Journal Entry #229

March 27, 2019
09:26 PM

Phew!! We finally did our taxes yesterday. It just feels so good to be done with them but, damn, did the prices go up or what? How annoying that the easier, cheaper forms were eliminated.

Our appointment was at 6 PM and we still haven’t gotten our car fixed so we didn’t trust that it would make it all the way to our tax lady’s house. We woke up around 1 PM. We both showered and hung out until around 5:15 PM then, we called an Uber to take us where we needed to go. Everything went nice and smoothly!

We called another Uber when we finished up. Since we hate driving to The Strip on our own, we took the opportunity and got dropped off at the Bellagio. I wanted to check out the new Japanese Garden setup and we had never been to their buffet before.

When we got there, there was a small line but, it went pretty quickly. I was most excited for the hot crab legs and I didn’t even know they were going to be served!!

I really hate how they slit each leg, for “easy” cracking. They don’t even put them at good spots! Cracking them on my own always turns out so much better. They were really meaty, perfectly salty, and delicious though!! I had two plates. ❤ But, I got cut up on my left palm by the pokers. It hurts so bad in the shower/under water even if they are small scratches.

I was really disappointed with the desserts. None of them were any good. 😛 I did like that there was a self-service drink station so we didn’t have to wait around for a server to get us our coffees that tasted more like hot dishwater.

On our way to the Uber pick-up zone, we stopped to walk through and photograph the Japanese Garden. Bellagio changes this little setup every season. My dad saw a video on Facebook and sent it to me when they first put this all up. I admit, I thought it would be bigger and a little more detailed but, that’s not to say, it wasn’t incredibly beautiful and romantic. Because it was.

It was hard to believe that every single flower/plant is real. They are all so luscious and full of life, boyfriend had to actually touch one when I told him they weren’t fake.

We were especially impressed with the big flowers made out of tons of small flowers ^. There were a couple of them around! Whoever tends this garden has got to have one heck of a green thumb!!!

Boyfriend’s favorite part were the big birds (below). They continuously opened and closed their beaks!!

I wouldn’t have even spotted the ones hanging from the ceiling if he didn’t point them out. I was too focused on everything else around me that was eye-level, y’know? I’m so glad he didn’t let me miss them!!!

We had to ask a few employees where the pick-up zone was but, we eventually found it. We relaxed on a bench, waiting for our ride. We hopped in right when we saw her and accidentally left my freakin’ water bottle there!! That’s the second one I’ve forgotten somewhere in just this month. 😦

We made it home around 10 PM. I wrote up my Boxycharm post and published it quite late. I know it was past midnight when it went live. I watched the rest of the newest Good Girls episode and the newest The Act episode before bed. I was pretty tuckered out so I didn’t read at all.

Today, we both woke up around 1 PM. We thought we wouldn’t have to do anything but, we needed to go to Target for some Drano again. My hair is always clogging that shit up.

I took a shower then, watched some random episodes of Guy’s Grocery Games on Hulu while boyfriend made dinner. We continued watching Guy while we ate our yummy food.

When we finished eating, we let our tums rest a little, smoked a blunt, then headed out to run a couple errands.

Our first stop was Target. I only bought a couple extra things that weren’t on the list so I’d say our trip was successful. 😉

On our list was: Tide Pods, Drano, paper towels, hand soap, a new water bottle, and cat litter. Buying the Pods and paper towels qualified us for a $5 gift card. We didn’t even know it but, the checkout machine was like “grab a giftcard and scan it” so of course, I did but, I didn’t know how to use it right away because the access code needed to be scratched-off which I didn’t realize until after we paid… but, oh well! There’s always next time, isn’t there?!

A couple things I spotted that weren’t on our list…

Fish Tacos with catnip and a scrunchy sound inside for my kitty cats and two This Bar Saves Lives from the implanted Starbucks.

AND three of the CUTEST mugs ever, ever. The white one says “Grumpy but gorgeous,” the gray one says “Cozy Queen,” and the animal is a girly sloth. 😀 I couldn’t choose between the three and they were all under $3 so I just got them all.

My cats were loving their new tacos for a minute but, then got bored, ate, and fell asleep. I’m using my sloth mug for some hot black coffee at this very moment and it’s SUPER lightweight. I’m scared it’s going to break easily but, the heat isn’t unbearable when you touch the cup so maybe it’s stronger than I suspect.

I’ll show you my new water bottle and hand soap in my upcoming April Currentlys… 😉

I quickly snapped those photos (above) of my Target buys, got a little sidetracked, smoked a blunt while resizing all the photos for this post, then started typing this.

I’m finally about to watch The Dirt now!!! Then, I’ll start on Season 02 of On My Block. It was just released on Netflix today, I think… or is it the 29th? Ugh I don’t remember. I’ll have to see after this… either way, I am so excited for both!!!

My Aunt wants to meet up for dinner tomorrow at around 6:40 PM. If it’s not too late afterwards and I’m not feeling like a big balloon, I may head into work.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far. ❤

10:30 PM

45 thoughts on “Journal Entry #229

  1. But-but-but… that dessert plate looks so impressive! It looks delicious!
    Kinda reminds me of the office birthday cake situation. I always fall for it. Cake looks nice – tastes like cardboard.

    Those flowers are gorgeous tho! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The desserts were so pretty, they were calling my name the moment I stepped into the buffet but, oh man. The taste did not match the looks. 😛 Lol someone else needs to make the cake for your office!!

      The flowers really were super gorgeous! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love Bellagio Conservatory . I’ve never eaten at the Bellagio Buffet, but a friend and my nephews love this buffet, whenever they come to Vegas . . You never saw the conservatory before? Whoever does it, they aren’t getting paid enough

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have seen the conservatory a few other times! I just love how they change the setup every season. 🙂 The buffet wasn’t too bad! There just weren’t as many options as I thought there would be & their desserts were a miss. I loved those crab legs though!!


  3. I love the photos from the Japanese Garden! & your new mugs are so cute! I had this adorable cow mug but my boyfriend left it outside when he was smoking & when he went back for it someone stole it & I’ve been telling him he needs to get me a new cute mug…
    Anyways I’m looking forward to reading your April Currentlys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Karalee!! 😀 I can’t believe someone stole your cow mug. That’s so mean but, I could see how it was tempting… lol. Your boyfriend so owes you a cute new one!!

      ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t she so cute?! My boyfriend kept saying she looked creepy. 😦 I bet your Target has a bunch of mugs on sale, too!! Hopefully you can find her & we can be mug twins!!

      It’s just amazing that they change up the whole garden every season! Like what do they do with everything?!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “we didn’t have to wait around for a server to get us our coffees that tasted more like hot dishwater.”

    I couldn’t read past this line because it upset me so much (and because I’ve had too much caffeine to focus on anything). Weak coffee is the worst, absolute worst thing in the entire world. I applaud you for not losing your mind and tearing the restaurant down when you taster your hot dishwater.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I always feel like I let out a sigh of relief every time I finish doing an adult thing like taxes. I’m so sad that the desserts weren’t as delicious as they look! They should only be allowed to look as delicious as they actually are…
    Also, I would call that a very successful Target trip. I don’t know how you managed to leave with only a few things that weren’t on your list! When I do that I’m giving myself major pats on the back. Good job girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Fun fact! DJ’s family loves the Bellagio’s breakfast buffet for their pancakes. To this day DJ says they are the best pancakes he’s ever had!

    Dannnng those hot crab legs look like a true dream! Hope the scratches from the pokers are all healed up by now. It’s ironic when we have to literally claw for our food out of claws isn’t it? hah! That dad joke was just begging to come to the surface- had to let it free.

    That is such a bummer about the desserts because man, they are gorgeous! And dishwasher coffee is the actual worst- I totally know what you mean by that.

    Wow oh wow that interior is just stunning! If we ever go to vegas we’ll have to make sure to go through—that’s neat they change it up too.

    I loled about the Drano. So relatable hahah.

    I’m obsessed with those mugs- what great finds! Can’t wait to hear how dinner went with your Aunt. Have a great weekend, Hunida!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really?! We are never up early enough for breakfast but, I will def keep in mind that they have the best pancakes! I feel like that means a lot coming from DJ since he seems to always order them for breakfast lol.

      The scratches kept reopening until I put neosporin on it yesterday!! & I am dying because I made a similar dad joke about the scratches LOL. ;D

      Oh my gosh, I am so glad you know what I mean about dishwater coffee. When I said that boyfriend was like “how do you know what dishwater tastes like?”!!

      Yesss, the Bellagio is just a must-see for all Vegas goers!! & I don’t know what Drano is but it is a miracle worker!!!

      Hehe so happy you like my new mugs, Mackenzie. ❤ Hope you have a great weekend, too!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. haha I always joke that he’s the pancake connoisseur! We’ve had soo many pancakes, but none live up to the Bellagio!

        Haha, yessssss. Great minds think alike 😉

        Yeah, girl, “dishwater coffee” is 100% a thing. AKA the worst, water downed, slightly burnt excuse for a beverage!

        Liked by 1 person

  7. We had to pay extra on our taxes this year too. I don’t know anything about the forms, but our tax preparer said that the government messed up the W4 so it wasn’t taking out as much as it should…which is why we all owe more this year. >.< If it's not one things it's another right?! I can totally relate with your relief over getting taxes done though. It always feels good to just get it done with and move on for another year haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I guess they removed some of the simiplified forms like the W2 EZ or whatever. Boyfriend had to pay so much more than last year just to freakin’ file his!

      But yesss, feels so good to have them done & over with!!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Omg that japanese garden is there ALL the time?!!! I must see it in person! It looks absolutely beautiful.
    And the mugs you got are so cuteee!! Target has definitely been my go to place recently lol. Well that and Ross

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, sadly, the Japanese theme will only be here until the summer comes around. The garden is always there but they change the theme seasonally! We went when the sun was up this past weekend & it was even more beautiful. You would absolutely love it in there!

      Aren’t those mugs just adorable?! I should have bought a couple more… there were so many on sale lol. Target & Ross have been where we shop a lot lately too!


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