Hey babes! Welcome to my first Currentlys... post of the year! Hope you’ve all had a great start to the week! ❀


I received this Cream Luminous Lip Gloss by Make Beauty in the shade Victoria Plum in my November Ipsy Glambag and I haven’t stopped using it since. There is so much shine, a pop of color, and it doesn’t dry my lips out at all.

I got these blending sponges made by C. Wonder from Ross. 3 for $6.99 was a deal I couldn’t pass up. I knew they wouldn’t be as good as the real beautyblender and definitely not as good as the Real Techniques one but, they’re not so bad at all! Just a bit too firm and a bit too big. I actually do prefer them over the beautyblender though, just not the Real Techniques one.

I won this Holiday Dessert Collection by Olivia Grace Gingerbread + Vanilla Scented bath set from Steffani at Native Rose and have been loving the body wash. It smells delicious and makes my skin so soft!

In my last Play! by Sephora box (August 2018), I received this amazing Clear Brow Gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Since I’m growing my eyebrows out, the hairs are getting long and that can get messy. This keeps everything in place without leaving any trace of even being there! Love it.

I’m trying these Free & Clear Ultra Soft Baby Wipes by Open Nature for the first time. I don’t like them half as much as my CVS brand ones. They’re not as wet as I’d like, they’re really thick, and rough.


I am now on Season 03 of Star! I am almost to Episode 10. I still love it as much as I did during Season 01 and 02.

I’ve only just checked out The Book of Essie by Meghan Maclean Weir before I went to sleep. I read enough to know I want to to continue but, I just DNF’d The Passenger by Lisa Lutz at 15% so who knows what I will do?

I remember Chanelle had mentioned that Ellie Goulding had new music out some months ago– I knew I needed to check it out but of course, I never got to listening to any of it until I heard Close To Me ft. Diplo and Swae Lee on the radio. I was in love instantly. I am just such a fan of her voice and music.

If you listen to the radio, you’re probably sick of hearing Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD but, you guys, I’m still not. I have it on replay. I could listen to it all day if boyfriend would let me.

Will not, won’t stop singing or listening to Without Me by Halsey. I love, seriously, all of her songs. Have I ever included Hold Me Down in one of these posts? That’s a good one, too.

If you read my Journal Entries, you already know I’ve been obsessed with The Sims 4 lately. I just downloaded the Seasons Expansion Pack and have been experiencing holidays and all kinds of different outdoor activities!


Okay, so I think the whole big photo of all our snacks that I take is ridiculous so I’m going to just try to pick out my faves each month from now on lol.

  • Up first, the Odwalla 100% Juice Smoothies. Every single one of ’em is vegan, cheaper, and tastier than a Naked Juice!
  • Annie’s Goddess Dressing is dairy-free but, I’m not sure if it’s completely vegan. We wanted to try something new so I picked this one up, thought it was cute, and oh my gosh. I am in love! The flavor is so unique. It’s creamy, a little citrusy, but also savory. I don’t know. It’s just wonderful!
  • Peet’s Ground Coffee is so dang good and gives me such a boost after only one cup. I drink it straight black and it’s so smooth, barely bitter. We’ve tried one other dark roast by them before and enjoyed it so much. This time we tried the Colombia Dark Roast. Yum.
  • We ate these Buckwheat Wildberry Waffles by Nature’s Path Organic so quick. I couldn’t believe that they were completely vegan, gluten free, and wheat free!! Didn’t taste like it to me. (P.S. Sorry for the bad photo, I only now thought to include this in here but, I took it to remember the brand and flavor lol). Anyone else eat their waffles with raw honey and/or crunchy peanut butter? πŸ˜€


I have been wearing my furry pink house boots from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep since the winter hit. You can probably tell I’ve had ’em for a few years now, I can’t remember where I bought them.

We are smoking OG Skunk by Flora Vega. The weed is not in the jar it came in– we’ve been moving it all to this one lately because it’s the nicest one we’ve gotten.

On my phone, I am using this cute and simple theme called White Edition by MINU.

59 thoughts on “My January 2019 Currentlys…

  1. Happy new year Hunida !!! First off your house boots are so cute… Keeping up with series is one thing I can’t do at the moment but the episodes I watched of Star are really good ,hoping to catch up with it sometime hopefully

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    1. Did you change your blog?? I had followed the older one but now I found your new one!! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to read your posts!

      I have a Galaxy Note 8, I don’t think iPhone does themes, sadly!!

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  2. Happy New Year to you and the boyfriend . I like the lipstick , a lot. I like Alone by Halsey it’s on my tablet and phone. I also like her singing with the Chainsmokers , Closer . As for JuiceWrld. “I take prescriptions to make me feel a okay , I know it’s all in my head!” Yep, I like that song too

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    1. Thank you, Jo Ann!!! Happy New Year to you, as well!! ❀ Gosh, all of Halsey's songs are so good– happy to hear you're a fan, too. πŸ™‚

      & YESSS, the JuiceWrld song is so dang catchy. Love love love it. ❀


  3. Oh my gosh, those furry pink slipper boots are adorable!! Those would totally be my favorites too lol. They are too cute and they look so warm! Annie’s salad dressing sounds so good and so does the Odwalla juice! I love that it’s completely vegan and tastier than Naked juices. Ooh and I love a good brow gel, so that one looks really nice! I always just maintain my eyebrows myself and they are wild haha, so a brow gel is a necessity! πŸ˜‰

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    1. I remembered you posted your new boots & I was like, must post mine now hahaha. ;D Yess!! The Odwalla juices are completely vegan while Naked has only like one or two flavors without dairy. They’re so dang tasty, too!!

