Journal Entry #239 (The Play That Goes Wrong Review)

April 24, 2019
03:28 PM

Ok wow, so last time I wrote was Saturday night. I honestly didn’t think it was that long ago. After I published my post and got ready for work, boyfriend and I went to our fave bar, as usual, to get our drink on. I had two small pineapple juices with Patron then, went to work a tiny bit past midnight. I finally had a fast-paced night and it stayed that way for me until after 5 AM. My last client even wanted to continue hanging out but after our last 30 minutes in the VIP, I was feeling nauseated from exhaustion (and probably the booze) so, when he asked “what time do you guys close?” I told him, I’m closed for the night, not the club” LOL. I had to run to the dressing room because the crowd was still pretty full and men were grabbing me left and right asking, “hey, do you have time for a dance?” which always makes me feel guilty because I do have the time– just not the energy.

When I got home, I took a shower and smoked a blunt before passing the eff out. 😛

SUNDAY was dedicated to sushi and The Sims.

We had decided on going to Sushi Way but, they weren’t open until 4 PM. I woke up around noon and just read blogs until the time came. Of course I took a shower and smoked a blunt before we left, too.

Once we got to the point where we needed to be rolled out the door, we ordered dessert.

Boyfriend got the deep-fried coconut crusted banana and I got the Honey Bread (a Hawaiian bun that is cooked). Both were topped with ice cream and whipped cream. I ate my ice cream but removed the whipped. 😛

When we got home, I decided to purchase the last Sims 4 Expansion Pack that I needed– Get Famous!! They’re all on sale for 40% off until tomorrow, I think. My daughters are toddlers with too many more days until they age up, my main girl is a GLOBAL SUPERSTAR now (as a musician) and my hubby is a Proper Celebrity as an actor and active streamer/brand promoter. Their video station setup is pretty cool. I got all the lights/upgrades for it. There’s even a ring light, lol.

On Monday, when we woke up, I had to find some recipes for the week and make a grocery list then, we headed to Sprouts for our shopping.

When we got home, boyfriend started cooking dinner while I blogged and watched Hulu. After dinner, I went into Sims world and I think that’s why I can barely remember the whole day. 😛

Yesterday, I woke up and read some blogs before hopping into the shower. I wrote up my Ipsy PLUS post when I got out while boyfriend played some video games. When we got hungry, he heated up our dinner leftovers from Monday (because it was SO freakin’ GOOD!!) while I continued writing. I finished right before the chicken in the oven and then we watched Good Girls while we ate. The episode ended a little earlier than we needed to leave so I watched that blonde girl on YouTube do the 100 baby challenge on The Sims. The first episode was kind of boring but, she did make me laugh a lot.

We wanted to use our free medium latte coupons from T-Mobile Tuesdays at Dunkin’ Donuts so, before the play I had to attend at 7:30 PM, we stopped at the cutest one.

Boyfriend got a Pistachio Fudge with an extra shot of espresso and I got the French Vanilla also with an extra shot but with almond milk, both were iced. It was so cool that we only had to pay for the espresso and almond milk.

The drink was scary sweet. I had to think of it more as a dessert drink and not a coffee one. I could only finish about half before I got dropped off at The Smith Center to see…

The Play That Goes Wrong! It was the first (and I think the only) one in the season that wasn’t a musical. I was excited to see it because I had heard so many good things and it was on Broadway in NY when I visited.

The small cast was excellent, every single one of them had so much talent. They all worked together so well and everyone was extremely believable. I can’t choose a favorite because it would mean that the other ones weren’t as good when they were all equally outstanding.

All that being said, The Play That Goes Wrong is a play within a play. It’s hard for me to focus and keep my attention on a story that doesn’t flow smoothly BUT, that’s what the whole point of this show was. The crowd was roaring with laughter every few minutes yet, I only giggled maybe once or twice. Some parts did make me full out laugh but, most of the time, I was thinking “let’s just get on with it!!” I noticed some people in the crowd didn’t return after intermission so I wasn’t the only one with a more mature sense of humor. Those who stayed until the end were absolutely raving as we walked out though.

When we got home, boyfriend picked us up some big steak burritos and fries from Rivas and I played The Sims until it was time for bed. Now, I’m off to play some more. Tomorrow, my stinkin’ work week starts back up. 😦

04:09 PM

52 thoughts on “Journal Entry #239 (The Play That Goes Wrong Review)

  1. So when it’s been several days since you’ve written a journal entry, how do you remember all the details? Do you have a photographic memory or do you jot down notes or what?

    “I’m closed for the night, not the club” Bwaaaaaa haaaaa haaa!!!!!!

    OMG that ice cream!!!!!! Yummo!

    Pistachio fudge!!!!! Now I really miss my Dunkin Donuts. Waaaaahhhhhh. And that IS a cute one with that huge cup.

    Sounds like the play was good, but annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t jot down any notes! I just sit and replay everything in my head lol is that photographic memory??

      LOL I was SO tired. I felt bad because it’s my job to entertain but, gosh… I had to tap out. 😛 The ice cream was delish & Dunkin’ did mention the Pistachio Fudge was a new flavor– they got a few new ones! & isn’t that huge cup awesome? There’s a McDonald’s with a huge cup & huge fries on the outside of it, too. I’ll have to try & take a picture of it next time we drive by!

      YES, exactly. It was good but super annoying!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hawaiian bun? I’m intrigued. Especially with ice cream lol. I haven’t played my sims freeplay for a while but I’m hooked on my hogwarts mystery and a bakery story game haha
    Interesting that the play was a play within a play. I would have been a bit confused haha too bad some people left during intermission. I wonder how often that happens lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Have you not tried a Hawaiian Bun?? They are so good! Fluffy & sweet. ❤ I love cooking games!! Have you ever tried Order Up?! It's the best.

