April 10, 2019
06:54 PM

Okay, I’m back and ready to tell you about the rest of my time with my dad and his wife. I left off on April 7th.

Sunday morning, we woke up early to hit the complimentary buffet. It was really nice and packed with every breakfast essential you could think of. I had two hard boiled eggs, two cups of black coffee, two slices of bacon, and some potato triangles. We packed up our stuff after eating then, checked out.

Our next stop was, Newport Beach!! My dad and his wife had went last time they visited Cali so, they wanted to show us the beauty of it.

It took us forever to find a parking spot but, when we eventually did, we got out and explored the whole area!

First, we went into a souvenir shop. I bought a cute sweater that says Newport Beach California with palm trees, a sunset, and a surfer dude’s van on it. Boyfriend, dad, and his wife all found a t-shirt each.

I walked around the Farmer’s Market, trying all the samples and listening to all the sales pitches… then, we headed towards the pier.

We took pictures and walked around. At the end of the pier, we watched a bunch of fishermen. It was so cool seeing them! I didn’t know they cut up some of the smaller fish they catch to use as bait for the bigger fish!

My dad chatted with this fishing family and asked a ton of questions (like he loves to do). While they were talking… we spotted majestic DOLPHINS swimming around!!

THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I couldn’t stop watching their bodies and fins bounce up and down so gracefully!

When this super fast boat zoomed by, boyfriend and I got so worried that they were about to hit the dolphins but, the family my dad had acquainted himself with assured us that the dolphins actually love the boats and swim after them… and they really did!! It was unreal to witness.

When the dolphins disappeared and my dad ran out of questions to ask, we headed to the shoreline to walk across the sand and get hit by the salty waves.

It was more fun than I anticipated and it ended up being my favorite part of our entire trip to Cali!! I loved being nearly knocked over and getting super wet, especially when I least expected it. The waves were always so differently sized; each one was a surprise. Boyfriend had to stabilize me a few times, lol!

My dad was digging his sons’ names into the sand with his feet and sending them pictures of it so, I did a small cliche imprint of my own. πŸ™‚

Our legs were getting itchy and our bellies were starting to growl after a couple hours. We headed to the wash stations to clear our legs and feet of sand before hopping back into the car.

We drove to a Cambodian and Chinese restaurant in Cambodia Town that my dad’s wife had found online. None of us had been there before but, they served the huge lobsters and all the Cambodian food we were looking for.

I was in the back seat and had the hardest time getting a photo of the “Cambodia Town” street sign but, maybe you can kind of see it on your screen?

The restaurant was called Legend and their interior was extra fancy. They also had live entertainment, where the singers sang Cambodian songs. The waitress was speaking to us in Khmer (Cambodian) the whole time and everyone around us was, too. It was comforting to hear.

The music was really loud though, making it hard to communicate with each other. I listed off the Khmer dishes I missed eating the most to my dad and he did all the ordering and asking of what was available. Their menu only had their Chinese offerings listed? But, everything we asked for, they had.

The first thing that came out was a big bowl of yummy, yummy Babaw for us all to share. I was so excited to eat it, I forgot to take a photo until it was almost all gone and I had mixed all the sriracha and stuff into it. I promise it’s not originally that red… πŸ˜‰ Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese restaurants make similar soups but, none are quite the same as Khmer style. This tasted like home… ❀

Then, out came the boiling pot of Salaw Machu Kroeung with beef and tripe. ❀ If I lived near my family, I wouldn’t have needed to order this but, oooh my gosh, I missed my Salaw. It was a dream getting to eat it after so long.

And of course, I needed my Prahok but, it just wasn’t the best. It was too sweet for my taste buds and it made me miss my mom’s and my grandma’s even more.

I didn’t have any of the calamari because I was busy eating everything else BUT, there was Jruk Spey (pickled mustard greens) on the side. My grandma is such a pro at pickling her own mustard greens, she’s able to sell jars of it to her friends. While this wasn’t nearly as good as hers, it did curb my craving!!

Our biggest disappointment at the table was the lobster. We got their House Special sauce and it was so sweet and black peppery. The meat was overcooked and super hard to get out. I only had like two pieces because I didn’t want to waste my belly space.

