May 11, 2019
06:49 PM

Oh. My. Gosh. I just finished the last episode of Star Season 03. I didn’t know it was the finale or I would’ve included it in my TV Show Reviews yesterday BUT, that’s not the only reason why I’m mad. That ending was W I L D and the show has been CANCELED unless they can find a different network since Fox is no longer having it. 😦 I am devastated!!!! I need to know what happens!!!!

I did see the first episode of Paradise Hotel is up on Hulu now though, so at least I have that to be excited for. It’s basically America’s version of Love Island. Like they copied the UK exactly but changed the title…

Yesterday, I woke up to an e-mail alert from Wellsfargo that my account balance had dropped BELOW ZERO which was impossible because I hadn’t used my card for anything. SOMEONE SOMEHOW OBTAINED MY CARD INFO AND BOUGHT SOME SHIT ON AMAZON!!

I immediately called the bank and they said they’d send me a new card and return my money, plus pay for the overdraft fee. It was “definitely fraud,” she said… but I still don’t feel at ease. I don’t want people to be able to steal my money like that. WHAT THE HECK?! AND THEN, when I asked her “how could that have happened?” she told me a few different hacker scams and I was blown away. How are people so smart and SO EVIL?!


I couldn’t get back to sleep right away so I took a shower and thought I’d just start my day. I was feelin’ a little hungover but, after we smoked a blunt, my body told me to go back to sleep. When I woke up from that beautiful nap all the minor nausea and pain went away. Boyfriend went back to sleep with me, too. πŸ™‚

When we woke up, we had to decide on a place to go for dinner.

I was craving a big, comforting bowl of ramen so we looked up the closest restaurant and saw Fukumimi was only 10 minutes away. We had been here once before, all the way back when we first moved to Las Vegas. I even left them a pretty negative review on Yelp BUT, that was when I had just learned about all the different broths… I didn’t exactly know which one was preferable to me at that time. Now that I’ve been to so many different places, I’ve realized Tonkatsu is my #1 and Miso isn’t usually. I had tried Fuku’s Miso the first time (and hated it) but, it’s been long enough and I was finally willing to give them a second chance.

The Honey Garlic Chicken appetizer came out first. The pieces of meat were so juicy and plump!! We were worried that the sauce would be a little too sweet but, it wasn’t at all and even though the mayo on top scared me, it wasn’t even noticeable. These were a hit!

While we looked through the menu, boyfriend declared he wanted the Spicy Tonkatsu (above) but… that’s what I wanted… sooo, I convinced him to get the TanTanMen (below). I mean, it was the only one that included ground pork and he loves that… right?

Well, after one sip of his broth– I felt so bad, I almost switched bowls with him. Mine was actually really wonderful and I’m happy that I gave this restaurant another shot but, his reminded me why we never returned in the first place.

There was a conveniently located Starbucks nearby for us to pick up our espressos and we also had to stop at the dispensary before heading home.

I wrote up my blog post and quickly got ready for work. I had one cocktail at home then, was on my way. I got there at a little past 11 PM and stayed until almost 3 AM. It was busy for awhile but, died down a lot earlier than usual.

Today, boyfriend went to work and I woke up about an hour after he left. I read a few blogs on my Reader then, took a shower, moisturized, stretched, worked out, and heated up some leftovers. I watched the season finale of Star while I ate… and now, here I am. πŸ™‚

Hope you’ve been having a lovely weekend so far. ❀

07:37 PM

61 thoughts on “Journal Entry #243

    1. People are SO crap! I can’t believe they even do that kind of stuff & are able to sleep at night. I’m still so sad about the series being canceled. It’s the worst, isn’t it?

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  1. Sorry that Hacker got you!!!! Happened to me a long time ago. I found out when I handed my Debit card to the cashier at Ralph’s and she said my account had been closed. It was the same deal as you!!! Someone had hacked into my Amazon account, ordered some stuff and then also managed to buy stuff at two different grocery stores, even though I physically had the card with me. Unfortunately it was SO long ago I don’t remember the details of how they did it. But luckily Chase refunded all that money to me immediately and sent me a new card.

    Mmmm I need me some ramen!!!!!

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    1. That’s so crazy, isn’t it? I was sleeping and had my card in my wallet. I hope the person doesn’t get whatever they ordered. 😑

      The ramen was so yummy!! Hope you can slurp some up soon. πŸ™‚

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    1. That ending was CRAZY, right!? Another network needs to pick it up immediately. I’ll be so sad if they don’t. 😦 & I honestly agree, so many people love Empire but I could never stay awake through the first episode!

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  2. Oh, my gosh! I’m sorry that happened to you, but that’s great that you were reimbursed for it all. I don’t understand how there can be those people in the world that do that! At least you gave the ramen restaurant another shot, but I suppose it’s just a hit or miss with some of their dishes. Glad yours turns out well enough! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

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    1. I know, they are the true definition of “evil geniuses” right? lol. I am glad that we gave the ramen place another shot, now we know what not to order next time. πŸ™‚ I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too, Stephanie!! ❀


  3. Did you watch Paradise Hotel yet? I can’t decide if I like it – all the guys look exactly the same lol! If it makes you feel any better, I’ve had my card info stolen a few times but the bank always helps and I’ve started using paypal more for my transactions which has helped a ton!

