Journal Entry #183

December 12, 2018
06:57 PM

Hey guys and gals, I hope your week has been off to a great start! πŸ™‚

Yesterday, boyfriend and I went out to eat at Pho Bistro for dinner. I knew we had been there before but, I couldn’t remember when so I looked it up on my blog! The last time we went was all the way back in January! Nearly a whole year ago now!

We ordered Spring Rolls and Garlic Chicken Wings for our appetizers (just like we did the first time we went lol).

Boyfriend had their Vietnamese Noodle Salad which came with grilled pork and egg rolls (with no other options or substitutes available).

I went with their Beef Stew with bread. The bread was the highlight of my life. SO SOFT and toasty.

I even asked for a second loaf after I finished my first one. The stew was alright but, I could taste the MSG lingering on my tongue after every bite. Blech.

When we finished up our food, we had to go to the dispensary but, our car started getting smoky… boyfriend had to pull over and check what the issue was before going in to get the weed. He realized the radiator cap had flown off and was broken so it wasn’t going to stay put for long. On our way home, we had to stop at AutoZone to buy even more coolant and also a new radiator cap. Then, of course, we made our usual stop at Starbucks.

When we got home, I put together the outline of my Recipe Reviews that I posted last night then, I did my makeup and hair. When I finished getting ready, I wrote in the details of the post and published it. I headed off to work around 9:30 PM.

I had a few drinks while I was there. I didn’t really want to but, I had to make my clients happy. πŸ˜› At least I didn’t get too drunk and I don’t regret anything!

I went home around 3 AM.

Today, we woke up at like 2 PM. I showered right away because I wanted to go grocery shopping. I was looking up recipes for awhile until boyfriend realized he works tomorrow and the next few days after so, it would’ve been pointless for us to get food that would just sit in the fridge until his next day off on Sunday.

We decided to go out to eat instead but, first we stopped at the UPS store to drop off some Christmas packages and cards. πŸ˜€ Then, we went to the American Gypsy Cafe. We tried to go here once before but, they had gone through a fire and were shut down that time.

It was set up so fancy in there but, the atmosphere didn’t match. It was so eerie, quiet, and empty. We both felt like it was illegal to talk too loudly. We were literally whispering the whole time…

For our appetizer, we were able to get free hummus with a Yelp Check-In… and my gosh, am I glad that it was free. It was maybe the worst restaurant-hummus I’ve ever hard.

They also offered a free salad to us!

But, I almost wish we hadn’t accepted the offer. It was not to our liking at all. It had a weird winterfresh flavor to it with a mix of sweetness? I don’t know. Just not good at all.

Boyfriend ordered the Shish Kebab which came with marinated beef chunks and grilled green peppers and onions.

All of their entrees include the rice and roasted tomato, too.

I got the Rack of Lamb.

The lamb was probably the best out of everything but, even that wasn’t so great. A little over-seasoned, in my opinion. I do appreciate that they were meaty pieces and not all fat, though.

As usual, we went to Starbucks for our espressos after we finished eating. When we got home, I turned on the computer and an error message popped up twice. Boyfriend checked the back wirings to see the cats had loosened one of the cords. When he plugged it all the way in, the computer turned on properly but, it wouldn’t connect to the internet. I restarted and shut it down a few (hundred) times but, it still wouldn’t register. When I finally gave up, boyfriend asked one of his Twitch buddies for help and he fixed it in .2 seconds. I am so grateful. πŸ˜€

I guess I’m gonna go get ready for work now. Good night, loves!!

