Journal Entry #192

January 01, 2019
08:59 PM

Happy New Year, my loves!! ❀ It felt so freakin’ good to write 2019 for the date today. Did you guys do anything fun last night for NYE?

Boyfriend and I did nothing but our usual, sit at home and game. We didn’t even countdown or anything but, boyfriend caught the time at exactly midnight to give me a kiss! That’s all that matters to me anyways. πŸ™‚

I finally got my period when I woke up today. Ugh, my mood, body, brain– everything just feels so much better now! Can’t wait for my face to clear up, too. Hate getting these little blemishes.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but, if you do, I hope you are able to get them all done! I am always striving and trying hard not to be a slacker everyday of my life LOL.

I did have ONE single goal for 2018 though… it was to read 60 books before the year ended but… I only made it to 56!!! How annoying, right? I am trying to decide if I should set my goal for 60 again or go down to 50 for this year?

The last book I finished was so good. I read it so fast I didn’t even talk about it once in my Journal Entries… I don’t think? I can’t wait to share the review and quotes with you. πŸ˜€

Boyfriend just got home and we’re smoking our blunt together now. I spent my whole day playing the Sims minus a couple hours of reading blogs on my Reader before that.

I am so far behind but, I promise I’m catching up! There were so many daily posts from the whole Blogmas tradition, my WP app wouldn’t even load them all. Now that that’s done, I know I’ll be all the way caught up in no time! (Hopefully).

Now, we’re gonna make something to eat and we’ll probably watch Star while we enjoy our food. Then, I’ll respond to all of your lovely comments and maybe work on a couple drafts before I get back to the Sims.

My Sims just had Halloween and it was so silly. I only had two teenagers come to my house. Still cute though lol. I can’t wait to see what Thanksgiving is like. I started in winter and have gone through Christmas and New Year’s already. Oh and some other Sim-made holidays, too.

I bought my Sim a youth potion and now, she’s back to Day 1 of being an Adult. I have already lost two of my baby dad’s to old age. I didn’t want to be next! She only had like 50 days until aging up to Elder and I was too sad.

The potion doesn’t even cost that much, I’ll probably continue buying it for her forever and max out all of her skills to see what that’s like. I can’t stand the thought of her dying or even becoming an Elder LOL.

Time for us to eat now!

09:20 PM

39 thoughts on “Journal Entry #192

    1. Lol I personally love having my period πŸ˜€ because it means no work and no more mood swings (for a bit hahaha). Happy New Year, Andrea!! Hope yours is off to a great start as well!! ❀


  1. Happy New Year once again Hunida! Wow, you did so good with your book goal – 56 is amazing! What was the last book you mentioned that you read so fast? I love books like that. I started a new book yesterday and the words are so freakin’ small I feel like it will take longer to read :/

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    1. Thank you, Chanelle. πŸ™‚ I hope you’ve had a great start to your week/year!

      I am happy with 56 but, wish I could’ve pushed myself to make it to 60. This year, I think I’ll try harder! The book I read was #FashionVictim by Amina Akhtar! It’s really gorey but, all about fashion haha, you may or may not love it. πŸ˜›

      I can’t stand small words! That’s one of the reasons I like ebooks, you can always make the words bigger!

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      1. Hasn’t been too bad a start apart from being hot – I much prefer cooler weather!

        I’ll Google the book to see if it’s up my alley. I have faith you can read 60 books πŸ‘πŸ»

        That is one good thing about ebooks choosing font and text size.

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  2. Ahhh the fun life of sims lol. I think you should set the reading goal for 60 again! You were so close this time and maybe now you can organize things better so that you finish those extra few!

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  3. Happy New Year Hunida!

    Oh my gosh your post just made me want to play the Sims sooo bad lol. Also, 56 books in a year is awesome! Serious goals. I need to definitely make a reading goal for 2019. My husband and I worked on New Year’s Eve (photographing a wedding), and it felt sooo weird to not be out at the bar or something.

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    1. Happy New Year, Kelsey!! ❀

      Hahaha, The Sims is so addicting!! I can't stop playing. I am happy with 56, I really am, but I wanted to do 60!! Lol, I have to try harder this year (or maybe read shorter books… lol).

      Aww, I'm sorry you had to work on NYE but at least you still got to be with your hubs! ❀


  4. Happy New Year, Hunida!! I’ve finally caught up on blog posts lol. XD We did about the same for New Year’s Eve! It was snowing super hard all day, which was lovely since we didn’t have to go anywhere. We just heated frozen food and made hot chocolate and watched Batman lol. We did a Hulu trial so we could watch the NYC ball drop at midnight but that was about it, lol! Ooh I feel the same way about my 2018 reading challenge. I set my goal for 15 and I read 14. Ugh I was so close!! I have no idea how you read so many books in a year but way to go!! This year I’m setting my goal for 14 lol.

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    1. Happy New Year, Courtney!! I hope you’ve had a great start to your week/year!! πŸ˜€ ❀

      I can't believe it snows over there still lol. That's crazy!! Sounds like you guys had a super cozy night in. ❀ We didn't even watch the ball drop but we saw a tiny sliver of The Strip's firework show from our balcony LOL. I gave it about a second before going back inside!

