Journal Entry #238

April 20, 2019
07:03 PM

Happy 4/20, friends!! 🙂

Last time I wrote, it was Thursday night and I was about to get ready for work. I did my hair and makeup, then, boyfriend and I headed out for some drinks together. I got to work around 11 PM and it stayed pretty slow until 2 AM! I’m lucky that I waited around instead of going home early. 😛

Yesterday, we went to the Fashion Show Mall to try Sugar Factory for dinner. The place is so hyped up but, we had never gotten around to trying it together. My sister and I did when she visited last spring but, she ordered a simple Jolly Rancher martini… what I’m SUPER interested in is their milkshakes!!! Most people (including big name celebs) visit to try their HUGE fish bowl sized drinks though.

When we asked for a table, the hostess was all like “did you guys have a reservation?” as if they were packed and super exclusive. We said “no” yet, were immediately seated.

We were tempted by the big Appetizer Sampler Platter photo on the first page so, we started with one to share.

It included Mac’n’Cheese Balls, Hot Wings, Onion Rings, and Chicken Tenders. Everything was pretty good except the balls… they didn’t really even taste like cheese to me– I took one bite and spit it out. I really think $30 was waaaay too overpriced for such simple, deep-fried snacks.

Boyfriend chose one of their monstrous burgers!! I can’t even remember what was in it and their online menu won’t load so I can’t check. 😦 I know bacon, bleu cheese, and onion strings were def included.

I had one big bite and thought it was extremely flavorful with perfectly cooked meat. I’m not the biggest fan of bleu cheese on burgers though. 😛

I had the NY Steak Sandwich served on an awesome French baguette. ❤ I could’ve sworn the menu said it would be served with an Onion Broth on the side but… I didn’t get any and when I asked, she said it wasn’t included? Maybe I was reading something else…

I could only finish half of my sandwich and we had quite a bit of the appetizers leftover, too. We asked our waitress for two boxes but, she only came back with one. Now, I’m not exaggerating when I say this; I had to ask her FIVE times to get me my second box. I don’t know where the fuck her mind was at. She even tried to ask if we “needed the change” when we paid our tab. If we answered “no” she was going to get OVER 20% in a tip?? Hell no. I told her to absolutely give us our change… so she comes back with all these big bills that I can’t even split to give her her 20% so we had to wait around AGAIN for her to get our change. Why did we still give her 20% in the end??? I have no stinkin’ clue. Why does it feel wrong not to even when THEY SUCK AT THEIR JOB?!


I had a pretty bad headache again because of the drinking but, after we finished eating we went to Starbucks for our espressos and it immediately went away when I took my first sip. I used to be able to just sleep off the hangover but… now I need coffee? Is this an “I’m getting old” moment?

When we got home, we just lounged around for awhile. Boyfriend was playing The Sims 4 on his XBOX. We got EA Access awhile ago and they have it to download for free (just without any expansions, stuff, or game packs). I was so jealous that I couldn’t open up my game and spend the whole night playing, lol.

Instead, I wrote up my Boxycharm post, checked my notifications, and then I got ready for work. We went to the bar for a drink beforehand and I got in around 11 PM again. There weren’t many customers at all and I just don’t understand why not! It’s springtime and there are so many tourists out and about. I can’t complain with the amount I came home with but, still. It’s really annoying how work isn’t as fast-paced as it used to be but, y’know what? Maybe it’s me.

Today, I woke up around 3 PM. Boyfriend was already gone and off to work. I had the other half of my Sugar Factory sandwich for dinner and watched the newest episodes of Star and The Village. Now, here we are, in the present time. 🙂

I’ll probably sing on the Smule app (LOL) until boyfriend texts me that he’s on his way home then, I’ll get ready for work. I am lucky to not be dealing with a headache today, but… I’m still thinking about having a drink tonight… what in the world is wrong with me?!

