Journal Entry #203

January 25, 2019
07:48 PM

I give up on giving up drinking. And on telling myself what to do.

Tuesday night, (yes, right after I made the vow to not drink for the rest of the month), boyfriend and I went for a cocktail at our favorite bar before he dropped me off at work. I got to work around midnight and it went alright for me. There are quite a few conventions in town this week, thankfully.

On Wednesday, we both had the whole day off. I never had to leave the apartment but, boyfriend did, just once, to fill up our water jugs. We’ve been drinking so much water lately, it’s like he has to refill our jugs every day now! I even had to text him right now that we’re all out yet again.

Yesterday, boyfriend worked the evening shift. I woke up around 2 PM and read a bit of Sweetpea by C.J. Skuse. Norrie (@Reading Under the Blankie) recommended it to me after she read my raving review on #FashionVictim by Amina Akhtar. The protagonists are definitely a bit similar and I’m enjoying it so much! Thank you tons and tons, Norrie. ❀

I ate a small salad topped with chicken, pine nuts, raw cashews, croutons, and Annie’s Goddess Dressing. I also made a sandwich with just black forest ham, original Chao cheese, mayo, and honey mustard but I barely ate it.

I started watching a new show called Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce on Netflix. I like it a lot and binge-watched a few episodes in a row while I removed my old nail polish, filed my nails, and repainted them.

When will I ever get better at painting them nicely? LOL. We may never know. I used JLB Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Plum It. It’s a super pretty shade but more pinkish than purple so the name doesn’t really match!

After they dried, I didn’t have time to write a Journal Entry so I posted an already written book review on The Accidentals by Sarina Bowen. Boyfriend was already home by that time but I hadn’t done my makeup or anything yet. Before I got dropped off, we went for a drink together again. πŸ˜€

I got to work around midnight, snagged a few dances, then one of my colleagues and a bouncer grabbed me, telling me that a returning client was there to see me. We had met when he came with a bachelor party a couple weeks ago, then they had come back like the next day and we spent a lot of time together. That night, his friends were all missing by the time we exited our champagne room.

He had returned on his own last week to find me NOT THERE! Because I’m a lazy idiot who always stays home when I shouldn’t… I was not expecting him to fly back again at all, especially not so soon, since I wasn’t there the first time and he lives in Cali.

We immediately went into the champagne room and spent about the same amount of time together as we did the previous time. I am so extremely grateful to have met such a cool, fun, and nice guy. ❀ He brought me the best best best gifts, ever, too!!!

Three THC vape cartridges by Dank Vapes and a battery made by Brass Knuckles!!! We smoked the Fruity Pebbles one together a little in the room but, it was his first time smoking so I had to teach him how to inhale it properly and such. It was absolutely hilarious lol! I couldn’t believe that he was letting me bring all of it home! They all have 1 gram of product each, the packaging is adorable, and the back descriptions are so well-written and informative.

I won’t write what every single one says but for example, the Fruity Pebbles one says this on the back of the box:

This sweet hybrid takes genetics from Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien to create a tropical, berry flavor reminiscent of the cereal. The euphoric effects will keep you happy when you’re stressed and help you catch some sleep when faced with insomnia.

My client actually wanted to spend more time with me but, we were closing in 10 minutes after our last one ended. What a bummer! It really didn’t feel that late and I wasn’t even that tired. He had bought us around 4 half bottles of Patron but, we barely made a dent in the first one. I didn’t even ask if I could bring the bottles home this time because that bouncer is so wishwashy. He was being nice but, I didn’t want him to say anything about me carrying the vapes out in my hand so I let the bottles go LOL.

If you didn’t know, marijuana (in all forms) is legal here but not meant to be smoked in public places and definitely not allowed to be carried around without a bag that is completely opaque. I am happy that I got to keep all my goodies though I still think I probably could have gotten the bottles as well… I just didn’t wanna deal with the fuss, y’know?

When boyfriend picked me up, we went straight home. I didn’t want to shower but, couldn’t sleep without doing so. Usually I’ll get washed up before our before-bed blunt but, this time, I ended up going in after we finished smoking.

When I returned to bed, I thought boyfriend had fallen asleep but he really surprised me. πŸ˜‰ We didn’t officially hit the hay until nearly 7 AM.

Today, boyfriend’s working the evening shift. I woke up around 2 PM and read a little more of Sweetpea before I took a shower, shaved, and moisturized. I heated up some mixed up leftovers for dinner and watched an episode of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.

Right after that, I hopped onto here. πŸ™‚

I hope you all have an amazing and safe weekend!!!

08:30 PM

41 thoughts on “Journal Entry #203

  1. Oh my gosh the leftovers look so good HAHAHA and the vapes sounded delicious!? HAHAHA how did your boyfriend handle his first time? 🀣 And also how was your nail painting bad!? I see some bumps but still pretty good, ONE DAY MAYBE WE’LL CONQUER DOING OUR NAILS OURSELVES HAHA.

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    1. Oh the vapes really are delicious! The grape one really tastes like grape. πŸ˜€ LOL it wasn’t my boyfriend’s first time, it was my clients’ & he said he started feeling really light & he couldn’t stop laughing & smiling hahhaha.

      Ugh yeah, when I paint my nails there are always bumps or a corner I missed or something!! I want it to look like how they do it at the salon LOL. Thank you though!

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  2. Oh dear. I’m sorry telling yourself what to do didn’t work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

    The salad and the nail color!!!!!

    I wonder if those thin sandwich rounds come in rye. I’ll have to look. My mom loves rye bread and has a sandwich every day for lunch but it’s SO MUCH BREAD. I think she’d be happier with the thin rounds. I’ll investigate the choices at Walmart this weekend.

