The Christmas Tag

Hey, all! I know I am super behind on responding to awards and tags posts but, I felt like I had to push this one to the top of the list– for obvious reasons! (I promise, I will still get to the other ones, eventually). I wanted to get these questions answered before Christmas, so here we go!!

Thank you to Becky at Strikeouts + Sprinkles for tagging me. πŸ™‚


  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you and link their blog to your post
  2. List the rules in the post
  3. Answer all the questions asked by the blogger
  4. Nominate some other bloggers and ask them 12 new questions

Becky’s Questions

Thoughts on Christmas lights staying up all year round?

Well, I see why people do it and I am not one to judge.

When do you start listening to Christmas music?

Maybe a bit before Thanksgiving. It gets me in the mood for both holidays. I love Christmas music so much.

When is too early to start listening to/playing Christmas music?

Never! People can listen to whatever they want, whenever they want!

How do you do your Christmas shopping (in-store/online/both)?

I like doing it in-store better but, I have done some online shopping a lot of the times.

What’s your favorite family tradition around this time of year?

Mine and boyfriend’s newest tradition of going to a big buffet on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day. πŸ™‚

Real or fake tree?

It just breaks my heart that people cut down real trees to decorate and put in their homes. Fake trees, all the way.

Favorite Christmas song?

I like that smooth man (Nat King Cole) singing Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire a LOT and I love Ashley Tisdale’s version of Last Christmas. πŸ˜€ This year, I’ve mostly been listening to the Glee soundtrack of Christmas songs– which are all just the best. Oh, and I can’t forget Britney Spears’ My Only Wish This Year.

Favorite Christmas movie?

I can’t pick only one. I feel like there are a few genres of Christmas movies so, I’ll do one for each:

Cheesy, magical romance: Snowglobe
More “serious”: This Christmas
Classic: How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Contemporary Rom-Com: Four Christmases

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

I’ve never really hated anything I got before!

Who is the toughest person you have to buy for this Christmas?

I didn’t buy anyone gifts this year so I didn’t have a tough time. πŸ™‚

Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph?

Why do I have to choose? I love them both! But, I guess… I will go with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Do you have to attend any Christmas/holiday parties this year?


I Tag…

Whoever is reading this and has been looking for a fun Christmas tag to do before the holiday passes us! I’d love to hear all of your answers to my questions!

My Questions

  1. What does your perfect wrapping paper look like?
  2. Have you been to any Christmas festivals or light shows this year?
  3. What will you be having for dinner on Christmas?
  4. Have you ever had to travel for Christmas?
  5. What was your absolute favorite gift you’ve ever received?
  6. Do you know how to ice skate?
  7. Do you give your snowmen a real scarf and a carrot nose? If you’ve never made one, would you?
  8. Is there one specific thing you really are hoping to open up this year?
  9. Do you think pets should get presents, too?
  10. Did you buy anything new or special to wear on Christmas?
  11. What are your favorite Christmas colors?
  12. What do you think of the Elf on the Shelf?

49 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag

  1. Cute tag! I don’t see an issue with leaving Christmas lights up year round if they are those twinkly ones πŸ™‚ I’m not really a fan of Christmas music πŸ˜› I saw someone had returned Carole Matthews ‘With Love At Christmas’ book today and it made me think of you!

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    1. Right? I don’t see any issue with it either. It must be easier that way! & how about like the newer versions of Christmas songs? You don’t like any of it?! 😦

      That’s so sweet that you thought of me!! ❀ ❀ I am smiling like a crazy person at my screen now!

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      1. I think I’m not a fan of Christmas music because all the songs tend to be about winter and snow and fires and NZ celebrates Christmas in summer so it doesn’t feel relatable πŸ˜‚

        Glad I could make you smile!

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  2. Cute post!
    Putting up xmas lights is a pain in the ass. I’d love it if it was acceptable to leave them where they are all year πŸ˜€
    I also prefer fake trees. Not only it doesn’t involve cutting down actual trees, but their shape is nice and it makes decorating easier.

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    1. LOL I don’t see why you can’t just keep them up but not turn them on at night when it’s not the right time? Sounds very acceptable to me! πŸ˜‰

      I agree! Fake trees are always perfectly shaped!!

