May 04, 2019
07:07 PM

Hey guys!! Last time I wrote a Journal Entry was Monday because Tuesday through Wednesday were very uneventful days. Boyfriend and I both had all the days off, we ate home cooked meals, and played our games. We had so much fun and time flew by all too quickly.

On Thursday, I really should have gone to work but, my lazy ass did not. I pulled the exact same crap as I did last week. 😡

YESTERDAY, boyfriend and I took an Uber to a Honda dealership nearly half an hour away. Our current car is really breaking down, making all the funky noises and stuff, so we are looking for a new one. We spent nearly 2 hours over there, trying to get approved to finance but, my credit is so weak due to only having one barely used credit card. It was considered too “new” and “fragile” and my income is unverifiable, I guess. We were pretty devastated to be denied for what seemed like the perfect car for us.

We got a ride from the car salesman (in the car that we want to buy) up to the bank down the street. He was so nice to bring us but, he did also need to cash his bonus check lol. I applied for a personal loan but I don’t have high hopes in receiving it. I am still awaiting approval… I am just super stressin’ because my credit was pulled twice in one day and it may not have even been for good reason. I am starting to feel like if I want a new car, I will have to buy it in full. UGH. Life is so hard.

On the bright side, the bank was a crosswalk away from BJ’s. Mackenzie has posted about this restaurant a few times over on her blog and her photos always left me droolin’. I KNEW there was one around here somewhere and I’m so so so happy we finally got to give it a try.

There was a short wait for a table so we walked to PetCo to look at animals. We saw the cats at the very end of the store but, got a text from the restaurant that our table was ready before we got to them. 😦 We only got to look through the reptiles and baby furballs. We also saw the teeniest tiniest blue frog. Like seriously smaller than a bead. I couldn’t even capture it in a picture… but I did get this li’l guy!!!!

I would love to have a tiny hamster but, my cats would probably eat it, right? LOL. Boyfriend and I were watching cats hunting in the wild on YouTube last night, it was CRAZY.

But, let’s get back to the food!!!

To share, we ordered the Chicken Pita Tacos with no yogurt crema and no feta cheese BUT, the first one that came out had both on top of them. It took until after we finished our main entrees to get the replacement one so our waitress took it off our tab. She was so darn sweet!!!

The pita bread was nice and fluffy but, the burnt crisp parts were yummy, too. I enjoyed the smoky, grill flavor of them so much. The innards were a little plain but, I can’t blame them since I asked for all the good stuff to be taken out. 😛

Boyfriend ordered the Crispy Jalapeno Burger and it was absolutely monstrous– just the way he likes them. 😀 It had fried jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, Chipotle mayo, red onions, tomatoes, AND fresh jalapenos on it. I had one bite and “mmm’d” out loud. The meat patty was cooked just right and had that same smoky, grill flavor as the pita bread… SO tasty!!

For me, I HAD to get the Seared Ahi Tuna salad that Mackenzie usually orders. It was so fun seeing it come to life in front of my eyes!! The tuna was nice and fresh, the outer sesame crust popped with flavor yet, was still subtle and didn’t take away from the fish, and oh my gosh, that dressing… it completely blew me away! I wasn’t even prepared for something THAT good.

Our waitress also offered us a free dessert for the late tacos but, we declined them. We weren’t that upset and I know I need that pizookie trio but, I had to be responsible and save it for a non-work day. 😛

We walked across the parking lot to a Starbucks after we finished eating and ordered our espressos before calling an Uber for pickup. Our driver was so cool and told us that there have been 27 establishments in Las Vegas that were given licenses to allow smoking weed indoors and Planet 13 (this huge dispensary/museum) has already started building their lounge. Awesome, huh!?

We smoked a blunt right when we got home and I immediately started getting ready for work since it was already almost 9 PM. We went to the bar and had a few cocktails, boyfriend dropped me off around midnight. It was pretty busy and I did alright but, MAN, I was exhausted by 3 AM. I couldn’t even talk anymore. I felt annoyed of myself because with the crowd, I could have stayed busy until probably 5 AM… but, I was weak. Boyfriend reminded me that we were walking around in the hot sun all day. He assured me that anyone would be tired and made me feel so much better about coming home… I just hope I can last longer tonight.

Today, we woke up a little before 2 PM and were both starving! I showered right away and then, we decided to go to Applebee’s. It’s close by and those half-priced apps were calling our names.

Boyfriend got the buffalo boneless wings but, the first order we got looked like they had been sitting under the heater for years so we sent them back. It was like our server knew they were old because he didn’t seem surprised when we told him. He ended up taking them off our tab, too!