I just can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m calling it Sushi & Sims Sunday. 😀 Enjoy the rest of your weekend, you lovely lot!!

07:49 PM

48 thoughts on “Journal Entry #238

  1. Long time, no see. Well it’s entirely on my part. Lol. Life has through me a major curve ball on top of the heartbreak I was dealing with. My baby mama is already prego by the other guy she left me for, and the other guy is married, come to find out. Anywho, I’ve managed to get my book edited and met a nice young lady who wants to take it slow with me. Now you’re all caught up!

    I’m happy to see you and boyfriend are still doing amazing things. I use to wonder if you were still blogging as I was going through my troubles and I’m glad to see that you are. The world can be a dark vicious place so you have to hold on to the little light it gives you. Thanks for your light! Have a great weekend!

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    1. Hi Trey!!! Nice to hear from you. ❤ I am so surprised and sorry to hear about your heartbreak. I do think it was for the better & she got a little taste of he own medicine.

      Congratulations on getting your book edited & on meeting a nice young lady!!! Such exciting news!!! Thanks for sharing with me. 😀

      I'm still here, blogging away!! I'm SO SO happy to know that you were thinkin' of me & that I could be a little light in your world. Wow! Thank you for your comment!! Hope you have an awesome week!!

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  2. Ooh what’s the Smule app like? I’ve seen ads on Instagram but haven’t actually given it a go! I know customer service can be a demanding job and you can get some annoying customers but forgetting to bring a box for you to take the food away in seems like a silly error, maybe she thought she grabbed two by mistake or maybe she was just having a bad night lol

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    1. Lol it’s the karaoke one. You plug your headphones in & record yourself. 😀 It’s super fun!!

      I couldn’t believe she kept forgetting our boxes. It seemed like she was running back & forth doing nothing really. 😛

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  3. Yea, alcohol bothers me more than it used to too, I think it is part of getting old! I’m sure as hell not gonna give it up though!

    I have a hard time believing that work’s going slow because of you. Have any of the other girls complained about work being slow too?

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    1. LOL I don’t want to give it up completely either. 😛 I hate that it bothers me more than it used to though!

      Aw thank you! The other girls have also been complaining about it being slow so yeah, at least it’s not only me!

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  4. I agree $30 is A BIT MUCH for those fried goodies, but wow do your sandwiches look good! If I worked there I would’ve said to my customer “Oh sorry you misunderstood about the sandwich. Let me go grab you a cup of the broth anyway.”

    I guess we tip them the 20% in spite of the suckass service because we’re either idiots or too kind hearted for our own good.

    Sushi & Sims sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!

    I am finally caught up with Ozark so now I need to choose my next show to watch. Oh, maybe that one that you were watching and I said I saw some episodes and then they moved it…oh heck what is it even called? Oh! A Million Little Things. But don’t let me start it right now because I’ve got a list of crap I MUST get done today.

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    1. Yeah… $30 was def a bit much lol. She did offer to get me some but noted that it wasn’t included so it was probably another $10 or something crazy lol. I don’t know if I am too kind hearted so maybe I’m an idiot lol.

      My Sunday has had sushi already so far and I will soon be moving on to the Sims!! 😀

      Yesss, I loved A Million Little Things. Let me know if you catch up on it! (after your list of crap!).

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    1. I know! I was like… “& so what if we don’t?” she was pretty much already walking us to our seat! Lol. I was so mad at the waitress & kind of annoyed that we did give her 20% but I would have felt bad if we hadn’t, too, y’know?!

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  5. The appetizer plate looks nice, but I agree that $30 is way too expensive for that. The burger and sandwich looks absolutely delicious! I hate when you ask a server for something and they forget so you have to keep asking.