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  3. I love Christmas Tags(Great postπŸ’žβ€).I like both ,real Christmas tree and fake .In Latvia there is a law that every family can cut one Christmas tree in the forest for holidays (but not in the Riga region) , because the little Christmas trees doesn’t let the big ones to grow.

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    1. I love all the Christmas Tags, too. πŸ˜€ I just had to fill one out myself!! ❀

      Oh! I see! Well if it helps the trees to grow to cut them down, I understand. πŸ™‚ It's just that here in the US, there are so many fires and trees being burned down already.

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  4. We have some things in common! I’m not sure about the lights staying up all year. I don’t really like the way they look in summer, but it’s really not a big deal! I’m going to try this tag! Thanks for sharing all your answers, Hunida. I really enjoyed this! πŸ’šπŸŽ„β€

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  5. Thanks for answering my questions! πŸ™‚ I like Four Christmases, too, and I always forget about it around this time unless it’s on TV.

    Here are my answers to your questions!

    1. I really like the ones that have the brown/paper bag looking background with holly and trees and white writing on it.
    2. Nope. The major city near me (like ten minutes away by highway) has a light festival every year in one of their city parks called “Bright Nights” and I’ve only gone once when I was younger. You drive through the park and there are a bunch of different light displays throughout the park.
    3. Ham and all of the yummy sides, including roasted brussel sprouts. My mom made them at Thanksgiving and I think I ate the whole bag.
    4. We normally drive up to my grandparents’ house, which is about a half hour away, but we’re not going there this Christmas. We did an early Christmas there last weekend.
    5. I can’t think of one off the top of my head. Probably something when I was younger. Now I get practical things, which isn’t always bad.
    6. Yep, but I haven’t gone in years 😦
    7. When I used to make snowmen, I think I did the real carrot nose but wouldn’t sacrifice a real scarf to them. I do remember one year my dad and I made a big goldfish and cat out of snow and then spray painted them.
    8. I already know about 80% of what I’m getting, but I’m excited to open up a blue sweater dress that I can wear to work.
    9. YES. Although I’ve been slacking in the last few years with actually buying gifts for my pets. They each have a little stocking and we normally just put in some treats that we already had in the house.
    10. No I didn’t. Since we’re staying home, I’ll probably just wear a sweatshirt and leggings.
    11. The traditional red and green.
    12. I think it’s weird, but my boss does it at home for his daughters and he’ll tell us where the Elf was that morning, like hanging from the ceiling fan in the kitchen. If you have kids, it’s probably fun, but I’m not too much of a fan.

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    1. Hi Becky!! Thanks for answering my questions, too!! I loved reading all of your answers. πŸ˜€ Four Christmases is such a good one!

      I love the brown paper bag gift-wrap. I been seeing it a lot this year with twine wrapped around, so pretty! There is a light show sort of like that here in Vegas where you can either drive your own car or hop on one of their trams to see all the lights. I love roasted Brussels sprouts and ham!! & I agree about receiving practical things– not bad at all!

      That’s SO cool that you made a big goldfish and cat out of snow!! Whaaaat?! & then spray painted it?! WOW!! I would have loved to see that! I think the Elf on the Shelf has a scary face lol, the idea is fun if your child really believes it’s moving on its own though– totally agree!

      Merry Christmas Eve!!! ❀


  6. Ha! This is so much fun!
    I am a Rudolph fan too. I only recently started listening to the lyrics.
    Seems like he was a victim of bullying but now is everyone’s favorite reindeer πŸ˜€

    I will do this tag too. Mainly because of the first question you asked πŸ˜‰

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    1. That’s what I was just talking about with boyfriend! Ha, I was like “oh that means all the other reindeers are actually bullies?!” LOL. I can’t wait to read your answers, Andrea!! ❀ Merry Christmas Eve!!


    1. I just love that film!! The little role playing game they do in the beginning sounds so fun lol, I’ve always wanted to try it with boyfriend one day. πŸ˜€

      Thank you, Erica!! Merry Christmas Eve!! ❀

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  7. I prefer a fake tree too, but then again that’s all I’ve ever had in my house so it’s what I’m used to. My grandma used to always get a real tree and the pine needles would fall off. I would always end up stepping on them when going to the bathroom at night and it really hurt. Felt like stepping on glass.

