February 04, 2019
08:15 PM

I am a whole new person today. I finally went to Lenscrafters to get my dang eyes checked. I knew I needed a new prescription and I knew I needed it badly.

But, let’s rewind a little.

Yesterday, boyfriend had the day off. We woke up kinda late at nearly 3 PM and we knew we wanted to do AYCE something for dinner. For once, we weren’t in the mood for sushi so we went to the Chinese buffet we usually go to when we do called, Hibachi Supreme Buffet.

I put together this big plate of noodles, veggies, and meat and had the cook grill it up. It was pretty tasty and really the best the buffet had to offer so I ate it all and was pretty much too full to have any of the other garbage. πŸ˜› None of the dessert looked appealing to us so, we walked across the parking lot to U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt.

The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was also inside this shop so all of their sweet treats were displayed in a case up front, too.

Of course, the Valentine’s Day Choco-Covered Oreos caught our attention. We got one each then, went to fill up our cups with sorbets and frozen yogurts.

I regret not getting more fruity flavors and I was sad that there weren’t many cereal toppings available.

We headed home afterwards and I spent the night doing some more blog clean-up and now I’m all the way down to 30-something percent of media storage. How crazy, right? I would have never had to pay for a personal plan yet if I had known how to save space from the beginning. I am so ashamed lol.

Today, I set my alarm to 01:00 PM but still didn’t wake up until near 2! I quickly used the restroom and took a shower. I got out at 02:30 when my appointment was set at 03:00 PM!

We had very low air in one of our back tires so we stopped at two gas stations that had an OUT OF SERVICE sign on their air pumps. Luckily, the third gas station was the charm. Boyfriend quickly filled up the tires and we headed to The Boulevard Mall where Lenscrafters was located.

You won’t believe it but, we were in the office signing papers right on time. πŸ™‚ They tried to trick me into paying extra to not do the drops and dilate my eyes thing but I told them it would be fine if they did that to me since boyfriend drives anyways. They didn’t even end up doing the drops or dilating my eyes at all?! They even gave me a free pair of contact lenses with my prescription to walk out with… no blurry, sensitive vision. No extra cost…

I did knowingly get sucked into paying for a year’s worth of contacts though even if it would have been quite a bit cheaper at Walmart. I just wanted to get them sent to me ASAP. It feels so good to be able to see again. The doc showed me how I was seeing with my old prescription to how I’m seeing now with my new one, and woo-weee… I was nearly blind! They were mad because Minnesota has 2 years on their prescriptions and here in Vegas it’s only 1. They were like “no wonder you can barely see anymore!” LOL.

I still need to find somewhere to buy glasses but I’m glad my contact lenses are on the way and I won’t have to worry about ’em for a whole year. πŸ˜€ I can’t believe how bad my vision had gotten. It feels soso darn good to see clearly again!!

While boyfriend was waiting for me, he laid in one of those massage chairs that you pay to turn on and the mall manager walked by and swiped his card for boyfriend to have a free 15 minutes. He was finishing his last 3 minutes when I walked out of my appointment lol.

We had planned to eat somewhere in there but, we couldn’t find anything that looked appetizing enough. We drove down the road and said we would just stop at any restaurant we saw… it ended up being Wingstop which we haven’t been to (in Vegas) before.

We ordered the Family Pack which came with 24 wings with 3 flavors, veg sticks, and lg fries. Boyfriend had a soda and we also added the fried Cajun corn.

That corn was freakin’ splendid!! I had never heard of fried corn before but I want more. πŸ˜€ For our BONE-IN wing flavors, we chose the spiciest Atomic, Original Hot, and Louisiana Rub. The Atomic was YUM. It wasn’t burn your face spicy but, it def had a nice kick. The flavor was just so peppery and wonderful, too. Mmm, mmm! I don’t have many complaints about the other two wing flavors, either. I liked it all!