The Wonton Chicken Tacos are a must-order every time we go to Applebee’s. They are so darn delicious. I love the sauce and the crisp shell. 😀

Boyfriend tried their Quesadilla Burger that looked appetizing to my mouth but scary to my stomach LOL. I didn’t even try a bite this time. 😛

I got the Maple something Salmon with fries and a house salad. The chili-lime vinaigrette I chose was so yummy but, the maple glaze was a little too sweet. The salmon was better plain and the fries were nice and hot but WOO-WEE, they put a lot of salt on them.

We went to Starbucks and ran a couple other errands before we could head home. I hopped onto WordPress right away and now, it’s about time for me to go do my hair and makeup… send me all the peppy energy, please!!! I need it!!!

I hope your week was loads better than mine and that you have an amazing rest of your weekend. ❤

07:59 PM

46 thoughts on “Journal Entry #241

  1. Sorry to hear about your trouble with the car! There must be a way for you to buy one! I don’t get how they can’t verify your income though, since you definitely have a legit job…it’s not like you’re selling dope to children or something.

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  2. I am planning to buy a new car too but I don’t like using my credit card for it. I had the worst experience with a credit card so now I skip using it most of the time

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  3. Damn, Sam!!!! That really sucks that you didn’t get approved for a car loan and will probably end up having to pay cash. I almost didn’t get approved when I needed to buy my car because I had been living by the “No credit, cash only” rule for so long that I had no credit history. The VW dealer had to reach out to like 20 financial institutions before they found one willing to loan me a measley $11k for a pre-owned car. Why did I have to buy a car when I had a perfectly good Honda Civic? I mean, it had no heater or AC but it ran great. Because someone broke into it one night and stole all the parts that made it run!!!!

    OHMYGOSH I need those wonton tacos!!!!! And the Crispy Jalapeno Burger.

    If I had any extra peppy energy to give you would be welcome to it, but I’m barely able to drag my own lazy ass off the couch so I need what little I have.

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    1. It’s so annoying. 😦 I believe in “cash mostly” still!! I just hope I’m able to get a new-used car before my current one completely poops out… 😦

      I LOVE those wonton tacos lol. Is there an Applebee’s by you??

      & I feel you, there is currently no pep in my step!!

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  4. Oh gosh that lil’ hammy is adorable ❤ I had a pair like that, they were so funny. Could jump up really high.

    Sorry about the car / loan thing. Credit score is a bitch 😦 When i got my credit card, the guy in the bank said to start using it as much as possible. Even if i pay it back at the end of the month, and not use it for actual borrowing, it's good for the score.

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    1. Could they?! Like how high are we talking here?? I’d love to own a li’l hammy like that. ❤

      Thank you, Norrie! I guess it makes sense that I was denied. I'm just sad. 😦

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      1. Their whole cage was about 50-60 cm i think and they used to climb on top of their little house thing and do a backflip from there. They never really reached the top but came close to it a few times 😀

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  5. Everything looks so good! I haven’t eaten yet today, so now I’m super hungry. 😛

    That sucks about the car and your credit. It can be hard to build credit. I never had anyone to sign for a car when I was starting out, but thankfully there was a dealership that worked with a company called “Credit Acceptance”. They actually approve anyone for a loan, despite their credit score. The way it worked was that they would take the money automatically from my account each month. There was also a chip placed in the car, so if they went to take the money and it wasn’t there, they would activate the chip and it would shut my car down so I wouldn’t be able to use it until I paid. That never happened to me though. That helped me build my credit so that when I bought the car I have now, I had enough credit so I was able to get a loan without anyone signing for me.

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    1. Hehe, sorry to make you hungry, Britney! I hope you had something yummy to eat for dinner. 🙂

      I set it up so that it could be an automatic payment & everything. I would even allow them to have that chip in my car! I just need someone to approve me so I can pay it off & have better credit. No one is willing to give me the chance though. 😦

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  6. Ugh what a bummer about the financing and your credit. I know it’s so hard to build credit. My one suggestion is this: deposit the cash you earn, then use your credit card for all your groceries, and pay it off at the end/beginning of the month with the cash you deposited. Within six months or so, that’ll really help boost your credit. Believe me, I know it’s so hard! They ran a hard check against our credit when we got our car and like five banks denied us even though our credit is good. It’s ridiculous!
    Oh and they had a hard time verifying my income too as an independent contractor. Nobody knows what to do with us! They even tried to tell me that my place of business is “legally required to give me pay stubs.” And I just had to be like, no that’s not how self-employment works, but here’s my tax return & my bank statements. Ugh so annoying.