We also ordered hot tea to share. When we went shopping at the stores in the area afterwards, I saw the exact same teapot at the supermarket! I bought a pack of plastic chopsticks there and I also stopped at this small cafe for an iced Vietnamese coffee.

We spotted a Cambodian Culture Festival going on and walked in to see what they had to offer. There was this racist pedophile guy causing a scene and my dad (of course) had to shout things back at him. I walked on, pretending I didn’t know him, lol. I am proud of my dad for sticking up for the lady the racist was targeting but, I didn’t want to be denied access into the festival!!

There really wasn’t much to see. The most interesting stand to me was the local library’s with all of their Cambodian books available. There were English books that had been translated into Khmer, original Khmer books, and other books that had both English and Khmer writings.

Cambodia Town was our final stop in Cali so, after picking up some snacks at the supermarket, we were on our way!

It took us a lot faster to get back to Las Vegas than it did to get to Cali because we didn’t have to sit in that outrageous traffic. I do not understand how people actually live in Cali. Everywhere and anywhere you go, it takes a half hour or MORE to get to and THEN, there’s always a super long line to wait in once you do!! I was not built with that kind of patience at all. I couldn’t believe the amount of relief I felt to see those famous bright lights when we reached home!!

It wasn’t super late when we did and we were all pretty hungry again. My dad first brought us home so we could feed and love on our cats. They missed us so much! They were acting like we had been gone for a whole week, lol.

After getting hairy enough to make my own fur coat, I put my cats down and we headed back to Fremont Street because my dad wanted that steak and lobster deal at Tony Roma’s again. Boyfriend and I weren’t feeling that so, we went to Grotto, an Italian restaurant located inside Golden Nugget.

We were both salivating over the pizza aroma that filled the air so, we ordered one big one to share.

We were kind of mad because our server didn’t tell us that if we had waited 15 minutes and sat at the bar instead, we could have had our pizza for half the price… luckily, we asked another employee about the advertised $8 sangrias and she explained their whole happy hour deal.

We almost freakin’ ordered our drinks at the table, too. I’m so glad we waited to ask someone and got them at the bar instead!!

In the end, the food defused our anger. Everything was top-notch and made with high quality ingredients. The complimentary bread was absolutely to-die-for. The crust was crisp but, not dangerously so and the white part was SO fluffy and soft, it melted even before it reached my mouth. The oil it came with was also divine, boyfriend said he could just plain drink it… (personally, I wouldn’t go that far, LOL).

And I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t had pizza in the longest time… but, the one we had was SO extremely tasty. I was still thinking about how good it was the next day. We chose the Calabrese that came topped with sausage, cipollini onions, shishito, and calabrian peppers. We also added pepperonis because we’re both big meat lovers!! We only had one slice leftover but, it didn’t even make it home.

I was full and gassy but, I don’t regret a single bite. I still wanted my happy hour sangria so we headed to their bar and ordered one each. It just tasted like juice so I was kind of sad…

We found a machine to sit at while we waited for my dad and his wife to meet back up with us. Once they found us, we all gambled a little bit on the slot machines. My dad’s wife gave us money again but, this time I won a small amount!! I tried to give it to her but, she let me keep it. πŸ˜€

When my dad dropped us off at home, we noticed boyfriend had lost our house key off his ring somehow!! We were locked out and would have to pay a fee to get the maintenance man to let us in since it was after hours. I called my dad and asked him to come back, we were thinking about just staying in their hotel room for the night (since they had two beds) but, I needed my contact stuff and I couldn’t let my cats be alone for another night.

Boyfriend and I tried our hardest to retrace all of our steps, asked as many hotel employees as we could find if they had seen anything… but, we had no such luck. The key was nowhere to be found!

My dad brought us back home and we called the maintenance man to come help us. I felt bad for even calling my dad in the first place… it was nearly 3 AM by the time we got in. We should’ve just opted to pay the lockout fee when we were initially dropped off.

Anyways, we were more than exhausted when we got in so, we went to bed right away.

