Wow, I have read A LOT of negative words about Valentine’s Day this year and I just do NOT understand all of the hate. It has been my absolute favorite holiday ever since I can remember. What is wrong with an extra special day to celebrate love? 

Trust me, I tell my boyfriend “thank you for everything you do” and treat him very well every day of our lives. I even give him a kiss (or two or three) and say “I love you” every single time I leave the room… even if it’s just for a quick whiz.

And for me? On a daily basis, he does more than I could ever ask for.

Yet, I STILL think celebrating Valentine’s Day is so very necessary AND so very fun! So what if everything is “overpriced” or “too extra”, for just ONE day? Come on, you can live a little…

BUT HEY, I do understand some people need to stay in and away from the crowds… and in that case, I hope you at least tried some of the romantic activities Rosie came up with in her list of 10 Valentine’s Day Activities for Homebodies and/or played a game or two off Michelle’s list of Board Games to Play With Your Significant Other.

For my boyfriend and I though, we both prefer going out and showing off our love to other couples who are out doing the exact same thing. Fortunately for us, every year that we’ve celebrated this special holiday together, we’ve been able to do just that. There’s NO other day like Valentine’s Day and since today was our FIFTH one as a couple, I wanted to compile (and share) a little photo diary of our Five Years of Valentine’s Day Dates!

Our first year as each other’s Valentine was 2015. We were living in Saint Paul, Minnesota so we made reservations for this lovely restaurant called, Basil’s located downtown.

The waiter told us that boyfriend and only one other couple chose for the holiday rose and note to be set at the table before we arrived. I felt so special. I can’t remember what we ate but, I know we ordered off a Prefix Menu.

In 2016, we had another fancy Prefix Menu dinner. This time at Cast & Cru; a restaurant located further away in Excelsior, Minnesota. I thought we would also be seeing a show at their theater so I figured it was going to be worth the drive when I made the reservation. I don’t know how I fudged up but I did and there was actually nothing showing that night. Luckily, the dinner we ate more than made up for my mistake.

We had Duck Poppers to share, a rack of lamb 4 ways for me, and a prime rib roast for boyfriend. There was a dessert but my phone died before it came out.

I also have this photo of boyfriend picking me up from work the morning of Valentine’s Day 2015. We went out for street tacos and I used one of Facebook’s festive borders.

In 2017, it was our first year in Las Vegas and it was our ongoing goal to hit all of the biggest buffets. The Bacchanal Buffet in the Caesar’s Palace Casino is outrageous in every single way. The size, the price, the hype. We used this Valentine’s Day as our excuse to finally splurge way too much money on way too much food.

By 2018, I had this blog up and running! I documented our entire Valentine’s Day in a Journal Entry that you can read in detail: here.

To sum it up, the day started off with a cheap couple’s massage.

Then, we waited for our dinner reservation over espressos at Starbucks.

We had the most perfect Surf & Turf dinner with a dessert at an uppity restaurant in the Boulder Station Casino called, The Broiler Steak & Seafood.

To cap the night off, we went to a movie theater inside the Palms Casino to snuggle up in big, cozy reclining chairs with popcorn and candy. We watched The Greatest Showman.

This year (2019), we made reservations for yet another restaurant with a special Prefix Valentine’s Day Menu. We did a couple things before and after dinner but, I’ll go into more detail when I write my Journal Entry tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

Here’s a little sneak peek though:

Boyfriend surprised me with a couple gifts from the dispensary.

We arrived early for our dinner reservations so we had a little chat over coffee at Starbucks until it was time for us to be seated.

Finally, we had our three-course dinner that was absolutely delicious and so, so filling.

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?!

54 thoughts on “5 Years of Valentine’s Day Dates (2015-2019)

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! You guys are so sweet and cute together!

    Even when I was single, I didn’t hate Valentine’s Day so I also don’t get why there’s so much negativity out there on this day. You’re right that it’s just an extra day to splurge and show love to your partner (or keep it super simple)! I dislike all these posts saying it’s too expensive when it just comes down on how you and your partner want to spend Valentine’s.