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    1. Ahhh, it’s so nice to talk to you because I know you feel my exact pain with the independent contractor stuff. They kept saying “where’s the W2?” I was like “it’s NOT a W2” a hundred times!!! Lol ugh. Thanks for the tips though! ❤ I will work on my credit that way, I just hope my current car will last…

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      1. Oh my gosh, how annoying! I don’t understand why no one knowns what to do with independent contractors — I mean, there’s lots of us! So many people have their own businesses and everything. I’ve had a hard time with apartments too!
        Yeah the credit stuff is confusing and complicated but a necessary evil. People are like “you have to use your credit card, but don’t use too much either,” which is just annoying. >.> So I use it for groceries and anything that we don’t have money for in the checking account at the moment (but I know I’ll afford when I get paid). It helped build my credit fairly fast, all things considered. At least you already have a credit card! That’s the hardest first step, lol, since no one wants to take a chance on people with zero credit. It’s so backwards, like “Oh you don’t have any debt? Yeah I can’t trust you to pay me.” >.>

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        1. Apartments have never ran my credit! They usually just ask for bank statements which has been so much easier for me. I don’t get why people are so confused about us either. It’s not that difficult! & yeah that’s so weird. I asked boyfriend if I had been in debt more if he thought I would have got approved & he said “probably yeah” …that’s so messed up!!!

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          1. I’m SO surprised apartments have never ran your credit! We had to get a co-signer for our first apartment since we didn’t have credit. How did you luck out?! lol.
            I know right! You’d think NOT having debt would prove you are better with your money about paying things off but APPARENTLY not. >.<

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            1. Ah I think it’s because my very first apartment was a low-income one. I was working at a grocery store & a fast food restaurant, on my own, at 18. They just needed my managers to fax them proof that I only made a certain amount (like, if you made too much you weren’t allowed to live there) so, that’s probably why they didn’t need to do one there & then at my other places, they saw the 3 year resident history & bank statements so they didn’t need to do credit check, I guess?

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              1. Ohhh that makes sense! I have family who lived in subsidized housing for low-income and I don’t think they cared about credit either. At least that helps with getting started on rental history, right!

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  7. Aw I’m sorry about your car sitch Hunida, I’m sure it will work out perfectly in the end. You are totally deserving of your perfect car, hey maybe there’s something better for you! But I’m sorry it didn’t work out how you wanted it to at the time. I can’t wait to see your blog post when you DO get your perfect car!
    That little hamster is too cute, those cat videos sound so interesting! I don’t know of anyone who has cats and hamsters as pets together! I think I’d have the same concern as you!!!
    I’m glad your boyfriend is so sweet and supportive of you Hunida, he is right!! Anyone would have been tired after walking round in the heat all day! If you were exhausted that’s not your fault, you can only do what your body is able!
    Hope your week this week is great Hunida!

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    1. AW I just love you, Jennie ❤ you are so sweet!! I should start messaging you when I need some cheerin' up from now on. ❤

      Those cats were so stealthy. I could never imagine my own cats (except maybe one) hunting like those in the videos but, I don't think a hamster would last a day in our home LOL.

      I think I would be a huge mess without my boyfriend, I am so thankful for him ❤ & for you!!! You always make me feel better!!

      I hope you have the best week, too, beautiful!! ❤

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      1. No you are! You make my day and also your blog is one of my favourite ever!!! Love! ❤️ Hehe totally, you have my email so drop a message whenever you need to!
        Wow! I need to see the videos still! Cats are quite strong characters really aren’t they! I was thinking about that today lol. Awww too sad!!! 😦 sucks you can’t have hamsters and cats, it’s one or the other!! But it’s totally not worth the risk! It’s not the cats fault but at the same time, the hamsters need to be in a safe environment ❤️
        Too cute! I actually just read your blog post on how you met (I was having a read of your old blog posts because I haven’t been here since the beginning hehe) and it’s adorable! At first I thought you were gonna say he was the guy you kept bumping into the whole time but no! I love your story it’s amazing and worked out so perfectly for you ❤️
        Aw I am so thankful for you Hunida! The feeling is mutual! So much love for you hun! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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        1. YOU are one of my favorites, ever ❤ ❤ I am so happy we met through our blogs, you always make my day, too!!

          YEAH, cats are super strong & sneaky but, mine seem clumsy lol not like those wild ones in the video. You'll be shocked when you watch them!! But yes, you're right– I'd never bring the baby hammy into my danger zone of a home lol.

          LOL it would have been TOO weird for me to end up with the guy I kept running into. He's a character but hey at least it meant something that we stayed in contact… it was like "you must remember this kid!!" you know??

          ❤ ❤

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          1. Aw Hunida! I can’t even remember how I found your blog now, I think it was through Rossy maybe? But I am SO happy I did!!! Literally love you, your posts and your comments!

