Boxycharm | December 2018

Sooo, I was pretty disappointed when I opened up my box this month. I was really, really hoping for one of the other variations. Mostly, I had my eye on the Pretty Vulgar powder and the Suva eyeshadow palette…

I got neither. 😦

What Was In My Box?!

Theme: ‘Tis The Sea-Sun

Mini Hair Straightener

Boxycharm’s Description:

Get those pesky baby hairs, straighten those bangs or touch up your curls on the go with with this incredibly adorable PYT Mini Straightener. The floating ceramic plates adjust as you style, allowing you to create straight, wavy, or curly locks. This little guy reaches a maximim temperature of 400Β°F or 205Β°C.

My First Impression: At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to use this because it’s so tiny and I have way too much hair but, I’m going to try it for straightening the little hairs by my ears and by my forehead. It seems like an extra step I won’t care for much though. Also, did anyone else watch Boxycharm’s video where they used this to curl someone’s hair? It looked SO terrible lol.

Retail Value: $75.00

Anti Frizz Smoothing Serum Capsules

Boxycharm’s Description:

Get ready for gorgeous hair with ultimate shine, softness and sleekness. The MARAJO Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum nourishes with Shea Butter, and helps prevent heat damage with protecting properties. The single-use capsules give you the perfect amount of serum and are ideal for taming frizz on the go.

My First Impression: Out of all the items that were offered this month, this was the one I wanted the very least. I do think it’s cool how the product is in a capsule so you never use too much or too little… but everyone’s hair is different so the measurements should be, too. I don’t really even have frizz though so definitely won’t be ruining my hair just to try this!

Retail Value: $28.00

Glitter Lip Paint in Flaming Hot

Boxycharm’s Description:

This sheer lip gloss is infused with shimmering glitter and delivers a luscious, multidimensional and high-shine finish. The reflective glitter gloss can stand alone or as a lip topper, giving your lips a fuller look. The sunflower seed wax and mineral pigments coat, soothe and soften the lips.

My First Impression: I was so happy that I got the shade I wanted for this lippie. If you know me, you know I am Tarte’s biggest fan but, this “lip paint” is horrendous! It smells like kid’s play makeup, is SUPER sticky, hard to apply, and is filled with sparkles but not color?? It was easily staining the skin around my lips a dark pink so I had to make sure to stay in the lines but, on top of my lips– it barely shined and didn’t come close to that same color pink.

Retail Value: $20.00

Chella Beauty
Eyebrow Cream in Taupe

Boxycharm’s Description:

Add some wow to your brows. This innovative eyebrow cream effortlessly defines and shapes your eyebrows with its creamy consistency, and built-in brush. The velvet-like formula makes blending easy, then sets, giving you perfect brows that will last all day and night.

My First Impression: I am still in the process of growing my eyebrows out so they are quite scary right now. Mine are already dark enough but, I may use this in the future to “shape” them. I thought the packaging was cool and clever but, a bit inconvenient! The brush barely fits inside the pot!

Retail Value: $26.00

Wander Beauty
Dusk to Dawn Blush & Highlight Palette

Boxycharm’s Description:

This Boxycharm exclusive launch contains three buttery shades that blend seamlessly onto the skin for a natural, glowing finish. The Wander Beauty Dusk to Dawn Palette offers two blushes and one highlighter and is specially formulated to flatter all skin tones and types.

My First Impression: Ugh, I am so sick of Wander Beauty. I’ve already received two other products by them in my Lola Beauty Box. I was impressed with neither– I even threw one right in the trash.

This palette seemed to swatch nicely but, I hate the way the pans are shaped. How can I use a big fluffy blush for just one of the shades? It’s also annoying that there are two blushes and only one highlighter. I’d rather have 3 different shades of one or the other or maybe two of each.

Swatches (left to right): Tuscan Sunrise, Havana Nights, City Lights

Retail Value: $26.00

Are you subscribed to Boxycharm? What did you get this month? Would you be excited to try any of the products I got?

50 thoughts on “Boxycharm | December 2018

  1. I use bigger straighteners too, but I do love the color of that one! I got that same Chella eyebrow cream in a previous Ipsy bag. It was the same shade too. It worked okay, but the shade was a bit too dark for my brows.

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  2. The mini straighteners are good if you have a fringe but other than that they can’t do much. The Tarte lip paint looks so pretty but it doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything on your lips 😦 The Wander Beauty palette colours are nice but they could have been arrange so much better in the pan. Sorry you got such disappointing products x

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    1. Yeah… lol I don’t know if the mini straightener will be of much use to me but I’m gonna try it out once or twice before I rule it out completely. πŸ˜›

      & seriously!! I coated my lips over & over with that lip paint & it just wouldn’t seem to show up– it just kept getting stickier & messier! & right?! I don’t get why they would make the palette that way!

