Journal Entry #182

December 10, 2018
05:04 PM

I haven’t been having the best couple of days. On Saturday night, our car had leaked all of its coolant out faster than it has been and all of the nearby stores were already closed by the time we realized. I don’t know why we didn’t have any coolant on deck but, we didn’t… so after boyfriend dropped me off at work, he said the car started to overheat. He couldn’t pick me up without more coolant so, I had to take an Uber home. I was devastated about my car and just a sad sack to be around… so, I headed home around 3 AM. I should have stayed since I need all that I can get but, I couldn’t even make myself smile anymore.

At least my Uber driver was quick and quiet. The best kind.

Yesterday, boyfriend took an Uber to work. He left really early since he worked the day shift. He got dropped off at AutoZone on the way home and bought some more coolant. Then, he walked home and put that shit in.

I stayed home and played some Disney Adventures while he took the car on a test run to the dispensary, the water mill, the ATM, and to pick us up some burritos and fries from Rivas Mexican Grill.

When he got home, I ate and watched a very emotional and dramatic episode of Star.

I had been reading blogs earlier and I came across Demi’s post about the new Seasons Expansion Pack for the Sims 4 and she got me all giddy. I couldn’t stop thinking about the game so I re-downloaded it onto my computer, this time without Vampires and Get To Work so that it would be a smaller file and maybe not run like shit.

While I waited for it to download, I wrote my Christmas cards and put some packages together. I had such a blast and everything went together so nicely. πŸ™‚

A little before I finished everything up, the game was ready. I had no troubles running it but, that was my first night playing so I can’t say how long it will last this way.

Of course, that’s how I spent the rest of my night… y’know, playing the Sims 4. I don’t have Seasons but, at least I have the Holiday Celebration pack so I decorated my Sims’ home with all the Christmas decor. I like playing with all ages (except toddlers/infants) so I made a single young adult lady with a child daughter. The mom’s name is Lena and the daughter’s name is Amaya. Their last name is Truong. I always just choose the dice to help me with names, I click it until something seems like it fits what my Sims look like.

The last time I played was maybe about a year ago?? I can’t believe all the new options and different things we can do now. I love that they are always updating the game. It’s amazing.

I started a new book when we went into bed last night. A Day in December, I think it’s called. By Josie Silver. I like it so far… lol. It’s a romance set in the winter time… I don’t know why I’m trying to stick with the snowy theme for books this month.

Today, we woke up a bit before 2 PM. I got like 3 packages in the mail so I took a bit of time opening them all up, taking pictures of some, and playing with everything. I hopped on here after putting everything away and cleaning it all up. I’m posting this and plugging myself into my Sims World for the rest of the night. I’m going to be working starting tomorrow all the way through Saturday. Ugh.

05:24 PM

45 thoughts on “Journal Entry #182

  1. It didn’t tell me you tagged me! But I am so glad you started playing again. I wish they had the online option still. Seasons amplifies the holiday pack! Like the attic boxes actually give you free decorations that you can later sell if you’re playing as an honest sim.

    I had to buy another box of cards, an online Lupus group I’m in decided to exchange cards. I’m looking at like $60 worth of stamps and flat rate boxes this year. Ugh I’m cringing just thinking about it haha

    Sorry to hear about the car. Mine did that one day, hubs had forgotten to clamp whatever keeps that stuff in the tank and it obviously drained out over the course of our hour drive and it was downhill from there.

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    1. I think because I tagged your blog instead of a specific blog post that it didn’t notify you. I don’t know why it’s like that. πŸ˜› I actually am not playing as an honest Sim though… I’m like “I inherited tons of money from my late mother Lode.” & I didn’t even make her have a career. She just does all the fun stuff & skill learnin’ all day LOL. But I do still like selling the plaintains from my plaintain tree & photos that I take of my food & daughter… so I’d love those attic boxes to give me free stuff that I can sell. πŸ˜€ & more decorations?! YES PLEASE. I need Seasons in my life… lol.

      Ahhh, I am going to the post office tomorrow to drop everything off. I don’t even know how to estimate how much it will all cost! Yikes!

      Ugh… yeah, it’s not doing it all fast anymore so it must have been that he forgot to clamp it or whatever that night. 😑 It’s def still leaking slowly though lol…

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    1. Ugh, they are seriously the worst & most inconvenient issues to have. 😦 I’ve never been lucky enough to have a fix cost less than $200 & this one is going to be WAY over that. Blaaah…

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  2. So sorry the car troubles continue on! However, nothing like good Mexican for comfort food. We went to a Riva’s in Tahoe- I wonder if they are the same? Haha yesss about the uber drive- trueee that. That’s so fun you are playing Sims!! Gosh, I haven’t played in forever, but now I have the urge to. Hoping all goes better the rest of this week ❀

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    1. Oo, I don’t know if it’s the same Riva’s!! There are quite a few locations here in Vegas but I don’t know if they’re a national chain. Would be cool if it was though!!