Monday was my dad and his wife’s last day in Vegas but, their plane didn’t leave until midnight. We still had time to hang out and have one last dinner together. My dad checked our car when he came to pick us up and confirmed that it’s not worth it to get it fixed. 😦

We went to The Stratosphere to see if they’d want to do the Observation Deck but, boyfriend and I have already been to the Sky Lounge and didn’t want to pay that price to see what we’ve already seen. My dad and his wife decided not to go up, either. She wanted to find some souvenir t-shirts for my little bros so we went to the Fremont Street gift shops.

Boyfriend was getting hangry so we stopped at the Coney Island Chili Cheese Dog spot inside The D Casino.

We shopped around a little more until we finally found a store with kid-sized shirts. I wonder why the other ones only sold adult-sized or baby-sized shirts? My dad’s wife found a few she liked while we all waited outside of the store for her. By the time she came out, we were all hungry!! We told her about Red Pot and of course, she wanted to try it. Last time my dad visited, we brought him– this time, we went to show her!!

Boyfriend and I were adventurous with our broths and chose two we had never tried before… the Spicy Yellow Curry and the Spicy Satay. I wasn’t the biggest fan of either and the saltiness of both gave us headaches. I think my dad’s wife really enjoyed herself though and that’s all that matters since we went there for her. πŸ™‚ They had two different broths at the table next to us.

It was about time for them to make their way to the airport when we finished eating. They dropped us off at home and gave us big hugs goodbye. We wished them a safe flight and best of luck on the slot machines inside McCarran’s (because I knew they’d be hitting them, LOL).

I lovedlovedloved spending time with my dad and his wife but, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders when they left. Time to get back to regular, daily life. It was their vacation but, we pretty much went on one, too.

I haven’t been to work in ages. Last week, I had terrible allergies the days before they came to visit and I didn’t work any of the days while they were here.

Yesterday, I had all plans to go. I shaved, showered, and moisturized right when I woke up. We went out to eat at this Vietnamese restaurant we had never been to before called Pho Thanh Long. I was excited to try somewhere new but, sadly, they were SOLD OUT of what I wanted to order… just my luck, huh?

We drove to Pho Thanh Huong, which we had been to once before but, we couldn’t remember what we ordered and/or if we had liked it or not. Looking at their menu online, I thought it would be worth a shot to try again.

As usual, whenever the Fresh Spring Rolls are available, that’s what we start with.

They were kind of small and I did not eat the green onion leaf sticking out at the end but, everything tasted fresh and yummy. I liked their peanut sauce, too.

Boyfriend got their combination noodle salad with beef, shrimp, and pork. They didn’t use the traditional, very thin rice noodles… they had those wormy looking thick white ones, which I LOVE. It tasted like they used coconut oil to fry some of the meat though, every bite left a slight coconutty aftertaste. I would’ve been mad if it had been mine but, boyfriend was able to put up with it, I guess.

I got the wonderfully toasty Lemongrass Beef Banh Mi and I gobbled it up completely. It was SO worth the drive.

We stopped at Starbucks for my before-work espresso shots and at the store to pick up some blunt wraps. When I got home, I went straight to the bathroom (like always) and I noticed my Aunt Flo came to visit!! I KNEW I could feel her in my ovaries!! And just like that… my plans to go to work deflated.

I put my hair up into a messy bun, put on some comfy clothes (AKA boyfriend’s sweatpants and t-shirt) and wrote my Journal Entry recapping April 04-06. I watched the newest episode of The Act and a couple episodes of A Million Little Things before we went to bed.

TODAY, I woke up around 1 PM. I read some blogs on my reader until it was time to go out to dinner. We got this mailer coupon book from Arizona Charlie’s so we decided to go there to use it.

We were going to use the BOGO Dinner Entree coupon at their Sourdough Cafe but, the daily burger and fries deal was calling out our names louder.

I added sauteed onions and bacon to mine and boyfriend added bacon and cheddar cheese to his. He said his fries were cold but, mine tasted fresh out the grease. For the price, this deal can’t be beat. The burger was juicy, seasoned, and cooked well. I was more than satisfied and truly impressed when I finished.

When we got home, I started typing this right away and if you check the time stamp at the top… that was HOURS ago. I took a couple small breaks in between but, nothing too long– I’ve just been typing away this whole time!! I had so much fun recapping my “mini vacay” and my past couple days!! πŸ˜€ I can’t believe we’ve finally made it all the way to the present now.