      Hopefully next month makes up for this month. πŸ˜‰

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  3. So sorry you got such dud products this month! I heard other people complaining on IG about those tiny straighteners. I wouldn’t be able to use them for anything either; my hair is super thick! That’s so interesting that you dislike Wander Beauty! I haven’t tried anything from them before, but I’ve heard some people rave about them so I was curious. Are the products just crap quality?

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    1. Ugh, I still haven’t used the straightener but I really didn’t want it at all!! It’s comforting to know that others aren’t so happy with receiving it either. πŸ˜›

      I feel like Wander Beauty just popped out of nowhere & is now absolutely everywhere. Their liquid eyeshadow burned my lids after drying, wouldn’t blend or move, etc. so I threw it away. The double lipstick dried my lips out like crazy & the shades they turned on my lips looked so different than how they did in the tube!

      I personally do think their quality of makeup is crap but they package things to make it look like it’s not & are all big on advertising & promoting to make it seem like people are actually enjoying their stuff.

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      1. Wow, interesting perspective. Sorry to hear about your eyelids, by the way! I just noticed they started cropping up in some department stores too, like Nordstrom. I’ve heard good things about their stick foundations I think, but I’ve seen that particular palette in other Boxycharm unboxings and most people don’t seem to be too jazzed with it. Oh well, we can’t love or even like everything, right?

        Oh, before I forget, I included one of your earlier posts in my 2018 favorites list today! When you get the chance, go check it out! πŸ˜‰

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        1. Haha yeah, it was nothing too serious! I just had to wipe the eyeshadow off right away! πŸ˜› That’s interesting that they’re getting so popular especially if I’m not the only one who was disappointed to see them in my box! But you’re right, we can love or like everything!

          & that’s so sweet of you!! ❀ I can't wait to check out your post!! ❀ Thank you so much for including me!

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  4. The lip gloss looked so beautiful in the package, but it’s sad that there was such little color pay off on your actual lips! The blush color in the middle looks pretty in the Wander Beauty Palette, but I’ve never tried any of their makeup. I can’t wait to see how you use some of this stuff and how it looks on your skin tone!

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    1. I know!! I couldn’t believe nothing was showing up. I applied so many coats, if I had done one more, my lips probably would have stuck together lol.

      I will try to do some makeup looks with these products, for sure. πŸ™‚

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  5. That’s a shame about the Tarte lip paint but side note; I love your three moles/beauty marks? Not sure what they’d be called but they are hella cute πŸ™‚ Also, I sent a message back with that Christmas card you sent my email! I hope you got it and thank you again! I hope you had a great Christmas πŸ™‚

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    1. Aww stop it, do you really? Lol I used to hate them but I don’t let them bother me so much anymore. πŸ˜› Thank you for calling them cute!!! ❀

      I've just sent you an e-mail back. πŸ™‚


      1. Yeah! I said cute because that felt more appropriate but if I knew you better I’d have told you they are actually sexy. But I was trying to not sound like a weirdo… But whatever πŸ˜‚ I think that boat has sailed.
        I always find it a struggle to compliment woman that way when I don’t know them on a more personal level. Like I could tell someone in my real life they look sexy in their dress, for example, without worrying about it. But I’m never sure how it’ll translate over the internet!

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        1. Hahaha I know what you mean! Sometimes I will comment that something looks sexy on someone and just hope that they don’t take it the wrong way. You don’t sound like a weirdo at all! Thank you, babe!! ❀

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  6. Wow. That is a disappointing box! The only thing I would be happy to get personally, would be the anti frizz serum thing. Because I do deal with frizz, but other than that it is pretty disappointing. Also, the eyebrow product, they gave out a few months ago. I’m glad I cancelled a while back.

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    1. I knew the eyebrow product looked familiar. I’m like the only one who received it this month?? I think they were mad because I took myself off the waitlist for Boxyluxe so they gave me the worst box possible.