07:22 PM

33 thoughts on “Journal Entry #183

  1. Loved this post, Hunida! πŸ’“πŸ’›I had a pretty long day at work, and your journal entries are always so relaxing to read! I think it’s the fact that it’s like a diary format, kinda like you’re chatting with a friend! 😊I always love your food pics! Omg, those spring rolls look amazing! x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww, I really love that you can read my journal entries after a long day of work & feel relaxed. ❀ When I used to write in actual journals, every new one I got, I would name it lol… I'd start the entry with "Hi Name of Journal" and end with "I'll try to write to you again soon" lol SO, it still feels the same when I write on here but even better because I love chatting with you all!! ❀

      Thank you so much, Nunzia! Spring rolls are life. πŸ˜€

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    1. We were really sad about American Gypsy Cafe BECAUSE the time we went & they were shut down… we discovered a whole better place that serves the same cuisine but 100x better. Wish we would have just went back there!

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  2. Looks delicious, Hunida! I hear you on the bread. There’s nothing better in winter than warm, fresh bread. Well, maybe hot cocoa with whipped cream. 🀣 I’m jealous you get to eat all this delicious food though! πŸ˜‰β€πŸ’šβ€

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    1. Gosh, bread really is just so wonderful. ❀ I would love to have a cup of hot cocoa right now though… I haven't had one at all this season yet!! & I so wish I could share all the delicious food with you! ❀


    1. Spring rolls are so amazing!! It’s impossible for me not to order them when they’re on the menu! What kind of meat did you have in your Banh Mi? πŸ™‚ So funny that I almost ordered that here!!

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  3. Oh my goodness I wish the mediterranean place was better because those dishes are just beautiful!!! Maybe it’s called “American Gypsy cafe” because people go there once and then go somewhere else… lol! But as for pho— I was craving it so badly this week when we got back from our trip and we ordered some spring rolls and noodles… I seriously could eat it every day. It is just the best this time of year especially. Mmmmmm!!!!

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    1. LOL I love your sense of humor, Mackenzie. ;D We will definitely be going somewhere else next time!! Pho here in Vegas is pretty bad, we haven’t been able to find a good spot for it so we kind of just gave up altogether but it really is the perfect dish for the winter time. I miss it!!! I bet Cali has hella hot spots!!! ❀

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    1. Stew and bread are such winter foods, aren’t they? ❀ I could eat variations of it everyday of the season! & I guess that's the price we pay for trying new spots– sometimes they aren't worth going to & we have to figure out the hard way why no one does lol.

      ❀ ❀ ❀

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  4. Yummm spring rolls! And beef stew with soft bread sounds like a comfort food to me ❀❀

    Too bad the gypsy whatever was a disappointment. They look good on pictures tho.

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    1. We were wondering if the place was empty maybe because people weren’t aware they had re-opened since the fire but, we’re pretty sure now it’s because the food isn’t so good. πŸ˜› I doubt they will be open for much longer!

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  5. I think it’s the strangest thing when places are so quiet you feel like you can’t really talk! Like, they can obviously tell how quiet it is, they should at least put on some music or something lol. Or turn up the music. XD How great that your boyfriend was able to fix the computer with help from his Twitch buddies! I was so concerned when I read that because I couldn’t imagine how stressful it would be to have computer problems on top of your car problems!

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    1. Yeah!! Boyfriend took a deep breath when we walked out, like “wheeew! I can breathe out loud again” hahaha. Yeah… their music was suuuuper quiet and it was like that piano music with no lyrics… so that didn’t help at all! & the cashier just stood there, doing nothing… felt like she was looking at us the whole time, and listening to us… ugh lol.

      I was SOO sad when my computer was acting up!! I’m glad boyfriend has made friends with some awesome techies!!! ❀

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      1. Woww that sounds so uncomfortable and awkward! I’ve been somewhere like that before. It was a Chinese buffet and there wasn’t any music at all, and like only two other people there. The cashier did the same, just standing there watching us eat. I felt so uncomfortable the whole time! Places like that need some noise going on so customers feel like they can relax and talk with a sound buffer.

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  6. I’m sorry you’re still having car troubles. Hopefully you can get everything fixed right away. And that food from the first place actually looks good.
    The gypsy cafe however, the food did not look very good to me lol. I’m sorry it was disappointing.

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