maniac
Author: Juliet Escoria
Original Publication Date: May 07, 2019
Genre(s): Fiction, Mental Health, Contemporary, Psychology

Goodreads Synopsis: Ambitious, talented fourteen-year-old honors student Juliet is poised for success at her Southern California high school. However, she soon finds herself on an increasingly frightening spiral of drug use, self-harm, and mental illness that lands her in a remote therapeutic boarding school, where she must ultimately find the inner strength to survive.

My Mini Review

Memoirs in this style, written about teens/young adults on drugs were my favorite books growing up. I have a whole list of similar ones in this post: right here. The thing about this particular one is… it was fiction.

It’s a novel, not a memoir… YET… the protagonist is named JULIET ESCORIA, the very same name as the author. I am still so confused. Was this her story or not? Personally, I prefer James Frey’s lies over hers. I assume she did this specifically because she didn’t want the same backlash he got, though.

Reading about her teenage years brought back tons of my own adolescent memories. There were certain points in the book where I had to take long pauses before continuing on because the scenes were replaying like my life-in-a-movie. I was honestly wondering “were all drugged out teens living the same days?” It was wild how some of the EXACT same things that happened to her, also happened to me.

I do wish there was something different, something that stood out more about Juliet the Maniac but, to put it quite frankly– her story has been written plenty of times before. Her voice isn’t unique and her tone/narrative is unlovable.

My Rating: 3 out of 5
Dates Read: May 22-May 30, 2019

My Favorite Quotes

“The smoke became faces, people, worlds. I looked at the crystal ball, and in it I saw the future. What I saw frightened me.”

“I didn’t have feelings anymore. It was like something metal had replaced my insides. Everything was steely and flat.”

“I sat on the floor of the bathroom until class was over. At one point a girl came in to pee. I pretended sitting on the floor of the bathroom for no apparent reason was a perfectly logical thing to do.”

“I’d sit there high and comfortable, a feeling of indulgence, like somebody’s favorite cat.”

“He did drugs and drank in the right way, until they were gone, and then he did his best to get more.”

“The fireworks were small and far away but they were beautiful, because it turns out society is something that looks best from a distance.”

“Her smile is so big and she looks so pretty. She looks so happy, genuinely, the smile obviously not just a pose. But even in this photo–the pupils show something else.”

“She said nothing the whole time I was talking. When I was finished, she touched my hand, just for a second, saying without saying that she got it.”

‘You know, there’s good in everything,’ she said. ‘It’s just sometimes you have to dig a little harder to get it out.’

13 thoughts on “My Mini Review + Favorite Quotes From… Juliet the Maniac by Juliet Escoria

  1. Always love reading your quotes. “The fireworks were small and far away but they were beautiful, because it turns out society is something that looks best from a distance.”…. this gave me chills!

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  2. Good quotes, dont think I would read it. Sounds interesting and I can almost bet it IS her story, why else would the protagonist have the same name but who knows lol. Sorry you didn’t like the book much

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it is weird that she named the protagonist after herself… it’s like she was telling her story but wanted us to not think it was hers? I liked the writing & the story, really, it just wasn’t anything new or different from what I’ve read before, y’know?

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      1. Yeah I get what you mean. It reminded me of a post Kelly wrote, (shoot I forget her site name), but she reads a lot of books and she wrote about tropes and how they can all feel the same and its up to the author to REALLY make it unique and special and worth reading. Though idk if I can count this kind of novel into a trope since it’s kind of….biographical?? LOL Idk, this book is confusing..

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        1. The plot of this one could def be considered a trope but yeah totally that’s so true. Like, I can read the same things over & over. Maybe even predict a few things but if the author can make it unique & special somehow, it’s still a good book.

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