Journal Entry #212

February 15, 2019
08:01 PM

Hey guys, happy Friday!!

Yesterday, boyfriend and I woke up around 2 PM. I made our dinner reservations for 5:30 PM because I knew we wouldn’t have the patience for a late 7:30 dinner. Boyfriend had to run to the dispensary first thing because we didn’t have any weed. I just read some blogs while I waited for him to get back.

When he got home, he shouted “I gotta surprise for you!” so I sprang up to see what it was!!

Buying the two jars of weed we usually pick up, he was eligible for a deal to add on a box of Mindy’s THC Infused Chocolate and the Even Honeycomb THC Bomb.

The Honeycomb was such a treat. I’m not sure what EXACTLY it is but, I know it’s a very potent and super-concentrated form of marijuana. We only ever get it when it’s on sale because a small amount costs an arm and a leg (for good reason, I must admit).

It tasted lovely mixed in our blunts with the flower and it got us feeling like we were in high school again. Holiday sales are the best at dispensaries.

After taking the above photos, I hopped in the shower and left the water running when I finished so boyfriend could hop in right after. The restaurant was a little ways away so we left around 04:30 PM to make sure we’d get there on time. It was raining cats and dogs outside which made traffic extra bad. No one in Las Vegas knows what the heck they’re doing when there is any kind of precipitation.

When I made our reservations, I had no idea that the restaurant was located inside The Silverton Casino but, we were glad that it was since we arrived half an hour early. There was a Starbucks right across from where we needed to be so we stopped in for a hot latte.

I saw the Cherry Mocha on advertisement so being in the red and pink spirit that I was in, I chose that in hot latte form. I asked for half the syrup, an extra shot of espresso, and almond milk instead of cow’s. I feel like I’m one of those annoying orderers on the memes… yikes, lol.

Boyfriend tried the other latte that was being advertised, Cinnamon Shortbread. He also got half the syrup and an extra shot of espresso but, cow’s milk for him, always.

We sipped on our lattes and chatted a bit. Then, we sat at the slot machines so boyfriend could smoke a cigarette. I finished about 3/4 of my drink before it started to sicken me. I think even less syrup next time would be better…

After boyfriend finished his cigarette it was still only around 5:15 but, I was like “oh, they’ll let us in early… let’s just go check.”

We were happily greeted and immediately seated. At this point, I was already so happy that Mi Casa Grill Cantina’s V-Day Menu had been featured on OpenTable and that we chose it over all of the other ones.

We got to sit in a dark, romantic booth which I truly appreciated. Booths over a table with chairs all day!!

There is no denying that I was utterly impressed with the interior, decorations, and table setting. Their menu was jam-packed with unique eats that we wanted to try but, that’s not what we were there for! Where in the heck was the special Prefix Menu I saw on OpenTable?

Just like during restaurant week, the special needed to be asked about. When our waiter arrived at our table, he didn’t even mention it. He just asked if we were ready to order. When I brought up the V-Day Special, he quickly rambled it off to us… (though I already knew everything included in it, hehe) I jumped in to say, “that’s what we want” before he even finished speaking.

Prior to the waiter even getting to our table though, we received a complimentary bowl of chips with two mild salsas and one hot. I’d say all three were mild but, whatever… who complains about free chips and salsa? 😛

The house margarita officially started off our dinner. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too fond of the tequila used. It was a bit too bitter and dry for my taste so, boyfriend had to slurp it down for me.

Our first course was a choice between a salad and guacamole with chips. You guys know our aversion towards avocados so of course, we both went with the salad– that ended up being topped with them LOL… we had no dressing options and I personally HATE ranch on top of salads…. so I barely ate mine. Boyfriend also finished this off for me.

Our second (and main) course was magnificent, completely OUT OF THIS WORLD. We got a whole fire-roasted corn on the cob, a huge slab of rib-eye steak (with all meat and barely any fat) cooked perfectly at the medium-done stage for me and the medium-rare for boyfriend, a baked potato topped with sour cream, ground chorizo, and scallions, sauteed veggies, AND a big roasted jalapeno.

When the waiter took our plates away he commended us on actually eating our jalapenos. I was saddened (but not shocked) to find out others ignore it.

Last but not least, we were served a beautiful plate of dessert. A hot chocolate lava cake inside of a cinnamon sugar crust with vanilla ice cream at the bottom and a strawberry flavored drizzle topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream.