I have a book review coming up tomorrow and I’ve gotten all of my sub boxes this month already, except for my mini Ipsy Glam Bag, for some reason. That one usually gets here first! I’ve also saved up quite a few “empties” that I’ve been thinking about sharing in my first ever “Empties” blog post.

There’s so much to blog about, you guys, so expect me to be back– posting in full force… starting NOW! πŸ™‚

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  1. First off – my heart is literally breaking because I want to go to the beach 😭😭 then you twist the knife a little more with these food pictures. I’m glad I can live vicariously through you and your exciting life!! Even if it breaks my poor little heart πŸ’”

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    1. Aww! I didn’t mean to break your heart! I hope you can make it out to the beach sometime soon. ❀ I would have shared all the food with you if I could have!


  2. It sounds like you had a fun time with your dad and his wife! I would’ve LOVED to see your dad yelling at the racist pedophile, we need more people like him! In fact, your dad seems like quite the character in general.

    And it cracked me up when you said that you could feel your aunt in your ovaries! Haha, does that qualify as a psychic ability?

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    1. I did! & you should’ve seen him, LOL. I was proud of him, yes, but also scared for him! What if the guy was dangerous?! My dad is def quite the character. πŸ˜›

      & I don’t know if I’m psychic or super in tune with my body but other women do think it’s weird that I can tell exactly when I’m about to have my visit!!

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      1. That’s a good point about the danger; I didn’t think about that. There’s a certain group of people in this country (aka racists) who seem to be able to get away with just about anything…

        I’d say your just super in tune with your body. That’s a good thing: it could help you notice problems early on once you get to that age where things stop working.

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        1. I know! It’s terrible & I get why people say we’re just as bad for standing by & not saying anything but, you never know what someone else carries in their back pocket. πŸ˜›

          Yeah I think I am just super in tune with my body. Would be cooler to be psychic though!!

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  3. Gosh, I’ve fallen behind on catching up with the blog posts that I’ve missed out on the exciting things in your life that seem so wild and fun compared to mine! But that looks like a fun time you’ve had with your loved ones! Have you went to the beach before? All that food is just making me crave it all, haha. Glad to see you all happy and well! ❀

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    1. Aw no worries, Stephanie! I know exciting things are happening in your life, too! ❀ I had been to the beach before, a couple times, but this one was my favorite. πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope all is well your way, too!

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      1. Awww I’m glad I’ve been missed and not forgotten ❀️ I know I’m all over the place lol exploring. I always miss blogging and catching up with my favorites.

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  4. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous. I’ve always wanted to go to Cali (as I’ve mentioned to you before). Newport Beach totally reminds me of The OC, since that’s where the show took place. I couldn’t help but notice some of the fancy cars in your photos too! (Not surprising since Newport Beach is an affluent place lol).

    One time when I was in Florida, I actually had a dolphin swimming super close to me! Like within 10 feet. It was surreal. It swam back out to sea pretty quickly though. I also got to see dolphins in Ocean City, MD before when I went out on a boat. They are such beautiful creatures.

    I have never been to a breakfast buffet before, but that seriously sounds so awesome! I love breakfast foods.

    That pizza looks so amazing!!! I’m actually about to heat up some leftover pizza in a few minutes, but it won’t be nearly as good as how that pizza looks.

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    1. We noticed all the fancy cars, too! There were none that weren’t LOL. I’ve actually never watched The OC though. (I know I need to get on it!)

      That’s SO freakin’ cool that you swam that close to a dolphin. What a dream!! They are so pretty & look so smooth lol.

