Journal Entry #191

December 30, 2018
07:49 PM

Hi guys, I’m happy to announce I didn’t starve to death on Friday night after I posted my Journal Entry, lol.

Boyfriend got home like an hour and a half later and he brought home a little side salad with my BLT no A (Bacon Lettuce Turkey Avocado) Croissant Sandwich and fries for us to share, too.

I added a slice of Chao cheese to it. It was so delicious!!!

At work, my regular was there and he brought me a new lingerie set from Victoria’s Secret and a gift card, too. πŸ˜€ He is the freakin’ sweetest.

Yesterday, boyfriend worked the evening shift. I walked to this little Asian restaurant for dinner. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about the place awhile back.

I always get the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with brown rice. Mmm, mmm! ❀

Boyfriend got home super late, like at a little past 10 PM and I just wasn’t feeling up for going to work. He had a few errands to run, like going to the dispensary, filling up our water jugs, and getting himself some dinner.

I played the Sims after I published my Ipsy post. I got a little hungry around midnight so boyfriend went to get us some tacos and bean dip and chips from Rivas. It was a mess and they forgot one of boyfriend’s tacos but, it still tasted pretty good…

Today, we both woke up around 2 PM. We laid and canoodled a bit before I wrote up the grocery list. We went to Smith’s and got all of our groceries. When we got home, I opened everything up to snack on while boyfriend made dinner. πŸ˜€

I watched an episode of Star and then hopped onto here. I wanted to do a fun makeup look today but, there’s an ugly pimple on my forehead that I don’t want to bother.

Oh!! My Sim finally got twins last night!! I had to have her get a fertility massage before she was pregnant and while she was pregnant… that was annoying to me though because I spent a lot of aspiration points on a high fertility trait and it never did anything without the massage…

AND they are twin boys with different skin color?! So, #1. I prefer girls, if I’m being honest and #2. I wanted them to be completely identical! They already aren’t. Ugh.

Now I have 1 child, 3 toddlers, and 2 infants to take care of. Luckily, I also gave my Sim the never-get-tired trait. ;D I don’t think she’d be able to handle all of these kiddos if she needed to sleep.

Plus, she needs to be a Best Selling Author and has only published two books so far. She has accomplished all of her goals for the Super Parent and Serial Romantic trait. I need her to get this Best Selling Author one down before she becomes an Elder! Better get going, LOL.

08:07 PM

40 thoughts on “Journal Entry #191

  1. This post got me laughing cause I relate to it so much!!! How does your sim earn money? My sim gets so tired and it only had 2 kids (I lost 2 more because I wasn’t able to feed it lol)

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    1. Hahaha my Sim inherited a whole lot of money from her late mother Lode. πŸ˜‰ AKA I use the cheat but she also sells baked goods to the local bakery, grows tons of plants and sells them, and gets royalties for her books everyday.

      I hate when they threaten to take my kids away LOL that’s never actually happened to me yet though! Yikes!! I am glad my Sim doesn’t need to sleep because it probably would have by now.

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      1. I’m tempted to use a cheat but I’m opting not to use one for now and instead have all my sims work lol but they end up so unahppy because they just go to work, sleep, eat, etc. It becomes too routinary!! I’ll try to change the trait or get a sim with the never gets tired trait, that’ll be so helpful!! Happy New Year, Hunida! ❀

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        1. I don’t think I’ve ever played without the money cheat, to be honest lol. You can buy them pretty much anything from the Aspiration Rewards. You are playing Sims 4, right?

          Happy New Year to you as well, Kat! ❀

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    1. I can’t wait to wear the new lingerie πŸ™‚ I hope it fits! & I wish you could see my face, I am shocked to hear you hardly enjoy what you eat! I usually enjoy most everything I eat and eating is my fave part of the day lol. Do you just not like the taste of things?

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  2. I’m glad your Sim finally got twins! Haha I watched a YouTube video from Buzzfeed I think it was recently where she was trying to get her Sim to do the 100 baby challenge. She didn’t give her Sim the never-get-tired trait which I think she really should have as she was up to four babies and falling over asleep randomly LOL. Clearly she could do with some pointers from you!