      Hahah I have just had some super chatty Uber drivers in the past & they’re so annoying. I just wanna ride in peace. πŸ˜› & the Sims is so addicting!! Thank you so much, babe!!! ❀

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    1. Sims 4 is so fun with all of the expansions and game packs! In the past Sims games, when I would buy the packs/extra stuff, it always seemed like a waste of money because there wasn’t much to them but, with Sims 4– I feel like you kind of need all of the packs. You can’t really get out the house & do much if you don’t get them. Plus, each pack adds SO much to the game. More options for like everything you click, y’know? It’s crazy how much they can do! But my gosh, I agree. All of it so spendy!

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  3. Oh noooo Hunida, that’s so terrible about your car!! I’m so sorry, that totally sucks!! I know it hasn’t even been that long since you got the car from your dad! Ugh, sometimes I think it would be more convenient to live somewhere like New York where people don’t even have cars since they just take subways and Ubers everywhere. How is your car now?!

    Also I love that you talk about putting packages and Christmas cards together in this post!! Still so sweet of you. ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. I knooow, so annoying that our car is already conking out. I love that you remembered that it wasn’t long ago that my dad brought it here for us. ❀ You're the best.

      I was JUST saying the exact same thing. If I didn't have boyfriend to drive me around, I'd probably be in New York taking the subways all over the place. They are so much more convenient.

      Our car is leaking less because of the new radiator cap we bought but nothing else has been fixed.

      Hehehe. πŸ˜‰ I knew talking about it here wouldn't give it away to you guys because my family lives in a different state, too so it made sense that I was dropping off packages, right? I feel so sneaky!! πŸ˜€

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      1. Haha I often remember a lot more than is necessary, but sometimes it comes in handy!! πŸ˜‰ (And yet, with college those facts fly right out of my head lol.)

        I agree, subways seem so much more convenient and the price would probably be about equivalent to gas and car insurance in a month lol.

        I’m glad to hear it isn’t leaking as much with the new radiator cap but that is still such a bummer!! Maybe it’s time for a trip to the dealership lol. πŸ˜‰ Truly though, that totally sucks, ugh.

        If I had read this earlier, that’s what I would have thought about the packages for sure!! Haha!

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        1. I love that you can remember things about people. You would do well at my job LOL my clients get so upset with me because I can’t even remember their names after a few minutes!!

          I think taking the subway would be cheaper than gas & car insurance!! They have monthly passes that are def cheaper than my insurance, at least.

          Lol, yeah, we are thinking about just buying a whole brand new car but, ugh. What if it breaks, too?? I would be even more mad. & the insurance for new cars is through the freakin’ roof… like outrageous here. Life is just so hard, y’know!!!

          ❀ ❀

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          1. Haha I am a bit better with facts than names though. It’s so embarrassing to forget a name! I spent two months with my grandparents in CO once and when my family went back a year later, my dad wanted me to introduce them to my grandparents’ friends on the spot and I couldn’t remember some of their names lol. It was horrible.

            I agree, monthly passes would totally be worth it!! And I love the city too so I would be down for it. πŸ™‚

            I mean all new cars will have issues at some point, BUT a car should have a bit of quality assurance coming from a dealership unlike a used car salesman or something. And most dealerships have warranties, as well as certain plans you can sign up for regarding free or less expensive shop services. That sucks about the insurance though! We are with State Farm and it didn’t go up much for our new car. But if it’s a location thing, then that’s just lameee. Then again, we don’t have a “new” car since it’s a 2010. Just new to us and 7 years newer than our old car haha. XD Life IS hard girl, tell me about it!! Ugh.

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            1. Hahaha oh no!! I feel ya! It is so hard to remember names but so embarrassing to forget them!

              I would so love to live in NYC for a couple years but boyfriend would NOT survive such a city. Lol, he would become a crab apple!

              Yeah you’re right! Las Vegas just passed this thing where our insurance goes up by the worth of your car now. So if I bought a 2018 or 2017, it would be crazy but that’s what I want… to make sure it’s in tip-top shape!!

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              1. I would probably struggle a bit with the sheer amount of people on the streets/in the stores in NYC since I’m claustrophobic, but I also love living within a city for convenience so it would all depend on the area lol. So I think I can understand both of you hahaha.

