Journal Entry #179

December 04, 2018

07:00 PM

Hello there! I was going to wait until 2019 to remove my Monthly Blog Schedules but, I went ahead and decided to delete my December schedule (that I posted on the first). I have other things that I’d rather blog about sometimes, y’know? I will still be posting everyday so you can expect a Journal Entry from me every other day and a Recipe Reviews once a week but, other than that… all of my posts will be a surprise from now on!!

Except tomorrow!! I know I’ll be posting my Ross Haul, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that. πŸ™‚

I was just watching Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve. I squealed when I saw it on Hulu and turned it on right away. I have been waiting FOREVER for this sequel. I freakin’ love Tyra Banks!! ❀

I want to finish it so bad but, I knew I needed to start writing this and go get ready for work so I had to pause it for now.

Saturday night at work was a little better than Friday. I was annoyed because there was a whole group of couples there and they took up all of our tip rail spots… like WHY? The women were looking at us with their jealous ass eyes and when I was taking my bra off, one of the husbands/boyfriends was continuously putting money down next to me and his girlfriend goes “stop tipping her, she’s not even doing anything right now” LOL. Bitch, please!!! I am on stage– that is my job so ANY TIME I am up there, he can put money by me. Shit, even if I’m not on stage, walking around, actually doing nothing– he can still give me his money.

I was drunk Thursday and Friday night but, I had zero drinks on Saturday. The night went by sooo slow but, I was proud of myself! My head and body just feel so much better the next day when I don’t drink but, the night goes by faster when I do. I don’t know which I prefer!

On Sunday, boyfriend had to work the day shift. I tried my best to catch up on my Reader until he got home around 4 PM. We went grocery shopping at Smith’s then came home to make dinner. We downloaded a few games to play together but none of them were that fun.

Yesterday, we both had the day off. I never had to leave the house once but, boyfriend did have to run to the dispensary at night. We downloaded and played a couple more disappointing games so I quit and just wrote up some blog posts, painted my nails, and watched a little Netflix while Boyfriend played his game (PUB G). We ate dinner and I baked some Sweet Loren’s choco chip cookies for dessert.

All of a sudden, Boyfriend told me he downloaded a Lego game because he thought I’d like it so we tried it out and he was right– I do!! It’s the Indiana Jones one but, I so wish the Harry Potter one was available for free!

Today, boyfriend had to work the evening shift so he left a little before 2 PM. I decided I should probably wake up and not sleep in until 4 PM again… lol. I read a lot of blogs on my Reader but, only got through like a day and a half’s worth. I am gonna catch all the way up soon, I promise!

I took a shower a little before 5 PM and then, made this Sesame Sriracha Nourish Bowl thing for dinner.

I added some reheated chicken breast from last night’s dinner and it turned into a delicious, super filling meal. I couldn’t even eat it all which is rare for me!

That’s when I started watching Life-Size 2! I can’t wait to see the ending tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Boyfriend is on his way home from work now so, I better get started on my makeup. Ughhh. I am so not in the mood tonight!!! Wish me luck!

07:34 PM

33 thoughts on “Journal Entry #179

  1. That is funny about that guy’s girlfriend. I don’t know what girls go to the club with their man if they are going to act jealous. I know if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t go with him because I would probably get jealous too. lol But at least I know better than to go. πŸ˜› I would go to a strip club with friends though, but I’ve actually never been to one before

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    1. She was so jealous! I always wonder if they think they are gonna be cool but then realize they can’t handle it once they get there or something?

      When girls come with their friends, it is always a lot more fun!! πŸ˜€

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    1. YES!!! I just finished watching it!! ❀ ❀ & I'm glad you like the idea of being surprised. I was a little worried about removing the schedule. πŸ˜›


  2. I didn’t even know they made a sequel! I will have to check that out. Why do women go with men to the club??? That’s just silly. I’m sure you have a men’s club there too for the ladies…you can bet the men won’t go to that!πŸ˜‚

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    1. I feel a bit lost right now without my schedule… 😦 but, I am hoping to get the hang of it. I just wrote one in my notes on my phone to look at privately… LOL so I still kind of have a schedule, to be honest.

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      1. That makes sense when you’ve been using one for so long! It will likely give you so much freedom though, and you don’t have to feel the stress of re-doing your schedule on your blog. πŸ˜‰ Keeping one privately is perfect! Then you have a place to keep organized, but you can change it up however you want. ❀ I always keep a bunch of drafts to remind me which ones I want to write next lol.

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        1. You’re right. πŸ™‚ At least I don’t have to re-organize the schedule anymore! I have forgotten to do my Recipe Reviews all week without it but I am gonna get the hang of it… soon! Lol.

