Journal Entry #234

April 12, 2019
05:43 PM

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program… lol.

The mini-vacay is over and my period has pretty much ended so it’s back to work for me tonight. I hope I can remember how to do my job!! It’s been like two weeks since I’ve gone last.

Yesterday was a pretty chill day. I woke up pretty early and just laid around reading blogs and a couple chapters of the new book I started. We got up to leave for dinner around 5ish. Using our mailer coupon book, we went to Arizona Charlie’s Buffet. We had a 2-for-1 so it was quite the deal but, the food they served was scary… we barely found anything edible but, after trying enough bites of each thing– we were full, lol. I also liked their banana-flavored cake for dessert so, I ate two pieces. I thought it was a regular yellow cake but, I was pleasantly surprised when I took a bite. It was nice and fluffy, too… so, at least there was one item there that I enjoyed.

When we came home, I wrote my book review for The Art of French Kissing. Then, I re-did my blog a little. I just changed the color palette and made a new header and signature. What do you guys think? It looks very minimal and plain but, I like the elegance.

I played a little Skate 3 with boyfriend from like 9 PM to midnight. We have done nearly all of the tasks and it’s making me sad that we have no fun ones left to do. πŸ˜› I played on Pinterest for the rest of the night, adding descriptions for my boards and stuff.

Today, we woke up at nearly 1 PM but, I thought it was a lot earlier. Outside was dark and gloomy because it rained while we were asleep. I could have dozed off for a few more hours but, I knew I shouldn’t.

I read some blogs on my Reader for an hour or two while boyfriend went to the dispensary and to pick me up some new razor heads. I took a shower when he got home, we smoked a blunt when I got out, then, we went to CHIPOTLE. πŸ˜€

We both got bowls with half steak, half chicken. I wish we could have that same lady make them every time we went. They were so perfectly proportioned.

Afterwards, we went to get our quad shot espressos from Starbucks and to run a couple other quick errands.

I put on some cuticle cream and did some fun Bing quizzes before I started typing this. Now, I gotta shape and paint my nails and get ready for work.

My dad sent me the photos of us that he took and… THEY WERE ALL BLURRY. His phone is seriously janky so, I guess I should’ve known. ONE photo of us on the beach turned out okay somehow but, every single one of the other ones didn’t? I don’t know if it’s because they were compressed through text messaging or something? But, he is taking forever to upload them on Facebook, so I won’t ever know!!

I was freezing out there so I have no idea how that kid behind us had no shirt on. There were more folks dressed like him than me! I couldn’t believe it.

Anyways, enough chitchat. I must fix up these nails of mine.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! ❀

06:14 PM

39 thoughts on “Journal Entry #234

  1. I like the header signature. I need to redo my blog. I changed one colour and thought that was major. Sadly, only one person commented on it. I am not particularly visual, so I don’t have a great vision for what my blog should look like.

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    1. LOL right? I can only get in the water like that when there’s no winds & it’s over 90 degrees.

      I was over the moon about my perfect Chipotle bowl until I got upset about all my past ones that weren’t up to par, hahaha.

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  2. I’m so happy you came to OC I hope you absolutely loved it! Nothing is better than when a chipotle person perfectly portions things I always get half and half also. I really enjoyed your blogs about when your dad was in town it sounded like such a fun visit I’m super close to my parents so it’s always fun to see when someone else spends time with their family. I’m glad you had a nice time. I hope you had a profitable time at work gf!

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    1. I loved the food but I didn’t enjoy my surroundings! So many cars everywhere all the time. 😦

      I wish all Chipotle employees could proportion things just as nicely!! & I’m so glad you enjoyed my posts. ❀ Thanks so much for reading & for the well wishes at work!


    1. Thank you for checking them out!! I am so happy you like them. πŸ˜€ & I was annoyed about the blurry photos… I keep pestering him to upload them on Facebook and all he says is “soon” which is even more annoying lol.


  3. Oh man that sucks that that buffet was no good. Dessert is always good, kind of hard to mess that up lol. I dont usually see anyone’s blog site if I can see their posts on the reader but I just went over to see yours and i think it looks gorgeous.
    How good is chipotle? Love it lol.
    If your dad sent you the photos through text they might have gotten compressed, especially if it’s different phones. iPhone to android and vice versa aren’t compatible when it comes to media messaging. If he has whatsapp, he can send them through there and they look much better. Of course you’d have to download it too if you dont have it.
    Anyway that’s too bad the photos turned out that way because I was really looking forward to seeing them lol

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    1. Lol we were kind of expecting it from that buffet but it was super cheap so we had to give it a go. πŸ˜›

      I usually only read blogs on my Reader, too, so I get that! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. ❀ I am so happy that you like it!!