      I wish I hadn’t left my phone in the hotel room so I could’ve taken pictures of the breakfast buffet! It was awesome! & so was that pizza! Hope yours was satisfying. πŸ˜€

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  5. Oh Hunida I am so grateful that you shared this beautiful trip with us! Thank you thank you! Newport Beach looks beautiful! And the fact you saw the beautiful dolphins oh you lucky thing! 😭😭 what an incredible experience I am so happy for you! And yes I’ve heard before dolphins love speedboats. There is an experience in Florida where you can go on a speedboat ride to see the dolphins play in the waves and if they don’t come out you get your money back. I think it’s an amazing way to see the dolphins in the wild because that’s where they belong ❀️ And they genuinely enjoy the waves!
    I am so glad you enjoyed seeing your family Hunida! I really enjoyed this blog post so thank you for sharing! Xx

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    1. Aww you’re so sweet, Jennie! I am so happy you enjoyed reading. πŸ˜€ I couldn’t believe we saw those dolphins. It was definitely a magical moment! It’s so funny how they love the speedboats & playing in the waves! I didn’t know they had such an awesome experience in Florida, too! I must try it one day!! ❀ ❀

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      1. I am so happy for you that you got to see them! Isn’t it ADORABLE!? 😭😭 so sweet! Dolphins are the best hehe ❀️ Yes I found out when I went to book a holiday lol, I’d definitely do it one day too! X

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  6. Hi Hunida. I didn’t know Newport Beach had a Cambodia Town. I thought y’all were in Long Beach which does have a huge Cambodian population. I love that y’all go to Downtown Las Vegas a lot. Stratosphere is my new go to place when I go to Vegas and I’ve never been to a Cambodian or Korean restaurant. I’ve got to try to go to one as well as visit Chinatown in Las Vegas, which I’ve never done. Golden Nugget is first class downtown so I’m not surprised everything was good. I love the Coney island dogs and it was friends from Detroit that got me into them as that store at the D is from Detroit, where the owners of the D are from, btw. Keep these blogs coming, you’ve given me so many ideas of restaurants to go to when I come to Vegas.

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    1. Cambodia Town is in Long Beach, you’re right! We had just driven to Newport Beach before we went there. πŸ™‚

      Downtown Las Vegas is probably my favorite hangout spot! It’s always better when people visiting stay there than on the Strip & I actually thought of you when we went to the Strat!!

      Cambodian restaurants are hard to find but I actually spotted a sandwich shop inside the Chelsea Market in NY! You definitely should visit Chinatown whenever you get back here. πŸ™‚

      I remember reading that on your blog, about the D and Detroit! It’s still so fascinating. Those coney island dogs are so yummy!!


  7. Oh my gosh I miss the California beaches. They’re much warmer compared to ours up here lmao.
    And how cool you got to see dolphins!! I love them!
    That’s so great that you got to eat all those dishes you love and miss!! And unfortunate that some weren’t as good. But Everything looks so good!

    Good of your dad to step in! Kudos to him. Most people just walk on by and ignore things like that. I probably would have done the same 😁
    And their traffic is pretty terrible. I hate it. I read somewhere that our traffic is one of the worst but I actually dont think it’s that bad. Perhaps we know how to get around it better and dont find it to be such a hassle lmao.
    Awh your kitties!! I take it they all get along pretty well now? Or do they still have to be separated?
    Omg how shitty of the server to not tell you about the bar deals. Anyway that pizza looks delicious!!!!!
    Omg how terrible that you lost your key!!
    Well glad you had fun with your family!!!! I can’t wait till my mom comes lol

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    1. I had only been to the beaches in WA during the colder months so yeah they were always cold but, man, the water in Cali was pretty darn freezing, too!!

      Those dolphins were magical! I had never seen them before. ❀ & I so wish we had some Cambodian restaurants here in Vegas.

      I know I am one of those people who walks on by because I am always terrified of what could happen to me. You never know what someone else is like! & that guy seemed liked a total loony tune!!

      Gosh yeah, people in Cali (and Vegas) DO NOT know how to drive. It's not even only their city areas that have bad traffic. EVERY street is packed. I hated it.

      When we are away, the kitties still need to be separated. I don't trust the boys because they are so much bigger than my girl and even when I'm here, I catch them chasing and batting at her! But for the most part, they just stay far away from each other. I have witnessed my one boy and her licking each other many times so, they kind of bond but then fight again. I DON'T KNOW. They are so difficult lol.

      I thought it was so rude of him not to tell us about the bar deals, too. I mean, I get that he wanted his tip but… still… RUDE lol.

      We were all so stressed about the key loss. I'm glad we had another one INSIDE but, we still need to make an extra copy so we have two again now.

      Thank you for reading & leaving such lovely comments, Rossy ❀ I can't wait to hear about the time you spend with your mom!! I wonder if my mom will ever visit me lol.

