May 20, 2019
07:28 PM

Ahh, I haven’t written since Friday sooo, I guess we should rewind all the way back to then. After I published my Journal Entry, I went to do my hair and makeup. Boyfriend came home from work with our espressos and we stopped at the bar for one cocktail before he dropped me off.

Work went alright for me, it was slow and I was kind of sober so the time wasn’t moving as fast as usual. 😛

On Saturday, boyfriend went to work. I walked to Albertsons for a salad and sandwich for dinner. When he got off work, he went to the store to buy us booze and juice/soda to make our cocktails at home. I can’t remember much about work because I drank way too much before and during… I know I would never let anyone give me a hickey but, there is a suspicious mark on my neck. It kind of hurts… I think it’s a rash or I scraped myself on something. Who will ever know?

When boyfriend picked me up, we needed to stop for breakfast. I noticed if we eat before going to sleep, the hangovers are easier to manage.

I got the big ham steak with over easy eggs and hashbrowns. Boyfriend got a huuuuge omelet and home fries (potato triangles). The omelet was actually super tasty– I usually don’t like ’em, even when they’re pretty and I know, this one is quite ugly. 😛

I never forget to take a photo of my food, no matter what state I’m in… LOL. It just depends on if the photo turns out blurry or not. I was happy to find this in my gallery!

We both burned our mouth on the hot coffee and my tongue still hurts from it.

Yesterday, we made our last dinner at home but, I also had our breakfast leftovers while I waited for it to be done so, my appetite was a little spoiled. I didn’t eat much of my dinner which caused me to become hungry again later…

I spent some time playing Sims 4 but, after drinking some coffee… I felt completely dehydrated, nauseated, and dizzy. I took a nap on the couch with my fur babes for around a half hour. When I woke up, I felt starved but, tons better.

I used the Yelp app to order take out from a Thai restaurant nearby. We just didn’t feel like sitting in a restaurant. There weren’t many open so we made a gamble by choosing Thai D To Go— we had never been there before.

When we arrived, our food was all ready. We were glad that we ordered to-go because there was an incredibly loud and irritating band playing there.

We got the small Tom Kha with shrimp to share. The broth wasn’t as sour as I prefer– it was more sweet and coconutty. I added some Chili Garlic Sauce and it improved a little.

We were devastated because we forgot to write in the notes of our order that we wanted our food to be extra spicy.

For our mains, of course, we both had to try our fave noodle dishes. Above is boyfriend’s Silver Noodles (Pad Woon Sen) with chicken. It was decent but, def not the best.

I got the Drunken Noodles (Pad Kee Mao) with seafood. It included mussels, scallops, imitation crab, shrimp, and calamari rings. I liked it and can’t complain about the taste– I just wanted more noodles.

We watched the Celeb Family Masterchef while we ate and were sad to see there was only one episode. It was super fun and I can’t wait to see the next one!

We were both in the mood to just sit and watch TV still though so I turned on America’s Got Talent. I think we were watching last year’s season or something (there’s only one available on Hulu). The new one premieres on the 28th (I saw it on a commercial). I can’t believe they’re getting rid of Mel B and Heidi Klum as judges. 😦

When we went to bed, we both fell asleep pretty much right after the blunt.

Today, boyfriend went to the DMV to get our new car registered and titled. I woke up just a tiny bit before he got back home. We smoked a blunt, I looked up some recipes, took a shower, wrote our shopping list, and then, headed to Sprouts. It was a mess in there today. Items weren’t properly stocked and boxes were all over the floor. It made me extra crabby for some reason!

We ordered a sandwich and a big pickle from their deli. They made it right AND toasted it this time.

We chose the Classic Italian on rye bread… it was absolutely fantastic. I just don’t seem to have any self-control lately. I know how bad cheese makes me feel (and I’m already dealing with it right now), I know how sick alcohol makes me feel the next day… but, lately, alcohol and dairy seem to be the staples in my diet. (???)

We only ate half the pickle, it was so big LOL. I don’t know if you can really tell from the photo. 😛

When we got home, boyfriend put the groceries away and we smoked a blunt. I started typing this right away and now, here I am. Dinner is cooking and it smells freakin’ yummy!!

I am working on my Ipsy Glam Bag and Plus posts, I should’ve had a Recipe Reviews yesterday but you know… my drunk/hungover ass couldn’t handle that… please, bare with me. I will get my blog on a consistent track again, eventually. I truly don’t plan to only write Journal Entries on here even though that’s what it looks like right now.

And I promise I’m working on catching up with all of your blogs! I’m nearly an entire month behind now but, I’m reading everyday. I’ve also got to mention that I’m making such progress on the book I’m currently on, it’s still A Tap On The Window but, it’s been a couple months since I’ve been able to read this far into a book and I’m feelin’ proud. 🙂

My baby Benji with his daddy ❤

I hope you’ve had a lovely start to your week!!

