Journal Entry #189

December 26, 2018
04:33 PM

Tomorrow is my little brother’s birthday. I am going to try to remember to text him at midnight. I’m writing it down here because I heard that helps keep it in my memory.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrated yesterday). Boyfriend and I went to Treasure Island. They have the “newest buffet” on The Strip right now. We had never even been into the casino before so we thought it was about time to check it out.

I Facebook Video Chatted with my mom (and her husband) in the car, on the way there. There were all these cute, little fun filters. I am so behind on all that new technology, my mom was teaching me how to use it all. I accidentally sent asteroids flying at our heads and I didn’t turn it off for AWHILE because I thought she was the one who had it on… LOL. I finally turned it off and she was like “oh, you’re normal now” and I admitted I had no idea how I had turned it on and she started laughing at me for not knowing… shouldn’t it be the other way around?!

We were a bit early for dinner. It started at 3 PM and we got there around 2 PM. We played a little of the slot machines and I won $5 while boyfriend lost $5. We tried to get a free drink from the cocktail waitress but, she was taking forever. I saw people going into the buffet around 2:30 when the Champagne Brunch was still going on. We asked if dinner had started and the cashier said “no, but the Champagne Brunch is going on right now and dinner will start at 3 PM” — pretty much, encouraging us to go in. I was confused so I said “we’ll be back at 3 PM” then, walked off.

I thought about it a little… and I was like, “wait, that flock of folks went in because they’re gonna stay in there all the way until dinner starts but, they only had to pay the cheaper price of the Champagne Brunch PLUS, they get free mimosas…”

We scurried back to the buffet as fast as we could. We asked if it was alright to stay for dinner and she said, “of course!!” so, we were lucky enough to pay the cheaper price AND have more options for food. Merry Christmas to us!

Of course, we grabbed as many mimosas as we could! There was plain champagne, regular mimosas (with orange juice), and cranberry mimosas! The cranberry one was my fave. We also had to try some of their breakfast items before they were put away because why not? They had so many different healthy juices and smoothies in different shaped glasses set out. I tried two (but, only photographed one). They were both pretty tasty!!

All of their dinner foods were a bit off though. Everything was kind of dry and over-salted. A lot of it came out late, too. Way past 3 PM… which we obviously couldn’t complain about but if I had been someone who had paid the dinner price… I would’ve been quite upset!

Their desserts were pretty good though! I liked most everything I tried except that green cookie you can see peeking out… 😛

I was sooo freakin’ stuffed, boyfriend had to roll me to the car lol. Just kidding, that sure would have been nice though!

We came home to do our usual game session. I have been impregnating my Sim like crazy because I want twins and/or triplets but, it’s not happening and now I have like 2 babies and 2 toddlers but, none that are identical.


I also have a Young Adult daughter but, she just moved out into her own home. Yay!

Today, I sent boyfriend to the store to buy a rotisserie chicken and some side dishes (salad, baked beans, and rice) because I don’t feel like leaving the apartment at all.

I spent a little time reading some blogs on my Reader when I woke up, took a shower, replied to some lovely comments and responses on here, and then hopped onto the Sims 4 right away. Last night, we went to sleep when my Sim was still pregnant… I was excited to see if I was going to finally be rewarded but, I wasn’t!! I almost quit the game without saving because I was that mad!!! I didn’t want to cheat that way though so I didn’t do it but, I still wish I did!

When boyfriend got back from picking up dinner, we ate together and I hopped on to write this. 🙂

I think I’ll post my book review for One Day in December tomorrow now that I’ve wrapped my head around what I want to say about it and I’ll show you all my December Ipsy Glambag on Saturday.


05:01 PM

27 thoughts on “Journal Entry #189

    1. Hahah, seriously!! We went straight for the bar when we walked in. 😉 & the Sims is a pretty slow game, I can see why you couldn’t get past a few days!! Lol, they can’t even do half the things you do in one day!!

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    1. Their healthy juices were so yummy!! I was def impressed with those but, yeah everything else… not so much lol. 😛

      Ooh girl, now is the time to try the Sims if you’ve ever wanted to! It’s only $5 on Origin for PC.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love sims (can play for hours)!And my mom is the same with technology,she knows all the new stuff and teaches me how to “properly” use Facebook😂.It’s funny how 10 years ago it was the other way around .How always an amazing Journal Entry!❤(I simply adore your writing style )

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  2. Happy Birthday to your brother!

    Yay for free drinks! 😁

    OMG! I remember back then I was trying to impregnating my Sims for twins too but failed! But the most crazy Sims moments I ever get was when my sister hate one of the sims but they’re already rich and she kind of killed the sims by leaving it got burnt in the kitchen; no fire alarm intentionally 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t believe my brother is getting so old lol. & nothing better than free drinks, right?! 😀

      I am SO mad I can’t make twins!! I want to see how they look lol. I can’t believe your sister killed her Sim!! I’ve never done it on purpose!!


  3. Happy birthday to your bro!! I’m sure you’ve mentioned it on the blog before- but how many siblings do you have?

    I have been SOO excited to finally have the chance to read this post. It’s my treat for the evening before I hit the hay! That’s too funny about your mom & you face-timing. Girl, I am with youuuu I am so bad at technology & social media in every way it’s not even funny! But I’m cracking up about the infinite asteroids 😉

    UM genius way to get mimosas and dinner?!?! My kinda day!!! I love how that thought process all played out too- so funny!

    Ugh, I hate when things are over-salted! I think that is the #1 “flaw” I notice the most at restaurants. And I like salty! But when all you taste is sodium it is no bueno. But good desserts certainly make up for it 😉

    Hahah- I love how into Sims you are- this is seriously making me want to start it back up again. Happy Sunday, gf!

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    1. He’s getting so old it’s crazy!! Lol I have one older sister & one younger brother with the same mom and dad and then three little half-brothers made by my dad and two other women.

      I’m so happy that you really enjoy reading my blog, Mackenzie. ❤ Thanks for always stopping by!! ❤ & gosh, I can get the hang of all the new technology easily but, all the new stuff surprises me at first LOL.

      We were so lucky to get the mimosas and dinner!! I'm glad we thought it through and didn't miss out hahaha.

      I agree!! It really is the #1 flaw at restaurants and especially buffets. Like, they don't know how to make something taste better so they just over-salt it lol.

      Happy Sunday to you too!!! ❤


  4. I think it’s so fun that you guys go to buffets for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner! It’s too bad that the dinner wasn’t anything amazing, but it still looks good! And the dessert looks incredible! I love that you didn’t know how the Facebook video chat worked–neither would I! I don’t think I’ve ever used that, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the buffet tradition, too. 😀 It’s such a fun one!! I can’t wait for next year already lol. But, that’s what we’ve learned with buffets. They’re hit or miss so we have to go with an open belly and an open mind hahaha.

      The FB video chat was a doozy. So many different effects!


    1. Right?! We totally got a deal for the buffet. 😉 There was at least some good food!! Just not the best lol. I hadn’t had too many mimosas before either but I usually like them, they’re yummy & prob super easy to make at home if you wanna try them. Dessert is my favorite anyways haha.


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