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    1. Yeah I watched the first episode and am disappointed with the cast! I honestly don’t find any of ’em attractive… I do like the show though. Have you watched Love Island?

      I have heard that Paypal is safer but I don’t even do a lot of online shopping so I’ve never found the need to set it up. πŸ˜›

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        1. Love Island’s on Hulu, too! It’s exactly the same as Paradise Hotel. & I did watch the first couple seasons of Are You The One? but I don’t have cable anymore. 😦

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  4. Oh my GOSH I can’t believe someone stole your card info!! It’s soooo scary how smart people are and how sophisticated scams are. Joshua works in I.T. and he tells me about these scams and it’s absolutely shocking and horrible how realistic they are. Like, even the most aware people can get tripped up these days. I don’t even like throwing away junk mail with our address anymore, I’m so paranoid. O.O I’m so glad Wells Fargo returned the money, gave you a new card, and paid the overdraft and everything. At least they took care of it all, but I can imagine how shaken up you would be!!

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    1. I KNOW! I’m paranoid, too, I told boyfriend not to throw away our mail in the community garbage can anymore. I don’t know how they got my card info!! & Wells Fargo is taking their sweet time taking care of it… but whatever, I guess.

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  5. I hate when shows wrap without a conclusion because they get cancelled! It is sooo frustrating. You get so invested! Hope another network picks them up for you.

    My stomach just sank about the amazon fraud- please tell me they got it all sorted out for you!!

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    1. Ugh it’s just the worst. 😦 I hope another network picks it up, too!!

      The lady told me she would have it all sorted it out for me but I haven’t seen any movement on my account yet… they sure are taking their sweet time.

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    1. Isn’t it? I hate how easily people can do crap like that & I can barely get into my Google account when it has 2-step verification on LOL.

      I actually chuckled out loud at that one, Josh!! I was like “huh?” at first & then it clicked hahaha!!

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  6. I’ll have to check out Paradise Hotel to see what Love Island is about lol.
    How terrible that your bank account got hacked! I’m always so paranoid too I constantly check my account and I’m always careful with how I use my card. I have been trying to use more cash recently too and that has helped with saving money and not using my card as frequently.
    Omg look at all that good food!!!! Ramen is my fave! I’m still trying different kinds of broth too, Shio (salt) is probably my least favorite.

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    1. Love Island is on Hulu, too, & it is TEN TIMES better. I loved it way more. Americans suck & only care about money.

      I rarely ever use my card except for bills & sub boxes so I don’t know how much more careful I could be! I hate that people can easily get your info, no matter what. 😑

      I don’t like Shio or Shoyu broth either!! I have gone to places & liked their Miso sometimes but, never Shio or Shoyu. πŸ˜›

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      1. It is?? Shoot I’ll have to find it then! πŸ™‚ Thanks for letting me know! True that, money-grubbing Americans! LOL
        Awh that really sucks! I’m sorry that happened to you! Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.
        I might have tried Miso once, but I don’t remember if I liked it or not. It can be tricky because if you’re into one kind of broth more than others, the whole ramen experience can shift from really loving it to not so much lol

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        1. Yess, Love Island is actually about people being attracted to other people & growing relationships but, in Paradise Hotel, it’s only the 3rd episode & they’re trying to send people home, making alliances, & scheming to get the money. They don’t even care about building connections! The money was never, ever mentioned in Love Island– they were serious about finding LOVE, y’know?!

          I hope it doesn’t happen again, too but, with what the lady told me, it would be easy for it to happen to anybody! It’s crazy!

          & you are SOOO right. If you’re into one kind of broth, it’s hard to even like the other ones at all!

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              1. OMG I was just telling you about it on a different comment XD
                I binged watched like 10 episodes in one sitting by myself when the boys went to sleep because I was working on the blog haha
                Needless to say, I got completely distracted by the show that I didn’t do shit for the blog until last night and this morning LMAO

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                  1. i honestly don’t think i’ll try watching the american version. maybe an episode to see the people in it and skip a few episodes to see how they’re getting along, but i don’t think i’ll spend any time watching it for reals lol i can already imagine how bad it must be, and i really enjoyed watching people fall in love on love island, their friendships etc.

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                    1. They have already cancelled the American version. There were two episodes per week when they started but after the 3rd episide, FOX dropped them & reduced their air time to once a week due to low viewers! You’re definitely not missing out if you decide to skip it. πŸ˜›

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  7. Yikes!!! Scammers are the WORST. My sister’s friend recently went through one where they scammed her in a way that she couldn’t get any of her money back and she literally lost every dollar she had. It’s such a sad and scary world out there sometimes. Glad it worked out for you in the end and I hope it doesn’t happen again!

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      1. I don’t remember what bank but the way she was scammed she thought it was a legit transfer to a safe account and authorized it (it wasn’t). So because she gave the okay and the scammers didn’t hack her or anything the bank wouldn’t give it back to her. It was honestly the worst feeling because she’s such a sweetheart and didn’t deserve that at all! Ugh, idk how people can be so cruel!

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