      Lol Chipotle never fails, right? It's so yum. & yeah, I think the photos were compressed because it was sent through text. I don't know what Whatsapp is & my dad probably wouldn't either lol. I am just hoping he posts them on FB sometime soon & they are better quality on there…

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      1. LOL fair enough
        speaking of the reader, i’m soooo happy that i have caught up with the latest posts from practically everyone.. lol. i haven’t only had two to five posts to read in like….a year LMAO i hope i don’t start falling behind again ;p
        it’s just some app where you can call people or videochat for people who don’t have unlimited or can’t afford to spend much money on media and all that. a lot of hispanics use it, i only have it for my mom and dad to call me LMAO i send photos to my mom all the time of CL and sophie.. that reminds me, she told me to send her photos earlier!!! :O gotta do that now!

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        1. Oh gosh, I am like a whole week behind on the Reader again. 😦 It does feel so good when you’re all the way caught up with only 5 or 6 posts a day to read though!!

          That’s so sweet you send your mom photos. ❀

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  4. I’m trying to make a point of clicking the “Visit Site” link in WP Reader more often. So many of you bloggers put a lot of time and effort into the overall look and feel of your blogs and those of us who live mainly inside Reader miss out on the design work. So, here I am, admiring your pretty pink header and signature! Love it.

    You mentioned the mailer coupon book. Have you also checked Groupon and some of those other sites? They have a lot of two-for-one and other great deals.

    Mmm banana cake!!!! That sounds good!

    And Chipotle!!! My favorite. I always get the steak and am SO HAPPY when I get some undercooked rare pieces. I am NOT happy, however, to learn that the 1950s diner I used to go to all the time in L.A. was sold in 2015 and is now a Chipotle. I love you, Chipotle, but don’t take away my vintage L.A. restaurants.I shouldn’t really be mad at them. I think the owner of the diner wanted to sell and Chipotle was just the highest bidder. So, I guess I should be mad at the owner for selling. LOL Better a Chipotle than anything else. I love you, Chipotle!

    Well, at least the one not-blurry picture is a very cute one of the two of you.

    Dads and cameras…sigh…

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    1. Oh no worries, I usually read straight from the Reader instead of clicking “Visit Site” too. I don’t think I put in half as much effort into my design as other bloggers but I am so happy you think what I did is pretty. πŸ™‚ Thanks for checking it out!!

      Yeah! I used to love Groupon but lately, they haven’t been adding anything new. It’s all the same deals & “cashback” offers instead now. Which other sites do you like?

      The banana cake & Chipotle were both delish!! ❀ I love the more rare pieces of steak, too!! What a big bummer about that diner. I hate when my fave spots are taken away.

      Hehe, thank you for saying the photo is cute! πŸ™‚ I just don't get why my dad won't freakin' post the photos on FB already.

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  5. I love the change you made to your header & signature!
    So I have never been to Chipotle (even when I was at college & there was one right down the street), but the food looks delicious!
    The photo of you is cute & I hope you had a good night at work!

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  6. I like the new, more minimalistic style of your blog! I usually appreciate elegant blogs/websites that make it easier to focus on the content, without a whole bunch of noise to distract me.

    That sucks that all the photos of you were blurry! I was pretty much always cold when I lived in Cali too, but I was up north where it almost never hits 75 Fahrenheit.

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  7. I haven’t had Chipotle in forever. 😦 I say that every time you post about eating there. lol I wish there was one in my daily route so I wouldn’t have to go out of my way to get it. I’m lazy. lol

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  8. You always get me craving Chipotle, lol! It seriously never disappoints. ❀ That sucks about all the photos turning out blurry, but at least that one of you & your boyfriend turned out! It's super cute by the way!!
    Ooh and I like your updated blog design! Very cute and chic. πŸ™‚

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    1. LOL I’m sorry! I love Chipotle & always crave it. πŸ˜› I don’t think the photos are blurry, I just think they were compressed through text but, my dad hasn’t posted them on FB so I still haven’t gotten to see any of ’em clearly.

      Thank you & thank you, Courtney!!! ❀

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  9. Uh oh … β€œscary” and β€œFood” in the sentence can never be a good thing!! Thank goodness for dessert, amiright?!

    Aw, such a bummer about the pictures all turning out blurry- but the one he did get is super cute of you two!!


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    1. LOL you would have probably walked out of that buffet. Some of the food was straight up terrifying! & I was really surprised to find that banana cake. All of the other desserts were bland & stale… luckily, I kept trying all of ’em, hahaha.

      Thank you, Mackenzie!!! ❀

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  10. I think your photo still looks cute!!! Haha and the water can be freezing by me in Lake Michigan so I’m shuddering just thinking of it! I totally understand what you mean when you say you won’t get in unless it’s 90 degrees out haha!

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