February 22, 2019
05:18 PM

I am already feeling ready for a day off after one night of work lol. I promise I only had one cocktail with boyfriend before I went in, too! I was pretty tipsy all night but not embarrassingly so. πŸ˜›

At the end of the night, I accidentally tipped House Mom way more money than I meant to. I emptied out my entire locker to see if I had misplaced it while getting dressed but, it was nowhere to be found. I immediately ran back to her and asked if I had gave her the money. At first, she was acting confused. I knew I had given it to her at this point but, if I had, there was no way she was gonna ‘fess up now… so I sullenly walked away. Before I reached my locker, she called me back and told me she found it. I guess she felt bad after seeing my heartbroken face? LOL. Or maybe she really didn’t know that I had tipped her that much at first… ?? Anyways, I still gave her extra for returning it to me. She really could have kept it and not said anything at all.

Before work and after my shower, I did my YouTube workout routine. Boyfriend heated up the leftovers and made some noodles to go along with them. We ate in front of The Great British Baking Show and then, went to Starbucks for our espressos. I painted my nails before doing my makeup and hair.

They turned out the best they ever have, to date. This is the color Zoya couldn’t figure out how to send to me. Gorgeous, isn’t it?!

I’m gonna hop off and do my YouTube workout now then, make a big yummy salad to eat!!! I’ll probably continue watching The Great British Baking Show after I start it until boyfriend gets home lol.

Have a fun and safe weekend, lovies!! ❀

05:33 PM

32 thoughts on “Journal Entry #215

  1. Oh man! I’m sure glad you got your money back!!! Wanna hear what happened to me once? Me and my friends worked an all-day music festival thingie. We each got paid $50 cash. (This was A WHILE ago and we were so excited to work a music festival we didn’t care about the money. Don’t ask me who the bands are, I remember nothing. It was in Arizona) So after the festival we went to Denny’s. Stopped in the bathroom and guess who HATES carrying a purse so she was just carrying her wallet around in her hand and set it on the toilet paper holder thingie and then forgot about it? Yep. I lost that $50 less than an hour after it was given to me. Got my wallet back, thank God, but that $50 was long gone. Must’ve been the girl who went into the stall right after me because I remembered my wallet before we left the bathroom and that chick was nowhere to be found. She must’ve grabbed it and RUN.

    I love your nail color so much! Good job applying it, too. Soon you will be moonlighting as a mani/pedi girl.

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    1. Phew, I’m glad I did, too but I am sorry you didn’t end up getting yours back!! I used to be the same way about only carrying a wallet instead of a purse but then I did the EXACT same thing in casino bathroom & there was enough money to pay my rent in there! We went back in to look for it after noticing it was missing not too long after & SO LUCKILY the cleaning lady had found it right away, didn’t touch a thing inside & they had it at the lost & found!! BUT another time, when I was at work, I left my wallet somewhere & someone stole all of my money but, threw my wallet with all my cards & ID back where my locker was. Crazy. I never take money that isn’t mine. πŸ˜›

      Thank you! I don’t think I’ll ever be THAT good but, I was quite happy with the paint job this time. πŸ™‚


  2. Ah, I’m sooo glad you got that money back. Isn’t that the worst when you just *know* something but can’t prove it (like how she had your extra money?). Story time– In middle school I had a ring from my Nana that was super special to me. I went to a friends for homecoming to get ready and realized I lost my ring when I went home that night. I figured I left it at her house and she denied it and showed up WEARING it the next week. I basically begged her to give it back because it was so special, but she kept saying β€œIt’s from my mom- I don’t know where yours is” then finally one day said she β€œfound it”. It was a super distinct ring too with an sage green center. BIZARRE. Anyway, that is what your story reminded me of!
    OK WOWWWW I love that color sooo much- what is the name of it?! I need to get it. Thanks for sharing, Hunida! xo

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    1. WOW. That’s definitely bizarre that she wore an exact replica of YOUR ring before she eventually found it. Do you think maybe she had stolen yours all along? LOL. Gosh, I am so glad she finally gave you your ring back. ❀ Middle school friends were the worst, weren't they?!

      Thank you thank you! The color is called 'August' πŸ˜€ ❀

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  3. Your nails look gorgeous, Hunida! I was literally just thinking that they were professionally done and then you said they turned out the best ever to date, haha. You did such a fantastic job!
    How nice that she returned your money. I’m glad she understood you didn’t mean to tip quite that much and didn’t just keep it. That’s a great way to keep you around, and I bet she knows it, haha. What a relief, I’m sure!

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    1. Aww stop it!! They are not that good, are they?! ;D ❀ & I'm so glad she gave the money back, too. It would have been really easy for her to just keep it. I think she knew I knew & couldn't risk me not tipping her at all anymore, maybe?

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  4. Awh how nice of her to give you your money back! You’re right you could have kept it and that would have been the end of it but I think now you can appreciate her some more for doing that for you:)
    I really need to get on my workouts. I have such an unbalanced schedule. I’m trying to go to sleep early but I’m failing hard lol.

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    1. Yeah she def could have just kept it. I would’ve never called her out for it either. πŸ˜› I had no real proof, y’know?

      My workouts have been pretty inconsistent. Like every 3 days I do a short YouTube routine. It’s not doing much for me!

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