      Yeah, the play within a play was just a bit annoying. 😛 I've seen people leave during intermission in like 3 or 4 shows now, so I think it's kinda common?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I dont believe I have. But would love to try lol. I dont think I’ve heard of Order Up but I’ll look into it. The first “cooking” game I got hooked on was Diner Dash. It used to be on the flip phones lmao. Now that I say that it makes me feel ridiculously old haha

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  3. I love Dunkin’ Donuts!! They have my favorite iced coffee, ever. So much tastier than Starbucks in my opinion. I always get their caramel iced coffee, but I’ve never tried it with almond milk. I definitely want to now! Also, that really is a cute Dunkin’! I have never seen one with a giant coffee cup in their architecture, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought the latte was better than the lattes I’ve had at Starbucks, too! I don’t feel like the almond milk makes a huge difference but my boyfriend, a cow’s milk lover, would say otherwise. 😛

      There’s a similar McDonald’s nearby but with huge fries & a soda lol! Next time we drive by I’ll take a picture. 😉

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      1. Joshua tried an almond milk macchiato recently and was pleasantly surprised that it tasted just as good! It makes me want to try more.

        Oh that’s so cool! I hope you can get a picture. Vegas knows how to make things fun obviously lol. 😉

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    1. I have a broadway subscription so I go to a show almost once a month by myself lol boyfriend doesn’t usually go with me. 😛 & I LOVE the Sims. You will get addicted to it, I promise!!


    1. Hii!! That’s so sweet of you to say. ❤ The Sims is my current addiction, lol. I can't stop with it! & yesss, those desserts were delish!! 😀

      Thanks so much for stopping by!! So happy you enjoyed reading. ❤


  4. Glad you took care of YOU when you were feeling that exhaustion- no need to feel guilty for saying no : ) Easier said than done, but in my 20s I think I am learning more and more the power of just saying “no” to something I just simply do not want to do and not feeling guilty/justifying it! Definitely still a work in progress though for me!

    Yay for Sims upgrades! Woot woot!

    I am obsessed with that Dunkin Donuts storefront!!! I need to visit that someday! Coupons are the besttt.

    Always love reading your review of the Broadway shows! Out of curiosity- to date which one is your favorite?! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you, Mackenzie! ♡ I wasn’t exactly feeling guilty about saying “no” to him, I just feel guilty because I’m turning down money when it’s being offered. I feel like it’s… ungrateful or something, y’know??

      Lol isn’t that Dunkin’ Donuts so adorable? & yesss, coupons are seriously awesome!

      I’m so happy you are not bored by my Broadway reviews!! ♡ My favorites so far have been Kinky Boots, Dear Evan Hansen, The Color Purple, & Come From Away. I can’t choose just one lol.

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  5. The sims! Yes! I’ve been obsessed recently too! I love the Get famous expansion… the laugh has me howling when they turn into a ‘proper celebrity’, it’s too funny! The walk becomes so snobby i was like woah, where did that come from? 😂 I haven’t reached global superstar status yet… maybe that’ll be my goal for today lol!
    also you shouldn’t feel guilty for not having the energy to dance hun!!!! You can only do so much, never feel bad for it ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha hold on, I don’t know if I noticed the different famous laugh?! I’m gonna listen closely when I play later now, I can’t wait to hear it. 😂 But seriously, that walk cracked me up! I kept it on for awhile but it is SO slow LOL. Hope you reached global superstar!!

      & thank you, Jennie! I just feel guilty because if someone else was in my shoes, they probably would keep working, so I feel a bit lazy & kind of ungrateful, y’know?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg I meant walk not laugh! I don’t know if there’s a special laugh I mute the Sims lol! The walk is too much I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, thanks hun I am finally global superstar! Btw do you by any chance know what the highest promotion is for actor? My Sim is silver screen star I don’t know if she can progress any further?
        Oh gosh nooo!! You are totally not lazy and ungrateful. Everybody is different so what may be tiring for you, isn’t for them etc! You don’t owe anybody but yourself anything, so do what you can and don’t worry about anything else. You are totally not lazy!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. LOL sometimes there’s an evil laugh if your Sims does computer hacking. 😂 I can’t believe you mute your game! The sounds are so funny. & yess I agree about the celeb walk, it’s SO much hahaha.

          I think that Silver Screen Icon is the top one for the acting career. 😄

          ♡♡♡ You always know just the right words to say, thank you so much, Jennie!!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh wow amazing! That’s so funny! Haha i have recently started playing it more with the sounds and it is funny! the whole sim language is so extra!

            Aw okay!!! I guess I’ll change my sims career now then hehe!

            Aw you are totally welcome Hunida! You are the same, you always brighten my day with your comments!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. LOL the Sim language is so funny. Boyfriend & I always mock them together! I changed my career, too lol it’s boring to be at the top without promotions but, you do keep getting pay increases if you stay.

              ❤ ❤

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  6. I went to a play when I had a subscription as well and I remember it was the least attended out of all of the performances I went to that season, and lots of people left after intermission too. I mean, at least they go and support the show but they for sure aren’t as flashy as musicals. I found myself wishing they’d get on with it too at the one I went to lol!

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  7. That dessert looks delicious!!!
    You mentioning sims makes me really miss the days i would play 😪 like im truly sad and kinda wanna start playing again lol

    … wait , free tmobile Tuesday?? I need to get on that cuz i recently switched to tmobile lol thanks for sharing ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh if you get addicted to the Sims, don’t say I didn’t warn ya! It’s a black hole that’s so fun & hard to get out of LOL.

      YES GIRL. Download the T-Moblie Tuesdays app & check it every week & there are usually 3 or 4 offers. 🙂 Usually only one really useful one but it’s still cool!

      Liked by 1 person

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