We had 3 wings left but could NOT eat them so we packed them to-go. πŸ˜› We had to stop at the dispensary before we could head home. I spent a little time watching some videos comparing the Kobo Clara HD to the All-New Kindle Paperwhite because the Kindle is finally on sale again. I still can’t decide which one I want though and it just makes me want to buy neither! Walmart has started selling Kobos now and they have this new subscription called Walmart eBooks which is similar to (AKA exactly the same as) Kindle Unlimited. Now it’s Amazon vs. Walmart and the decision keeps getting tougher!

I tried to renew my Broadway subscription but the website is saying I don’t have an account. Red letters pop up saying: “Current Broadway subscribers: contact Patron services if you are having issues with your account.” So I am thinking this is happening to a lot of other folks, too? I guess I’ll have to call tomorrow and see what the heck is up. Kind of annoying, if you ask me.

A sweet lady named Alice M. who works for Zoya e-mailed me earlier today and told me they’d have my correct nail lacquer shipped to me right away and she was not kidding. I’ve got the tracking code and it has started its journey to me already! What wonderful customer service. πŸ˜€ I am so happy it wasn’t a complete hassle.

Oh and my comments are being sent to spam again so please, check yours or let my words rot forever. 😦

08:56 PM

63 thoughts on “Journal Entry #207

  1. I would be interested to see and get to know more about eye sight deterioration when I get my eyes checked especially considering you could go to different places and be told something different. I haven’t tried fried corn before but I’d love to – I don’t even think NZ does that?!

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    1. Ugh yeah, ever since I was younger my eye docs told me that my eyesight’s going to continue to get worse & so far they were right!

      This is the first time I ever saw fried corn on the menu! Maybe it’s a Wingstop specialty?

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  2. I love getting an update prescription for my eyes! It’s like being able to see for the first time all over again. πŸ™‚ When I was graduating high school my parents were going to gift me lasik eye surgery as my graduation present, but my doc said it would be a waste of money since my eyes would continue to get bad and boy have they!

    You should try GlassesUSA. I’ve read some good things about them. The only downside is they’re online only I believe, but some online glasses retails have a function you can ‘try on’ glasses with your camera. Could be fun…

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    1. Getting a new prescription really is amazing. πŸ™‚ The doc told me the exact same thing about LASIK! I’d be too scared to go through with it anyways though. I just looked at GlassesUSA & it’s almost exactly like the website I did end up using!! I wish I would’ve waited to see this comment before I made my purchase!!

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    1. Haahaha I will be 400 lbs someday if I continue this way! & I’m glad they didn’t ask for the polish they accidentally sent me back! You just reminded me to call the Broadway center before they close, thank you. πŸ˜€

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  3. I’m so glad you got your prescription updated!! Isn’t it the WORST when your prescription doesn’t work anymore?! Ugh I had the worst time over the summer before I got my new glasses and had awful headaches. Now I’m getting headaches again and I’m gonna be so upset if my vision already changed lol. Oh and I got my glasses from Zenni Optical for $20 if you’re interested in looking online for cheaper frames. πŸ™‚
    Obviously I’m all for the Kobo Clara HD lol. I’ve been reading on mine constantly since Christmas and haven’t had any issues. I’m still just as in love with it as I was then! I just saw them at Walmart too, which is so convenient. It’s SO lightweight.

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    1. Yes!! I was starting to get headaches from constantly squinting to see. I hope your eyesight hasn’t changed already! Maybe your glasses are too loose or tight?! I just checked out Zenni Optical! It’s so cheap & it works the same as the website I ended up going through! I wish I had waited to read your comment so I could’ve compared more. Did you pay $20 even including your lenses?! Or was $20 just for the frame?

      The Kobo Clara is winning in my books right now. I love that they have teamed up with Walmart, to be honest. What’s the difference between the Clara & Aura? It seems like just storage space to me?!