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  8. wait, do people actually leave their xmas lights year round? where? LOL
    and i’ve either heard from someone or read somewhere that artificial trees aren’t good for the environment..? i’m not too sure of that, i have a fake one, it belongs to my dad, i’ll be honest though, i did want a real one this year but we didn’t get the chance.. idk about over there, but here we have xmas tree farms, the pumpkin patch i went to was already growing them and selling them in october, you go pick your tree and i think they cut it down for you and you just pick it up? i’m not sure how they do it, maybe you do it yourself, i’m not sure if that’s any better? LOL
    I LOOOOVE how the grinch stole xmas!! one of my fave movies possibly ever!! we watched it so many times this month! #noshame
    what a fun tag, i’ll answer a few of your q’s because this comment is already way too long lol

    1) What does your perfect wrapping paper look like?

    I like the clean look, so maybe white or the brown mail wrapping paper, then adding some decorative ribbon and small pieces of wreaths πŸ™‚ i had this idea in my head that my presents would look gorgeous under the tree this year, but no time.. all my time went into prepping for ciel’s party i didn’t have time for xmas decor LOL

    2) Have you ever had to travel for Christmas?

    never, would be nice though…

    3) Do you know how to ice skate?

    i wish!!!

    4) Do you think pets should get presents, too?

    yes!!! they’re part of the family! i wish i had enough money to get Sophie a biscuit! but my dad and brother got her treats, so cute!

    happy holidays Hunida! ❀ xx

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    1. LOL maybe you don’t notice because they don’t turn them on but some people leave their lights around their houses up all year. πŸ˜› Not a lot of people, just some. I don’t notice or mind but some people think it is tacky!

      Yeah I can see how artificial trees are bad for the environment but a lot of people use their same one year after year… I’m sure it’s not as bad as how many straws they use all those years they are using the same tree. You know what I mean? & I know there are tree farms & stuff… they cleared even more trees to have their farms! I don’t know. It’s just my opinion but I think cutting them down is not so nice & especially after all the fires this past summer… the Earth needs trees in the ground and so do we!! Lots of people burn their trees too so they are also polluting the air when they do that every single year yadda yadda sorry, I am probably boring you. I’ll stop now lol. Personally, I’ve never bought any kind of tree because my cats would knock it down every single day, I already know it lol.

      I have so much shame because I didn’t even watch The Grinch once this year!! I love love love that movie. 😦 I’m so excited you answer some of my questions!!

      It seems the brown paper wrapping is the most popular this year! & I think it’s totally fine you focused more on Ciel’s birthday!! ❀ We didn't even wrap any presents this year.

      Lol a biscuit. πŸ˜‰ that's so cute, they have so many fun treats for dogs. I wish they offered the same for cats!!

      Happy Holidays to you too, Rossy!!! ❀ Thank you for participating in the tag a little!! πŸ˜€

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      1. True that Haha I don’t mind lights being up saves you time the following year lmao

        Oh no,.I know what you mean and you make great points. In the long run it’s better to have trees as they provide oxygen for us. It’s why I love living here, we have so many trees. I love it.

        Even if they don’t have treats for cats they do have catnip πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ lol

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        1. Right! Like who wants to climb to the top of their house every year?! & I agree! It’s always better to have the trees around. πŸ™‚

          Lol I swear one of my cats has ADD, he can’t handle the catnip. He will run around knocking down all the lamps if I let him play with some but, cat nip is just not as cute as like those cakes or donuts they make for dogs!

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            1. Lol I know, I think something is a little wonky about my little guy. He sleeps like only half the amount of time my other cats do, too. Sometimes they do play fetch. They like bells & paper receipt balls lol. They are def in need a of a new cat tree!! But all of it, I have bought for them time and time again, y’know?! I want all the treats dogs get for them, too. 😦

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                1. Nah! I don’t really think it’s a huge problem, I love my cat just the way he is πŸ˜€ & they still need to be separated at night because I don’t really trust them but I let them roam around together during the day most of the time… still have to keep a close eye on them though! The boys bully my girl a bit still!! But she is also too fiesty and always throwing claws lol.

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                  1. Well so long as it’s not super concerning then I’m sure he’s fine πŸ™‚
                    and that’s great! I remember reading about them a long time ago and they couldn’t be in the same room together LOL some progress is being made they probably just need to get used to each other. I love that she stands up for herself, that’s my girl! LOL
                    oh oh oh, something I was going to ask, which kitty was it that his face showed up in the Wander Beauty palette mirror? Love his face! LOL

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                    1. Hahaha, they are just so naughty!! & they get so jealous of each other. I can’t give one attention without doing the same for the others.