Chocolate lava cake is definitely one of my top favorite desserts so I was more than excited about this. The crust was crisp and sweet but not overbearingly so. The cake was the right amount of moist and rich and the “lava” inside was delicate and velvety. I have no complaints.

We went to Target on the way home to see if they sold any of those XBOX Game Pass cards but, all we found were gift cards. Me being me, I found a pack of socks and a mini hand sanitizer in the little hot spot right when you walk in (you know what I’m talking about, I know you do) while boyfriend went to the bathroom.

We also needed to get some toilet paper and I wanted to buy a nice planner, too. I spent a little time looking through all the ones on offer until I finally found one that spoke to me. I picked up a new nail filing cube on the way to check out.

When we got home we did “the V-Day things” 😉 then, we tried the chocolate boyfriend brought home from the dispensary.

It was milk chocolate topped with peanut brittle and somewhere, somehow it was infused with 50 MG of THC.

I ate two pieces and boyfriend ate three. There was no trace of marijuana left on my tastebuds at all. I couldn’t even believe it, I’ve never had such a smooth and unsuspecting edible before. It, luckily, didn’t knock us out early BUT it sure did give me the giggles. I couldn’t stop laughing at everything boyfriend was saying and doing LOL.

I tried to find something good to watch but I couldn’t watch anything for longer than 15 minutes on neither Hulu nor Netflix. I finally gave The Great British Bake Off (or something like that) a shot. I know Todd loves that show so I thought maybe I’d enjoy it, too. Turns out, I DO. I watched a few episodes of the first season available and was pretty sad when it was time to turn it off and go to bed.

Today, I didn’t wake up until nearly 3 PM. I was so relieved to finally receive my CORRECT color of nail lacquer from Zoya! AND the delivery guy even knocked on our door to hand it to us. Phew, I thought the day would never come.

I laid in bed with a stomachache (that was totally worth it) until around 5 PM. I took a shower, we smoked a blunt, and then we went to, Karved, one of our fave spots to eat.

We always use our Yelp Check-In to get a free hummus and pita appetizer and they always let us sample their beef soup while we wait for our order. Boyfriend got his usual beef tri-tip sandwich and fries while I tried something new for once!

The rotisserie turkey sandwich!! It had an onion marmalade, arugula, lemon capers, and cranberries on it. There was probably more that I can’t remember, too… it was good but def not as marvelous as my French dip that I usually get.

On our way home, we stopped at Starbucks for our espressos. I pretty much started typing this right away and now I’ve got to go get ready for work. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! ❤

09:33 PM

54 thoughts on “Journal Entry #212

  1. So glad you finally got to see GBBO – like you say it’s one of my favourites. I’m pretty fussy about my cooking shows. So many of the competitions can be negative – judges being mean to contestants, contestants mean to each other. But this show stays relentlessly positive. This one and Masterchef Australia are my two favourites.

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  2. Omg yes, booths over tables I 100% agree with you there Hunida. Also how weird that you had to ask about your specials… whaaat!? You’d think they’d offer them straight away!
    That chocolate cake sounds absolutely heavenly, just saying 😍😍

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    1. Booths are just so much more comfy, aren’t they? & I KNOW! It’s so annoying how all these restaurants advertise their specials online but once you get there, they act like it doesn’t even exist until you bring it up first. What the heck is that?!

      The chocolate cake was just that, absolutely heavenly! ❤


  3. I didn’t know Las Vegas was weed friendly lol
    and that’s funny ppl don’t know how to drive in the rain there, I hear it’s like that for the people in LA which just makes me so happy I don’t live there.

    Also dang, I feel the same when I order from Starbucks, but it’s, like whatever I’m the one paying for this so I better get it the way I ask for it lol

    Wow that Cantina looks so beautiful! Those are the kind of restaurants I love. I hate bright lighting it just hurts my eyes and makes me feel sick to be honest. I guess I have to go to more restaurants like this lol

    Thank you for sharing! I feel like you’re very assertive when going to restaurants and you tell the waiters how it is, I wanna be more that way when I go out because if I don’t I just seem like a child trying to be an adult lol
    Also, wow thanks for the tip on using Yelp Check in. Gotta start utilizing apps when I can get extra pita lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe yes, we are completely weed-friendly. 🙂 The only rule is you need to be over 21 with a photo ID! It’s crazy how people on this side of the country are so unprepared for anything other than sunshine lol.

      Lol you’re right!! We do pay a lot for our drinks so it needs to be just right. 😀

      I like bright lighting restaurants sometimes. They feel more open and clean but, dark lit ones like this cantina are sooo romantic. ❤ Nothing can beat 'em!