                Wow that’s so lame of Vegas! What a great way to prevent people from having safer cars! -_- I get why you’d want it! I was talking with Joshua about trading in our car after a few years just so we can make sure we stay up on newer vehicles for fewer maintenance costs in the end. That also means a constant car payment though so we’ll see haha.

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                1. Yeah, the amount of people is nerve-wracking but, I just stopped caring about them because they so obviously didn’t care about me!! I love how much everyone minds their own business over there. I hate going out here in Vegas because everyone is always looking at me and so nosy. I get that claustrophobic feeling at the mall!! But, for some reason, even though there was more people in NY everywhere I went… I was always in my own little bubble!

                  I actually think Minnesota just passed that same law that insurance goes up by the value of your car. I saw lots of people complaining about it on FB lol. If your car doesn’t have much trouble, keep it!! Some cars are made to last but if has troubles quite often, may as well switch it in when the time is right.

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                  1. That’s so interesting that even though there are a lot of people, they all mind their own business! That sounds so nice haha! I get that claustrophobic feeling all too often at Walmart because it seems like everyone is rude there. I literally had a lady run her cart over the back of my ankles on Sunday and she didn’t even care to acknowledge it. O.O

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  4. I’m so sorry you haven’t had the best days. And about your car. My radiator went out too but luckily I was able to make it home to my dads. It’s an easy fix but a pain in the ass when it happens when you least expect it.
    And how fun. I love the sims FreePlay on the iPad that’s literally all I play. I recently started playing it again for some Xmas update and it’s been so much fun. I have been upgrading a lot of properties and opening up new positions in the professions lmao. I am literally getting into it again. My blog used to be a sims FreePlay blog hahaha

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    1. Ahh! I am glad you were able to make it to your dad’s and get it fixed!

      There was a little Christmas update on the Sims 4, too! I have max leveled in lots of skills and reached the top of one career but, I don’t think I’m going to give her another job. It’s so annoying to wait for her to come home and she’s always all tense LOL.

      I can’t believe your blog used to be a Sims Free Play blog!! How fun!! What did you used to write about?! I love that!! I tried to go back on your blog but I guess you must have deleted all the posts lol.


      1. OMG the Xmas quest I was doing I was so close to finishing,.but because I didn’t log on before the time was up I didn’t get the farmhouse I was pissed!! I wasted many LPs just to finish it and I still didn’t get it 😭😭😭
        Yeah I deleted most of them,.and some were tips for more simoleons, posts on updates,.quests, I posted a few house models etc. I didn’t get to go super in depth because I decided that’s not what I wanted to blog about lol.

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        1. Ohh that’s super fun that you get to do quests and win stuff!! I’m sorry you didn’t get the farmhouse! I would have been pissed, too. lol, that’s why I always have such a hard time with some other mobile app games because you have to log in at a specific time or keep up with the game when you don’t have it open!

          Ohh that’s so fun!! I see how it became something you didn’t want to blog about but I do like reading those sort of posts all the time. πŸ˜€ Are you good at building houses? I have never built my own lol… they are hard!

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          1. so upsetting! LOL but yeah, that’s the only thing that sucks, though it’s exciting sometimes.. i’m gonna wait a couple more days to get over it before i start playing again LOL. i’ve been doing really well at leveling up my sims professions and unlocking certain places, it’s addicting! lol

            i have built a few houses, but i’m not happy with them.. i’m going to try to design my “dream home” on there but it’s gonna take some time since i can’t really make driveways and garages LMAO

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            1. Hahahah why are we so alike? I am the same way with waiting to go back to something that pissed me off so I can have time to cool off hahaha. I got my Sim to the top of her career & then I had her quit, now she is a Super Parent who sometimes writes books, sells baked goods, and does a LOT of gardening lol. It is a really addicting game!! There is just so much to accomplish!!

              I sure hope the Sims adds driveways, garages, and cars soon!!

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              1. LOL we’re so temperamental huh? XD
                hahaha I love how she just up and quits and becomes a mom with a lot of hobbies, GOALS LOL
                I wonder if there’s a way to contact the developers to let them know thats something I’d want

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                1. Seriously, my Sim lives the dream life (besides having to be pregnant all the time LOL). But she has 5 boyfriends and 3 girlfriends, 3 different baby dads & no husband or help besides a scheduled maid to clean the house LOL.

                  There has to be a way to contact the developers! In Sims 3, there were cars & garages so I’m thinkin’ they will give them to us again SOON.

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                  1. oh shit that’s intricate haha I don’t think I’ve ever tried to have my sims fornicate with other people LMAO, I can’t have babies without them being married, so maybe I won’t be able to… I’ll have to see the limits LOL

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