Journal Entry #222

March 09, 2019
07:41 PM

Last time I wrote, I told you guys I had to hurry so I could eat my breakfast sandwich lol. Here’s that sandwich:

It was alright but, I tried these vegan sausage patties for the first time. It was a bit smushy and way too sweet. I think the brand was called Hillary’s or something. I am too lazy to go check.

Since that was Wednesday night, I’ll recap my days starting from Thursday.

We lazed around the house all day and ate leftovers for dinner. When we finished eating, we went to Starbucks for our espressos. I did my hair and makeup, we went for a couple drinks together before I went into work, I got there around 11, I think? And left around 4 AM. I don’t remember much of the night because I was pretty drunk BUT, I do remember that I made a bet with the bartender on how to spell the word ‘gimlet’ and of course, I won, because everyone doubted that I could possibly be right. Not one, but all three idiots behind the bar thought there was a ‘b’ in the word… ha! Easy money. 😉

Yesterday, I woke up extra groggy but with no headache or nausea. Phew!! I didn’t feel like doing anything at all though… so I didn’t…

I watched different stuff on Netflix all day and night while boyfriend went to work during the evening.

Today, boyfriend worked during the day and got home a little past 3ish. I had just woken up and gotten out of the shower when he came through the door. We smoked a blunt together and agreed that it was time for a trip to Chipotle. 😀

We both got half and half bowls, with chicken and steak (there were 3 hard shells in that tin foil… if you were wondering).

After we finished up eating, boyfriend walked over to the mini mart to buy cigarettes while I waited in the car. There were no Original White Owls (what we use for our blunts) there so we still had to stop at the smoke shop by Starbucks after we got our espressos. They only gave us one drink so boyfriend had to go in and order his again. When the cashier indoors made boyfriend his drink, the lady controlling the drive-thru showed up with it like “were you just in the drive-thru? I thought you said two.” and she handed him the already-made drink… like why didn’t she just ask when we were at the window instead of just letting it sit there?!?! Boyfriend ended up with two separate cups and eight shots of espresso. *sigh*

Then, I sent boyfriend into Ross because I can’t be trusted in there. All I needed was a new water bottle because we accidentally left mine connected to the cart at Sprouts when we went grocery shopping last. He picked a simple, cute pink one by the brand Bubba. 😀

When we got home, I hopped onto here right away and checked all of my notifications. Boyfriend heated up a Katz Cinnamon Donut in the oven for me and it tasted like a big version of those mini donuts you get from the fair. SO FREAKIN’ YUM!!

My period is being stubborn and still hasn’t come out so I better sign off and get to doing my hair and makeup for work. Did anyone else get the annoying e-mail from Boxycharm about a delay in their shipping this month? Ugh.

08:06 PM

39 thoughts on “Journal Entry #222

  1. They thought gimlet has a b, as in boy in it?????

    Mmmm Chipotle and a cinnamon donut sounds delicious!

    OMG that Starbucks lady!!!!! I hope boyfriend didn’t have to pay for the extra drink.

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    1. Yeah… I had tried vegan sausage links and they weren’t so bad but the patties are a NO from me lol. I was wondering where the heck they thought the ‘b’ would be, too?? LOL.


  2. yasss girl, you show those doubters up (about the word gimlet, haha). I would bet my money on you every time! Oh so about the vegan meat– I don’t like the “Mushy-ness” of many of those faux meats either, usually what I find is overcooking it a bit! I actually will overcook black bean burgers until they are crispy and then use them almost like high protein croutons in salads, hah. That sounds so weird- but I think you’ll get me ?! Annnnd those donuts- yum. My mouth is watering. I am having my coffee right now & I really could go for one of those!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, thank you for believing in me!! ❤ I do get what you mean about turning the meat into croutons, that's so smart. I think I will just pass on the vegan meat if they are all that way though. 😛 Those Katz donuts are so yummy, I thought I liked the chocolate ones but the cinnamon ones… OH MAN!!!

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  3. Mmmm Chipotle! I’m thinking it’s about time for a trip there ourselves lol. I actually just got an email about a belated birthday gift of free chips & guac, so you can’t argue with that right, lol. Also how annoying at Starbucks. So weird that she “thought” you guys said two but didn’t ask at the window. I guess everyone has off moments though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could already eat another Chipotle bowl right now. ❤ You should def go to get your free gift!! & you're right, everyone has their off days but man, that was annoying of her LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just realized what would have happened if your boyfriend didn’t go in for the drink? You guys wouldn’t have gotten it, I guess, and that’s definitely annoying!


  4. 8 shots of espresso! lol that’s insane. What is it with coffee shops never getting orders right? We ordered hot coffee from Dunkin and they gave us iced and looked at us like we were crazy when we said they were supposed to be hot

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  5. I’m the only one who has never heard of the word gimlet? Lol. I’m pretty good at spelling even if I cant pronounce the damn words lol.
    I dont like sausages to begin with so I may not even try a vegan one lol.
    The Katz cinnamon donut is from the grocery store? Or a shop?
    Omg I cant be trusted at Ross either lol. I’ve been shopping there a lot this month and last to get ready for spring lol.

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    1. Lol it’s like an old timey word & apparently, there’s a drink called “Vodka Gimlet” so that’s why we were talking about it. 😛 Yeah, I do not recommend those vegan sausage patties!! I did try some vegan sausage links I liked one time though. I just prefer the real thing…

      The Katz donuts are from the grocery store! They’re in the frozen section at Sprouts. 🙂 They’re so dang yummy when you heat them up in the oven.

      Ross is too much, I want everything & I need some new sandals so I’ll be going soon I think!!


    1. UGH! I know, they are totally being selective! I saw a few people post about theirs awhile ago already. 😡 I JUST got my e-mail today saying that mine was being sent for shipping.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I know right? What could possibly be out of their control? It can’t be that they didn’t expect a “high volume” of luxe boxes because lots of people are on a waitlist which means that they probably only have a limited amount anyway. And if the regular boxes are different from luxe, then the amount of products should have been accounted for? Idk.

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