May 31, 2019
08:50 PM

Tomorrow is the first day of June– AKA my birthday month. Although, I’m really not all that excited to be turning 24, I can’t wait to celebrate. I have no set plans yet but, I do have some ideas!

Wednesday night, after I published my last Journal Entry, I probably don’t even have to tell ya but I played Sims 4 for the rest of my night. It’s seriously all I have the desire to do on my days off. I just have way too much fun, lol.

Yesterday, boyfriend had to go to work in the morning. He came home around 4 PM. Before he got here I showered, finished reading Juliet the Maniac, and played with some makeup. I was in the middle of writing my Ipsy PLUS post when he walked through the door.

We smoked a quick blunt before he started on the dishes and dinner. I continued writing while he cooked then, we watched the rest of the Good Girls finale while we ate. I played Sims 4 when it ended… and that’s how I spent the rest of my night again. πŸ™‚

Today, boyfriend worked in the morning. I woke up at around 2 PM, read some blogs on my Reader, and then got a text that he was on his way a little after 3 PM. I was going to get up to shower but, instead I continued reading until he walked through the door. πŸ˜› After my shower, I looked for a place to eat.

It is crazy how quickly places shut down in Las Vegas. I always look through my Yelp Bookmarks when we want to go somewhere new and nearly half of them were reported “Permanently Closed” already. It took a little while to find somewhere we wanted to go!

Finally, I came across LV Bar, located inside the Town Square Mall’s Whole Foods.

It was a small little area where you order at the bar and find your own spot. Other people who were eating from the salad bar or got pizza/sandwiches were also sitting in this area. It was kind of closed off but still completely open to the public, if that makes sense.

Our order came out pretty quickly and the plates were really simple and plain.

Boyfriend got their Pub Burger with bacon and fries on the side. It was good but not anything extraordinary.

I have the same comments about my salmon plate. The veg was just coated in oil and sea salt and the salmon needed all the lemon juice I could squeeze out.

We weren’t disappointed but, we wouldn’t eat there again. When we go out, we like to try different and unique items. Not food that boyfriend could make even better at home…

Of course, being in Whole Foods, I had to check out their vegan sweet treats. I picked out a PB cookie, a double-chocolate cookie, and a chocolate chip scone.

I haven’t tried the cookies yet but, I had a few bites of the scone. The texture was unlike any other (in a nice way). Crispy on the outside but, kind of fluffy in the middle. I love how thick it was, too. The flavor though, sadly, had this annoying hint of coconut.

The macaron fridge was right by the LV Bar entrance so I couldn’t help myself. They were all so pretty, making my mouth water. I will have to save them in the fridge for Sunday though since they’ve got dairy in ’em.

They were 6 for $10 so I chose three and boyfriend chose three. On the left side are mine: Green Tea, Coffee, and Lavender. On the right side are his: Mango, Pistachio, and S’mores. I hope they aren’t stale (now and/or by the time we eat them)!! Whole Foods has been notorious for stale baked goods (in my experience).

We went to Starbucks after shopping around, got our espressos, and then came home. I checked some of my notifications here on WordPress before I started writing this entry.

Mackenzie told me to check my mail yesterday and since I usually don’t unless my sub boxes are on the way, it was stuffed. I didn’t get what she sent me yet but, I DID find a Jury Summons. I guess my name was randomly drawn and I will report in front of the judge on June 24th to see if he wants me on his jury. I actually hope I get picked, I would love to see what being on a jury is like. I do think it’s absolutely WILD that they would’ve charged me $500 if I didn’t respond or show up though. I feel like it shouldn’t be an OBLIGATION but hey, we are not here for politics!!! (Thank you, Mackenzie, for saving me from that fine. ❀ )

Moving on…

Well, actually it’s already almost 10 PM so I better just end this. πŸ˜›

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ❀

09:25 PM

62 thoughts on “Journal Entry #250

  1. Omg I swear I get a jury duty letter every three years πŸ™„ I have gotten out of all but one so far lol. The one time I went I sat in a room with a bunch of strangers for two or three days and just waited. I wish it were voluntary!

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    1. That’s crazy!! They said on the website that if you aren’t qualified for jury they won’t bother you again for three years so that means, every time your time is up, your name gets picked! Wow! You need to enter all the contests & giveaways LOL.

      The one time you did go though, you didn’t really have a say in the case?? That’s interesting to know!

