March 22, 2019
08:10 PM

Hey babes! I can’t believe it’s already Friday. This week flew by waaaaay too quickly. Last time I wrote a Journal Entry it was Tuesday night/Wednesday morning here. I’ll rewind all the way to… around 1ish, Wednesday afternoon when boyfriend and I woke up.

We did absolutely nothing the whole day which was so lovely. Boyfriend had to drive around and run a few errands but, just quick ones. He made us a lovely dinner when he got home and I watched the first two episodes of the new Hulu Original, The Act. I also watched the new episode of Good Girls then, I read The Mars Room for the rest of my night.

Thursday was boyfriend’s 24th birthday!! πŸ˜€ We had reservations for 5 PM at Texas de Brazil. We had never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse like this one before so we weren’t sure what to expect.

It was a bit earlier than 5 PM when we got there but, it’s part of the Town Square Outdoor Mall so we walked around and looked inside some cool stores nearby.

We went into this beautiful antiques and art store. We were playing “guess the price” on everything. Some items were just more than we could even fathom.

When we walked out, it was nearly time for our reservation so we walked back to the restaurant. They opened at exactly 5 PM so when we got there, there were already a few groups waiting in the front lobby area.

We immediately checked in with the host then, stepped aside. When the hour finally hit, they called off names and we were seated quickly. They gave us a cocktail menu and explained how everything worked.

Boyfriend and I thought these steakhouses literally served steak and that was it but, there was SO much more. The salad bar was loaded with side dishes that we helped ourselves to first.

They gave us these little cheese muffins that were kind of hard and tasted like a Cheez-It Cracker. I wasn’t that big a fan of them but, hey, they were complimentary so who cares, right?

They also gave us unlimited mashed potatoes and yummy cinnamon sugar fried plantains. These were both much better.

The plantains were awesome but, I wish they were given closer to the end of the meal so I could eat them as a sort of a dessert while they were still warm. Not to say they weren’t still delish when they got cold though!

There was a huge mirror behind us so, I sneaked a quick selfie LOL.

Buuuuut, boyfriend caught me right away so we took a nicer one together. πŸ˜‰ The meat was coming so fast and I was gobbling it up like a pig!!! I’m so sad to say that I got ZERO photos of any of it. I do remember some of the names of the cuts we got though: filet mignon, parmesan crusted porkchop, top sirloin, brisket, leg of lamb, lamb chops, etc. etc. gosh, there was just SO much. I was wondering if I had walked into a dream world the whole time.

For dessert, we got some alcoholic beverages. He chose his fancy shmancy scotch with “rocks” on the side.

I got a super duper sweet red sangria. I swear all I could taste was the fruit puree they threw in it but, by the end of the drink, I was def “feelin’ myself.”

Mid-drinks, our lovely waitress came over with the tray of plastic dessert replicas and asked boyfriend which one he would like for his complimentary birthday treat. He almost chose the carrot cake but, was swayed by the fudge layer and nuts of the cheesecake.

I love how they decorated the plate and that she lit a candle for him. I was sad that they didn’t sing ‘happy birthday’ though. I tried to do it myself but he blew out the candle so I’d shut up LOL. (Don’t worry, I had already sang it to him at home. At exactly 1 AM… because I’m a dick and missed his birthday by an hour…)

I got a hot shot of espresso to drink with the cake but, wanted another one when I drank it all so, I asked boyfriend if he wanted another scotch while I had me another cup of espresso (but, a double this time).

We positively filled out a comment card for our waitress then, headed out to shop a little. I needneedneeded my fave moisturizer because everything else I’ve tried has been fucking my face up so our first stop was Sephora.

I usually buy the $12 sized one but, I splurged and got me the biggest one available this time.

I also re-upped on my “holy grail” mascara since mine is almost dried out again. πŸ˜› I wanted to redeem my points when I saw the Drunk Elephant duo but, the cashier told me it was this year’s birthday gift so I should just wait until then. Boyfriend was like, “well, today’s my birthday!” so she was awesome and signed him up for his own beauty insider card and let him redeem it for me. πŸ˜€

They also tossed in two free lippies! They were both part of last year’s birthday gift (same colors and everything) but, that’s okay. I have a giveaway coming up that I can include them in. πŸ™‚ Oh! And I played with their virtual makeup machine for the first time while boyfriend was giving the cashier all his info. If you haven’t tried makeup on in one of them yet, you’re missing out. It was such a blast and it actually lined the colors up perfectly on my face, all on its own! All you have to do is stand there.

We walked until we got back to where we started without finding anything else to buy. I was hoping to find some summer clothes for boyfriend but, there was nothing he wanted.

We stopped at the dispensary before we went home. Since it’s March Madness right now, the store we go to has this small basketball hoop. When we walk in, they let us take a shot and if we make it, we get an extra discount on top of our ‘locals’ one. We’ve both tried 3 different times already and still haven’t made it… but the person behind us always does…

At least we got two free pre-rolls for it being boyfriend’s birthday and the budtender sang to him, too– the whole birthday song!!! πŸ˜€ I was ecstatic since they hadn’t done so at the restaurant.

When we finally settled down at home, we looked on the XBOX Game Pass Catalog for a game to play together. We decided on the recently added Mortal Kombat X. Being a bigger file, it took awhile to download. While we waited, I played with something else that was already ready for me… πŸ˜‰

When the game finished downloading, we took turns on ‘story mode’ until after 3 AM. My wrist started cramping up but, we were having so much fun and kicking all the asses. We had to call it a night eventually but, I wish the night could’ve lasted forever.

I started a fun new book called The Art of French Kissing. I’m 5 whole books behind on my Goodreads Challenge and this is a short, cute one so I hope I can read it quickly and it’ll help me catch up.

Today, we woke up at nearly 3 PM. It was so bright outside, I thought it was a lot earlier. I read a couple blogs before I hopped into the shower. I tried to be quick so I could use the sun for blog photos. I took those photos (above) of my Sephora items and of two sub boxes while boyfriend made dinner. Our ground beef went bad and it had only been in our fridge since Monday? is that normal?! He had to run to Albertson’s to pick up a fresh pack.

When the food was done, we watched The Great British Baking Show while we ate it. We drove-thru Starbucks for our espressos afterwards and stopped into Ross so I could buy those summer clothes for boyfriend. He was able to find two pairs of shorts and two t-shirts. When we got home, he took a shower and tried on one of his outfits. He looks so cute in his new clothes. ❀ We also stopped at Alberston’s so I could buy him an XBOX gift card to get whatever downloadable content he wanted for his games.

We just got back from all that when I started typing this. I’m gonna reread everything and fix any mistakes that I see, then I’ll go do my hair and makeup for work. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! ❀

09:22 PM

71 thoughts on “Journal Entry #227

  1. Omg this is annoying of me but anytime someone is even 1 year apart from me i instantly want to say “you’re so young!” But anyways, your bf is so young!! Happy latebday to him. Hope you can celebrate more bdays together!

    The restaurant looks awesome!! I love Brazilian style restaurants theyre always so fancy!

    Also i love that you guys game together, its such a sweet and fun moment. Thanks for sharing πŸ’Œ

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    1. Lol, he says ‘thank you!!’ ❀ how old are you?!

      The restaurant was def fancy. I loved it, too!! & we've both always gamed before each other so why not together? It's always a blast!!

      Thanks so much for reading & commenting. ❀


      1. Girl im only 23. Thats why i say i sound annoying cause its only 1 year apart but i just think ppl are young if theyre just 20 somethings, and even tho i still am too lol
        Thats cool aww a couple that games together stays together πŸ˜‚

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  2. Wow, that has to be the fanciest antique store I’ve ever seen! I love how everything is laid out so nicely.

    The Brazilian steak house sounds so cool! I’ve only ever been to a regular steak house. lol

    Happy birthday to your bf!

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  3. Happy belated to your boyfriend! That restaurant looks amazing! I’ve also never heard of a Brazilian steakhouse either but it looks amazeballs.

    I used to binge-watch the British baking show as well and I don’t even bake, but damn, all those cakes and bread these people make and their techniques are sooo interesting to watch, lol.

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    1. He says, ‘thanks!’ & the Brazilian Steakhouse was a place of dreams lol. You should try it if there are any near you!

      LOL I can’t bake anything either but, I agree! The British Baking Show is just addicting to watch!


  4. Happy Birthday, to Boyfriend!

    Oooo is The Act finally out?? I see the ads for these shows and get all hyped up for them but it sees as soon as they air you don’t hear another word about them so I forget about the and miss them! Attention Marketing people: Your ad campaign should continue for at least a week after your show airs. Or maybe I’m just lame and don’t check Netflix/Hulu etc often enough to keep up with the new releases. I also feel the name of that one is not good. Nothing about “The Act” makes me think of what that one is about. Bad marketing all around if you ask me. Ok it is now plugged into my TV Time app so I will get reminders. I need to remember to plug shows in when I first hear about them I guess. Lesson learned.

    How are you liking The Mars Room so far? I just jumped over to Amazon and it sounds really good so I put an ebook on hold at the library. None of the 39 copies is available so my wait time is approximately 4 weeks. LOL I kind of get off on the long wait times because when the book finally pops up I’m like “What the heck book is this??? Did I put this on hold???”

    Aren’t those Brazilian restaurants yummy? The first time I heard of one was in L.A. I had a co-worker that kept talking about “the meat restaurant”. Then I finally went and found out what she was talking about. ALL THE MEATS!!!!! And yes, the salad bar. I remember ours had beef stroganoff as a salad bar item. Attention Restaurant Owners: Just call it a buffet, or a side dish bar, not a salad bar, if you’re going to have things like beef stroganoff, mashed potatoes, or other non-lettuce items!!!

    Mmm sangria! That’s the kind of drink I have to be careful of. I want to guzzle gallons of it.

    Cute pictures of you two.

    Love the Happy Birthday plate.

    Ahhh I love browsing in antique stores. Looks like a very nice one!

    Is that the moisturizer in the picture? Ultra Repair Cream? What is it you like about it compared to all others? I need a new one badly. The skin around the sides of my nose gets so dry I can’t believe it. I tried a new moisturizer recently but it has a strong perfume.

    Boyfriend got a Beauty Insider card and the birthday gift!!! OMG best thing ever.

    I love that the dispensary person sang the entire birthday song.

    How many days did you have the ground beef? When I used to get those subscription meal kit deliveries the ground beef was always one of the “Use within 6 days” recipes.

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    1. He says, ‘thank you!’ πŸ˜€ & I agree!! I had written ‘WATCH THE ACT’ on my notepad when I first saw the ad on YouTube. I wouldn’t have remembered if I didn’t! It was just released on the 20th & they are putting out new episodes one by one on Wednesdays from now on. There are only two at the moment.

      & YES!! I loved the restaurant!! They should totally call the “salad bars” “side dish bars” instead though. It would sound more tempting to consumers that way!

      Oh gosh, that sangria! I seriously thought there was nothing but juice in there. Def a dangerous drink lol.

      Thank you!! I loved the birthday plate, too. πŸ˜€ & the antiques store was outrageous.

      Yeah, that’s the moisturizer in the picture. The Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty. It’s fragrance-free, doesn’t make me break out, sinks in quickly, hydrates like no other. Try it!! I bet the sides of your nose will be better in no time. πŸ™‚

      Hahaha I was so happy that she let boyfriend get the insider card. I asked him if he wanted to carry it in his wallet but he refused!!

      We had the ground beef like 4 or 5 days, I think. 😦

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      1. Thank you! I will definitely try that moisturizer as soon as this perfume-y one is gone. Luckily it’s a small bottle so won’t take too long to get through it.

        TV Time app reminded me that The Act E3 is tonight. Yay! I may not watch it tonight, but at least I get reminders now and can catch up.

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        1. Ahh! The perfume-y scent may be why your nose is staying dry. Just toss it & try a new one!!

          Yesss, I watched all three episodes of The Act. It’s so crazy. Let me know what you get to it!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I watched the new episode last night! The looks on her Wolverine’s face!!! He’s not sure wtf is going on.

            I don’t get why they pretend she can’t walk behind closed doors if her mom obviously knows she gets out of bed at night.

            Gypsy’s resentment is growing big time.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I KNOW!!! Poor wolverine lol. I do wish he would’ve stepped in when the mother came over though. & Gypsy does the chair for her mom’s sake. Just like everything else. She obviously doesn’t need that breathing tube thing at night but she still puts it on because her mom wants her to.

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              1. In Wolverine’s defense, he was hung over, just home from the hospital, and had been working up a stiffy on the couch when SUDDENLY, he’s got two crazy ladies in his house. He was probably trying to work out “Is this even real” and “what is my life right now” and so it probably didn’t occur to him that he should step in. LOL

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  5. Your dinner sounded awesome! And I can’t believe they sang Happy Birthday to your boyfriend at the dispensary – how awesome!

    Speaking if your boyfriend, be sure to tell him that some weird guy on the internet wishes him a happy, belated birthday!

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  6. I love that your boyfriend signed up for a Sephora account so you could get the gift!! That’s so freaking sweet! Sounds like you had a great time for his birthday and all the food at the restaurant looks delicious. I hate when people sing happy birthday so I’d be pretty happy there lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was like “no, it’s okay” at first but then we were like “aw why the heck not!?” He won’t carry the card in his wallet though, hehe. πŸ˜‰

      He was so glad that they didn’t sing at the restaurant!! I was disappointed because I love it but he hates it, too, LOL.

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      1. Hahaha well I guess that’s understandable! πŸ˜‰

        For years I wouldn’t even go out to eat for my birthday with my family because they’d always try to get them to sing to me. >.> Lol but now Joshua feels the same way about it so we can go out without fear hahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aww, that’s so mean! If my boyfriend really hated it, I would ask people not to for him but, I think he just says he hates it… πŸ˜› That’s so cute that you both don’t like it & are understanding of that for each other!

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    1. ‘Thank you!’ from boyfriend. ;D

      I had actually never heard of the story before but I think I’ll look it up after the series is complete. I’m super invested after the two episodes and am definitely going to keep up. Also, I love AnnaSophia Robb!! ❀

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  7. Happy belated birthday to your boyfriend! Jimmy just went to Texas De Brazil a few months ago and he was blown away by the experience! It sounds so awesome there!

    I love the guessing game you guys played at the antiques store, haha. I want to try that next time I’m in one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We were totally blown away by the experience as well!! We want to try all the Brazilian Steakhouses now. I heard Fogo de Chao is quite good, too.

      The guessing game was fun but we both kept guessing under!! πŸ˜›


  8. Taking a break from my big ol’ to-do list to read your blog as my treat!! I just love your journal entries (as I’ve said about 19589 times)!

    Ahhh I was going to start The Act tonight! I have heard it got great reviews.. what did you think?!

    You two are too cute!! Eeek I am so excited you decided to try Brazilian- it is da bombbbb.

    Love the mirror selfie & I’m really happy y’all enjoyed the food. Do you remember if you tried Picanha? That was always my favorite slice at a Brazilian steakhouse!

    So glad y’all had so much fun for his bday!! Thanks for this little β€œpick me up” in my day (especially with the double espresso shot πŸ˜‰ ). Back to work *sigh* . XOX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww!! I really love that you can read my blog as a little breather/treat away from your duties. ❀

      There are only two episodes of The Act right now & I think the 3rd comes out tomorrow. I'm hooked on it already!! But I will say I have no prior knowledge of the real story so I don't know if it's harder to watch if you've heard more about it. Let me know if you start it!!

      Thank you, Mackenzie!!! ❀ Texas de Brazil was amazing. I think we want to try all the Brazilian steakhouses now! I remember Picanha being on the menu but I don't think we had a slice… AHHH!! I am so sad now lol. Must go back & try it!

      Thanks for stopping by, babe!! ❀ You're the best!! Don't work too hard. ❀ ;D

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m gonna start it tonight! I am sooo excited- I have only heard great things from everyone about it, and that means I can watch the next one tomorrow woohoo!

        Awww! Well definitely an excuse to go back πŸ™‚

        Thank youuu! Same to you, love! xo

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I DID!!!!!! It’s INSANE! like woah wow woah wow. I cannot wrap my head around that this a true story. WHAT! It’s phenomenally done, but hard to watch. I only have a few minutes left of the current episode!

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  9. How nice that you guys got to go to a new place and that the experience was good.
    Love the fried plantain I make it at home sometimes.
    And how nice of your boyfriend to have signed up to get you that freebie!! Now he can buy you stuff lol.
    Sounds like you guys had a lovely day. Happy belated birthday again I think I had already wished him happy birthday in another of your posts? Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We really loved the restaurant & hope to try more Brazilian steakhouses now. πŸ˜€ I wish I could make fried plantains at home, they’re so yummy. Boyfriend hates them though!

      I am so excited to try the Drunk Elephant products. I told him the same about having the card lol I was like, “now you can secretly buy me gifts.” πŸ˜‰ But, I’d probably still rather have him use mine to stack up more points!

      We did have a great day!! Thank you, Rossy!!! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol make them for yourself! One is more than enough. If you ever make them at home, I recommend you let it get pretty ripe. I use coconut oil to fry it.
        You’ll have to let me know how you like those products because I’ve heard of drunk elephant only recently and have been interested in looking into what they have.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I do not know how to cook or make things for myself, okay!? πŸ˜› Nothing ever turns out right.

          I’ll definitely let you know what I think of the Drunk Elephant products when I use them!!

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