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  3. How did you end up liking Life Size 2?! I have been wanting to watch it, but I want to watch the first again before. I haven’t seen it in foreverrrrr. Those chocolate chip cookies look sooo yummy. We have some cookies sitting on the counter, and I’m really trying to wait until after dinner to eat um up, but I don’t know that I have the will power haha. That nourish bowl looks sooo gooood. YUM. Anything- sriracha.. mmm! Hope work went better. I am a bit behind so I guess I can find out in the next post. That’s the good thing about being behind – it’s like getting to watch episodes back to back of my favorite series! xo

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    1. I really enjoyed Life Size 2! It was super cute & makes references back to the first one! Luckily, nothing too in-depth though so if you haven’t seen the first one in awhile– it’ll be okay!! But, it would be so fun to watch both back to back, too. πŸ™‚

      I thought those cookies might be a bit too over-baked for your preference!! Lol, I left ’em in a bit too long… again… πŸ˜› & the Nourish Bowl was a nice surprise. I saw they have a ton of different varieties in the produce section now! I hope they are all just as good, I’m gonna pick up a few more next time!

      Heheh, no worries about being behind. I am like a whole week’s worth of blog posts behind too & I don’t even have a good excuse as you do. πŸ˜›

      ❀ ❀ I hope you have a great week, Mackenzie!!

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  4. Omg I remember that movie I really loved it but haven’t seen it since I was a little girl omg I must find it! Because I was also pretty stoked to hear there was a second one haha
    And it’s great that you won’t be posting a blog schedule because you could always change things up as you see fit or not blog at all if you’re not up for it. Can’t tell you how much I’ve changed up my posts to either delay them or because a better idea popped into my head haha
    And omg, I have never been to a strip club before. I’m not sure if Alex has either. And if he has, he probably wouldn’t tell me. Lol. Anyway I would never go with Alex, I’m way too much of a jealous bitch, don’t think I could handle that either hahaha. But you’re right, maybe with friends it would be more fun. lol.

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    1. Oh my gosh, you have to see the second one. It’s so good!! πŸ˜€ I loved the first one as a little girl, too!!! ❀

      I have been liking that I can just switch up what I wanna post for the day! I'm a little lost without the schedule but I am getting more used to it now. I really don't like not posting everyday though because I have skipped a couple days now & I feel like I forgot to do something on those days lol.

      LOL, I would be livid if my boyfriend went to the strip club without me. Honestly. I am a jealous bitch too, idc idc. I can't help myself, I wouldn't like my man staring at a naked bitch either but that's what I mean, I don't get why they even come!! I would yell at my boyfriend for even suggesting it!! I don't mind a group of girls though, a lot of times they are fun unless they are just there to hate on us together… that's annoying.


      1. Where did you find the second one to watch again? I haven’t been replying to comments for the past two days πŸ˜…πŸ˜£
        You’ll get used to it and it will probably feel more spontaneous lol. And also, be sure to take blogging breaks if you need them, you don’t want to burn out too soon! πŸ™‚
        Lol exactly! Honestly, me personally, I feel like if Alex ever went to the strip club I would probably feel like I’m no longer good enough for him anymore, I mean it would be like he’s going elsewhere to find something else lol. Idk. Maybe I’m that insecure and overly jealous lol. But I’m enough for myself so at least my conscious would be clean since I’m pretty loyal. 😁 hopefully that doesn’t happen obviously but who knows lol. Relationships become strained over time for many reasons and omg how did I get here…? πŸ˜‚
        And that really sucks, I feel like that’s part of the reason I can’t get along with many women because they’re so judgemental and catty,.creating drama where there isn’t none lol. I bet those girls are probably not even as great as you. You do you my love!!

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        1. The second one is on Hulu but, I don’t think the first one is!

          My head became confused and I had to write a little secret schedule for me to follow for the rest of the month. πŸ˜› I would definitely take a break if I felt burnt out but I feel more… overloaded, if that makes sense??

          I know what you mean about how you would feel if Alex went to the strip club. I just think it’s gross the bachelor guys always say that… “just making sure I have the best one but you’re changing my mind” so like, I don’t even want my boyfriend to go for his bachelor party LOL. I am enough for me and I am confident in myself but I want my boyfriend to think the same, y’know!? I don’t think you’re being insecure or overly jealous at all. We are def in the same boat on this one!!

          Yeah me too, girl. I’ve been at the same club for 2 years & haven’t found one single girl that isn’t all about the drama & cattyness. They always wanna talk crap about the girls & I’m just never having it. πŸ˜› I know they are doing the same about me when I walk away so why would I join ’em?!

          ❀ ❀ love you, Rossy!! Merry Christmas Eve!!! ❀

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          1. I don’t have hulu!!!! