Journal Entry #214 (Come From Away Review)

February 20, 2019
09:34 PM

Hey guys! Yesterday, I went to my February musical and wasn’t feeling in the mood to write about it right when I got home. I hope you weren’t too bored with the back to back sub box unboxings!

Last time I wrote was on Sunday, so I’ll rewind a little. 😉

Monday was a pretty slow day. We woke up late and had to rush to the grocery store before we starved to death. After buying our groceries, we came home to eat and chilled out. I started reading Jackie Chan’s memoir before bed and didn’t even realize it was 07:00 AM until I noticed the sunlight peeking through the blinds.

Yesterday, we both woke up around 2ish. I read a lot of blogs on my Reader for awhile– I caught up quite a bit but, I’m still not even close to today’s posts. When I got up for my shower, boyfriend started cooking dinner. The food was ready to be eaten right when I got out. We watched The Great British Baking Show while we ate.

I made some hot black coffee to put in my Smith Center travel mug, grabbed my ticket for Come From Away out of the pile, and then, we headed off. I wanted to get there earlier than usual because I needed to speak to someone about renewing my subscription. I couldn’t figure out how to do it on the internet so I had to do it in person. It was so simple, quick, and easy! I am a little butthurt that I was supposedly getting a discount for being a renewing member (over being a new one) when in actuality, I wsn’t! It cost the exact same as last year (when I had been a new member) AND they added on an extra processing fee so it ended up costing MORE… hmm… fishy fishy.

Doesn’t matter though!! I know the money I spent is worth it to see all the shows. I just hate being lied to, y’know?

After getting my subscription renewed, I took my (now traditional) photo of the souvenir stand/main lobby setup.

I walked upstairs and got comfy in the waiting area. The doors weren’t open yet but, I was lucky enough to hear the usher tell other people that the show didn’t have an intermission and was going to be 100 minutes all the way through. I don’t know how I missed that? But, if I hadn’t heard it, boyfriend would’ve not been there on time to pick me up. I did hear other patrons say “oh, it’s over? No break?” when it ended so, at least I was not the only one who missed the memo.

I took my seat when the doors opened and peed before I went in but, right before the show started, I ran out to pee again just to make sure I wouldn’t have an upset bladder while watching like I did during The Lion King. The “no breaks” thing was making me panic lol.

I wasn’t sure what I was going into since I never read the synopses. Come From Away was indeed a “remarkable true story.” It’s about this small island in Canada called Newfoundland where a town called Gander took care of the 7,000 people who had to make an emergency landing there due to the 9/11 attacks.

There were only 12 (!!) actors featured in this whole show and at first, it was a little confusing because the costume changes were VERY subtle. As in, they would only take off a hat or add a different shirt on top, maybe change their accents. Once all of the different characters were introduced and established though, I felt all of the actors completely transform with a simple switch of clothing. Nick Duckart, who played Kevin/Ali (and more!), managed to completely fool me the entire time. I didn’t catch that he was both Kevin and Ali until the very last musical number. I saw him slip off his hat and it finally clicked! I was flabbergasted.

As for the singing, everyone was good but, nobody was great. It was alleviating how upbeat and funny the songs were even though the topics were often painful and emotional. My absolute favorite musical number was Me and the Sky. Beverley’s story was so touching. I could not stop the tears. Other than that one though, the other numbers were rather unmemorable. Not saying I didn’t enjoy them because I certainly did but, they were all quite similar. Mostly a ton of group singing and they all had scenes/talking woven in.

The backdrop and scenery changes were very creative, even if sort of simple. I especially liked the bar, I was surprised how much changing a couple things made the stage really turn into one.

These people’s stories were absolutely beautiful to learn about, I had never before thought about what happened to those who were on all of the other flights that terrible, terrible day. I cried, laughed, and clapped. Like I’ve said before though, I don’t think I’ll ever not have the time of my life attending a Broadway production.