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      1. Oh great haha I normally have terrible luck but I guess that’s why I keep getting picked for jury duty πŸ˜‚ I think they thought it was going to trial but they started trying to settle out of court again or something? So we just sat in a room for a couple of days then were dismissed because they did settle out of court 🀷

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  2. Oh gosh I remember turning 24, I’m gonna turn 27 😭😭😭
    Curious, how long does your boyfriend work? Are they short shifts? And his schedule always seems a bit scattered, either mornings or evenings lol.
    How crazy that places close down there so fast! I feel like here everything stays open for a while haha still havent been or seen everything yet 🀣
    Ah man that places does seem really plain. The food looks eh to me haha
    I dont like any foods that taste of coconut. Even remotely. idk. I just dont like it lol. Coconut oil I’ll have any day in foods or cook with it. That’s different lol.
    Oh macarons! Havent had some since January! 😭
    Oh snap you get summoned for jury through email?? Here they send out actual mail. I got summoned about a month ago but I cant attend since I’m CL’s primary caretaker lmao. I got summoned my first time right when I turned 18, and at the end when I called to see what time I had to show up, it had been cancelled lol.
    Have a wonderful weekend yourself! I’ve already started putting your package together. Went to target yesterday to find some stuff but wasnt sure what to send so I got some travel stuff to send to you. I’m gonna go get some Mexican candy today and hopefully you like it haha. Let me know if youd like something else πŸ˜‰

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    1. I don’t want to turn 24 lol I wish I could go back to 21. 😦

      Boyfriend’s shifts are really random & totally scattered. I wish he would just get a different one. When he works during the day he usually works like 11 AM-4 PM & at night, 3 PM-9 PM but if it’s busy, he has to stay longer & if it’s not, he gets sent home early.

      I hate how quickly everything closes here but it usually means they weren’t worth trying anyways!

      I thought being inside a fancy shmancy Whole Foods, their food would have been a little more pretty & put together but nah. It boring lol.

      I am with you!! I hate coconut. 😦 I even feel like I can taste it in the oil!!

      Don’t remind me about those macarons lol I am sooo tempted to eat them out of the fridge right now but I have to wait until tomorrow!!

      No no. The jury letter was in the mailbox! I just hadn’t been to check it in so long & it was delivered awhile ago lol. I don’t think there’s anyway I can get out of it. At first, I wanted to but then I got more & more curious. I hope when I call that it’s not cancelled! This is my first ever chance!

      Stoppp it babe you are too sweet. ❀ ❀ Thank you for even sending me anything at all!! I can't wait to receive it!!

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      1. You will be fine! We are all kids at heart, dont ever forget that. I still feel like I’m 22 honestly. Apart from living kind of on our own, and having gotten married and started a family, I still feel like I’m much younger than I am. Its important to not let adult life get the best of you but rather make the best of it. Lol.
        Ah man that really sucks. I personally wouldn’t be able to have a job like that lol. The only cool thing is getting to go home much earlier but then hardly any money lol
        Ooh I literally went back to read that and you did say mail I dont know why I read email lmao. No. You cant get out of it, I wish I didn’t cause I would love to go too. No fair. I hope they pick me again in the next 5 years or so lol. I hope YOU get picked. I’d love to hear how that experience went.

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        1. Me toooo, I totally don’t feel 24. But you’re right– you’re only as old as you feel!

          Yeah I’d hate to have a job like that, too. It’s so hard not having a set schedule.

          I hope I get picked for the jury, too!

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  3. You are the second blogger I follow that has a June birthday. HE is celebrating the entire month. How about you?

    Here in our little town we only have probably 15 or 20 restaurants. All Mom & Pop places. They have a really hard time staying in business since the majority of residents are only here for the summer. Then they all go back to California. LOL So yah, I feel your pain about places closing down before you can eat there.

    So sorry that place where you got the salmon was just kinda meh. I agree, I don’t want to eat food I can make better myself at home.

    I have been on jury duty SO many times, but never made it to a trial. I’d like to be on one as well, especially since the company I work for now pays for 30 days of jury duty! That’s rare. Usually places pay for 1 or 2 days. I miss the good ol’ jury duty days though…before they had the call in system. Where you actually had to GO to the court and sit there allllllll day long and wait to see if your name would be called. Now you call in in the morning and they tell you and you’re done. WHY did I like going there and sitting all day???? #1. Because it was a guaranteed day off work, with pay and #2. I loved sitting there, reading my book all day #3. I loved eating lunch in the cafeteria where you slide your tray along and pick out all the foods you want to eat #4. I loved going to the little snack shop to get snacks. #5. I loved listening to all the bored people bitching and complaining that they had to sit there all day.

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    1. Lol I will not be celebrating for a whole month. Maybe just one night & then I’m gonna buy myself a big gift (hopefully).

      Ah, I don’t know if I could live somewhere with only 10-20 restaurants but hey, at least if they keep closing down, that means you have a chance to try something new. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, the salmon & burger were both really boring! Boyfriend def could’ve done a better job on both.

      Oh wow! I hope I make it to the trial. I am SO curious lol. It said when I checked-in online, that I would need to call in the day before to know what time to go in. I thought I was going in to do the sitting & waiting when I went in but, that’d be nice to just know right away when I call. I am interested in trying their cafeteria food but otherwise I’d get bored out of my mind. πŸ˜›

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      1. Good to know that you would be one of those fidgeting, annoyed, bored jurors sighing and wondering “How much longer are they going to make us stay here???” Hahahahahaha.

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  4. I keep seeing posts with macaroons in them! I have never tasted one and want to attempt to make them….someday! BTW just had my birthday on the 29th but no where near 24! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Happy Birthday!

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  5. I wasn’t able to download sims on my Mac and it made me SO sad so I am very jealous!! hope you have already invested plenty of hours x

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    1. Ah I’ve heard a lot of issues with Sims & Macs. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you but I promise I have invested enough hrs for the both of us! πŸ˜‚


  6. Happy birthday month! ❀ πŸ™‚

    I love macarons too! Eat them very rarely tho – similar dairy reasons, haha. My fave grocery store does seasonal varieties and they are so good!

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  7. What day is your birthday?

    And you know I’ve always wanted to do jury duty just because it’s a get out of work pass and I still get paid. But then again I’m like I don’t do well sitting for long periods of time. #knockonwood I don’t jinx myself.

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    1. It’s on the 15th! πŸ˜› That’d be super cool if I had a job where I got paid for taking part in a jury. I don’t do that well sitting for long periods of time, either, though. Especially not early in the morning!

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  8. Those macaroons looked so cute and tasty!!! πŸ™‚ And I’d be pissed if someone told me to check the mail and I found a Jury Duty summons LMAO! But I like that you have an optimistic attitude about it and found some things to appreciate about going haha

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    1. To be honest, the macarons weren’t the best. The flavors tasted so artificial! Lol I’m actually excited about the jury summons & if I hadn’t checked, I might’ve been hit with that $500 for not responding on time. πŸ˜‚


  9. Happy birthday month, gf. Enjoy. I was never chosen for jury duty her in NY but when I lived in Vegas , Boston and Los Angeles , yeah I got chosen . I worked a job with no set schedule and I hated it . I can say it was the worst job I’ve ever had. Enjoy your birthday month and enjoy being the age you are . trust me , when you get older you’ll wish you could be the age you are now.

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  10. I’ve heard of people getting the salad bar at Whole Foods, but I’ve never been there myself — not even to shop! I’ll have to go sometime to see what it’s like. πŸ˜‰
    I’m impressed that you’re excited about jury duty! I always hold my breath & pray I don’t get summoned lol. It makes me frustrated that it’s an obligation too…I might even choose to just pay the fine if it ever happened haha. πŸ˜‰

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    1. I like Whole Foods for getting snacks, the salad bar, & juicery buuut for real life grocery shopping, you’d have to make millions to shop there because half the crap tastes like cardboard & all of it costs way too dang much lol.

      I am super excited for jury duty. I would love to see what it’s like to be in a real life court situation! I really feel like we should have a choice to opt out of it though, that’s crazy they make it an obligation. I’m sure there are ways to get out of it without paying the fine though.

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      1. Oh see I always thought Whole Foods was comparable to Sprouts, so that’s good to know! I’ll just go there for the salad bar then, lol! πŸ˜‰

        That’s awesome! I’ve never really heard someone approach jury duty from that perspective before! Definitely though, people should be able to opt out if they want. They say it’s a civil duty, but I pay my taxes every year and I contribute to the community so I feel like I fulfill my civil duty haha. XD

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        1. Sprouts does have a lot of those cardboard tasting brands but I feel it’s not as pricey lol. You will love the salad bar, though! πŸ™‚

          Right? We are already doing a lot for our country. It’s crazy they force jury duty upon us!

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  11. Yay for your birthday month!!! Woohoo!!!

    It’s always such a bummer when places you want to try close before you have a chance! I think in big cities it’s fairly common. Has happened to me a couple times before.. one time we literally had a place picked out for that weekend and it closed the day before we were planning on going!

    We are so similar with our food perspectiveβ€”although the food looked good & I’m sure it was satisfying, we also feel we’d rather spend on our money on something we couldn’t make at home too.

    Those macarons!! YUM!! How pretty too. Hope they ended up being delicious!