      Yeah! I’ve never used an eyebrow gel or even needed to before because I used to get them threaded but now that I’m growing them out, they get wild & the gel is so nice, lightweight, and non-sticky!!

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      1. Haha I’m so glad you posted them because they are the cutest! They look so comfy and cozy! Though I may have already said that. XD
        I love that they are completely vegan. I’ve been looking for more vegan products since they make it so easy to know the food is clean. This is great to know!

        I’ve never gotten my eyebrows threaded, that sounds so painful! I used to get waxes though, but I felt like I was just wasting money and decided to maintain them myself. They aren’t great but they will be better when I learn how to shape and fill them in. πŸ™‚ Brow gel is so helpful! I love that this product isn’t sticky or heavy. I used a certain awful kind before that made me feel like I was gluing my eyebrows in place haha.

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        1. I agree!!! I love that foods straight-up said “vegan” in the ingredients now so I don’t have to wonder if there is something hidden in there that may make my tummy hurt!

          Ahh eyebrow threading and waxing are both equally painful, in my opinion! I just liked the way threading looks better. I’m gonna try to maintain them by myself, too because it seems professionals always make them too thin!! After I am done growing them out, I don’t think I’ll trust anyone else with them. Not even myself LOL.

          I’ve had some pretty scary eyebrow gels too!!! Why why why are some seriously like Elmer’s glue?! Hahaha

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          1. Vegan makes everything easier! No more worries about hidden ingredients or crap that we don’t want to ingest. πŸ™‚ Too bad it’s more expensive but I’ve learned it’s just worth it haha.

            Oh really?! I always thought threading was more painful than waxing. I know the waxing depends on the aesthetician for sure. I’ve had some that were hardly painful at all and then others that left my skin burning. O.O I’ve heard threading is so much more precise though so I can imagine it’d look better! Considering I have to pay about $25 + tip every 3-4 weeks, I’d rather save my money and do my eyebrows myself lol.

            Exactly! Like I’m not trying to keep them in place during a hurricane or anything, it doesn’t need to be that strong hahaha.

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            1. Heyy honestly! I just got more of those waffles today and they were on sale for cheaper than Eggo!!

              I think waxing and threading are both different kinds of pains. Threading hurts the whole time, and takes lots longer, while waxing is quick and easy. I do agree that sometimes some people are rougher than others!

              LOL yeah exactly hahahah!

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  4. This post is so fun; love seeing all your stuff!
    I really like Halsey’s voice… There’s something sexy about it lol.
    I need to try Peet’s coffee because I keep hearing how yummy it is!
    I have slippers like those too! They’re so soft and comfy!
    Oh and your phone theme is adorable!!
    Happy New Year btw πŸ’•

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    1. I agree!! Her voice is really sexy!! & I have never been to a real Peet’s but, their ground coffee is wonderful. So smooth & delish!! Thank you, Steffani!! Happy New Year to you, as well!! ❀

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  5. I love the furry pink boots and the adorable gingerbread man packaging!these are adorable, I hope your new years goes amazing!looking forward to amazing journal entries and reviews from you ❀

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  6. Love that lip color on you!

    Okay question- do the blenders work? I have always just used a brush, but do you notice a real difference with them?

    I just looked up Star and it got such good reviews!! I’ll have to watch it.

    I’m so glad you are loving Peet’s so much πŸ™‚ That makes me VERY happy.

    So many fun things in this post!! Have a great Saturday, Hunida!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, babe!! πŸ™‚

      I use the blenders to work in my concealer which is a stick formula but for my liquid foundation, I use a brush. I feel like a blender steals too much from a liquid but a brush won’t blend in a stick. If that makes sense?! Like, it depends on what kind of makeup you use!

      I love love love Star, it’s such a good show!! The cast is so dang talented. If you find the time to watch it, you totally should!

      Omg, Peet’s ground coffee is so yum. I need to venture out and find the real shop!!

      ❀ ❀ Have a great Saturday, too, Mackenzie!!

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      1. Oh that makes so much sense! The brush definitely doesn’t work with liquid- okay this is so helpful! Thanks for taking the time to explain.

        I cannot wait for you to try Peet’s in store πŸ™‚ Have a great day, girl!

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  7. The lip gloss is gorgeous & the bath set seems like it smells so good!
    I also need to check out Ellie Goulding’s new music & I LOVED Odwalla’s smoothies when I lived in the US. Your house boots are so cute too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Karalee! πŸ™‚ The bath set really does smell wonderful & I am really loving the lip gloss.

      I haven’t heard any of Ellie’s other new songs yet but I have no doubt that they’re good! I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered the Odwalla smoothies sooner. They’re so tasty!

      ❀ ❀

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