08:21 PM

38 thoughts on “Journal Entry #247

  1. When one of those huge omelets is set down in front of me I always wonder how many eggs went into the dang thing. At home people normally eat one or two eggs. Why does a restaurant use like a dozen eggs per person???

    Oooo hold the phone!!! WE just got a Thai restaurant in our little town. Let me pull up their menu and see if anything you guys usually order is on it.

    1. Pad Woon Sen? – Uhhhhh no, but they have a salad called YUM Woon Sen
    2. Pad Kee Mao? – YES!!! They only use the english name “Drunkin noodles”. And the only “seafood” option is shrimp, which I would not feel safe eating in the middle of nowhere, far from the sea. LOL
    3. Tom Kha? – I think so! They just call it “Coconut Soup” but it is described as hot & sour.

    Anyway, I will try to make it over there to try it out soon! I’ll probably get my favorite, yellow curry with pineapple. LOL And a Thai iced coffee!!!! Yum!

    Oh look at your precious widdle kiddy kat!!!!!

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    1. LOL yeah, I have no idea why they need to make those omelets so big. Boyfriend only finished half & said they aren’t good when reheated, so the rest went to waste.

      Hmm… sometimes Thai restaurants don’t have Pad Woon Sen but there is one more name you could look for it under: Glass Noodles. If you like curry, I think you’d enjoy Tom Kha but, nothing wrong with Yellow Curry with Pineapple. I LOVE that, too!!!

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  2. Omg your cat Benji! TOO adorable. Thank you so much for sharing that photo Hunida, it totally brightened my day. What a cutie!! Cats are so underrated lol I feel like dogs get all the hype for being cute (which they are) but cats are just so precious too. Omg! Is yours a house cat btw?
    YES to eating before going to sleep after drinking. That and drinking a ton of water definitely prevents the hangover or at least eases it a little. I could never have a night out where I don’t eat afterwards (even now I’m not drinking LOL I just love food). I guess we always want what we can’t have sometimes don’t we, so maybe that’s why cheese and alcohol have been such staples in your diet lately? I don’t blame you though, I loveee cheese!
    Your post has totally made me crave noodles, and also cheese LOL. But noodles and cheese together? I’m not so sure about that so I guess I’ll have to manage my cravings and have each separately. Or maybe I can try them together and create a new dish… recipe post coming soon LOL.
    Hope you have a great week Hunida!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, Benji says ‘thank you!!’ ❤ I am so happy he could brighten your day because he brightens mine all the time. 🙂 & you're so right about cats being underrated. I don't get how so many people hate them & think they don't know how to love humans. What a crazy thought, right??! All of my cats our house cats, yes. I would never stop worrying if they ran out & about all the time!

      Gosh, it's such a bad idea NOT to eat after drinking. I think that's why I used to get so sick all the time. I'm glad I learned LOL. & YESS to tons of water & that saying 'we always want what we can't have' it's TOO true, it's annoying!!

      Noodles & cheese?! How about macaroni & cheese?! Or did you come up with a new dish? 😀 ❤

      Hope you have a great week, too, babe!! Thank you so much for your comment!!

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      1. Omg so cute!! I am so glad you have your Benji to bring you joy! That is the beauty of pets ❤️ They’re like your best friend and always there for you! Agreed I think cats are so cute! I don’t know where these peoples beliefs come from 😂 cats deserve a better reputation LOL. Omg fair enough especially where you’re located I imagine it must be really really busy! But even so anywhere really, I would be worried also. My friends neighbour actually has a cat who always visits my friends house, he basically lives there instead of where his actual home is 😂 ‘the cat’ even gave my friend a Christmas card LOL, so cute!

        Omg I so agree I feel like eating just sobers you up! Like whenever I’ve been out before and one of us has been too drunk the other is always like ‘right, time for food’ LOL. My go to has always been cheesy chips or maccy d’s! Thank goodness you do eat before sleeping now so the hangovers aren’t so bad!

        Omg macoroni and cheese I LOVE! I’m having that tonight actually! And I actually haven’t had any noodles yet 😭 but I decided I won’t be coming up with a new dish lool, I really don’t think the cheese would go!

        Thanks hun and you are welcome as always!

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        1. The fact that pets are always there for us is truly beautiful. ❤ I love them!! & yesss, totally agreed. Cats deserve a much better reputation but, have you ever watched that show "My Cat From Hell"?!?