            Oh that’s so cute, clumsy cat hehe! I still haven’t watched that yet, that can go on tonights to do list. Yeah there’s no way! It needs to be safe ❤

            Imagine! That would have been crazy, and exactly! Definitely like fate almost, or something significant!

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            1. I can’t remember how we first connected either but I am grateful that we did!! I truly love you, your posts, & your comments, too!! ❤ ❤

              LOL there are so many videos of those wild cats… I should warn you, they are a bit gorey & gruesome!

              I do like to think of it as fate!! ❤


  8. Ahh I’m so sorry about the car challenges- ugh, it really is all so stressful 😦 Fingers crossed for ya that something works out!!

    Oh my food gooodddnesss – I’m so glad y’all tried out BJ’s! Isn’t it a winner?! Always a good meal there. And now I’m craving that ahi salad again! But yes yes go back for the pizookie trio for sure!!

    Half priced apps at Applebee’s are always so fun!! That quesadilla burger is a genius creation!! I wanna try that at home now- ohhh but we do have an applebee’s giftcard I’ve been meaning to use! Hope you got all that peppy energy, girl!! Thanks for sharing- keep us posted on all the car stuff ❤

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    1. Thanks for crossin’ your fingers for me, Mackenzie!! I almost feel like the whole nation could be crossing their fingers for me but I still wouldn’t get it. 😦

      YESSS, BJ’s was delish & their menu was SO big. We had the hardest time trying to read everything without drooling. I can’t wait to go back & try that pizookie trio!!!

      Those wonton tacos at Applebee’s are so good. I don’t know why, they’re simple but YUM. I bet your quesadilla burger would turn out better though– boyfriend wasn’t that impressed with this one!

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      1. awww ❤ Well seriously hoping all works out big time soon! I know it will!!

        And yesss that menu is huge- not the best for the indecisive (like myself) haha. But I'm so happy y'all were happy with your choices 🙂

        Aw – well I'll definitely let ya know how it goes! Have the best rest of the week, girl!

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        1. Thank you!! ❤ & seriously, it was so hard to choose what I wanted out of that menu but I remembered that Ahi Tuna Salad from your blog & knew I had to get it. You are the best for convincing me to go there. ❤

          You have the best week, too!!

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  9. I’m sorry to hear that you had such trouble buying a car Hunida! I saw another comment about putting everything on a credit card and just paying it off in full every month and I totally agree with that! Even just a few months of doing that will help, just make sure you pay it off completely and don’t go crazy with it. Also yeah I’m sure if your hamster ever escaped it’d be dinner for the cats… Haha best not to risk it I think!

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    1. Thank you, Pamela ❤ I will try to build my credit that way… it's just that my car is pretty shitty right now so I am hoping it won't break down, y'know?

      I am thinkin' that hamster wouldn't be safe even if it stayed in its cage LOL I have three cats so they'd def team up to get it out somehow but… those li'l things are SO cute!!

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  10. I’m sorry about you not being approved for the car. That sucks! 😦 I hope you have better luck at the bank.
    I loved BJs the first time I went. The food was amazing! I’ll have to try that salad next time I’m there. I’m sure Alex would love that burger too.
    We havent gone to apple bees in a long time. Last time I went I was impressed with the food. Like it changed lol. But maybe it’s the location idk. We havent gone back in over two years I think lol. I’d be pissed about the wings too though that’s messed up.
    Hope you had a great day at work this time! I’m only late to this post because wordpress hid like three days worth of posts that weren’t loading for some reason lol. The reader jumped from “5 days ago” to “2 days ago” and I was like “there’s no way no one wrote a post for three days” lmao. Finally it loaded for me so here I am!!

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    1. I’m still waiting to hear back from the bank, but I don’t feel very positive. 😦 Thank you for the luck though, Rossy. ❤

      BJ's seems very popular! There was even a wait for a table which isn't common for chain restaurants around here. Have you tried their Pizookie dessert? I have to go back just for that lol. For some reason, I thought you weren't a fan of raw fish!?

      Applebee's is definitely unimpressive LOL. I think it's the same at every location. They are just so conveniently located for us & the prices are so cheap! Especially during half-off apps, hehe. 😛

      I am SOSOSO behind on reading blogs, I think I'm gonna do a major catch up tomorrow. I hope WP doesn't pull anything like that on me!! I hate when they hide some posts, then you click "show more" and then so many show up but not in order, like I don't get their logistics!

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      1. I didn’t get to try much when we went. But I would love to go back and try other dishes. And no, you’re right. I’m not a fan of raw fish. HOWEVER, I would like to step out of my comfort zone and try. I’m just to afraid of getting sick LMAO
        I meant NOT impressed.. I was typing too fast and forgot a word LMAO. Applebees sucks now XD

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