My March 2019 Currentlys…


I’ve been carrying this Laqa & Co. Prickly Pear Lip Gloss in my purse and applying it nearly everyday at any chance I get. When the shine fades, a pretty pink tint is left behind for the rest of the day. I love it.

I ran out of my full-sized moisturizer but, haven’t decided which one I want to buy to replace it yet. I decided to “shop my stash” and even though I said I wouldn’t give the MDSolarSciences Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SolSci-X another shot after only trying it once, I did. The scent is strong because there’s sunscreen mixed in so I can forgive that especially because the sun is back. Ever since I started using this, it has made my skin softer, brighter, and smoother. Makeup has been applying on my face flawlessly BUT, I do notice tiny breakouts if I use it every single day. One or two day breaks are needed and my face won’t stay hydrated that long. I need a new one.

I am absolutely obsessed with the Maelle Sunkissed Bronzer that I received in my Feb. 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. I’ve completely replaced the Urban Decay bronzer/highlighter I had been using for years with this.

Also from my Feb. 2019 Ipsy Plus, this LXMI Balm has been a dream. I’ve been using it on my lips and my dry eczema patches. Both look so much healthier. The one ingredient used is shea butter so I’m thinking you can just buy a jar of that and it would be the exact same. Yes, it’s very greasy but, nothing has made my elbows look better.

I ordered 4 nail lacquers from Zoya when they had a “4 for $15” sale going on. I chose the shades (from left to right) August, Hunter, Noir PixieDust, and Louise. They accidentally sent me Lulu twice. I’ve had a chance to use them all except Hunter. The Noir PixieDust is my favorite shade out of them all, so cool how it dried into a sparkly texture. The best thing about this brand is the outstanding pigmentation, one coat is dark enough to block any light from going through.


I picked up this deliciously spring-scented Sheer Peony Blossom candle by Bloom & Prosper at Ross.

I bought this Day Designer 2019 Planner from Target to try to plan my blogging posts (and my overall life) better. I don’t know how well it’s going but hey, look how cute it is!! There are both monthly and weekly templates along with stickers, a pocket, a ruler, and dedicated pages to write all your goals and plans for the future. On the weekly pages, each weekday is split into two, where you can write your schedule and to-do list.

Right now we have two jars of flower but the Jesus OG grown by Green Way Marijuana is in the wrong jar so I didn’t even bother photographing it. Pictured above: Dos Si Dos by White Label.

The Heavy Hitters’ Grape Ape THC Vape Cartridge wouldn’t work connected to my Brass Knuckles battery so I tried it on my old Hemp Hookahzz one, it doesn’t even have a button or any way to change the temp., but it worked beautifully with this cartridge. I don’t know why.

I changed my phone theme to this little cartoony one called Tocochi by PhintonART because it’s cute and I like the colors. πŸ˜€


I’ve got about an hour left to go in Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison. I was devouring it at first but, she started making me more and more angry. Plus, it gets pretty boring after she leaves the Playboy Mansion.

I’m on Season 03 (of the ones included on Netflix) of The Great British Baking Show. It’s very addicting to drool all over myself, I guess.

Don’t judge me but the first time I heard Dolly Parton’s Jolene was when I watched the film Dumplin’ not too long ago. When YouTube recommended this video of Miley Cyrus singing it, of course I had to give it a listen. It’s beautiful, her voice was made for songs in this genre.

Halsey never fails to drop a good tune. 11 Minutes with YUNGBLUD ft. Travis Barker is no exception. It premiered on the 21st of Feb. Listen to it, if you haven’t. ❀


I found these fat Cajun Devil Crunchy Peanuts at Sprouts and I can’t get enough. I do wish there was more flavor/seasoning on them but, it really doesn’t matter because the peanuts and the big outer shell around the peanuts are darn good enough.

Forget a PB&J sandwich, try an AB&FS sandwich LOL. If you didn’t catch that, I’m trying to say… Simple Truth’s Crunchy Almond Butter and Smucker’s Fruit & Honey Spread in Triple Berry make a better sandwich than the plain ‘ol peanut butter and jelly that you’re used to!

One of my favorite foods currently in my freezer are these Mikey’s Pepperoni Pizza Pockets. There’s real meat but faux cheese!! That is seriously so hard to find. Usually if something has faux cheese, it also has faux meat. We tried the Ham & “Cheese” flavor as well, but it was way too salty. I definitely prefer and recommend the Pepperoni Pizza ones!