    I’m glad a cool, fun, nice guy has shown up at your club! Makes it easier to drag yourself over there I’m sure.

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    1. Hahaha yeah, sometimes telling ourselves what to do just doesn’t work out. πŸ˜›

      Thank you & thank you!!

      I love rye bread, too, but I don’t think they’re made in the little sandwich rounds. They totally should though! Let me know if you do find it at Walmart!

      Those kinds of guys are the reason why I drag myself to work, for sure!! You never know when you’ll run into one. πŸ˜‰

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  3. I was just gonna say I think you painted your nails really nicely! They’re also like perfectly shaped lol So I realized I’ve never actually vaped before. Does it make you cough like smoking weed? It’s good to know this guy was nice! And you def don’t have to answer this if it’s too intrusive, but does your bf ever care about that kind of stuff? Like hanging out with another guy since he’s knows it’s just a client?

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    1. Aww thank you!! I am happy you noticed the shape because it takes so long to file them haha. I just wish I could make it look as sleek and neat as the salons do!

      Yeah most people cough when they vape, too! I never hang out with clients outside of the club and really all I’m doing is sitting and spending time with someone while my boobs are out LOL… so my boyfriend has nothing to worry about. πŸ˜€ I can tell he gets jealous if I talk about my time with a client too much so I try not to but, he’s pretty level headed and chill about it all! I am happy he trusts me because my ex was NOT okay with any of it!

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  4. Oh and sorry for the double comment but I forgot to say that I think you’re so good at self care! You know how to pamper yourself and every time I read your posts I automatically feel relaxed haha

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  5. I need to start drinking water like that! I’ve been really bad about it lately & my skin seems so dry because it. This motivates me!

    Your nails look marvelous as usual! I am loving that pink color (and yes, definitely not so plum, but still so pretty!)

    Your leftover dinner looks gourmet.. yummy ! Have a great rest of the weekend, Hunida!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The water out of the tap is terrible here, like absolutely no one drinks it. When you come… don’t try it lol! Thank you for the compliment on my nails! ❀ With the vapes, you can choose the flavor then you attach it to the battery (the big one that's laying horizontally at the bottom). It's pretty much like your vape! Hopefully it'll be legal in Texas someday soon. πŸ˜€

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    1. I have been enjoying Sweetpea but I am starting to think #FashionVictim was just a little more fun as I read it more. I really recommend that one if you’re into thrillers. πŸ˜‰

      I love mixing up different toppings on salad, thank you! ❀ Hope you have a great week, dear!


  6. Aww I think you do such a great job with your nails! They always look amazing to me. I love that you can do them yourself and still have them turn out so great. Your salad and sandwich look delicious! I still need to try that Annie’s salad dressing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you, Courtney πŸ˜€ ❀ I really like doing them myself over the stress of the salon. It has been so much better but I don't feel it looks as good YET lol. That Annie's salad dressing was so good! I was sad when we used the last of it. 😦 I hope you like it if you try it!

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      1. It is a bit stressful with going to the salon, and the money adds up! Also I never know what to talk about lol. XD Well I think your nails always look beautiful so I’m sure you will reach your expectations soon!
        I always forget to look for it, but it sounds so good! I’m sure I’ll love it!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh actually! Did you know it’s actually better if I go to the salon because I can write it off on my taxes… it just causes me too much anxiety lol. πŸ˜› So thank you for the compliments, it means a lot!! Let me know ’bout your thoughts on the dressing. ❀

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh my gosh that’s so cool that you can write your nails off on your taxes!! That makes so much sense though because it’s for your job! Lucky you, lol, the rest of us couldn’t do that. But I totally get the anxiety, I’m the same way. Basically why I only get my hair cut like twice a year, and I do my eyebrows and everything myself. XD Also I’m lazy when it comes to making appointments and going anywhere πŸ˜‰

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            1. Lol yes I mean our appearance is 80% of our job so anything like clothes, haircuts, etc. can be written off for us. πŸ˜€ I totally think you guys could do your internet bill for the whole year which is pretty cool, too.

              I feel you on the lazy and the anxiety about going out. I guess I’ll have to binge-watch YouTube on how to do my own eyebrows LOL.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. That’s awesome!! I will have to ask our tax professional when we go because that would be totally fantastic if we could write off a year’s worth of internet bills lol.
                Hahaha yeah I really should learn how to do my eyebrows better. I don’t really “do” them, I just tweeze the strays underneath and use gel to keep them in place. They could be so much better though, so I’m trying to learn. Learning is better than the anxiety of going haha. Last time I went, the lady wouldn’t stop commenting on how pale I am and that I needed different makeup since mine wasn’t working for me, so after that I decided it just wasn’t worth stressing myself out anymore lol. πŸ˜‰

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                1. I hope you guys can! It would only make sense because you couldn’t do your job without the internet, y’know? I actually think that’s nice that you only pluck the strays & don’t go crazy with the shaping & coloring in. I love your eyebrows!!

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  7. I really love your journal entries Hunida, they’re great. Do you think you’ll ever reread them in years to come? That’s so generous of that guy to have bought you all those goodies and I’m glad you got to keep them!
    Also your nails are perfect, I don’t see anything wrong with the way you’ve painted them? And the colour is lovely too but you’re right, it’s definitely more pink that purple!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jennie πŸ™‚ it means a lot that you enjoy them! I do already go back & read past entries sometimes, even the ones from a few months ago seem so far away already. I am looking forward to reading them in the further future, for sure!

      Aww thank you so much for the compliments on my nails πŸ˜€ I wonder who the heck named their colors though & if maybe they were colorblind? LOL


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