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      1. Maybe because it’s not quite summer yet? I wonder how much different they will be during the summer? hmm…
        oh gosh yeah, some people look sketchy and shady af.. i hate going downtown after 5pm because its a whole ‘nother world after that haha
        lol they can’t make up their minds on whether they like each other or not haha. i think they’ll come around though. will take some time. at least i hope it all lessens over time as they get a bit older and wiser lol.
        i’m anxiously waiting for her to come, i think i already said it won’t be till august? idk, i don’t remember what i wrote last LOL. but i miss her, and my sis is coming with her too so i’m extra excited and i think this year since they’re coming so late, i’ll be able to take them to see the sunflowers πŸ˜€

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        1. A couple years ago I went to the Huntington Beach in Cali, it was June & still cold! Lol. OH MY GOSH, I forgot to mention, when we were in Long Beach… we saw a guy straight up smoking meth on the sidewalk!!

          Today, my cats are give me a lot of trouble. They are not liking each other LOL.

          Oh August will be here sooner than you know it!! ❀ πŸ˜€


  8. Woww I love that you guys were able to do so much! I have the hardest time thinking of things to do when people are visiting since I’m such a creature of habit and boring lol. You guys packed so much into your few days!! I love it! Those photos of the CA beach were AMAZING! How fun!! It makes me super excited to go to the beach in June! And dolphins!! Oh my gosh that’s amazing!! I love that your dad stepped in with that racist guy. Yeah it’s a bit shocking to be in the middle of that (and I totally get that you’d just want to move on so you could still enter the festival lol) but I’m sure the lady appreciated it.
    How awful that you guys lost the key! That’s the worst feeling ever, ugh. I’m glad your maintenance guy was able to get you in. Our office doesn’t have their freaking line connected to the emergency maintenance. >.<
    How lucky that your period didn't come while you were on your trip! That's always so annoying lol. So even though you were planning on going to work and you couldn't, at least you still got to enjoy your trip without it. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing, Hunida!!

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    1. I kind of have a hard time thinking of things to do when people visit, too. I just get nervous they may not enjoy the same things as me, y’know? & I don’t think you’re boring! You just like what you like. πŸ™‚

      I was amazed at how much we could fit into one day if we don’t sleep it all away like we usually do lol! I honestly didn’t even know you could see dolphins like that! It was magical. ❀ & I'm still so excited for your move in June! Please post photos of the beach!!! I have never seen it on that side of the country!

      Yeah, I was proud of my dad for stepping in, too but also pretty scared for him! What if the guy had a weapon or something?!

      When we called our office, there was like a voicemail that gave us a different number to call for emergencies so they didn't have it connected to it either. It should be like "Press 4" to get to the right person instead of having to type in a whole different number.

      You're right! It would have been uncomfortable to be on a road trip with my period!

      Thanks so much for reading & commenting, Courtney! ❀ ❀

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      1. Exactly!! Because we may think something is really fun while other people like doing entirely different things lol. And there’s only so much you can just go to eat hahaha. Aw thank you! .> Just this weekend, our heater went out again, and it’s still cold here (it was snowing last week, crazy), so we had to call the office over the weekend and even though she put in a ticket, he didn’t come out all day until we finally called the emergency line after office hours and I guess he thought it wasn’t important because the lady at the office wrote “something about the heat.” He said he called us, didn’t leave a message, and was waiting for a call back. Why would we call back a missed number we don’t recognize when he didn’t leave a message? This office is so incompetent, it drives me up a wall! So that’s my weekend drama lol. I’m so over apartment complexes. Here’s to hoping we can get a landlord instead with our next place.

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        1. Lol right? That’s exactly where I get lost. What to do in between eating… hahaha.

          I can’t believe it’s still cold over there. I have turned on the AC a couple times already here. πŸ˜› That’s so annoying that he expected you to call back. How would you even know to since he didn’t leave a message? What the heck?! I hope they get it fixed ASAP. But, hey, at least apartment complexes will fix it for you for free & you don’t have to replace it on your own dime. πŸ˜‰

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          1. Eating is always the priority lol. XD

            The weather has been moody here. A couple of times it’s been hot to enough to make me think we’ll need A/C soon and then next thing I know, it’s drops like 40 degrees and snows. -_- Spring is never fun here!