  3. I always seem to get hungry after I read your blogs! You always pick the best food! Congratulations on your Sim, I’m so old school and am still on Sims 2… Such a fantastic game. And you go lingerie from a customer? That’s bomb! Lingerie and make up are my favorite gifts πŸ™‚ x

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    1. Hahaha sorry to make you hungry!! ;D I’ve read that a LOT of people love the Sims 2 and 3 way more than the Sims 4! I wonder why that is!

      & yeah!! My “uniform” is lingerie so I’m going to wear it at work. πŸ˜› I think lingerie & makeup are some of my fave gifts, too!! ❀


      1. I feel as though I need to dedicate an evening next week to The Sims!

        What type of lingerie did he buy you? I’m a sucker for stockings! I wouldn’t say I have too much lingerie… But definitely more than the average woman lol. That’s amazing, you must feel incredible, its when I feel most confident tbh xxx

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        1. Ah! Only an evening?! I think you will need a whole weekend lol, that game is sooo addicting!

          He bought me one of those babydoll lingerie tops, with black lace and purple ribbons and a matching black thong. πŸ™‚ I have a ton of “work clothes” but none that I wear underneath any of my clothes on a daily basis. I need more comfy, no frills bras, y’know?! & some days I feel super confident but not everyday. Before I was a dancer though, I really had no confidence at all. ❀


          1. Well, maybe a few evenings in a row. It’s so addictive!
            Oh he sounds like he has good taste! You can’t go wrong with black lace.
            I like quite simple underwear for everyday, but have to be matching πŸ™‚

            Well that’s incredible that you have the confidence now, it sounds very empowering x

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    1. I agree about a sandwich that’s done right. It’s like the most fulfilling meal!! ❀ & yeah, if you get enough aspiration points you can use them to buy the "Never Weary" trait. πŸ˜€ It's really useful!! I think I would've lost a baby or two without it haha.

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      1. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a BLT with turkey! Just the traditional bacon, lettuce, and tomato, and sometimes avocado since I like it lol. Once of my favorite local places here used to make a wonderful BLT with toasted sourdough bread…so good! They closed down though so I’m still in search for a good alternative haha.

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        1. I know! Red Robin calls it a “BLTA” but it should really be… “BLTTA” because of the turkey lol. I am not a fan of sourdough bread but I heard it’s supposed to be really good for you!!

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  4. I like adding vegan cheese to my subway subs sometimes! So yummy. Glad you didn’t starve πŸ˜‰ dang girl! Your Sim momma has got a lot of Sims kiddos!! ❀ Her credentials are veryyy impressive. Side note: Have you ever considered writing a book? You are such a great writer and really have a way of connecting with your readers. I think you would be a tremendous author!

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    1. I wish more places offered vegan cheeses so we wouldn’t have to add it ourselves. πŸ˜‰ LOL my Sim momma really does have a lot of kiddos and our home has space for one more. I’m almost thinking about giving her another one lol. She needs to write just one more best seller and I will have accomplished that aspiration for her. πŸ˜€ She is a very impressive woman LOL.

      Gosh, what a dream it would be to be an author but, I just don’t think I have the type of writing skills or creativity for a novel?! Thank you so much though, that’s so sweet of you to say!! ❀

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    1. Ahh it seems boyfriend and I are the only ones in the world who don’t like avocados haha. πŸ˜› I don’t like them in or on anything.

      The twins are children now… one is more tan and has black hair, the other is lighter with brown hair BUT their eye color and facial features are pretty identical. I think. I’ll know for sure when they are teenagers!

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      1. I remember and that’s totally fine! Though I must say you’re definitely missing out on guac! So so good, but not everyone can make it well lol.
        I hope they look more identical! If not, will you be trying again? Lol

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        1. I think guac is alright sometimes because there are tons of other flavors and sometimes chunks of onions which I really like and takes away from smooshiness lol.

          I think that after all the kids in my household currently are all grown up and moved away, I’m going to make more kids LOL.

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