I’ve finally found something that works better and smells better than Carmex. I got this wonderful Hello Kitty “Lipstick” in my NoMakeNoLife box last month and have been using it ever since.

I got my favorite moisturizer, First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream, in the biggest size offered and I thank myself every time I use it.

But, instead of my favorite mascara (the one in the photo above), I’ve been using IT Cosmetics’ Superhero Mascara.


I’ve been keeping up with Good Girls Season 02 as the episodes air on Hulu. It only gets better and better.

Season 02 of Star has also been airing on Hulu episode by episode. I’ve watched ’em all so far and I’m still interested but, can they please bring Lottie and Star back now?!

You also can’t stop me from tuning in to The Act every Wednesday. It’s a Hulu Original, a true story turned into a dramatized series. I’m so sick for enjoying it, but it’s deathly addicting. I look forward to the next episode.

I don’t know how I’m watching so many shows at the moment but, I am. I started A Million Little Things one day and watched so many episodes in a row. It has made me cry like a baby multiple times already and I instantly fell in love with each and every character. I’m not even halfway through the first season yet!

I am nearly 80% done with The Art of French Kissing. I just haven’t been reading as much nor as fast as I was last year.


I can’t believe I lost two water bottles last month but, hey, at least I got to buy this fancy new one. 😉 I chose the 28 oz glass water bottle by Zulu. I truly think it makes my water taste fresher and cleaner.

I couldn’t keep up with an old-school, physical planner so I tried Google Calendar after I saw Becky post about it. I love that you can change the colors of each task/reminder so easily and you don’t need white-out to move things around.

Boyfriend and I both caught a case of the bad allergies last month. We ran out of Claritin so, we decided to try Breathe-X by Life Seasons. Both of us were cleared up after 2-3 pills (which is the suggested dose for one day).

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap in Rain Water is now sitting on our bathroom sink. I can’t wait until we use it all. The scent is way too strong!!

I’m still smoking the same THC Cartridge (Grape Ape by Heavy Hitters) but, I’ve connected it to my Mezz battery now. It works best this way!

Flower-wise, we are currently smoking Still Movin OG by Dizzy Wright and Lavender Jones by Flora Vega.

I am using this gorgeous theme called Dry Flower by MINU on my phone.


Sprouts Granola — Not even just the Blueberry Limoncello pictured above, either. There are tons of bulk bins filled with different flavors to choose from.

Sprouts Toasted Corn Nuts — Finally, boyfriend can enjoy his favorite snack WITHOUT the MSG. These taste just as good as the original Corn Nuts, if not better. There are a few other flavors available, too!

Mary’s Gone Crackers in Jalapeno — These were so yummy!! I was surprised that they really had a small spicy kick to them. The cracker itself was a good thickness with a fun, crispety texture and seeds!

Hope Hummus in Jalapeno Cilantro — Instead of chickpeas, the Hope brand uses garbanzo beans. I was worried about how watery it was when we first opened it, but after a good stir, it wasn’t too wet, thick, or smooth. I wouldn’t say this is the best hummus, ever, but this is the best flavor, ever.

Tcho Triple Berry Dark Chocolate — Every other time I’ve looked through this brand’s flavors, I have detected dairy… even in their dark chocolates. So, when I finally came across this one (without it), I had to try it. And, mmm, mmm… am I ever glad! It’s not too bitter and not too sweet.

Ozery Bakery Brioche Thin Buns Mackenzie posted some brioche buns on her blog that left me crying. I started craving them so bad but, they’re usually made with all kinds of dairy. 😦 That’s why I nearly screamed when I came across this bag!! It says “no eggs or dairy!” right on the front and oh, believe me, when I say these buns were so darn delicious, too.

Sir Kensington’s Classic Ranch — Another favorite of mine that I had to give up when I went dairy-free was ranch. While this one doesn’t quite taste the same as the original, it is the best veggie dip I’ve ever had. I love it with cucumbers especially.

Sprouts Velvet Moon Coffee — We chose whole beans and ground them up ourselves for the first time. Velvet Moon was described as a dark roast that tasted like espresso. For me, the flavor was a little weak and it didn’t seem to give me the caffeine bounce, no matter how much I drank.

