February 10, 2019
07:29 PM

Hey guys, I can’t believe I went this whole month using my January Featured Image. 😛 I only JUST noticed yesterday and changed all of them to this new February one…

Friday night, after I published my last Journal Entry and finished getting ready for work… boyfriend and I stopped at the bar to have a cocktail together. Yes, right after I got over my hangover from the night before. I didn’t get drunk or anything. Just had two small ones to calm my nerves. We (meaning boyfriend) also won a little playing digital Keno lol.

Work was really slow until nearly 3 AM. I’m glad I was patient and didn’t leave early.

Yesterday, boyfriend had to go to work. I woke up around 3 PM and read some blogs on my Reader before getting up for a shower. I walked to Port of Subs to try one of their sandwiches for the first time, ever. The guy ahead of me ordered two freakin’ TWO feet long sandwiches so I had to wait a century for his order to be made before she could start on mine.

I went with the #13, a pastrami and turkey but with no cheese. I had their mayo-mustard mix sauce spread on my whole wheat loaf and I topped it all with spinach, cucumbers, pickles, red onions, and tomatoes.

I devoured half of it when I got home because I dropped the other half straight on the floor right after I took this photo… I was NOT a happy camper. Though, I was full after the first one and it wasn’t that tasty anyways.

I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 while I ate. I didn’t turn it off until it was over. 😀 I had read all the books as they were released and then watched the first two films in theaters. I had been meaning to watch these last two (Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2) well… ever since they came out but, I never got to for one reason or another. Hulu just added every single one of the films to their database so of course, I’m watching them now that I can!

I wrote up my book review post then got ready for work. Boyfriend got home around 9 PM while I was still doing my makeup. We had two cocktails together at home before he dropped me off at work. It wasn’t the worst night ever but, it def wasn’t the best. I left around 3ish in the morning.

On the way home, we stopped at McDonald’s. It’s very rare that I eat there but, man… I was craving one of those McMuffins LOL. I watched Part 2 of Breaking Dawn while I ate. I had to turn it off to take out my contacts and shower. Then, we smoked a blunt while I read a little of The Spectacular Now before falling asleep.

Today, we both had the day off. 😀 I woke up around noon thirty and read some blogs on my Reader. Boyfriend woke up not too long after me and went to go check the mail since I thought my contacts had arrived. They hadn’t… which confused me because on the website they said “delivered to patient.” I was obviously panicking so I called their office right away. She told me that they were going to be here on the 13th according to her tracking records and that they must say “delivered” because she just put the order in on the 7th… what the heck?! I should’ve just ordered them from Walmart if she was going to do it that late! They’d prob already be here by now! It was relaxing to know that they were still on the way though and that they hadn’t went to someone else’s home.

I went back to laying down and reading blogs until around 3 PM. We smoked a blunt, I took a shower, then we went to Main Street Station Casino for their dinner buffet.

I don’t think the chef knows what salt is because unlike the usual over-salted foods… most everything tasted like there was NONE. I was not pleased but, it’s still always fun stuffing my face with my man lol.

Afterwards, we went upstairs to check out the chocolate store Las Vegas is famous for (I think) called Ethel M. We just got a sample each then walked back out to our expensively parked car.

We headed to the dispensary, made a stop at the tobacco store and the ATM then finally, we got to come home! I hopped onto here pretty much right away. I’m behind on reading blogs by almost 2 weeks so I think that’s what I’m gonna spend my night doing. I also wanna finish The Spectacular Now because I’m 3 books behind schedule on my Goodreads Challenge.

*sigh* So much I want to read, so little time that I have.

Hope you all had a great weekend! ❤

08:03 PM

56 thoughts on “Journal Entry #210

    1. Aw thank you! I do try to make them fit the month as much as possible. 🙂 So glad you noticed! Yes, V-Day us coming up soon. Hope you find something special for Jasper when you go shopping. ♡


  1. Ah, i love pickles so much!!
    That chef. Kinda sounds like me… haha. I’ve been cooking regularly for like 20 years, but still don’t know what salt is. Usually everything ends up being under salted. In a way it’s good, cuz too much salt would not be healthy and it also prepares me for british food when i eat out 😀 But on the other hand, lot of things i cook taste very much the same. Lol.

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  2. I agree with you on Main Street Buffet. The last time I was there , my friend and I wondered what was up with the no seasoning on the food. We had collard greens and it tasted like they hadn’t had a single dab of anything on them, even a little bit of Mrs. Dash. That’s a no no on collard greens . Main Street isn’t one of my favorite buffets downtown , love the Paradise Buffet at Fremont and I always go there once or twice when I come to Vegas . I’ve never been to Ethel B’s .