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    1. Aw thank you, Claire! Happy Valentine’s Day to you & Dan as well. ❀

      I've always loved Valentine's Day, too! It's still cute & fun when you're single, isn't it?! The negative posts were so silly. Holidays are meant to be celebrated! πŸ˜› I am so happy you agree with me!


  2. We were supposed to have a candlelight dinner after the kids went to be but we were too hungry to wait so we ate with them. But once I got the boys in bed and read them a bedtime story I found that he had lit a bunch of candles in our room. We took a shower together and did stuff lol.

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  3. Glad you two have wonderful memories you can share, that’s beautiful. I spent Valentine’s Day making content, today I’ll be editing lol but I’m enjoying myself and feeling goodπŸ’“

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    1. Aw thank you, Lee. ❀ I think that's a wonderful way to spend V-Day! Doing one of your fave things. πŸ™‚ Making content for my blog always makes me feel good, too!


  4. Aww, this is so cute ❀
    I don't celebrate, but i'd never tell anyone to not celebrate either.
    I think i'm just not a celebratory person πŸ˜€ I don't celebrate my own bday either. (Well, i do eat cake, but that's it). Even xmas is a no fuss thing, so celebrating in general is not my thing.

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    1. Thank you, Norrie! I totally get that! I was just a little saddened by the ones who are so negative, saying all kinds of remarks against people who celebrate it. I love how you express your opinions in a non-offensive way every time. β™‘

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  5. I LOVE THIS POST!! πŸ’• I’ll write a post about our v-day this year (hopefully if I have time. I’ve been super busy) but I got 2 tattoos in the morning (my gift from him) then we went out to eat at 3 PM to dodge the crowds and also because we had to get the kids after school. Then in the evening our group of friends and alm of our kids went bowling (I didn’t bowl because I hate bowling so I just drank the whole time πŸ˜‚)

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    1. Yay!! So happy you loved it, Emma. β™‘ I totally understand you’re busy but I would lovelovelove to read about your V-Day AND see photos of those new tatts!! I kind of hate bowling, too. πŸ˜‚ I would have def been drinking the whole time with you!


  6. Girllll I completely agree with you on Valentine’s!! I’m so shocked at all the hate for Valentine’s Day this year! Like, so many people are super passionate about how much they truly hate Valentine’s and I just do NOT understand it. Like, if you don’t want to celebrate, fine, but why are you HATING on it? Literally every holiday is super commercialized, so why does that suddenly make Valentine’s fake or something? Christmas is the most commercialized holiday in the year and that doesn’t make it less fun or special. Anywayyyy agreed–it’s just a fun, extra day to celebrate your love! Nobody is ONLY showing their affection on Valentine’s Day and nothing for the rest of the year…that wouldn’t be a relationship at all. I was just talking with Joshua about all this so I totally agree with you. It’s just a fun day. πŸ˜‰

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    1. I know! Valentine’s Day wasn’t even half as commercialized as Christmas either. The Easter stuff was already out at stores before the holiday passed. I do not get all the passionate hate towards it! 😭 I agree with everything you said!! Boyfriend & I had a similar convo too!!

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      1. Yes!! And even though people complain about Christmas being so commercialized, that really doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying it or celebrating it. So why is that such an easy reason to justify hating Valentine’s? People are strange lol. I just couldn’t believe all the hate. Like is that really what you want to expend so much negative energy on?

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        1. Right!! All holidays are fun & so what if they’re commercialized? I personally love all the new things & sales LOL. People really are strange. Can’t believe how negative some are & for absolutely no reason!