67 thoughts on “My April 2019 Currentlys…

  1. That Hello Kitty lipstick is soooo adorable!

    I love Google Calendar soooo much, lol. When I first started using it, I couldn’t stop going into the calendar just to look at the colours #nolife. I wasted money on so many paper planners because many bloggers made it look super fun and easy but I just love having my planner on my phone and moving things around without any issue.

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    1. I love the Hello Kitty lipstick, too! ❤ & Google Calendar is so much easier & also, yesss, so much better to look at! I don't blame you for admiring all the colors!! I don't like the calendar on my phone as much but, on the computer… it's amazing!!


    1. I really love how it makes my eyelashes look!! It curls, lengthens, & adds volume. The formula is a bit wet and it does smudge underneath my eyes throughout the day a little but I still recommend it. I’m so curious to know if you’d like it!!


    1. The Act is definitely fascinating. I think you would really enjoy watching it! & I’ve been thinking about trying to watch This Is Us after A Million Little Things because I want to watch another tear jerker LOL.


    1. I forgot how great it was, too! My skin is feeling & looking so much better ever since I started using it again. 🙂 I hope you enjoy The Act as much as I have been if you do start watching it!

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  2. Blueberry & Limoncello granola sounds amazing!
    I also love those toasted corn things ❤

    Aand, you kitty lipstick just reminded me… i tried your tip about the shea butter lip balm. Didn't find the 100% ones in the format i wanted, but got a pack with high content, and damn, it's awesome. My lips look waaaaayyyy better. And i got them in hot drink flavours 😀

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    1. That granola was really good but now we’ve got Cherry Vanilla flavored & it’s yummy, too! Those toasted corns are so addicting, aren’t they?! ❤

      I'm so happy that the shea butter lip balm helped!! Hot drink flavors sound wonderful… mmmmm.

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  3. Oooo so many goodies here! I used the Superhero mascara one time with a free sample and loved it!! It really does make your lashes so long & luscious!

    I feel sick for watching The Act too, but I think the fact that it is based on a true story is what makes it so utterly disturbing & gripping. Like… WHAT. And it’s really well done. Insanely good acting too. Also, A Million Little Things just keeps getting better and better.

    I’ve been curious about Mrs. Meyer’s products. That probably would be the scent I’d go for, so good to know to try something else! I think there is a lavender one that probably smells nice (hopefully not too strong!).

    That dry Flower theme is realllly beautiful! It’s calming.

    Ahhh I have to try that granola next time we go to Sprouts! I didn’t even realize they sold that. & Mary’s Crackers are my FAVE ever ever!!!! I don’t think I’ve tried their jalapeno though… not sure how because the spicier the better!

    I also had the same feeling about Hope hummus (Being too watery)- but I haven’t tried that specific flavor, I bet it is great with the crackers too.

    TCHO Is the besttt!!! Did you know they are based in SF? Just me trying to convince you to make it out here again 😉 My favorite is the Mokaccino… life. Changing. I have to try the triple berry though sometime- YUM.

    Oh my gosh oh my gosh- I’m so excited for you that you found dairy free Brioche buns!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! *happy dance*!

    Okay, I’ll stop writing my novel now (this comment is obnoxious long today). Thank you so much for sharing! We have such similar interests/tastes in food it never ceases to amaze me. Have a great Friday, love! xoxo

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    1. The Superhero Mascara seems to be a crowd favorite. I’m so happy that I got to try it!

      Boyfriend started watching The Act with me but he said it’s too sick & disturbing for him to see how the mom treats the daughter. Now, he’ll just peek over & ask questions about what’s going on lol. & I agree! The acting is insanely good!! I’m nearly done with A Million Little Things. I can’t wait to see the ending but I also don’t want to run out of episodes!

      I think I’ll stray away from the Mrs Meyer’s handsoaps from now on. It smelled terrible!!