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    1. Ugh!! I tried those terrible collard greens, too. We did try the Paradise Buffet once or twice, I remember it being really good! Next time, we will go there again, for sure. No more Main Street!

      There Ethel M.’s everywhere in Vegas! The sample we tried was extremely creamy & rich. They are similar to See’s Candies if you’ve ever tried that one?


  3. Totally relate to feeling behind with keeping up with blog reading. I fell so behind with keeping up with reading blogs last week, so I’m hoping to start this week off on a better foot by staying up to date every day. We’ll see how that goes… 🙂

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    1. Part 1 of Breaking Dawn the movie was weird! How was it so long but barely about anything?! I still enjoyed it though, if I’m being honest & I loved the books as a teeny bopper lol. I bought each one on its release date. 😛

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      1. I read the whole book series a while after it came out. LOVED the first two books with a burning passion. I wanted to be Bella. But then by book 3, I guess my interest started to wane, or the writing got bad, or a combo of both. And the movies for me just didn’t help!

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  4. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the headers still said January! Or if I did, I didn’t think “Isn’t this February?” I think my mind is still in January, too. Can’t believe Valentine’s Day is this week already. How is that possible?

    It’s so annoying when places over or under salt food. I didn’t learn how to properly salt home cooked food until recently myself, but you expect trained chefs and cooks to know how to salt something. Reminds me of when we took our visiting Japanese friends to a restaurant on the Santa Monica pier. One guy ordered some kind of fish soup (not a chowder…more brothy) and it was SO SALTY we had to stop at a grocery on the way home so he could buy a thing of orange juice. He said that would cut the salt. We tried to get him to send the soup back while we were still there, but he was too polite and insisted he must finish it. He did say the OJ helped at least.

    The worst is when you order fries somewhere and there’s no salt on them. Fries must be salted hot out of the oil, people!!!!

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    1. Well I am glad no one else noticed either lol! & I also can’t believe V-Day is this week. February really flew by!!

      I am the same as the fish soup guy. I would probably not have sent it back either! 😛 I didn’t know OJ could help that over-salted feeling though. Fun fact!!

      BUT SERIOUSLY, I hate fries that are not salty enough lol!

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    1. When it fell, I screamed so loud LOL afterwards, I was nervous the neighbors were going to call 911! & yeah, I thought I’d still be hungry but luckily was not. 😀

      Hope you’re having a good week, too, Jess! Thank you! ❤

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  5. Omg, don’t you just hate it when you go to get a sub and the person in front of you orders more than one sub?! I went to Subway once and this was after 10 pm after I had gotten off work. I hadn’t eaten all day and was sooo hungry. The person in front of me ordered THREE subs. And of course it being Subway and later at night, there is only one person working and they take forever. The same thing happened last time I went to Chipotle as well. The person in front of me ordered three bowls!

    Breaking Dawn part 1 was my least favorite movie in the franchise. I like part 2 a lot better. BD part 2 is actually my favorite in the franchise after the first Twilight movie.

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    1. It’s the worst!! I feel like they should be kind enough to ask if the person behind them is only going to order one thing & let them go ahead… or there should always be more than one person working! There was only one lady when I went, too!

      I feel like Pt 1 was really weird lol I enjoyed watching it, but nothing really happened? Pt 2 was so good!!! I finally finished it last night. 😀

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  6. I love your lovely February image! So cute. That Sammy looks yummy- I could definitely go for something like that right now. I should probably just go to bed, but nahhh, I’ll be getting a snack haha. I didn’t know Hulu had the Twilight series on there?! Oh my gosh- game changer! Lol- sometimes you really do just need a Mcmuffin ! Oooo that chocolate store sounds so fun. Thanks for the great update, girl! xox

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    1. Thank you!! I just wish I had actually been using it all month. 😉 I like sub sandwiches but, this one wasn’t that good lol. Hope you got a yummy snack!! I just noticed the Twilight series on Hulu a couple weeks ago, they must have just added them. I haven’t watched the first two since they were in theatres but I still started where I left off lol. 😛 McMuffins are a need more than a want sometimes, I have to agree. & that chocolate store reminded me of See’s!!

