May 15, 2019
08:35 PM

Hey hey hey!! I have the best news!

We finally got our new car! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Yesterday, when we woke up, I knew it was time to go looking at the cheaper cars that I could actually afford on my own. No one is willing to give me a loan or to finance me so it’s the only route I had.

There’s a Veteran’s Charity/Donation Center that had a lot of cars for sale nearby so that was our first and ONLY stop. We test drove one car and deemed it as the one. We went back home to grab the payment and I called my dad (he’s a mechanic) to ask what to look for and stuff. We were making a pretty big gamble by purchasing this car because we weren’t allowed to test drive it on the highway– my dad actually told me to go somewhere that would but, we just had a really good feeling and bought it anyways. Everything else he told us to check looked right!

I followed boyfriend home in the new car and everything was working perfectly fine. We were SO ecstatic!! I was feelin’ like we needed to celebrate. πŸ˜€ Instead of boyfriend cooking dinner, I was like, “we need to go back to BJ’s and eat the Pizookie.”

We went to a different location this time but, it looked exactly the same inside. When we got there, we were told there would be a 15 minute wait for a table so, I went to the bathroom. When I walked out, boyfriend was already seated!!

We started with their Exxxtra Hot Buffalo Bone-In Wings. The flavor was really nice but, seriously, not hot at all.

I got the bowl of Clam Chowder as one of my sides but, it arrived with the wings. I shared it with boyfriend like a second appetizer. It was meaty and delicious. No salt or pepper was even needed.

My second side was the baked potato and my main were the Baby Back Ribs. The server never asked me what sauce I wanted and I forgot to mention it when I ordered… I think they just chose one for me? It had a weird sweetness to it so I assume it was the Root Beer one? I would have preferred something more savory…

Boyfriend strayed away from the burgers (probably because I made fun of him for always ordering them LOL) and got the Jambalaya. I burned my freakin’ mouth on the rice at the bottom and, I am not kidding you, I spit it out on the table so it wouldn’t do serious damage to my tongue, roof, and cheeks. I looked like a child but, I HAD to… I promise I cleaned it up… πŸ˜›

When I used my brain and blew on the hot food before stuffing it in my face, I liked what I tasted. There was a good amount of shrimp, sausage, and chicken. I loved the peppers and the rice but, the sauce could use a little work! It was a bit over-seasoned and the flavors didn’t quite flow.

We didn’t even know it before we got there but, it was $3 Pizookies on Tuesday!!!! It’s like it was meant to be. πŸ˜€

Originally, we planned on getting the trio so we could try more flavors but, the deal couldn’t be passed up. We needed to try the big chocolate chunk one first anyways, didn’t we??

It was absolutely outstanding. Super ooey gooey, nice and warm with chewy, crisp edges. The middle was my favorite… it literally melted in my mouth… just… MMMM!!! We could’ve def finished another one. I don’t care how full we were.

On our way home, we stopped at McDonald’s for a hot black coffee. We have some at home but, have you ever tasted their coffee? It’s so darn good and energizing!!

I smoked a blunt with boyfriend, played with some makeup for a little, then wrote up my Boxycharm post. I started playing Sims 4 after I published it.

My game was frustrating me x10 though. When I first opened it up, one of my daughters was completely frozen. I couldn’t get her to move no matter what I tried so I looked it up and had to type in this cheat. It worked right away and she was back to normal? Then, my fucking dog I just adopted kept running away! I caught it 3 times before it even left my neighborhood but, it ran away AGAIN! All in ONE Sim day, you guys. I don’t even care if he comes back now. 😑

I exited the game and saved it after having my daughter post on the internet that our dog was missing. I watched the new episode of Paradise Hotel before we went to bed. How annoying are Hans and Rosanna?!

Today, we woke up around 2 PM and cleaned our apartment. We don’t do it often so it was a wreck. Boyfriend cooked us a yummy dinner and we watched Good Girls while we ate. We needed a few things at Walmart so we went right when we were done eating. We didn’t get to finish the episode though. 😦

As we were driving, all of a sudden, our car’s blinkers/turn signals stopped working. The internet says it’s an easy fix so fingers crossed that’s the truth. We are gonna deal with it tomorrow and I’m gonna try not to worry about it all night.

You know what I do to take my mind off everything? I shouldn’t even have to answer that LOL. If you didn’t guess… I’m going to play Sims 4 now. Goodnight!!!

09:14 PM

58 thoughts on “Journal Entry #245

    1. Thank you, Mackenzie!! πŸ˜€ That pizookie was sooo amazing. Thanks for introducing it to me. I don’t think I would’ve ever tried BJ’s if I hadn’t seen it on your blog.

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  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Are we to know what kind of car it is or is it a secret? LOL

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the blinkers is an easy fix and that nothing else is wrong with it. Be a good little car!!!

    LOLing at you spitting the hot rice onto the table!!!! They are supposed to say “Be careful, this food is hot!” Like I do for my Mommy.

    Is there anything I love more than a GREAT clam chowder?????

    And yes, I do love me some McDonalds coffee, but I’m mad that they insist on putting the cream in for me!!! Give me those little plastic containers of cream! I don’t know how many pumps they should put in, just give me a handful of the little containers and I’ll keep adding them until the coffee is the right color! But they stopped doing that so now I have to guess, “Four???”

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    1. LOL I was going to write what kind of car but then I thought about stalkers… which is kinda dumb because if there was anyone who wanted to stalk me, they probably already know how with how much I share on here. πŸ˜› It’s just an ’04 Oldsmobile. Looks like any old 4 door sedan!

      I knooow… my fingers are crossed that it will just be a good little car, too. We have seriously had car troubles every single year that boyfriend & I have been together.