      ‘Calming’ is the perfect word to describe that phone theme! & yess, Sprouts has a whole buncha different flavors of granola in their bulk bins… check ’em out! The Mary’s crackers are delish! We also tried the Everything flavor & liked those, too. 🙂

      When we vigorously stirred the Hope hummus, the wateryness went away but I don’t think it’s better than Cedar’s hummus still. 😛

      The Tcho chocolate was very impressive! I hope they invent more dairy-free flavors soon. 🙂 Fun fact!! I didn’t know they were made in SF!! Mokaccino sounds wonderful. ❤

      LOL YESSS!! Thanks to you, I went looking for it & magically found it!! ❤

      Your comment was not obnoxious!! Seriously, I love 'em!! ❤ the longer, the better!! I hope you don't think mine are obnoxious when they're just as lengthy. 😛

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      1. Ahh that’s always the struggle with reallly good shows- not wanting to get to the end but also wanting to see what happens!!

        Ohh yes Cedar’s is hard to beat- mmm mm! They have one of my favorite original hummuses (Hummuses? hummus?– not sure what the plural of hummus is lol).

        Aw glad you don’t mind them super long! that’s a great point- whenever I see a super long comment I get really excited! Have a great rest of the week, girl!

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        1. Right? I want to watch more but then… will I find anything I enjoy as much when it’s over?

          LOL I don’t know the plural for hummus either… ‘hummusses’ is fine by me!!

          ❤ ❤

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  4. I am obsessed with that mascara! I swear it does wonders! Did you get that in a sub?
    also, I am watching the show OA and it’s freaking so addictive! If you like sci-fi type stuff, it might be worth a shot. I love how you put this together. I swear sometimes I think about doing journal type entries or things like this because yours are so interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right!? My eyelashes have never looked better. I got it in my March Boxycharm. 🙂

      I’m usually not that into sci-fi stuff but I’ll look into OA, for sure. Thanks for the recommendation!!

      Thank you, Erika! I’d love to see these types of posts from you! 🙂 ❤


  5. Ooh your lashes look so good Hunida, I’ve never used IT Cosmetics before but that mascara really does a phenomenal job!
    I’m interested in A Million Little Things… it sounds really good, I’ll have to check it out ❤️ Thanks for sharing Hunida x

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    1. Thank you, Jennie!! I can’t believe how nice my lashes look with this mascara. I def recommend it! 🙂

      A Million Little Things is so great. I hope you like it as much as I do if you end up giving it a go. ❤


    1. Thank you!! I love the water bottle, too, but since it’s glass… it is really heavy when it’s full!

      I love the Google Calendar. It looks so nice & organized with all the pretty colors!

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  6. I think I’ve mentioned it to you but I wasn’t a fan of the it cosmetics mascara lol.
    I didn’t know you also had a cartridge. Maybe I just forgot lol. Which do you like better? The vape pen or the flowers?
    Oh oh oh I forgot that I can change my background on my phone too I currently have a galaxy one and the cutest icons lol.
    You also got lots of good eats!!! I want to find the brioche too, but good to know they make some with no dairy or eggs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I was wondering if you had tried that mascara! What didn’t you like about it?

      I definitely like smoking blunts better than vaping but, the pens don’t smell & you can smoke ’em anywhere. They just aren’t the same as flower though.

      I love changing the theme on my phone lol it’s so fun, isn’t it!? 😀

      Brioche bread is so yummy! You gotta try it! I think with dairy, it’s better, but the kind I got was pretty spot on!!


      1. It didn’t work for me because it kept flaking throughout the day. It was annoying. at first I thought I just needed to break it in, but nah it continued for the 3 months I used it lol.
        I remember really liking the flowers. I really need to go into a dispensary and see all of that for myself lol. But Alex never tells me when hes going.
        Omg yeah I love it too! I am still looking for a new theme. Right now I have a galaxy one haha surprise surprise! I want something floral, springy.
        And it’s nice that you found some dairy free brioche because I’d love to try that as well. Ugh I hope I get to go to TJ’s, they seem to have lots of good stuff lol.

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        1. Ah that’s so weird how the same products work so differently for everyone! I’ve only been using it for like a month now & it’s already seeming a bit dry. I think I don’t know how to properly use mascara? Mine never last 3 months!