I have finally found my favorite store bought hummus brand (even if they spell it “hommus”). Cedar’s Organic’s makes a variety of flavors that I can’t wait to try. We’ve only had the Original and the Balsamic Carmelized Onion so far but, both were so wonderful!! I appreciate how its not super creamy, this “hommus” is thicker with a little texture and somehow tastes more freshly made compared to Sabra, Lantana, Private Selections, and Lilly’s.

OH MY GOSH, YUM!!! I am in absolute love with Silk’s Dairy-Free Soy Yogurt Alternatives. I’ve tried it in vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry already (I actually think those are the only flavors they have). I also had their peach flavored Almondmilk Yogurt Alternative and thought it was good, but noticeably thicker than the soy with a tiiiny chalky aftertaste.

I found another bag of Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans that surprisingly contained no dairy. This time I picked it up at Ross and they were made by the brand Surrounds. I’d say these are bigger and sweeter than the Simple Truth ones I featured in February.

Boyfriend introduced me to the secret life of eating canned oysters when we met– I honestly thought it was gross at first. Nowadays, we buy the ones by Geisha often but, we had never seen these Naturally Smoked Oysters with Red Chili Pepper by Crown Prince Natural before. We vowed to never buy any other kind again. These actually had a spicy kick and had real life dried peppers packed in. With a squeeze of a little lemon, a crack of salt and pepper… I couldn’t think of a better snack!

While I am a huge Justin’s fan, he doesn’t make his PB Cups with weird crispety pieces in them! Unreal’s Crispy Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are just a bit more fun and interesting. Don’t put them in the fridge/freezer though; they taste gritty when super cold.

If you are a spicy foods fan, you NEED to try Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa. I know mostly all store bought jars of salsa that claim to be “hot” are barely even “mild” but, this one is different. Trust me, your mouth will be burning after two or three scoops!

Katz Chocolate Frosted Donuts taste like normal sized Hostess Chocolate Frosted Mini Donuts. It’s not at all detectable that these are dairy, nut, soy, AND gluten-free. I can’t stop myself from eating at least one a day. We also have these in the Cinnamon flavor but haven’t tried them yet.

Last but not least, we just finished off our Starbucks Caffe Verona Dark Roast grounds and replaced it with Peet’s Coffee Organic Dark French Roast. I couldn’t tell you if I prefer one over the other but, I think the Starbucks one definitely has a silkier taste over Peet’s more dry and smoky.

61 thoughts on “My March 2019 Currentlys…

  1. Such great currents! That bronzer is so adorably packaged! I love it!!! The Great British Baking Show is one of my favs! Actually any baking show is! Those donuts are my favorite! I LOVE the cinnamon And have you had the maple? Sooo yummy! I love them heated and with ice cream! And girl yasss for Peet’s! Peet’s beats Starbucks ANY day! I hope you have an amazing March! ❀

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    1. Hi Kate!! Thank you!! πŸ˜€ That bronzer is definitely fancily packaged, isn’t it?! ❀ I am obsessed with The Great British Baking Show & I used to like Cupcake Wars, too. Which other baking shows do you recommend?!

      I cannot wait to try the cinnamon ones in our freezer even more now, I just ate another chocolate one before I could finish typing this comment to you LOL. I don't even think I saw the maple though… PLEASE let it be there next time I go shopping!!

      I think Starbucks and Peet's are both equally tasty, at least in coffee grounds. I've never actually been to a real Peet's before though. πŸ˜›


  2. I loved that lip product on you when I first saw it, it’s still so pretty! The bronzer looks really nice too πŸ™‚ The Zoya PixieDust shade is stunning, have you worn it in a blog photo before? That candle and planner are super cute ❀

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  3. I just went on the donut webiste. They also have custard filled ones!!! I clicked on store locator. They sell their donuts at my personal grocery store in L.A. but nothing in the great State of Arkansas so I will have to do a mail order some fine day. Man that makes me mad! I never knew the meaning of the term “food desert” until I moved here. Rural towns really are food deserts. Can’t find nothin’. LOL

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  4. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you just heard Jolene when you watched Dumplin’! That’s one of my faves. lol You should check out the dubstep remix that Dubba Jonny did. It’s sooo good!

