Journal Entry #188

December 24, 2018
05:46 PM

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you beautiful people who celebrate this holiday!!!

Saturday night at work was alright. I did end up going to the bar for a drink with boyfriend before I went in. Man, our favorite bartender makes me one super freakin’ strong Patron with pineapple juice. I had one and was drunk for the rest of the night lol. I left at around 3-ish? I texted boyfriend about being bored and I was debating on if I should try the crowd one more time but, then I got carried away in conversation with two of my colleagues. I looked down at my phone and boyfriend messaged me saying he was going to just come and get me because he wanted me home, hehe. I was more than happy to leave!!

Yesterday, boyfriend had to work the day shift… which is probably the real reason why he came to get me πŸ˜‰ lol. I read blogs on my Reader and my book, One Day in December, until he got home around 4-ish PM.

We have been craving more sushi since we left Sakana last Sunday! We wanted to go back there again last night but, there were crowds down the sidewalk. We were NOT going to wait their supposed “hour and a half” for a spot so we drove down to Yama Sushi which had a line out the door but, not down the sidewalk… still too much waiting for us.

So… we went to Ono Sushi. We’ve been a couple times before and they are maybe a 3 out of 5 compared to Sakana’s 5 out of 5 (according to me).

Everything was good but, not great!

For once, I was actually glad to be PMS-ing because my endless pit of a stomach came in handy. We ate a TON.

For dessert, I was excited for my Lychee Sorbet and almost ordered two scoops but, had to opt for a Red Bean Ice Cream scoop since lychees are not rapidly growing like they do in the summer! At least… that’s what the waitress told me lol.

I love Red Bean Ice Cream and it was just a small enough scoop to make me kiiiinda gassy for the rest of the night but, not have a stummy ache when I woke up. πŸ˜€

There is a SERIOUS sale going on with all the expansions and stuff packs for the Sims 4 right now. Boyfriend threw some money at me when I told him about the sales and said it was for my Christmas gift (even though I’ve been yelling at him to not get me one)!! But hey, I was so not turning down some money to buy more stuff for my Sims!! Lol.

He actually gave me enough to buy all the ones I want buuut, I only bought the Seasons Expansion and the Toddler Stuff Pack. I wanted to load them both on the computer first and make sure everything still worked properly, then I was going to buy Pets, Jungle Adventure, and the Backyard Stuff Pack but, I became overwhelmed by all the new additions in the game just from the Seasons Expansion so I think I’m gonna hold off on buying anymore but, gosh, the sales end on Jan 11 and I don’t wanna pass up on those prices. I don’t know if my computer can even handle all that I want!!!

Anywho, you guys already know that I played that all night until we went to bed around 3 AM. In bed, I read One Day in December until there was only 20 min of the book left. I wanted to finish so bad but, my eyes kept closing.

Today, I woke up a bit past 2 PM. Boyfriend was already gone for work. I finished reading One Day in December, took a shower, then tried on some makeup for my sub box posts and took some photos, too!! I will be posting my December Boxycharm tomorrow. πŸ˜€

I had just finished responding to all of your lovely comments before I started typing this. Now, I’m gonna make something to eat then, write and schedule some posts. After that… SIMS TIME!!

06:12 PM

48 thoughts on “Journal Entry #188

    1. Hahah aw, I’m happy you think it’s adorable because I’m getting a bit annoyed of myself for not wanting to do anything else! That sushi place is always so busy, it must be a lot of people’s favorite. πŸ˜‰ Hopefully we can get in next time!

      Merry Christmas to you, Chanelle!! ❀

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  1. Merry christmas πŸ™‚

    That lychee stuff sounds yumm, bummer you couldn’t get any.

    I saw the sims 4 sales this morning and was really tempted, but then i realized i’m not sure i actually wanna play?! I’m weird, i know πŸ˜€ I’m sure i’d enjoy it more with all the expansions, cuz just the base game was a bit meh.

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    1. Merry Christmas, Norrie! ❀

      Ooo, do you like the lychee fruit?! πŸ™‚ & I know what you mean! I go through waves of wanting to play the Sims. After awhile, I just get bored of it. Even with all the crazy stuff I haven't got to do yet! It is only freaking $5 for the base game right now though… that's such a steal!

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  2. Merry Christmas to you as well. I’m not at all religious but I like Christmastime with all the cute and elegant stuff, yummy food and presents. LOL Did you know there are three books on Goodreads with the title One Day in December? Which one are you readng?

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    1. Merry Christmas!! ❀ I think it's perfectly okay to celebrate this time of year even if you are not religious!! It's so cozy & comfy. πŸ™‚

      Oh! I read the one written by Josie Silver! I will post about it soon!


  3. Are the Sims sales for PC only? And I know what you mean. I’m still finding new stuff that came with Seasons. I want all the expansions but I already have like 4 of them can tell a small lag in the game from all the DLC. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ perhaps I need a separate console for just Sims haha

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    1. Ah I think so! The sale is on Origin for PC. There have been so many new things with Seasons! I want one of those gaming laptops just for the Sims… I feel like it needs its own console or hard drive! There’s SO much.

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        1. RIGHT? I can’t believe how cheap everything is especially when I paid so much for some of it. 😦

          No, I don’t have Pets or Jungle. I didn’t know what Jungle was at first but then I watched the trailer & it seems pretty fun!