      Clam chowder is so good!! I’m not sure anything beats it in the soup category!!

      Have you ever asked the McDonald’s employee to just give you a handful of creamers? I just drink black coffee so I don’t have the issue but I feel like they should give you the option to have it on the side.

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      1. On yah, I never think about stalkers. I’m not a hottie and I have no money so I doubt anyone would ever be stalking me. ROFL

        Nothing wrong with a 4-door sedan. All we ask is that it be reliable and trustworthy and get us where we need to be. I’m driving my dad’s 2003? I think? Suzuki XJ7 or something like that. They don’t even make them anymore. LOL But as long as it keeps running, I’ll hang onto it.

        Yes I have requested the creamers. They don’t even stock them anymore because they pump it into your cup for you.

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        1. Have you ever posted a selfie on your blog? πŸ™‚ I bet you are a hottie & you don’t even know it! I don’t know why I’ve always been afraid of stalkers lol. I’d lose sleep over putting my last name on the internet when I was younger.

          YES, PLEASE! Any car that is reliable & trustworthy is good enough for me. I love that you drive an older car like we do. πŸ™‚

          That’s so annoying about the creamers! I’d hate that lol.

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  2. Congrats on the new car. Hopefully that turn signal issue is quickly and easily resolved.

    Food sounds amazing as always, I’ve never heard of Pizookies before so I had to go look them up. They sound amazing!

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  3. Congrats on your new car!! I hope you get the lights fixed soon!

    The Sims is a pretty healthy way to take your mind off things, if you ask me. Better than getting drunk or jumping out of airplanes with thin pieces of plastic on your back! Seriously though, why do people skydive? Nothing about it looks safe.

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    1. Thank you!! It definitely has put my mind more at peace now. πŸ™‚ We are probably going to donate our old car or sell it for really cheap. It’s unfixable but still running.

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    1. That pizookie was amazing. ❀ I've never had their iced coffee but, I think their frappes are pretty good– I just heard they don't use real coffee in those lol. πŸ˜›

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  4. Heyyyy congrats on the new car!! I’m thinking of doing the same only because I dont want to go through the trouble of getting financed when I don’t have a job lol.
    Celebrating by going to BJ’s AND getting a $3 pizookie sounds like a great plan! It looks so good!!
    And wow lol @ your game! I’d be pissed too! Any idea why that happened in the first place? Glitch? I’m thinking about checking this game of yours out because it sounds like fun lol.
    And I’m sure you probably already figured it out by now, but the turn signals might just be a fuse. Very easy fix. 😁

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    1. Aw are you looking to buy a new car, too? Getting financed is such a hassle. I honestly was naive & thought it’d be a lot easier LOL. I am happy we just went with this cheap car without owing anyone money in the end though.

      That pizookie was a dreeeam. I should’ve taken a photo of the ooey gooey inside!

      I think the dog running away was a glitch. Like I wasn’t supposed to catch him so they eventually made him run away for real. The girl freezing I guess is a common glitch & at least was easily fixed with typing in a cheat code. My dog has came back, ran away, & came back about three different times now though. I hate him LOL. & I saw that they have the Sims 4 base game for PC FOR FREE until like the end of June!! You should so download it if you have space on your laptop or computer!

      We found out how to make our blinkers work. You’re right! It was just some kind of fuse. πŸ˜›

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      1. Yes I want to upgrade my subie with a newer and faster subie lmao. After driving AWD there’s no way I’m going back to FWD. I already have a RWD too so that’s covered haha
        But you’re right, owing money to anyone, especially a financial company is fucking whack. Those interest rates can be pretty high!
        Ah I see! OMG where can I find it?? Is there a website to look for the Sims 4? Send me over the link or at least the name of the site and I’ll find it. I absolutely need it LOL
        Ha yay! At least you guys were able to fix it! πŸ˜€ good thing it wasn’t anything else.

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        1. Oh! I hope you can find the one you are looking for! LOL I don’t know much about cars. I had to ask boyfriend about the AWD, RWD stuff you mentioned.

          Go to, download it, then download the Sims! I’m so excited for you to try it!!

          πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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          1. omg haha i’m sorry, yeah, i love cars, we saw one today but seemed too good to be true., alex was trying to convince me that it was good and I was like “hey you don’t need to tell me but i don’t think you’re thinking about this long term” lmao thank goodness i’m the one who manages our money, he’d spend it on some car in a heart beat haha
            okay will do! doing it now! πŸ˜€

            Liked by 1 person

                  1. It definitely takes loads of self control to not spend, but with practice you’ll get there. The first trick is to learn how to budget. Meaning putting money aside for all the necessities (bills, gas, food, etc). Then save some for yourself (savings if you got any or 401ks, etc). And then putting a small amount on the side for yourselves. Alex and I give each other $20 a week so that’s how we save our money lol. Which is why I sometimes have huge hauls lmao

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  5. Yay, that’s great you guys got a new car. πŸ™‚ Hopefully it holds up okay. The turn signal issue shouldn’t be too difficult to fix. It’s not like it’s an issue with the engine or anything, which is good.

    Ahh, those wings look so delicious! I’m a sucker for wings. I never find them that hot either, but they taste sooo good. I just had some last night. πŸ˜›

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    1. Thank you! I am hoping it will hold up for awhile! We were luckily able to fix the turn signal. πŸ˜€ I am so glad there was nothing major wrong with it.

      Boyfriend is a huge wing lover, too! We order them quite often lol. There was this place called the D Spot in MN & they made SUPER spicy wings.

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  6. So happy you guys got a new car! Also we watch paradise hotel too lol. It’s so trashy πŸ˜‚ But you just wanna keep watching to see who stays or goes home πŸ˜‚

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