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    1. I agree!! All holidays (& other specials events) are fun to celebrate. πŸ€— I love that you guys still made dinner plans even though life got in the way on the actual day. You two are the sweetest. I hope you have the best date!!! β™‘

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  7. I’ve been single for 7 straight Valentine’s Day’s, so it’s really nothing special to me. I didn’t really like Valentine’s Day much when I was in a relationship because I always felt obligated to do things, like get a gift or something. I hate buying gifts for guys because I never know what to get them. I’m totally fine with all the time I’ve spent being single, especially on Valentine’s Day because there’s no pressure. πŸ˜› This Valentine’s Day I got the movie Valentine (a slasher film from 2001) on the new collector’s edition Blu Ray that was just released. I’ve wanted that movie for such a long time, but I think the DVD was out of print or something because the only copies I could find were super expensive (like $50). I was so ecstatic when I found out they were re-releasing it on blu ray with special features. It came in the mail yesterday, just in time for Valentine’s Day! So I spent my V-Day drinking and watching it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Lol! I totally agree… men are just boring to shop for. I think you spent your Valentine’s Day very well!! I would’ve done the exact same if I were single. I love that you even got a film about the holiday & that it came just in time!! That’s so perfect. β™‘ Way better than some who are in relationships. Self-love can be celebrated, too. β™‘

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  8. This is so precious! I def agree that V-day isn’t that bad! Even for singles, there’s ways to celebrate the day without having a romantic relationship.

    I love how you documented every year, that is so special! Hope you guys have many more special Valentines days in the future ❀

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  9. Sooo cute! I LOVE Valentines Day! Celebrating love is the best type of celebration πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ Your 2018 Vday sounds especially perfect but each year sounds great! Happy for you Hunida! Xx

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    1. YESS!! I agreeeee, no better celebration than a love celebration. πŸ˜€ We did do it up quite big last year, it was tons of fun!! Thank you so much, sweet Jennie!!! ❀


  10. I totally agree with you! I think there’s a lot of bitterness that people like to latch on to when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I think it’s such a fun holiday and I mean why not!! I love that you have all the pics and everything of your valentines dates through the years regretfully I don’t think I could remember the past few years haha I love that he always does something special for you that is so sweet ❀️

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    1. I just don’t understand all the bitterness. There’s absolutely no reason for it! I’m so happy you agree. ❀ I wish I had this blog since the beginning so I could have as many pics as I did last year for every year LOL. I am actually the one that plans our Valentine's Day though. πŸ˜‰

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  11. I’m one of those haters no shame lol. I just don’t care for valentines day, and my anniversary is right around the corner anyway so to me it makes more sense to focus and go all out on my anniversary than on vday. However, I dont go around telling people “dont celebrate it” lol. Go ahead and do you girl!
    Anyway how cute of you guys to make it a yearly tradition. Its important to start little traditions like that when you’re dating so it all keeps on going when you get married (if you plan on it) lol. Just makes those little traditions that much more special when you’re married because it’s the little memories and thoughtful things that count the most.

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    1. I do plan on getting married someday!! I just think it will be a long time in the future from now. I wonder what traditions we will continue, I hope all of them but only time will tell. You are right about the little memories & thoughtful gestures being the most important though, for sure. ❀ ❀

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      1. Lol I hope I get an invitation πŸ˜‰ haha
        And you may end up making more traditions once you’re married. I like remembering all the little things we used to do. Granted some stuff we can no longer do, and some stuff we kind of stopped doing but they were great little memories while they lasted and I have pics of mostly everything lol

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          1. Yasss!!!! Cant wait haha. I’ll put money aside for the travel lol
            I take way more photos now too, I really need to start taking photos of CL on his birthday again so I can have more “growth” photos and take photos of Alex and I for our anniversaries.

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            1. I think we would have to have our wedding somewhere in Minnesota so plan to travel there!! πŸ˜‰ I promise it won’t be during the winter lol.

              I just hate how easy it is to lose photos too though!

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              1. Ooh okay πŸ˜‰ I’ll be able to cross off Minnesota off my list when it happens lol
                And yeah!! I’ve lost so many photos over the years it seems of alex and I. CLs photos I got a ton of, no worries there lol

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