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      1. Headaches from bad vision are the worst! They just started up this month for me again, so I’m hoping it was just like the stress of the new year, lol. I’ll have to just wait and see if they clear up.
        Isn’t Zenni great?! Too bad you already bought yours, but I’m sure they will still be absolutely fantastic! It was $20 total for everything–technically $10 for the frames + lenses and $10 for shipping/tax. I was blown away!
        Hmm I’m not sure about the difference between the Clara and the Aura except the Clara is the newest. I think that’s why I went with it because it had somewhat newer technology–though I installed an update when I first turned it on because it wasn’t on the latest upgrade. That was easy and fast, though. I remember from looking them up on Amazon and Walmart that I think the Clara had the best reviews? I think the Clara also has a clearer screen since it’s considered HD. I’m so interested in what you decide to go with, lol!

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        1. Aw yeah, it could have definitely been the stress. ❀ Let your brain & body relax a bit, babe!!

          Holy crap! I can't believe you paid only $20 for the whole thing. I got a pretty good deal on the website I went on but not THAT good. Dang. I may just buy a pair from Zenni for the heck of it lol. Did they fit nice and everything right away?

          The Aura seems just fine, too lol! I'm gonna keep reading on my phone for now… I just… can't decide!

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          1. Overall, my glasses are pretty good. The prescription is perfect and I love how they look! On the other hand, they are a little wonky with how they fit on my face so I have to be a little careful putting them on to make sure they are straight. So I guess that’s where the cheap $20 comes in, lol. However, I had ordered my previous pair from Zenni also and paid about $35 and those were perfect. So I know my current experience isn’t reflective of what their quality can be. πŸ™‚ I hope you post about your new glasses when they arrive; I’d love to see them!! πŸ™‚

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            1. Oh! I think you can get the fitting fixed at Walmart’s Vision Center. That might be the cause of your headaches? I think these online glasses websites are all dependent on how you do the photo and if it’s messed up, it’s on you, not them, y’know? But they mostly all say “free returns” so that’s nice. I hope I get my glasses soon!! I’ll def post about them when I do. πŸ™‚ Now I am having a flashback. Did you post about Zenni? Ugh why didn’t I remember when I shopped for mine? 😦

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              1. That’s great to know!! Too bad neither of our Walmarts here have a vision center because Flagstaff is freakin’ small lol. BUT that gives me the idea that maybe another vision center here or even my eye doctor could adjust them.
                Agreed, the online glasses definitely depend on your picture and how accurate your measurements are that you enter. Figuring out my pupillary distance was the hardest haha!
                I did post about Zenni when I got my new glasses! I love that you remember even if you didn’t quite remember when you were shopping lol.

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                1. Oh yeah totally!! Any place that sells glasses will be able to fix ’em for you. Just that Walmart does it for free sometimes but, I actually don’t have one near me that has a vision center either. πŸ˜› They’re all over 20 minutes away. Dang!

                  LOL yes, I made my boyfriend measure once for the PD and I did it twice, we got the same thing every time so I hope it was accurate! Ugh ugh ugh!! I wish I had remembered when I was shopping though. 😦

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  4. Yay! I love Lenscrafters! Vision is so important. I went a few months ago and the doctor was like, “Wow, your vision really changed in just one year…”then he looked at my birthday…and he said, “Now, you are 30: it will deteriorate FAST!” I am like -3.5 and -3.25. Before, I could sort of wander around without glasses or contacts. Now, I am BLIND! I will walk into something! How sweet of the manager to gift your boyfriend extra time on the massage chair! Good things come to those who wait patiently for their girlfriends!

    I am so glad that the Zoya lady sent you the proper nail polish sample! I can’t wait to see the new color!

    I hope that you have an awesome rest of your week! I will be dreaming about chocolate -covered oreos and fried corn..those two foods sound absolutely delectable right now πŸ™‚

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    1. Vision really is so important. I seriously feel like a brand new person with this updated prescription. πŸ™‚ It is crazy how much your eyesight can change in just one year! I am now at -5.25 & -5.75! I am pretty much blind without correction, too! Hahaha I love that “good things come to those who wait patiently for their girlfriend.” πŸ˜€ ❀

      I'm so glad Zoya's sending me the proper nail color, too & that it wasn't a huge hassle! I can't wait to show you!!