When I got home, I tidied up my Boxycharm post and published it as quick as I could then, I read some blogs on my Reader until it was time for bed. I read more of the Jackie Chan memoir before I fell asleep.

Today, I woke up around 1 PM, read more blogs and more of Never Grow Up. Boyfriend didn’t wake up until a bit past 3 PM. He did the dishes right away then, we smoked a blunt and laid around until the dishwasher finished its cycle. He started cooking dinner while I took a quick shower.

When I got out, dinner was already nearly done so I got the baking show ready for us to watch. Boyfriend plated our food and we ate while watching. I just got done watching YouTube videos of funny Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato moments, auditions that made judges (and me and boyfriend) cry, a bunch of James Corden spitting out that cow tongue and never answering questions, the Google Autocomplete Interviews, and angry celeb moments. LOL. I went on that website to play ONE song I couldn’t get out of my head but, never even listened to it. What the heck, right??

Now, it’s nearly 11 PM… jeez. Below is a *bonus* photo. It’s my shadow, oops… I mean one of my cats, Twinkle Star. 😉

I guess it’s back to work for me tomorrow. 😛 We have a lot of leftovers so we don’t get to go out to eat. Boyfriend doesn’t work until Friday. Hope you all have a lovely rest of your week. ❤

10:38 PM

32 thoughts on “Journal Entry #214 (Come From Away Review)

  1. Ah I can’t believe you were reading till 7am! That’s when I’m waking up sometimes 😂😂 mad!
    The production sounds v v interesting, I’ve not heard of that show before but what an interesting concept / storyline!
    Aw Twinkle Star is so cute! I love her name too 😍
    Have a lovely week / weekend Hunida! X

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    1. I couldn’t believe it either lol I must have drank too much coffee! Do you normally wake up at that time or is it for work?

      I hadn’t heard of the show before either. It was definitely interesting!

      Twinkle says ‘thank you’ 😉 & I’m happy you like her name! I wasn’t so sure about it but didn’t feel right changing it when I adopted her lol.

      Thank you, Jennie! Hope you have lovely weekend as well. ❤


    1. Hahaha thank you, she’s a little stinker. 😉 Come From Away was really interesting. I hadn’t heard of it before either but am so glad to have been exposed to it!

      Hope you enjoy your weekend, Mischenko!! ❤

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  2. I’m glad you were able to renew your subscription so easily in person! What a bummer that they charged you more, especially since they had originally said you’d get a discount. I feel like that happens so often with subscriptions. I know Amazon Prime and Netflix seem to go up every year lol. Oh and I would have been the same way with needing to pee extra before the show, haha! When we went to the Nutcracker Ballet before Christmas, there was an intermission, but our seats were in the middle of the row and no one on either side of us got up so we were pretty stuck lol.
    Awww Twinkle Star is sooo adorable!! You should totally post pictures of your cats more often! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. It says “renewing member discount” on the e-mail receipt but it still costs the same (plus that extra free) so it was just annoying lol. I haven’t paid for Netflix in awhile because T-Mobile pays for it & my Hulu sub has a lock-in price until the end of this year so I don’t even know what their actual prices are anymore! I am terrified if T-Mobile drops the deal & to see what Hulu costs when the year ends! I keep hearing crazy prices. & don’t forget, if you live in the same place, rent goes up almost every year, too. WHY? I feel like if you live somewhere or subscribe to something longer you should be appreciated with a discount but whatever oKAY rant over sorry!!

      LOL, I am SO confused how some people don’t need to use the restroom at intermission??? I don’t even wait for people to get up. My spot is in the middle but I zoom out even past people who are about to get up too, I am always ready to go so I won’t have to wait in line hahaha.

      Hehe she is the cutest little thing but so dang naughty. I have tons of photos of them but never know what to say! Maybe I’ll start including more & just say *bonus* photo again LOL.