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  7. awh im sorry you were disappointed!! 😦 tbh, i was secretly hoping for the PV powder as well, that should have been a product EVERYONE got in their box, shame on them!
    i have seen people use straighteners for curling their hair, and i’ve used it as such too, and if done correctly, it’ll look good, i haven’t seen the video but i honestly cannot imagine them using this tiny ass straightener for something like that.. you need the regular sized ones for sure lol
    those serum capsules look soo good, my hair is frizzy af so they might come in handy for me but i agree that they’re not great for every person, some people have more hair than others so again, how do you if you’re using too much or not enough?
    the lip paint is more of a lip gloss, so i have no idea why they called it lip paint, but its also the kind of product you would use as a topper, so maybe try it on top of one of your favorite lippies, but instead of putting it all over, only apply it at the center of your lips, both top and bottom. see if you like that better. there’s a trick that if you add some gloss topper only to the center of your lips, they will look fuller, then again, i’m not sure if you need to contour your lips too, but that’s also too much trouble lol
    i got that chella eyebrow thing in a previous box and decided to put it aside for a giveaway, Kathleen Lights reviewed it once on one of her boxes too and she said the same thing. not worth it in my opinion, and weirdly enough, it’s a product i keep seeing pop up every couple months, and i think they may be trying to get rid of them, maybe because the packaging is so terrible LOL
    also, side note, love how your kitty’s paw made an appearance on the chella product cute!!
    now that you mention it, i keep seeing wandeer beauty on boxycharm as well, same as PUR cosmetics, i do however like the products i’ve been getting, their baggage claim gold eye masks were really nice, their mascara i have yet to try, but i’m excited to try those blushes only because they suit every skin tone… i want to see if that’s true… but you’re right, the pan size is a ridiculous shape.. i usually have to dip my brush straight down and pat it onto the skin and then blend out, that seems to work okay πŸ™‚

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    1. Girl, I cancelled the Luxe subscription because the PV powder was said to only be in the regular Boxy at first then, after I cancelled, there was an email about how the PV powder would be in the Luxe, too. I was so annoyed lol. Especially because I STILL didn’t get it. 😦 Why couldn’t they just give it to all of us!!

      I am definitely gonna put those little serum capsules in a giveaway or something. In my next giveaway– there’s gonna be SO many hair products LOL.

      Ugh, I was so disappointed with the lip paint. It’s not like I was even expecting this huge color pay off at all but, seriously, it looked like nothing on my lips! The shine was barely even there… and my gosh, it is super sticky & so smelly!!

      I swear I am the only one who got that eyebrow product this month… its like they were punishing me for cancelling my wait on the BoxyLuxe LOL. It’s in NONE of the spoilers or variations for December… ?

      My freakin’ kitties never leave me alone when I am taking product photos so I just let them sit there now. I can never win lol. You can even see his little face in the mirror of the Wander Beauty palette photo hahaha.

      Yeah!! Wander Beauty just popped outta nowhere & is everywhere now. The items I received previously were just not for me. πŸ˜› I am still excited to try the blushes to see how they suit my skin tone, too, though! Wish me luck with your technique to use them!! ❀

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      1. omg they fuckedd up this month!! after getting my box i went to their IG and a bunch of people were pissed and were saying how that powder should have been in EVERYONE’s box. I’m sorry if I said that already in my previous comment, i don’t remember what I said LOL
        but yeah, that kind of pissed me off too cause I didn’t get it either 😦 i would have loved to have it!
        i still need to do my giveaway, it’s 6 months already and I still haven’t gotten the chance to do it because I still wanted to buy a few more products and I also have been looking into prices for Canada so I can have both the US and Canada..
        I actually kind of liked the scent, it almost reminded me of the Buxom toppers, but sweeter. I hope I can try the lip paint soon to see if it’s decent.. Otherwise I’ll toss it LOL
        I haven’t seen many boxes from this month yet but it’ll be interesting to see other regular boxes, i’ve only seen yours
        i just went back to see and i saw his face, so cuteee!!
        let me know if that works, i still need to try too! i’m gonna try to do lots of photoshoots for tons of products today because i realized too late these photos were very christmas-y so when i do reviews on them later it probably won’t make sense LOL

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        1. Nah! Boxycharm never said that they were going to put that powder in everyone’s box, everyone just really wanted it. I think people are just mad they didn’t get it, they wanted it to be a everyone product like the lip paint was. Boxy did make it clear that it was only a variation item though. People on IG are infuriated because at first, it wasn’t included in the final Luxe spoiler photos at all. The people who had upgraded already saw the spoiler for that powder though so they were mad when the Luxe spoilers didn’t show them THEN like two days later, Boxy did another Luxe spoiler photo that did include the powder because how mad everyone was, I think. The day I saw the powder not included in the Luxe spoiler photo was the day I cancelled my wait… lol.

          They responded to an angry customer like “it’s okay, there will be great setting powders in our 2019 boxes too!” lolol.

          I tried to find out how much it would cost to ship out of country but I couldn’t figure it out LOL. I just did it within the US so I wouldn’t be surprised when I got to the post office!

          Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the lip paint! You’re like the only one I follow that gets Boxycharm, too, so I just look at random unboxing posts sometimes. I swear no one else got that freakin’ eyebrow cream.

          Lol I took photos for my Ipsy products with my Christmas checker patterned scarf background too and I am about to post it right now. Oops!