    Oh my gosh, that fee is nutzo for jury duty!! I’m always so paranoid about important government mail getting lost like that or something & not knowing! Glad it all worked out & you got it in time! Have a great weekend, love! XO

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    1. Woohooo!! Just ten more days!! πŸ˜›

      OH MY GOSH, that’s such a bummer that the place closed the day right before you were going to go. So crazy!! It’s honestly such a shame how fast the restaurant turn out is around here, we don’t have enough time to try it all RIGHT away like they want us to!

      Yes, I love that we have such similar food perspective. πŸ™‚ I hate spending money on a dinner that’s just so plain! The macarons were actually pretty disappointing. They weren’t stale but the flavors were terrrrible… so artificial, strong & weird. They were really pretty though, huh?!

      I never get anything in my mail usually but of course when I let it stack up, I always miss important stuff so I better start going to check it more!!

      I hope you have a great weekend, too, Mackenzie!! ❀

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  12. Omg! Birthday month sounds exciting!Hope you will have an amazing oneπŸŽ‰!And about the Jury thing,I always find it interesting(the whole process in the USA) because we in Latvia don’t have anything like that .
    Great post πŸ’•

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    1. Thank youuuu! I’m not that excited for getting older but, hopefully it will be fun to celebrate. πŸ™‚ The whole jury process in America is totally weird. I really don’t think people should be forced to do it!

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  13. It’s so great that mackenzie saved you front getting a fine dang $500!!! That’s so crazy honestly because you only get paid like less than $20 for being in the jury, you get zilch for just going to the appointment, but you get fined or jailed for not going???
    I was reading the info from my state and it says being in the jury is a priviledge lol I have to laugh.

    But I agree, i would love to be on a jury LOL
    i want to be able to see a crazy story and be in the news and in the future be recorded like “yeah, i was part of that famous jury” lol

    Anyways yeah I don’t buy much from whole foods either. I used to eat the bread there which was delish. Lately I only buy pizza or these cold foods omg I love them!! I will include those pics in my June favorites post later this month hehe.

    I really hope your 24th is fun!!! I’m gonna turn 24 this year too and im not dreading it but I also wish I could just stay young. It’s so exciting to grow older with my husband and the few friends I have. It will be interested to see how we turn out in the end lol
    I remember being 19 and my then bf being like 21 I was like hey daddy and now we are married and I still be like “hey dady” lol I just love the idea that he’s 25 and im 23 ahh it’s cute to me somehow.
    Have an amazing bday month! I can’t wait to see what you for your bday. ❀

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    1. Riiiiight? I looked on the website & saw that my city will pay $40 a day after the second day LOL! It really is laughable. They are literally forcing us but call it a privilege… ? To me, it would be but to others, maybe not. πŸ˜› It would be awesome to be part of a “famous” jury!

      Yeah, Whole Foods is best for snacks, juice, & salad bar! I can’t wait to see your June faves!

      I hope your 24th is fun, too!! When is your birthday? I hate growing old but you’re right, it will be cool to see how my boyfriend turns out in the end, hehe. He’s only a couple months older than me but I like that. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your lovely comment! β™‘


  14. I wasn’t happy when I turned 24 but after that every year just keeps getting better and better! Haha I find it weird that jury summons are mandatory but voting isn’t?! Literally it should be the other way around… But like you said, not here for politics haha! Honestly though, I never open my mail, I really should though!

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    1. LOL I think that nearing 25 hurts a little but then afterwards, we realize we still feel the same (hopefully) so aging doesn’t matter as much?

      I totally agree!! Voting should def be mandatory & jury duty not…

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  15. I agree, Sims 4 is the fucking best, the upgraded graphics from 3 blew me out of the water. Urgh, the brussel sprouts dont look roasted enough! And yeah, that’s how i feel too, I always want to try unique things that I could never whip up at home! Oh, wow i would have loved that cookie cause I love coconut hehe. OMG, over here we don’t have jury duty but i actually find it so fascinating, I never understood why American shows always portray it as a bad thing? I hope you get it hahaha!

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    1. I agree!! I love the graphics on Sims 4, they are all so cute & animated. πŸ˜„ Do you download mods & CCs to your game?

      Yesss, going out to eat for easily made at home food is such a waste!! Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way!

      Oooh if you like coconut, that scone would have been perfect for you. The texture was so fun!

      & I don’t see jury duty as bad, just kind of a hassle. I can’t wait to see what it’s like if I get chosen!

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      1. No i don’t! Where do you find the mods? which i assume are for extension packs right?
        Alright, I’ll keep updated to see if you are chosen. You can’t discuss it even after its over though right?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah they are all online for free. I like the best. πŸ˜€ My Sims get like red cheeks when they’re flirty & teary eyes when they cry lol.

          I thought we could talk about it after it was over?! But I’m not sure… lol I’ll have to do some research!

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