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  4. patron with pineapple juice actually sounds like….a good time for me! lol. i love fruity drinks, gotta love bartenders who make them extra strong for you! when alex worked at a bar, the bartender was always very friendly with me and she’d make me the best drinks! πŸ˜€
    that sushi looks visually appealing, too bad it wasn’t as good, that’s always disappointing when food looks delicious but doesn’t meet your expectations.
    i lol’d about your bf giving you money for the sims haha, i wish i could buy some things on mine too, but since we get quests, i don’t think we can get expansions packs, i do however have babies and toddlers, preteens, and teens. πŸ™‚ i can’t wait to start the quest to make my sims pregnant LMAO

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    1. Patron with pineapple juice is really pretty good! Our bartender said he had never really heard that mix until I started ordering it from him & even he liked it when he took a taste. πŸ™‚ It’s always nice to have that bartender “hook-up”! I can’t stand a weak drink!

      Some of the food at Ono didn’t even look all that appetizing to me. πŸ˜› The fish for the nigiri looked old & squishy!

      I was surprised when boyfriend threw the money at me! I didn’t know but he was saving for my Kindle that I wanted. He must’ve realized I’ve neglected my reading for playing the Sims lol.

      Wait wait, we don’t get to have preteens. We have children though– are they the same?! My Sim has been pregnant 4 times in a row now! I am trying to make twins or triplets. I gave her this Fertility booster but I still haven’t gotten twins!! She is pregnant again right now and this time, she also got a fertility massage along with her fertility booster. I’m gonna scream so loud if she doesn’t have twins this time!!

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      1. i’ll have to buy some patron and pineapple juice to try it myself πŸ™‚
        lol did he literally throw the money at you? because if so that’s funny XD nice of him to have saved some money for something that you wanted though πŸ™‚ very thoughtful of him πŸ™‚
        wait so do your children go from like, babies to toddlers, then to teens?? or from like babies to teens? I’m trying to remember if the toddlers came with the baby quest, cause I can’t remember when I got the preteens either.. i’ll have to look it up or something. I’ve been tempted to restart my game but at the same time I’ve been playing it for years and have amassed lots of simoleons and items and houses from previous updates and quests πŸ™‚
        i hope you get twins!! i wonder if we will ever have that kind of update for the sims freeplay because it sucks waiting a day for my sim to be “born” before I can add another baby to my town.. I just married like three couples last night so they can all have babies because I don’t have any babies, toddlers or preteens LOL..

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        1. Yes, he literally grabbed the money out of his wallet and threw at me lol. I was like what the heck am I on stage right now hahaha jkjk. πŸ˜›

          We get babies, to toddlers, to children, to teens, to young adult, then adult (and elder). I’ve actually never played the game without using the money cheat LOL. But hey!! Since you got a new phone, you could just start a whole new game on there and then continue playing the one on your iPad, too!

          I have to check out this Freeplay. It sounds so different than the PC game!

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          1. HAHHAHAHAHA good joke LOL that made me laugh so hard!
            oooh I see, so your young adults are like…over 18? LOL or?? I’m confused.. Mine go from teens straight to adulthood, poor them they don’t get to enjoy their 20s it’s straight to work LOL
            good idea, though I wonder if my phone will be able to handle so many apps, I’m trying to limit what I have on my phone with this one to avoid using so much space and battery life… even though it’s 32gb, but most of the space goes to photos of CL LOL
            It might be, at least from what I saw on the WII game, if the PC game is anything like it than yea, it’s very different. You don’t have social media, otherwise I’d send you a few screenshots of what it looks like LOL or if you have the time to check out some videos, check out Make2 on YT, they have walkthroughs for all the quests and they build their own houses too. I also follow a blog called “The Girl Who Games”, I’ll link it here for you, and you can browse her posts, it’s all about the Sims Freeplay. In fact, she’s actually the one who got me into blogging. Because of her blog it made me want to have one of my own. Who knew it’d turn into beauty HAHAHA

            anyway, here’s her blog, I think her blog is still here on WP. At least it still shows that I follow her on my reader..


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            1. LOL happy I could make you laugh ;D

              yeah the young adults are over 18. I will move them out when they get that age lol.

              The Galaxies always have so much space but yeah I take a lot of photos and don’t delete any…. my phone is finally upset with me and telling me to delete some stuff LOL. But I get what you mean about wanting to limit the apps you download! 32gb is a lot though!! ;D

              I scrolled through her blog a bit!! It’s totally different!! Is it kind of like the Kim Kardashian game?

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              1. LOL Mine stay at their parents house, I only have a limited amount of lots and building houses is very expensive..
                Idk what KK game? LOL. So I’m not sure how the one you play works, but this one is played in real time, you basically have to click on them to make them do stuff if that makes sense, so basically you feed them, you make them socialize, you send them to work etc. Each task can take seconds or up to 24 hrs..

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                1. Hahaha yeah, there is a Kim Kardashian game I used to play that is just like that. There’s a Harry Potter one you would probably love, too!! & if you’ve watched Desperate Housewives, there’s also a game for them!! They’re all so fun but so frustrating because I forget to go back for like the long events!!


  5. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Hunida!! ❀ I can't believe you had to go to three different sushi places to find one without an unreasonable wait! That's insane! Too bad it wasn't great, but at least you still were able to go haha.
    How sweet of your boyfriend to give you money for all those games!! What a nice guy!! That was definitely perfect for Christmas haha.

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    1. We did, thank you, Courtney!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too. ❀

      & yeah, they were all within 1 or 2 miles away from each other so it was better to check which one didn't have a long ass wait! The food was still alright just not the best! πŸ˜›

      Hahaha yeah, I think he was saving for the Kindle actually but, then realized I had been neglecting my reading for gaming πŸ˜€

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      1. We had a lovely Christmas, thank you!! πŸ’–

        Oh good well at least they were all close to each other! That makes it easier to check and see.

        Aw even though it was sweet about the Kindle, it was still nice of him to realize what you were pretty excited about haha.

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