Valentine’s Day is coming up (in just two days!!) and we all know that chocolate is the best gift for the occasion. If your significant other is lactose intolerant like me or just doesn’t eat dairy for whatever reason, I’m telling you… these are the best chocolate bars you can find for them. Buy one, three, or all, wrap them in a pretty gift box (or bag) and there you have it: the best V-Day gift, ever.

  • Vosges Haut-Chocolat — Super Dark Matcha Green Tea

I found this at my everyday grocery store. You can probably find it inside yours, too!

  • Hu Kitchen — Crunchy Banana

This one may not be as easy to find. I got it inside the Fashion Show Mall at a specialty sweets store called Lolli & Pops.

  • Chuao Chocolatier — Roasted Almond & Honey Toffee

I found the Roasted Almond & Honey Toffee flavor at my local CVS but, I can’t find a picture of it anywhere online…

  • Justin’s — Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

I don’t know if you can consider these a “bar” but, they are good and should definitely be gifted to your sweetie anyways! You can find them in pretty much any grocery store or even Target.

  • Charles Chocolates — Caramelized Crisped Rice Bar

Yum yum yum, I can only find these inside Starbucks’!

  • Theo Chocolate — Salted Almond

Easily found at any grocery store, Walmart, or Target etc.

  • Chocolove — Coffee Crunch

Also sold at nearly all grocers and drugstores.

Have you tried any of the chocolates in my list? What are some of your favorite dairy-free chocolate bars?

*None of the photos in this post belong to me. All were found via Bing Search.*

33 thoughts on “My Favorite Dairy-Free Chocolate Bars

  1. Excellent post, Hunida! I love chocolate. Unfortunately, I can only have organic dark chocolate though. These all look and sound delicious! Maybe one day I can send you one of our local dark chocolate bars to try. They are delicious and also dairy free! ♥️ I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s day. 😁

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    1. OH no! It seems only the Justin’s PB cups say “organic” on them so my suggestions are not much good to you, huh? 😦 I would lovelovelove to try one of your local dark chocolate bars!! I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day as well. ❤ Thank you!!

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  2. Oh, yummm!!!
    As a fellow dairy-free, i love this. Those peanut butter cups? I’m jumping on google, cuz i need those in my life!
    I really like chocolates by Zotter. I have to get them online, cuz i can’t seem to find them in the UK anywhere. (Saw a few on amazon, for like £20 a bar…) But it’s so worth it! They have all kinda funny flavours, like bacon & plum.

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    1. Oh!! You’re going to love the PB cups, Norrie. ❤ I just looked up Zotter chocolates. There's so much & everything looks amazing!! I am lucky to find there's a USA shop so it's not as expensive either. What are your favorite flavors? Not all of these are dairy-free, right?

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      1. Nah, sadly they are not. There are some with dark choco, and they are so tiny, so i can handle them in small amounts. 😀
        I really liked the one w caipirinha, bacon bits, almond rose, and the one i mentioned w bacon & plum. Not sure they still have it tho. Just looking at the website, but couldn’t spot it.

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  3. I don’t think I could ever be dairy free because I only like milk chocolate. LOL HOWEVER, I want that hard-to-find banana one really bad, even though it’s dark chocolate. Chocolate & banana. Mmmmm! Oh and I’ll eat dark chocolate with coconut, but that’s about it.

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    1. OKAY I was gonna call this post “dark chocolate” bars but I didn’t wanna scare milk chocolate lovers away lol. Seriously, boyfriend liked all of these in the list and he claims to not like dark chocolate, too. 😛 The banana one is probably the sweetest, I think you’d like it. Maybe Amazon sells it?!


  4. My friend can’t have dairy or soy & it was challenging finding her a chocolate bar she could eat! I’ll have to check out your suggestions to see if they have soy lecithin or not for the next time I want to buy her a chocolate gift 😊

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  5. Ooh, love this fun and thoughtful post Hunida, my mouth is droooooling! I’ve only ever tried a vegan chocolate bar which of course was dairy free and I wasn’t a fan! When I come to America this year, I will try and find some of these to try 😍

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    1. I have to stand in the chocolate aisle & read through all the ingredients for a hot minute but I’m glad that I’ve been able to find these in the midst of ’em all. 😀 I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, too!! ❤

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  6. I am actually drooling, these all look so good! Most of these brands I have seen around but have never tried. They have Justin’s chocolate cups at the Target check out, so I’ll have to finally grab them next time! Also there is matcha chocolate?!?!!? Okay… going to see where I can find that online right now haha . Thanks for sharing all these chocolately yums!

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  7. I’ve never heard of any of these, but that’s probably because I haven’t looked for dairy free snacks for myself though maybe I should.
    Speaking of dairy free, I finally made the rice pudding and had a mini photoshoot when it was all done to make it look presentable lol. I just need to edit the photos and write up my post and figure out when to post it

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