                      The kitty in the mirror is my big boy Sushi lol he was my first one πŸ˜€

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  9. I’m same with you about Christmas musicβ€”I’m not one to jump in right after Halloween, but I am definitely starting to get in the spirit around Thanksgiving! I’m so excited to hear about how your Christmas buffet went especially after how awesome the Thanksgiving one was! Ooo I have never seen Four Christmases- gonna check this out next year. I did not watch as many Christmas movies as I was hoping this year… too deep in my HP dive haha. Always fun to read your responses to these Q + As!

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    1. Hahaha I gotta admit I was still singing Christmas songs yesterday & boyfriend sternly stated “Christmas is over”!! I just love all the songs. ❀ & I didn't watch as many Christmas movies as I had hoped either because I fell into a dark hole called the Sims hahaha. You'll love Four Christmases any time of the year though!! Such a good one, especially if you are a Reese Witherspoon and/or Vince Vaughn fan!!

      ❀ ❀

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      1. LOL! No no , you sing those songs as long as you want, gf!!!

        hahaha, ya know- I fell in a dark hole of Harry Potter- so no judging here!

        That’s so good to know- okay gonna have to hunt it down. Is it on Netflix? I LOVE both Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughn!

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  10. Totally agree about fake trees lol and Four Christmases is one of my favorites too! It’s so funny lol and you really can’t go wrong with Vince Vaughn. XD I definitely start listening to Christmas music on November 1st. In our house, as soon as Halloween is over, it’s Christmas hahaha. And I will keep on the music and decor until the end of January. πŸ˜‰
    I basically do all my shopping online because I find it so much easier. Also Joshua & I go everywhere together so it’s impossible to surprise him unless I shop online lol.
    I love brown paper for wrapping paper! It’s simple and minimal. ❀ We had Red Lobster feasts for Christmas and it was phenomenal! I love that you guys go to a buffet for Christmas too! I haven't ever traveled for Christmas and I hope I don't have to because that just sounds stressful and I doubt it would feel much like Christmas when it's not at home. I do know how to ice skate and I even own a pair of skates but it's expensive at our rink, so we've only gone once in the past three years. Pets should absolutely get presents, they are family lol. And I think Elf on the Shelf is way too much work hahaha. πŸ˜‰
    Such a fun post, Hunida!! ❀

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    1. Yay save the poor trees!! ❀ & isn't Four Christmases just the best?? Love it!! & I am glad that I'm not the only who pulls out the Christmas jams that early. I feel like they set the mood for Thanksgiving, too, so it's not like I'm "skipping a holiday." Even though, who cares if I was?! πŸ˜›

      I've only been to Red Lobster a few times!! Their food really is phenomenal. ❀ How lovely to spend your Christmas there! Travelling for Christmas does sound stressful. I bet there are so many people with so many luggages.

      Aww!! That's a bummer that ice skating is expensive where you are. I don't know how, but it seems so romantic and cute for a date night lol. Boyfriend says he doesn't know how to stop on them either so… I think we'll never get to do that!!

      Elf on the Shelf has a creepy face, too. LOL!

      ❀ Thanks for reading and such a wonderful comment, Courtney! Happy New Year!

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      1. Definitely doesn’t feel like skipping a holiday! I still like Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Christmas haha. And true, what does it matter if we were skipping a holiday, people like what they like! πŸ˜‰

        Ooh yes Red Lobster is so good! We always like to order out so we can enjoy it at home but don’t have to prep or clean up lol. πŸ˜‚ oh my gosh yes all the people traveling would be overwhelming!

        It’s is so cute to ice skate together!! I’m not great at stopping either so I just make sure to never go too fast. Sucks when kids cut in front of you though lol.

        Agreed! I don’t like Elf on the Shelf haha.

        Happy New Year to you too!! I hope you guys have a wonderful night & holiday!!

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        1. Yeah exactly! & that’s such a good idea to order the day before so you can enjoy it at home!!

          Ice skating together does seem so cute but, then you’re right. I hate being around too many kiddos lol.

          ❀ ❀

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