      Thank you for reading! Just like you said about the Starbucks orders, you're the one paying so just like at a restaurant, be assertive & make sure you're getting what you want. 🙂 Totally download Yelp! Lots of restaurants offer free stuff if you just check-in when you're there!


  4. Ohhhhh man! Why does my nearest Starbucks have to be 57.6 miles away? Why???? I want both the cherry mocha and the cinnamon whatever.

    Yasssss! I would rather WAIT for a booth than settle for a table.

    It’s so hard not to stuff myself with chips and salsa before the food arrives. In L.A. my friend Marilyn (not the kitty) and I were going to El Coyote pretty much every day for lunch near the end of our company’s life and sometimes we’re both like “My God!!! How many bowls of chips have we gone through in the past 10 minutes?????” Gluttony. Pure gluttony.

    My favorite part of the ribeye IS the fat. LOL

    I have never eaten the roasted jalapeno!!!!

    I will trade you my lava cake for your guacamole.

    Totally know the Target hot spot.

    I love Great British Baking Show or whatever it’s called. Paul, the silver fox…those blue eyes…

    Praise be, Zoya, for coming through with the right nail color!!!!!

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    1. Aww! You’re not missing out on much. They weren’t the very best lattes anyways. 😛 I hate waiting so I’d rather settle for a table but only if I HAVE to. HAHAHA I am laughing that you put “not the kitty” in the parentheses. But I am with you!! It is definitely hard not to eat all the chips & salsa.

      There was a nice amount of fat on the ribeye but it wasn’t that nasty chewy kind, y’know?! I would give you my guac for your lava cake anyday!!! & I KNEW I wasn’t the only sucker for that Target hotspot LOL.

      Paul & Mary both have really piercing blue eyes, don’t they?!

      & seriously, so glad they finally figured it out over there at the Zoya warehouse.

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  5. Holy crap, the interior of your V-Day restaurant was absolutely perfect! Such a cozy, elegant, and romantic feel.

    Also, about the coffee, I can barely stand any syrup anymore; I’ve been drinking black coffee and double espressos for so long that any additional flavors are too much for me.

    And congrats on FINALLY getting the correct nail color from Zoya!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was definitely a pretty restaurant. 🙂 I think I’m the same with coffee now. I just wanted to try something fun for the holiday but.. never again lol. Sticking to the plain espresso & black coffee from now on. & It was such a relief to get the color I wanted, thank you!! 🙂

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  6. Lol- I love that you guys made a 5:30 reservation, we made ours for 5:15 hahah.

    Oh yumm cherry mocha sounds delightful! I am one of those customer’s in the meme too- I’m always “Grande misto with almond milk, extra foamy, and decaf” If I’m ordering it late in the day! Mi Casa looks like it has such a beautiful interior- wow wow woww

    That whole roasted corn!!! What a unique idea- looks so yummy. Why don’t more restaurants do that?! And of course ya gotta eat the jalapeno- it looks so deliciously roasted- sad others would pass that up! Glad y’all had a good time 🙂

    Oh my gosh, I would never know that chocolate had THC in it- looks like just a traditional chocolate bar in the wrapping and the actual bar itself! Milk & peanut brittle sounds like an amazing combo. Have a great week, Hunida! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL!! Yeah… when you know what you’re looking forward to, it’s hard to wait to eat it later. So funny that you guys set your reservations at 5, too!!

      The Cherry Mocha was nice but, I’m just not into sweetened coffee anymore I don’t think. 😛 I am curious about your order though, what’s in a Misto??

      I was def impressed with Mi Casa! I wasn’t actually expecting it to be as pretty as it was. I totally agree that more restaurants should give the whole roasted corn, why are they always cutting it in half?! Or even smaller?! & I knew you wouldn’t pass on that beautiful jalapeno, Mackenzie!!! ❤ I can't wait to read about your holiday!!

      Even if I let you eat that chocolate, I still don't think you would've known there was THC in it. Whoever the heck Mindy is, she sure has some darn good baking skills lol.

      Hope you have a great week too babe!!! ❤

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      1. A misto is simply 3/4 plain coffee 1/4 foamed milk! I’m with ya- I rarely get anything too sweet anymore – they put so much sugar in them that it hurts my tummy. But every once in a while the name of the drink calls out! haha


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  7. It sounds like you two had such a nice Valentine’s Day!! That special looked amazing, especially since the steak didn’t have much fat. Oh and chocolate lava cake is the best!! I haven’t had one is so long, yum!! We got takeout sushi & had a movie night since the Valentine’s Day crowds stress us out lol. The Great British Baking Show is so good! It’s really addicting and I love how interesting it is, not to mention everyone is so polite lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a really lovely day. 🙂 The steak was just so perfect & mmm, chocolate lava cake. I probably eat way too much of it lol.