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          1. awh man they suck for that!! I hope they don’t keep pulling those kinds of stunts or people will be pissed enough to unsubscribe LOL. I wonder what kind of setting powders they’re thinking about adding… Laura Mercier would be nice haha
            Speaking of subscribing, are you thinking about getting March’s BoxyLuxe?
            So I sent a mailer to the UK, just paper was like super cheap, $1.70 or so, but I know that if it’s something else, you have to fill out a customs form, and all that, and since I’ll be sending makeup, that might be more. And I think Alex said it also depended on weight. I had him ask the UPS guy from his work and he said it might start around $25 depending on the weight and products.. Once the holiday season passes, I’m going to ask the post office and then head to UPS to ask for estimates. Or I may just try to get all the products together and ask for estimates…..
            Oooh, I’d love to see that scarf! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see that post πŸ™‚

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            1. A lot of people did unsubscribe!! Or at least they were saying that they were going to in the comments LOL. I can’t wait to get a setting powder. I’ve seen that Laura Mercier a lot, I’d love to try it, too. ;D Fingers crossed!!!

              I am hoping to be off the waitlist for this Glambag Plus by March so I don’t think I’ll do the Luxe since I’ll already be getting so much each month, y’know?! I wonder if I would even be able to get the March Luxe though. I’d probably be waitlisted again lol.

              Ahh!! Okay, I see!! I’ll stick with the US so I can pack more things in it but, boyfriend suggested like giftcard giveaways for those who are out of country so I might do that if I reach 2K??
              I think you’ve already seen the scarf lol I just laid it out flat for a background for a lot of products this month πŸ˜‰

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              1. I bought a very inexpensive setting powder in my bday haul but I didn’t pay attention and it’s not CF LOL
                Oooh, I hope you get off the waitlistg, I’d love to see Ipsy Plus, I haven’t seen anyone review it yet?
                True, it’s cheaper here in the US only. But gift cards are actually very nice for overseas. I’m getting an idea to opening it up internationally, at least to Canada & UK and send them the gift card # digitally, but the card has to work everywhere LOL. Butyeah, if I do that I could at least have two winners, US get the package, and Canada or UK get the gift card.. hm… I’ll have to see..

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                1. Hahah dang, I admit, I do that quite often. If it’s cheap, I can’t help but to throw it in without a single thought.

                  I haven’t seen anyone review the Ipsy Plus yet either?! That’s kind of why I don’t have a lot of hope for getting off the waitlist anytime soon. 😦

                  Yeah!! That’s exactly what I was thinking. The digital gift card for an out of country winner and the package for someone in the US. πŸ˜€


                    1. I know!! They freakin’ added the Plus the month right after I cancelled I think. I’m glad they invited me to be on the waitlist but dun dun dun, I didn’t get it this month. 😦

                      You’ll have to let me know about the digital cards! Everyone has different stores & stuff. It’s crazy! Lol.


                    2. Oh man that sucks,.so are you basically waiting each month to see if you get it?
                      And I was looking into it and it might be a bit more difficult because some gift cards can only be used in the US

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                    3. Yep! I have to wait for an e-mail from them saying I am off the waitlist, I guess! 😦 I think I’ll be on it forever at this rate lol.

                      Ah, I seeee… that’s such a bummer! Let me know if you do end up going to the shipping store to estimate prices & stuff!!

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  8. omg i’m sorry my last comment was so incredibly long!!!! btw, we got only like two products that are the same πŸ™‚ can’t wait to post my boxyluxe, i’m gonna work on that post and video super hard for tomorrow πŸ™‚ i should probably go work on it now instead of reading since i’ve already caught up in my reading πŸ™‚ i’m like three days out so it’s not bad! πŸ˜€

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    1. Oh no worries!!! I love your long comments. πŸ˜€ ❀ I am always so excited to read & reply to them!!

      I am sooo far behind on the Reader like, maybe 6 days out now!! 😦 I may just go and watch your video right now though, I can't wait to see what you got!!

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  9. What a disappointment that you didn’t get the products you were hoping for! Also, how weird is that mini flat iron?! And the fact that it retails for $75.00 is insane! I wouldn’t pay that for a full-size flat iron, lol. I know I’m cheap, but still. I wouldn’t put the effort into using it for anything either haha.

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    1. I know! I was so sad that I didn’t get the products I wanted BUT I do have to say that the mini iron is really nice. I used it on my hair and it doesn’t really take much longer than my big flat iron to get every bit straightened. My hair is really thin though– don’t know how it would work for thicker hair.

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      1. Ohhh I’m glad the mini flat iron is working well then!! My hair is so so so thick, it’s hard for me to get anything to work. But I also don’t like using styling products in my hair, they always feel gross to me lol.

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          1. Haha well I SHOULD use styling products since I don’t like how my hair lays naturally, but my hair is so thick it doesn’t cooperate and I’m not skilled enough to do it. I really just need to get the right cut and then the thickness will play to my advantage instead of disadvantage like it does now. πŸ˜‰

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            1. You can tell the salon lady to thin it out if you want!! I had really thick hair when I was younger and I remember my mom always telling the salon lady “thin it out with some layers”

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