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  5. The lipstick looks great on u! I love lipsticks that give that natural gloss look
    And dang those are the kind of palletes i would be buying if i knew how to use bronzer.

    Wth that theme is freaking cute!! What app did you use? I used to love chaning my themes but i hated having the weird ads on my phone?? Like, now im too scared to use those editing apps because of that lol

    Places like ross and marshalls always have the best dark chocolate snacks!!

    Also i cant have dairy either and now i feel like i have a gluten allergy so YES to those donuts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! Natural glosses are my fave. πŸ™‚ & I’m not sure if I’m the best at bronzer lol I just take a big fluffy brush and put it all over my cheeks!

      Oh I have an Android (Galaxy Note 8) & the themes app came with the phone. I am guessing you have an iPhone?

      Yeah! Ross & other stores like it surpisingly always have all kinds of great snacks, don’t they?

      Oh no!! I couldn’t imagine not being able to eat gluten but yeah those donuts don’t have any!


        1. I do think it’s pretty easy to use bronzer! Is there an app called “Samsung Themes” on your phone? That’s what I use & there are tons of free ones!


    1. Thank you, Karalee!! I always forget that we all have different content on Netflix. Such a bummer The Great British Baking Show isn’t available for you! 😭


  6. woww, you covered a lot :D. That gloss really looks cute. I don’t know most of the brands you speak of :p. That planner from target though!!! So pretty! I’m addicted to planners! Oh and that “skin” you used with the cartoons, so cute! Mine is pink with candies :p. xoxo Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love trying different & new brands, a lot of times I talk about unknown & less popular ones. πŸ™‚ I had never really owned a planner before but I do think I am enjoying having one! Especially now that I can buy stationary and such for an actual reason. πŸ˜‚ Your theme sounds adorable!! Thank you, Sarah!! β™‘

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  7. I am a absolutely obsessed with Yungblud so it was so nice to see him featured!! looks like some fab things in this post, that planner is cute!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh, i need to try that lip balm!
    For the past few years i’ve been trying everything i can put my hands on, but nothing seems to help. I have the pure lanolin ones, the medicated ones, but my lips just keep falling apart 😦

    The flavoured hummus sounds lovely too! I don’t usually like onion, but the hummus w caramelized onion sounds oddly satisfying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay so there’s only one ingredient in the balm & it’s “shea butter” so if it’s cheaper/easier to just find raw shea butter in a tub, I think that will work wonders on your lips!!

      The hummus was really good, I don’t think the onion flavor was too strong either. You may just like it if you tried it. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Oh my gosh, we have the same Peet’s coffee again! I actually bought it on Amazon for $10. I like it! Starbucks and Peet’s are my favorites for sure now.
    That hummus looks amazing!! I think it’s so funny that they spelled it “hommus.” Who does that?!
    I’ve never had canned oysters! I feel like I’d be scared of getting sick, haha. The red chili pepper sounds really tasty, though.
    I’ve seen so many advertisements for Mikey’s lately! It’s great to hear they are actually good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, how funny that we’re trying out the different kinds of Peet’s coffee at the same time! $10 is crazy expensive I feel like but I think Smith’s just always has it on sale. We bought ours around $7.99-$8.99 but when we run out, I am excited to try Sprouts’ grind-it-yourself beans for the first time. πŸ˜€

      LOL I know, isn’t that spelling so weird? I’ve also seen it spelled ‘houmus’ and ‘houmous’ too! But the oysters are smoked so there’s really no chance of getting sick. I thought they’d be gross at first but man, I love them now. I wonder if you’d be a fan or not… lol.

      Oh have you been seeing ads for Mikey’s? That’s so weird! I had never heard of them before I saw a bunch of their stuff at Sprout’s. Smith’s doesn’t even carry the brand! They have these cute little dairy-free muffin tops I wanna try, too lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That seems expensive to you?! That was a deal to me, lol! All of the Peets bags around the same size (20 oz) in Walmart or grocery stores around here are at least $12 with Starbucks usually around $14. Man I wonder if our coffee is just so much more expensive than yours! Ohhh I never knew you could grind your own coffee at Sprouts. That’s awesome! It will taste SO good too. We used to do that at World Market until their grinder broke.