      ❤ ❤

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  7. I’m behind on reading also!! Not on my Goodreads challenge, but I only have 3 days left until my current book expires from the library and I’m like 60% of the way through it. Since I’m a slow reader, it’s starting to stress me out lol.
    Anyway, what a bummer that you dropped half of your sandwich!! That’s the worst! At least it wasn’t like an amazingly delicious sandwich, so I guess that helps. But still, it’s frustrating. We bought three avocados from the store on Sunday, and cut them open the next night and they were almost all bad. It just feels like a waste of money, ugh! -_-
    I’m glad your contacts weren’t delivered to the wrong person! It’s so weird that it said they were delivered, but at least you know they are still on their way lol.

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    1. I am now 4 books behind on my Goodreads challenge. 😦 Is someone else already waiting for the book you’re reading? That’s always so stressful when it’s almost due but you’re only almost done! I hope you’re able to finish it on time!

      I knooow… I could not believe the sandwich just fell on the floor. It was so upsetting! But yeah, at least it wasn’t even good. I probably wouldn’t have ate it anyways. 😛 That would’ve made me mad about the avocados, too! I hate when I buy fruit & forget to eat it before it goes bad. I even banned myself from buying raspberries because they get moldy QUICK.

      I don’t know why they would say delivered either? It scared me but I am hoping they’ll get to me soon.

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      1. Aww I bet you’ll pick it up before you know it! 🙂 I think someone has it on hold because the library doesn’t give me the option to renew it. I guess it works out, though, because I’m not really enjoying the book anymore so I’ll just force myself to finish it lol. I got from 58% to 73% last night before bed so if I can read tonight then I should be able to get a lot farther.

        Exactly!! That’s why I often buy frozen fruits & veggies instead because the fresh stuff seems to always go bad before we can eat it all. It was so frustrating about the avocados since it was the next day, I feel like we literally purchased bad avocados unknowingly! That’s good to know about raspberries! I hadn’t heard that before.

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        1. Ahh I sure hope so!! 73% is so close. You got this, Courtney. 😀

          We usually never even go into the frozen section at the grocery store. 😛 I don’t know if it’s a known fact about raspberries but every time we have bought them, they go bad before we can even eat ’em LOL it’s just from personal experience.

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          1. I finished the book!! Yayyy lol. XD

            Yeah we don’t get any frozen prepared foods or anything but frozen veggies are great for making sure we can get vegetables without them going bad haha. It’s always a struggle!

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  8. I’m that guy, ordering the biggest subs because I eat a lot haha.
    Sucks you dropped it but if it wasnt that good anyway then yay? Like everything happens for a reason, and the reason that sub fell was because it wasn’t good to begin with lmao. Jk. I have no fucking clue! 🤣🤣
    Is breaking dawn from the twilight series? I wasnt a huge fan of those but I did watch the first two? The first because I was curious and the second because someone made me watch it with them haha
    Wait wtf about the contacts! That’s so dumb!
    I’ve been only reading a chapter of the first HP book each night. I really need to read far more. I want to try and finish both the 1st and 2nd before the month ends. Wish me luck lol

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    1. LOL I think he ordered them for his whole family but still. He walked in RIGHT before me & I feel like he knew his would take long so he could’ve asked if I wanted to go ahead. Mine seriously took 2 minutes while his was nearly 15. 😛

      LOL NO, I totally agree with you. Everything does happen for a reason & maybe it DID fall because it wasn’t that good?!

      Yes, Breaking Dawn is part of the Twilight series hehe. I had only watched the first two until this month! I always wanted to watch these last two but… I was too busy being a naughty teenager by the time they came out LOL. Then I forgot about them until I saw they were all added to Hulu. Y’know… I actually think you would enjoy reading the books more though.

      I KNOW! I wish I had just ordered the contacts from Walmart. I got them finally today but still…

      Best of luck on finishing the HP books!! ❤ You got this!!

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      1. LOL I always let people go because I know how much I’m going to order haha. I also let people go in front of me at the grocery store, I feel bad making people wait for my 100 things versus their 5 haha
        I’ll look into the books, but who knows…I think I need to convince myself first XD

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          1. I just hate it when I have a few things and I have to wait behind some person with a load of things lol. I don’t do what I don’t wish others do to me haha
            Hahahaha well…I like the Sookie Stackhouse series, that was also vampires, this one seems cheesier, but the SS books were compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (is that the correct name). If the Twilight series is anything close to that, I may* like them.

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            1. Ahhh love that mentality. ❤

              I remember watching a little bit of Buffy when I was little but I can't remember much & I've never read any of the Sookie Series so I can't compare' em… lol dang!

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    1. It just tasted like their toppings had been left in the fridge too long LOL. I can’t believe they waited so long on the contacts too. Luckily they had given me a pair to wear for the month but what if I had accidentally lost one?! Also, they lied about a mail-in rebate. 😡

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