          One of the ladies who lives across from us has a cat that always walks around the complex but never leaves our area. She lets us all pet her when she walks by, too. It's so cute! But yeah, I am too overprotective of my babies. Benji always tries to run out the door though! That's so funny the cat likes your friend's home better than his real one & that she got a Christmas card from him. I love that!! ❤

          Yeah you're totally right. The food does sober you up & McDon's is seriously SO good for a hangover LOL.

          ❤ ❤


  3. Aww Benji!! Love those kitty cuddles! So so sweet. ❤
    The last time we went to Sprouts, we tried to shop and ended up turning around and leaving lol. It was SO crowded and I didn't know where to find things and people didn't want to give us even a second to look for what we needed. It definitely made me grouchy too! (And claustrophobic, lol.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He loves his daddy so much!! He always wants to be held like a baby by him LOL.

      Our Sprouts was rather busy last time we went, too! The lines were super long & like I said, not everything was stocked. I hate when other people are so pushy, too. Ugh. Super annoying!

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  4. I always try to eat something after a night of drinking, before I go to bed. It really helps prevent a bad hangover. There have been times when I didn’t eat after drinking and I was so sick the next day. That ham looks so good!

    Italian sandwiches are my fav! I just had one tonight and it was yummy. 🙂

    Benji looks so adorable in that photo!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, that makes so much sense why I used to get terribly sick from drinking. I would never eat before going to sleep! The ham was so yummy! 😀

      I looove an Italian sandwich, too!! ❤ & Benji says "thank you!" ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG, i had a kitty called Benji who looked exactly like your Benji ❤ ❤

    That sandwich looks awesome. I would totes have that for brekkie. People tend to freak out when i say i eat meat for breakfast, but before i moved to England, that's what i ate most of the time. That's what most people in my home country eats too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww no way! That’s so cute that they had the same name & everything. 🙂

      The sandwich was mighty delicious! I personally can’t imagine not eating meat in any of my meals. Breakfast, lunch, & dinner all seem incomplete without it to me. 😛

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  6. I feel like you guys eat such a fun variety of food! Every time I read your posts, I’m like man I need to try that! The Thai food sounds wonderful! I know what you mean about dairy. It makes me sick to my stomach… but I just love it!

    Benji is absolutely adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try my best to find new food & restaurants when we go out but, it is hard to stray away from what you know you love! Thai food is one that we always go back to.

      Dairy is so hard to stay away from, isn’t it?! Fake cheese & ice cream is just not the same. 😦

      Benji says ‘thank youuu!’ ❤


  7. I definitely agree that eating something before sleeping after drinking is essential. I have gone to sleep so many times after drinking and woke up feeling shitty lol.
    Glad they made your sandwich right this time! It looks sooo good!
    And your kitty looks so cuteeee!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah gosh, now that I know, even if I’m not hungry I will force myself to eat something so I don’t throw up the next day! The sandwich was sooo good & cheesy lol. Benji says ‘thank you!’ 😀 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Funny we just talked about this and made the same mistake (not eating something before bed) last night! XD I didn’t throw up and I wasn’t like super wasted, but I woke up with my stomach hurting and not really feeling my breakfast haha
        Awh he’s sooo welcome, that cutie! I seriously would LOVE to meet your fuzzy babies!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ahhh I know what you mean about the stomachache that makes you lose your appetite. It only goes away after a meal but, it’s so hard to get one down!

          I love that you call them fuzzy babies, lol that’s so cute. They would be happy to meet you, too! They may be a little afraid of Ciel & Alex at first though.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! You want to know how long it took me to finish eating? Like two hours lmao maybe I’m over exaggerating but it was a good hour haha
            Lol cats are fuzzy babies and dogs are furry babies. 🤣 and no worries they can stay outside while I go in and pet them and get to know them lol.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I know exactly what you mean! It’s so hard to eat, it even tastes nasty but at the same time it’s making you feel better!

              Lol I love that! I always hear “furry babies” but you’re the first to say “fuzzy” 😄 it’s so cute!! & they don’t have to wait in the car, it’s just my cats might not be as friendly towards them because they’re boys. 😛

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  8. Ok that is one epic ham steak!!

    Aaaand now I’m craving Thai. We are definitely due for some. After sushi of course!

    I go through phases where I just wanna indulge in everything that I know won’t be the best on the ole’ digestive system- I’m sure some of it’s hormonal… stress… etc. But hopefully the dairy wasn’t too rough on ya- cause that sandwich looks awesome!

    Aw Benji is too sweet! Thanks for sharing, girl.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL yeah it was a huge ham! I hope you get your sushi & Thai fix ASAP. 🙂 & yeah, you’re right. I am off the dairy train now but I musta just been goin’ through some stuff. 😛

      ❤ ❤ thank you for reading, babe!!

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