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    1. Isn’t it?! At a bar, it would probably be like $12.99 lol. The sandwich & burger were pretty yummy though. I hated our server… I can’t believe I had to ask her so many times… 😛

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  6. I have missed reading your posts! Glad to hear you’re doing well, and hope you had a good Easter! ❤️

    Also, that waiter sounds ridiculous. I understand when a place is extremely packed, but you still try a little harder, especially if you’ve been asked more than once to grab something. You guys are generous to give her 20% still! Haha. But it’s good you guys are like that!

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    1. Laken!!! ❤ I've missed you! I hope you're doing just as well & that you had a nice holiday, too.

      That waitress was SUPER ridiculous… seriously FIVE times, I asked her nicely the first four then the fifth I was kinda just like "can I get my box!!!" lol.

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      1. I’m doing okay! I’ve had a lot going on, I’ve been trying to find some time to blog but still haven’t gotten around to it!

        And I don’t blame you at all lol, at that point it’s just annoying 😂

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        1. Ah! I remember how hectic your life was getting so I totally get it’s been hard to blog. ♡ I hope you’ve worked everything out in the big city & that you’re more comfortable & settled now. I can’t wait to read an update from you. ♡

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          1. It’s actually gotten even more hectic and big changes are coming 😂❤️ but I’m getting excited. I’m going to try to post an update soon!

            I hope things are going well on your end ❤️❤️❤️

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          1. How fun!!!! It’s funny because I thought for the longest we were going to be stationed at Nellis AFB so we could have had all that delicious food. Ugh. I’ll need to go there just for the food 😍😍

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  7. Sugar Factory would be the type of place I’d NEED to try if we were in the area- sounds so unique & delicious! Although $30 for any app is way too overpriced for sure. Bummer the cheese balls weren’t even good! That bleu burger does look epic though.

    By her asking if you “needed the change” sounds like a ploy to work on people’s pride to keep their change- seems like a cheap and shady way to take advantage of customers like that. Not cool! We have a hard time giving less than 20% no matter what too… She probably knows she didn’t deserve that 20% tip, so by you giving it to her maybe she’ll somehow feel guilty and change next time?! Or maybe she was having a HORRIBLE day and that made it better and motivated her to be kinder?!

    Sushi & Sims Sunday sounds like a great way to go! Thanks for sharing, Hunida !

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    1. Sugar Factory is def one of those hyped up, must hit spots you’d love!! Their prices were high but reasonable for their more unique dishes– it might’ve been our fault for choosing something so simple, y’know?!

      That’s exactly what I thought she was trying to do when she asked if we needed the change. Not gonna lie, that is a serious “stripper move” LOL. She wasn’t even unkind, she seemed happy & smiley the whole time– she was just completely airheaded.

      Sushi & Sims Sunday was a success. Wish everyday could be the exact same. 😂

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      1. oh oh I see! So good to know she wasn’t unkind- airheaded is a little easier to forgive than just mean or rude! I bet you made her night! And I am SO overdue for sushi. I’ve gotta get some sooon- maybe I make this Sunday my Sushi Sunday 🙂

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  8. Those burgers look soooo good. O.O I wouldn’t have tipped 20% for that service lol but maybe I’m just stingy with my money. I’m too poor to pay extra for horrible service haha. I can’t believe it took her so many times to remember your to-go box!

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    1. There were so many different big burgers to choose from & they all looked just as good! I don’t blame you for not tipping 20%– some servers just really don’t deserve it. 😛 I could NOT believe I had to ask 5 times for one box. I debated with myself the whole time I waited & every time I asked if I should take a $5 bill or more away LOL.

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      1. I was taught tipping was a sliding scale from 10%-20% dependent on the quality of their service (or higher if great service). But maybe I was taught wrong and I’ve been unknowingly rude this whole time lol.

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        1. Thank you, Kaya! I love your blogs, too! 🙂

          Ahh!! I totally remember University in 2 & 3. Sims 4 doesn’t even have that. They graduate high school & then go onto jobs. I play on the computer, too. It’s just that the Sims 4 base game basically is free on the XBOX!


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