        Ohhh that’s true, when they are smoked, they should be just fine. Maybe I’ll try them sometime! I am interested for sure because I love seafood haha.

        So I’ve been using the iBotta app to get cash back on groceries and I keep seeing Mikey’s products come up when I search for various groceries!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t think we’ve ever had to pay double digits for our coffee. That’s crazy that our prices are so different. They had a huge variety of coffee beans at Sprouts so I cannot wait to check ’em out. I don’t think I’ve ever done the grinding on my own before! I thought World Market was a furniture store? Lol am I completely off??

          If you try the oysters, I’m so curious to know if you like them! I’ve seen commercials for the iBotta app a lot!! I noticed a lot of websites & companies are rewarding cashback now but why do I feel like it’s sketchy to participate in?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Well lucky you lol. Don’t buy coffee in Flagstaff haha. World Market isn’t just a furniture store! They have lots of fun food options from around the world (lol), wine, coffee, tea, etc. I think it’s *mostly* furniture, but we love all their food options. Their foreign chocolate is my favorite haha.

            Oh yes I will totally let you know if I try them!! Haha right, I get a little unsure about random websites offering cash back too. iBotta has been totally legit so far and I’ve been loving it. It’s fun to get money just for shopping haha.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. OH OKAY! So I wasn’t completely thinking of the wrong store. Woo-hoo!! πŸ˜€ But y’know I had been to one in MN before I think but I don’t think I’ve seen one around here! At least, not near me. πŸ˜›

              So interesting to hear that iBotta has been legit. Love that!!

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  10. Ohh sooo many awesome products here!! I’m loving how the bronzers look on your skin! I feel like each tone is subtly beautiful & blends well! Eeeek ! You know I am β€œooing” and β€œahhing” over the Zoya colors. Ugh, I want to get all those other colors now too. Ohh what a pretty candle! Peony always smells so light and fresh. That planner is too cute!!! You’re making me want to watch The Great British Baking Show again.. I have a few seasons left. Have you watched with the two separate judges? If so, do you have a favorite? I also totally agree that Miley was made for that genre!!! I realized it when she was on the AMAs or some award show like that when she sang with Dolly! All this food looks sooo good, but the pb cups caught my eye – I still need to try Justin’s, but I love the crispies too, so I’ll be looking for them! Also, good to know that it doesn’t fare well in the fridge, I usually put my chocolate in there, so thanks for that heads up! Thank you for sharing all these great finds, Hunida!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know I was actually concerned with how the bronzer shades appeared on my skin, almost too subtle but yes, girl. When I blend them all together… it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I really love the Zoya nail polishes now that I’m used to the formula, I don’t know if I even wanna use another brand ever again. You should try the PixieDust shades if you like glitter. I think you would be excited about how it dries like I was. πŸ˜€

      The peony is a really light & fresh scent, like when you’re walking in the spring and you get a hint of flowers from the wind! ❀

      I've not watched any of the seasons without Mary, Sue & Mel yet. I was sad to see they were gone in the previews for the latest season. 😦 I love all 3 ladies so much!! & YESSS, Miley's voice was often criticized but I think it's just because she was singing the wrong genre of music… her country voice is just top-notch.

      Mm, you're gonna love the crispy PB cups if you do try them. ❀ & I like my chocolate in the fridge, too but yeah, I had an inkling they would taste weird in there so I only put two pieces in and was glad I hadn't ruined the whole bag!!

      Thank you so much for reading & commenting, Mackenzie!!! ❀ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally see that! I think it’s perfect, and different lighting will bring out the different shades . I am going to add these to my amazon wishlist!

        Ahh that is exactly how I imagine that Peony! Sounds sooo lovely.

        You’ll have to let me know what you think about the new judges. I watched the later seasons first so liked the later judges more but the original judges (sue and Mel) grew on me!

        So good you experimented first! I have done the same thing with protein bars that don’t cool down well and learned my lesson to just try one or two first πŸ˜‰

        It’s almost Friday!!! Have a great weekend!!


        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ooh that’s interesting that you liked the later judges better. I’m actually excited to see the change & how different they are. πŸ™‚ I think I only have one more season until it will be them.

          It’s Saturday now! Hehe, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, babes!! ❀

          Liked by 1 person

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