      Your VDay sounds like it was lovely, too. Our reservation was at 5:30 and there weren’t many people around at all. I think the trick to avoid crowds is to go earlier because everyone wants that late 7 or 8 PM slot

      Everyone really is so polite on The British Baking Show lol. It’s hard to dislike any of the contestants!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Going earlier makes a lot of sense! I know we picked up our sushi at around 6pm and it was already packed in there! But then again there aren’t many sushi spots to choose from here so it’s bound to be popular, lol. 😉

        Exactly!! I love how positive they are even when they don’t make it. ❤

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  8. Oh and about the food shows, funny thing…I used to have a client for my freelance writing who would say I always described food so well in her food-related articles and it’s only because of how much Food Network I watched! lol XD

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  9. I totally agree, booths are definitely better than tables! 😛 Your main course looked so yummy! I could really go for steak and a baked potato. Plus, the corn on the cob looks scrumptious too! How cool that they give you a jalapeno with it too. I would have cut mine up and put it in my potato and on my steak. Yum.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. The chocolate lava cake I think is my favorite out of all the items! It’s weird that they didn’t mention the special though, considering that’s how they were trying to get people in the door? And I agree, booths are way better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmm, yessss ❤ almost nothing beats a chocolate lava cake!! & ugh, I noticed Vegas loves to do that. They advertise specials online to get people through the door but don't mention them when you get there to trick you into thinking they "aren't available" therefore prob spending more than you thought you would!

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  11. They have so many products now at dispensaries I dont even know what to look at anymore lol. I just send Alex in for my CBD vape pen haha
    How funny that people panic when it rains. It’s always dry there isn’t it?
    I would love to try a three or five course meal someday it sounds lovely. And how weird that they never mentioned the other menus, its like, unless you already know about it they dont care to mention it?
    I really want to see the Great Britist Bake Off because I like baking and have seen the show Nailed It too and thought it was funny. Baking is now an art lol.
    I really should get yelp too, didn’t know you could get freebies until you mentioned it in the past in one of your posts. I was like “what?!” I’m sure not every place will do it but it might be good to have for when I’m looking for specific places .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah seriously, SO many different products at dispensaries. I’m like “huh?? How do I smoke THAT?!” or “really? I can eat that?!” LOL. So crazy.

      It actually rains often in the winter (in my opinion) but they are always like “oh my gosh it’s raining” LOL they act like they don’t get much, saying “we really needed this” every time? ALSO it’s freakin’ snowing right now!!

      You should totally try a coursed meal during restaurant week (or I think you guys have it for a whole month?!)! They are always fairly priced & so worth it. ❤

      I've heard good things about Nailed It, too!! I'm gonna check it out after I run out of the British Baking Show episodes lol. Baking is so an art & it's science, too. I love watching it!!

      You should definitely download the Yelp app to get some free stuff. 😀 Lots of places reward you just for checking in, definitely not all, but a good amount.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m interested in the edibles but gotta plan for those haha
        Omg haha sounds like people here they are always surprised when it rains. Like really? Either you’re not from here or you don’t know Oregon’s very well. Everyone knows the PNW is known for the rain haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Omg I sent that and I wasnt even done and I’m sure my stupid keyboard auto corrected a few words lol
        And that’s crazy! Its only rain here but they’re forecasting snow Sunday to Tuesday. Between you and me I doubt it lol. Two weeks ago they predicted 4 to 8 inches and we only got a dusting 🤣🤣 people literally bought out all the food from the stores because they freaked out haha
        Yeah we have it one whole month. I need to look into it and see when it is and what restaurants are participating.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. LOL I remember having a whole week off of school in Washington because it snowed about an inch or two, they shut everything down! Our snow has melted now and it was pretty sunny & warm today. I hope it won’t snow for you (unless you like it, then I hope it does)!

          That’s so lucky!! I wish ours went for a month!!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha yeah same thing happens here!
            And yay!! No more snow!! I miss the sun, I feel like I haven’t seen it in a while. It peeks out a bit but not often.
            And I only would want snow for CL since we cant really make it out to the mountain at the moment.

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