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      1. I have no idea what Hulu costs, but it’s so great that your phone service pays for Netflix! We are paying about $12 for Netflix per month now but I still feel like it’s worth it. I totally agree about rent! It’s so dumb that it goes up every year. 🙄 Eventually it would be nice to just have a mortgage so we know it won’t go up each year. Some day lol.
        Haha I wish I was brave enough to just zoom out lol. I don’t get why some people don’t get up, I always at least need water.
        Haha sometimes they really can be so naughty! I would totally love to see more pictures of your kitties! I’d say you can write “bonus” or just say you’re sharing photos you took of them recently. 😻

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        1. WHOA! I had no idea Netflix was all the way up to $12! Lol ugh I never want to own a home, if I’m being honest.

          I always bring my bottle of water so that’s maybe why I need to zoom out to the bathroom LOL.

          😉 I will try to include them in more posts!

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    1. She says ‘thank you!’ 😉 The show was really interesting. I had never knew anything about it before. I usde to love going to my high school plays, too & I was even in a musical production in junior high LOL.


  3. OMG when you have to pee it’s the worst! I can’t even think straight until I can get to a bathroom and relieve the ol’ bladder.

    Another thing that sucks at a seated event is if you have a sprained back or something else annoying going on with it. I was at a concert once and it was in a small venue…acoustic show…so no one stood up or anything and my god I spent the entire 2 hours fidgeting because I couldn’t get my back comfy. I had to readjust my position every 5 minutes. I couldn’t wait for that show to be over so I could get up out of that chair. Sorry Aaron (Aaron Lewis of the band Staind…BEFORE he went country).

    Well, I’m VERY sorry you ended up paying MORE, but at least you have your tickets. Yay! I think there’s a movie coming out is about the same thing your musical was about.

    Your kitty is sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m the same way!! LOL all I can think & say is “I need to pee”!! I’ve never had back problems (thankfully) but I could imagine that being incredibly tough to sit through. I think I would’ve had to leave the show early somehow!

      Yes, at least I have the tickets & so many good shows to look forward to now. 😀 I’m gonna look up the movie! I didn’t know that but I’d wanna see it, for sure.

      Hehe, she says “thank you!”

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a truly touching story! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard anything about it before either. I’m soso glad you like my reviews, I bet they are a bore to some folks who aren’t into musicals but I want to be able to look back & remember what I thought! ❤ Twinkle says "thank you!"– I actually wanted to change her name after I adopted her but I didn't feel it was right since she was already 2 years old LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I am a night owl, but I must be asleep before the sun starts to rise. I can’t stand if I’m still awake when it starts getting light out because it tricks my brain into thinking it’s time to wake up. I like going to sleep when it’s still dark, so I usually fall asleep between 4 and 5 am.

    Twinkle is so cute! I love that photo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean! I do think it’s a lot harder to fall asleep when the sun is out. We luckily have pretty dark curtains over our windows though.

      Hehe she was lookin’ so relaxed. ❤ Thank you!!

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  5. That’s insane that there were only 12 actors!! That’s incredible.i would have been confused the entire time by those subtle changes. Interesting that it was a true story though! I had never heard of that one before.
    And your kitty!!! Awww

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! I was totally confused at first but they were so good. By the time you knew the different characters, you could just tell when they transformed. Amazing!! & I can’t believe I had never heard of the story before either. Had no idea ALL of the planes had to land somewhere immediately on 9/11 but of course they did. 😦

      ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I didn’t know there was no intermission! Haha, good to know at the beginning for sure! Also, I had to skip the stuff after that bit because I didn’t want to get spoiled for anything since I haven’t seen this one yet haha. I’ll be sure to come back and read it properly once I have though! And I can’t believe it ended up costing more, I also hate being lied to so I get it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it was definitely good to know about there being no intermission! Can’t wait to compare our thoughts after you see it. 😀 & I’m still a little upset about that extra processing fee they added this year, glad you understand lol!

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