          Tell Alex to bring you with next time he goes to the dispensary, it’s always fun to see all the cool stuff they have!

          I just changed my theme to a pink flowery one hehe, great minds think alike!! 😉

          I found the bread at Sprouts!! I am not a fan of TJ’s, to be honest. 😛

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          1. right? makeup isn’t one size fits all and yet it is at the same time lol.
            well if you use your mascara everyday, its bound to dry out much quicker. i don’t use makeup every single day, i go for like two to three weeks at a time without touching any of it lol. not that i mean to i just don’t have time sometimes. like i haven’t been able to do my makeup since friday or saturday and i really really really want to !! LOL hopefully tomorrow if i wake up extra early 😀
            I wish, but we can’t leave CL alone, unless we leave him at home with my brother but he’s usually wanting to come along.. i have no idea how we’re gonna go to the concerts we have lined up LOL

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  7. The Hello Kitty “lipstick” looks so cute & I love the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream!
    I’ve been seeing ads for The Act & it looks interesting, but Hulu isn’t available outside of the US & they have a proxy ban…
    But you always have delicious looking snacks!

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    1. It’s truly adorable 🙂 I love anything Hello Kitty! & me, too! The FAB Ultra Repair Cream is the best!

      Aww!! That’s such a bummer you aren’t able to get Hulu. Hopefully there’s a way you can watch The Act eventually.

      Thank you, Karalee! ❤

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    1. I love A Million Little Things! I think I’m into the drawn out mysteries though lol I guess I like being frustrated?! I won’t even look up the real story of The Act because I don’t want to spoil the series.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hahah I hate the suspense! I can’t even watch like docuseries, I prefer one whole documentary where I know I’ll get the answers by the end. At least with the act they’ve showed snippets of what’s going to happen

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  8. Google Calendar is the best! I love that it’s so easy to share events, sync with devices, and it has all the reminders, lol.
    Love your new water bottle! It looks so nice and sleek. We bought new 28oz water bottles off Amazon too and I’m loving that they are leak-proof!
    My allergies have been sooo bad since mid-Feb. While my sinuses have cleared up mostly, my cough has gotten so much worse and I literally had a horrible coughing/wheezing attack last night when I tried to workout. I’m afraid my allergies have caused a chest infection! So I have a doctors appointment. Man, allergies are the worst! -_-
    We used to get our granola from Sprouts all the time! It’s sooo good and I love all the flavor it packs. What a shame about their coffee, though! Do you think you’ll try another kind from there?

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    1. Yeaaaahh!! How did I not know about Google Calendar sooner? It’s awesome lol.

      I am kind of regretting the 28 oz because I have to refill it way too often. My new one is leakproof too though while my bigger one wasn’t so that’s a plus!

      Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry that your allergies have gotten so bad. 😦 I usually just get congested & a bit of a dry throat but never a cough. I hope your doctor’s appointment went well & there was no infection. ❤

      Their granola bins are a dream! They have so many flavors & different mixes. Their coffee doesn't seem to be strong at all though. I think I'll just try a different brand next time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So true! My whole team uses it for work so everyone is connected. 🙂

        Oh really?! I thought the 28oz was pretty big! I only refill it three times a day….maybe I’m not drinking enough haha. Leakproof is sooo handy!

        Thank you! Yeah Joshua is basically experiencing the same kind of allergies as you. My appointment is tomorrow, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’s okay. 🙂

        Aren’t they?! I love all their bulk items!! Hmm that’s a shame about their coffee, but that’s a good idea to just try a different brand!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Leakproof really is handy because my last one would lose all the water if it tilted over!! With my 28oz, I can’t even count how many times I need to refill it throughout the day. I think I just drink a lot of water though… 😛

          I hope your appointment goes well & you’re feeling better soon!! ❤

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  9. I started A million little things when it came out I got through 6 episodes and couldn’t keep watching I did like it but it was just to depressing. Allergies are hitting my daughter and I too not fun . I hope you get relief soon .❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES, it’s definitely a depressing show & I totally get why you couldn’t keep watching. The allergies are hitting us all & it is the worst! I hope you two are feeling better, too. ❤

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