It’s officially Valentine’s Day!!! If you somehow forgot, have no fear. You can always gift your man with a subscription to Harry’s and just say, “it’s on its way, babe.” 😉

Even though my boyfriend is actually paying for this subscription service on his own, I still wanted to show you what’s in it. He heard about it from his fave YouTuber/Podcaster (Joe Santagato) and used his special code for this “FREE” trial set.

Originally this set is priced at $13.00 but, we were able to snag it for just $3.00! Not free because we had to pay for shipping but, still, a steal!

What Was in the Box?!

Boyfriend chose The Truman Set. He was able to pick between orange, blue, and green for his handle. His favorite color is green so of course, that’s what he went with. It also came with a mini can of shave gel, a travel cover, and a little pamphlet with “some tips for a smooth shave.”

The shave gel’s odor is a bit too strong and manly for both of our tastes so in his next box he will only be getting the 8 replacement blades. He’s set to get this every three months for just $15.00 after his next shipment on March 1st. When we get that first “real” box I will definitely unbox it here with you.

To get $5 off your first box (and also to give boyfriend $5 off his next one!), sign up now by clicking the button below!

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