      I was gonna do 50 this year because then it would be like at least I will read the same amount but I am going for 60 again so that I'll try harder! Hope you can beat your goal this year πŸ˜€

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      1. So far it’s been a pretty good start, thankfully! I hope you have as well! It always sucks to start the new year off on a bad note.

        Haha we are at 7,000 ft elevation so it can get pretty cold here! Everyone thinks of AZ as just the desert, but Flagstaff is in the mountains. Still just as dry and dusty though lol. XD It was super cozy, and oh that reminds me, some people in the apartments next door set off fireworks too! We got to watch them from our window and even though I’m not entirely sure the fireworks were legal (lol) it was pretty fun! Too bad you couldn’t see more of the fireworks, but at least you got to see some!! I wouldn’t have stood outside for it either lol.

        I want to try harder this year too, but I know I still have school, so I’m not sure how possible that will be. Thanks so much! I hope you can beat yours too!! ❀


  5. Happy New Year Hunida! With the amount of blogs that you read I think that should count for at least another twenty books haha! I think you can make it to 60 though. My goal is only 20 this year since I didn’t even make 20 in 2018!

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    1. Happy New Year, Pamela!! & I was actually thinking the same thing LOL. If I read books instead of blogs, I would have been way over 60!! But I like switching up my reading material. πŸ™‚

      Hope you can make it to 20 this year, Pamela!! ❀

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  6. Wow, 56 books is still a lot! I haven’t read a book in two or three years. I used to read all the time as a kid, but I just don’t really have time for it anymore. I mean, I could make time, but then I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the shows I watch. I don’t like falling behind on my shows because then it’s hard to catch up. Since my job takes up a big chunk of my time, I usually only have time to watch one or two shows at night after I get home. I could always read on the weekend though. I’ve been wanting to, but all of my books are still packed away in boxes from when I moved. Some I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, so I do want to read those once I eventually unpack them. πŸ˜›

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    1. I am happy with 56, I am… I just wanted to do 60!! Lol. πŸ˜› It really is hard to stay caught up with shows!! There are always so many I wanna watch with so many episodes!

      If you don’t mind reading ebooks, I use the Overdrive app (also called Libby). You just need a library card & you can check out books straight to your phone or tablet.

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  7. Happy New Year, girl! Now you can officially write that β€œ2019” ! So fun to read about your Sims endeavors, lol. Okay – 56 books is incredible. If I read 25 I would be happy! I’m not one to make resolutions either, but reading is always up there. I need to make a tangible list to motivate me, I think that’d help! Have a great day, Hunida!

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    1. Thank you, Mackenzie!! I’ve probably said it to you a hundred times by now but, Happy New Year!! πŸ˜€ Writing 2019 feels so good!!

      LOL I have to write about my Sims because it’s all I’ve been up to but, I’m happy you are enjoying reading about them. πŸ˜€ I am happy to have 56 books in 2018 but I am going for 60 this year!! 25 is a great goal, too. πŸ™‚ Maybe you could start a Goodreads so you can make an organized list?

      Hope you have an awesome weekend, babe!! ❀

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  8. Happy New Year 😘 hope all of us be a better person and happy through this year.. well, I did not have anything special for new year too hahahahaha.. just sleep for a year 🀣🀣🀣 sleep at 2018 and wake up 2019.. wonderful isn’t? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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  9. 56 books is amazing I barely made it to 25, I think it was only 21 lol. Nice job! I think you should keep the goal at 60 to see if you’ll make it this time which I’m sure you will. I want to read more but since I started playing my sims again and found that HP game thanks to you, I haven’t really been reading at all lol.
    We had a mini NYE celebration, had ciel attempt to break a piΓ±ata and popped balloons and poppers lol. That’s as good as it got for ours.
    Happy new year Hunida!

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    1. 21 is good, too!!! We both missed our goal by like the exact same amount of books LOL. I did put my challenge back to 60 for the year because why try to hit a number I already know I can do, right? buuut who knows if I can do it, I haven’t finished a book yet either because of my addiction to gaming LOL!!

      I knew you would just love that Harry Potter game, it’s so fun!! I deleted mine because I got pissed– I tried this 8h class like 10x and I just kept forgetting about it. I was like “i am not even trying again!!” I am surprised you have never heard of the Kim K game, I was sooo addicted to it when it first came out. Kim was the really the first to make that format in a mobile game and her game is super fun too LOL. Now there are tons, like Britney Spears, Kendall & Kylie, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, THE SIMS, Harry Potter, Desperate Housewives. Etc etc!

      Aww!! That sounds like a super fun NYE. πŸ˜€ ❀ I love pinatas!!!


      1. Bahahaha omg I didn’t think of it that way but yes I’m also addicted to my games atm 🀣 I did read yesterday and the day before. I’ll aim for a chapter a day or so lol
        Oh yeah I try not to do the long classes it I can help it lol. I also started doing those only when my energy is completely full. I finish the class much quicker that way lol.
        That’s interesting, I didn’t know that!

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