      Hope you have an awesome rest of your week & that choco-covered Oreos & fried corn present themselves in your life somehow. πŸ™‚


  5. So glad you can see well again! I’ve been wearing contact lenses for years now, and what a difference they make (as opposed to glasses)! I go to Pearle Vision for mine and they usually request another exam every 18 months or so.

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    1. I’ve been wearing contacts for around 5 years now and I like them… but I still think I prefer glasses! Lenscrafters is making me go back in exactly a year! I saw a good deal for Pearle Vision on Groupon though lol I almost went there, too!

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      1. Never been to Lens Crafters myself, but I do like Pearle Vision in general. I’ve always paid a small fortune going there personally, but being blind is expensive unfortuntely πŸ˜’.

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    1. I was so worried that they’d make me send that weird color back to get the one I actually ordered but hey now I got an extra one. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe how much I couldn’t see before. The grocery store was so much easier today!


    1. The contacts & eye exam were expensive as heck but I actually found some websites for cheaper glasses if you trust doing all the measurements by yourself. Most of the measurements are already on your old pair of glasses & you upload a photo to try them on.

      I went through eyebuydirect but glassesusa and zennioptical were recommended to me and I checked out both sites. They all are similar & have great reviews!

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  6. Congrats on getting your eyes checked. The best prescription results I’ve ever had were at lenscrafters. They are spot on with my stupid eyes. And I like that they don’t make me get that scary glaucoma test.

    All your foods look yummy, especially the wings. I love wings.

    I hope you get your Broadway tickets without further hassle!!!!!

    I’m glad your nail color is almost there. Yay Zoya!

    Amazon vs Walmart reminded me of the time at Christmas when I asked the Walmart lady “Where will I find the Amazon gift cards?” I was serious and she thought I was being a smart ass. “Amazon is our COMPETITOR. We don’t carry their gift cards.” Oh. Right. Sorry. Yikes. “Well, ANY gift card then” I said “Like restaurants…Starbucks…” I think she forgave me after that.

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    1. Thank you!!! It’s so nice being able to see properly again. πŸ™‚ Lenscrafters is very professional! This is my second time with them, my first was back in high school but both experiences were great!

      I love wings, too!! They are such a fun food. πŸ˜€ I actually still haven’t called the Broadway center. Ugh. I hate doing stuff over the phone. But I am glad that everything with Zoya was easy to handle!

      I had no idea that Amazon & Walmart were competitors like that!! They don’t even sell giftcards there?! That’s news to me lol!

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        1. I actually thought you could buy Amazon gift cards at Walmart too is what I’m saying LOL. Thank you, I have until the 21st so fingers crossed I pluck up this courage soon! πŸ˜›


  7. I had to scroll down super far to reach the comment box; it seems like your blog is picking up steam! Congrats!

    I love how your personality shows through in your writing, which I might’ve said before; I could literally feel how happy you were about getting new eyes (metaphorically speaking) and about the awesome customer service from Zoya. I’m glad you had such a fulfilling day!

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    1. AW thank you πŸ˜€ I wonder if there’s a way I could move the comment box to the top of the comment section… let me check that out!

      You are so sweet, Josh!! You have seriously made my whole day. ❀ I am still happy about the new eyes & loooove good customer service because sadly, it's hard to come by!! Again, you're the best!! ❀

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  8. Omg I’m so happy for you! It must feel amazing to be able to see clearly again 😍I can totally relate!!! Also sometimes I pay more for things too just to have them sooner than having to wait for the cheaper option! You are not alone there!!! That photo of your boyfriend is too sweet btw, he looks so happy! So cute! πŸ˜…πŸ˜… and how nice of that guy to give him a free 15 minutes on the massage chair! It’s lovely when people are kind ❀️

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    1. Hehe thank you, babe πŸ™‚ I feel like a whole new human! There’s nothing better than an updated prescription, right?! & hey, he better be happy because he was with me hahaha just kidding… he is a cutie, isn’t he?! ❀ & I agree!! It really is SO lovely when people are kind!! Not that easy to come by at all!