            Thankfully they did get the heat back on eventually. Landlords *should* replace things for free too since it’s still included in the rent, so I’m grateful for that! But we’ll see. The problem with landlords is then you can’t read reviews about whether the apartment/house is crappy or not before going into it lol.

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            1. LOL sooo, it just rained earlier today & it’s freakin’ freezing so our weather is a little moody, too! I’m not a big fan of Spring over here, either.

              Gosh I have no idea the difference between a landlord or whatever lol. πŸ˜› I thought the man who worked in the office & signed our lease was called a “landlord.”

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              1. Lol maybe I’m just crazy. I always thought apartment complexes were just the company that owns the building while a landlord was a person who owned a few houses and rented them themselves lol. Maybe they are all considered the same though hahaha. O.O

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  9. Newport Beach is amazing. So beautiful. Great that you got to see the dolphins!

    I love to stand in the waves too, and I always have that exciting little fear in the back of my mind that the strong pull is going to knock me down and pull me out into the ocean, far from land, with sharks circling. Terrifyingly exciting.

    Loved the whole adventure in Cambodia Town. If I ever get back to L.A. I am definitely grabbing my adventuring BFF and we are going to go there and eat stuff. All looks so tasty!!!

    So true about the L.A. traffic, which is why my adventuring BFF and I take the subway, lightrail and bus whenever possible. I just checked to see if we can take Metro to Cambodia Town. YES! We can! After we get off the subway/light rail in Long Beach it’s just a 10 minute bus ride. Whole trip takes 2 hours compared to an hour by car. My one friend that we hang with would definitely prefer to make the drive, so in that case we say “Ok fine if you want to drive us, but if one of us has to drive, we’ll take Metro instead.”

    Ugh that whole incident with the house key!!!! Stuff like that makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. I’m awful in a crisis.

    All that other food looks so delicious. Especially my favorite…the chili dog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved Newport Beach & how they had so many seaside restaurants & such. It reminded me of the old cartoon show Rocket Power, if you’ve ever seen it lol.

      I am so glad my dad was driving us around. Boyfriend has serious road rage so if it would have been him, I don’t know if we would had made it out alive LOL. I prefer public transportation over driving myself any day & anywhere, too.

      I knooow, why do things like losing our keys when they are always in the same spot have to happen? Ugh. On the bright side, that chili dog was mighty delish!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I love when breakfast buffets have allll the options! The best (especially complimentary!).

    Your time at Newport Beach sounded wonderful! The dolphins, the waves, sand– ahhh it all sounds soo dreamy.

    It’s so awesome how authentic that Cambodian restaurant is & that you got some of your favorite dishes <3! Although, it is a pain when restaurants are so loud it’s hard to chat.

    GIRL, I hear ya on that Cali traffic. I honestly can’t wait to be out of it here soon.

    The fluffy white appetizer bread is da bestttt. Oh man, now I’m craving some. So good.

    Such a bummer about the key- beeeeen there, lost that, lol. Can be such a pain- all good now?!

    So much fun to read about your mini vacay πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing, girl! Can’t wait to read your others posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The breakfast buffet was awesome & the complimentary part was a bonus! πŸ˜‰ Newport Beach was gorgeous, especially those dolphins! & it was really nice to eat some authentic Cambodian food. πŸ™‚ ❀

      Ahhh seriously, the traffic was outrageous in Cali. I heard it is bad in TX, too, but it’s got to at least be a little better than what you’ve been dealing with. πŸ˜›

      The fluffy white bread is just the best, isn’t it?! & yes, all good now with the key lol. We had an extra one inside but still need to make another copy now.

      Thanks so much for reading & leaving the best comments, Mackenzie!! β™‘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Complimentary is the best bonus!!!

        Ohh yummy yummy! All sounds so good.

        Yeah when we were there (In TX) the traffic was pretty bad, but I really do think we are used to the worst of it… maybe we’ll just feel right at home! haha.

        Glad everything is straightened out with the key sitch. No fun!

        Of courseee ❀ xx

        Liked by 1 person

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