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      1. I couldn’t agree more!! I seriously need to get my eyes checked out again πŸ˜‚ aw hehe no you are so right! He deffo should be that happy to be there with you! Totally hun! It looks like you guys have such a lovely happy relationship ❀️ Absolutely!!!! More people should be like that, but I’m glad you shared the story! So many people share stories of bad experiences but never the good, so I’m glad you switched it up a little πŸ˜‰ xx

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  9. OHHH that’s what you meant by new eyes- hahah! I figured it was something like new glasses or contacts and I just missed it- but it was all in this post! πŸ™‚ Those valentine’s day choco-covered oreos sound SO yummy!!! I wonder if I could find something like those around here- it’d be a great valentine’s day treat for the hubs (& me too) lol !! That’s so awesome you have all the vision taken care of- girl, that’s crazy you had just adjusted to the blurry vision!! I bet it’s like seeing the whole world in a new way, haha. Fried Cajun corn?!?! I have never heard of that, but gosh it sounds good! I’m really glad Zoya is sending you the right one- wooohooo! Can’t wait to see what the color you wanted looks like πŸ™‚ Have a great week, love!

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    1. Heheh, seriously feels like I got a new pair of eyes. πŸ˜€ I hope you can find some chocolate covered Oreos!! They really are perfect for Valentine’s day. πŸ™‚ The fried cajun corn was the first thing I spotted on the menu, lol. I was like “whatever we get, we’re getting that” & it did not disappoint. ❀ I'm also looking forward to seeing the color I actually wanted from Zoya LOL.

      Hope you have a great week, too babe!! ❀ Thank you!!

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  10. I miss buffets. Lol. Especially the ones that have a large variety of foods haha.
    And omg I just has frozen yogurt like a week ago!! A place opened up near us and we spotted it on our way out of Michaels haha. It was way too cold for frozen yogurt but we had some anyway.
    Glad you got your eyes checked! I still think I want to get some contacts. I like my glasses but when I do my makeup, my glasses cover it all. Though I can still see without them, everything is blurry up to a certain distance. Like 10 ft or less i can see fine and almost clearly so I’m not terribly blind. *sigh*
    We have a wingstop here and I honestly like their wings and flavors better than buffalo wild wings lol.
    And that’s so great that they’re sending you the correct nail lacquer! Cant wait to see it!

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    1. Ugh I am obsessed with buffets. I think frozen yogurt & cold desserts in general are so fun to eat in the winter hehe. β™‘ I know what you mean about glasses covering your makeup. Contacts are pretty easy to get used to! You should try ’em! Even having a little correction is nice. πŸ˜„

      I hope they send the right one soon! Haven’t even got a new tracking code yet. 😭

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  11. Oh man – I missed your food photos and descriptions. Now I’m hungry all over again. I think I need those noodles from the buffet right NOW.

    I don’t know if I’m too late with my e-reader feedback but: We JUST bought the Kobo last week and own a Kindle. If I were to do it again, I wouldn’t buy the Kindle for one big reason: our library uses Overdrive for loaning out e-books. Those books don’t work on the Kindle but they do on the Kobo. Sage reads voraciously and if we were to buy or bring books on our trip we likely would’ve had to have a separate book suitcase and/or find places to get new ones all the time. Instead we just downloaded new books when she was done. So much better.

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    1. AW!! I’ve missed your lovely feedback. ❀ You are the second vote for the Kobo and since they have teamed up with Walmart and I only use Overdrive to read… I think that's the way I should go. I also like the "comfort light" setting the Kindle doesn't offer. Thank you for your vote!! You're not too late at all because I still haven't bought an eReader and I'm kinda leaning towards not even getting one. πŸ˜› If I do, I'm certainly going with the Kobo now though!!

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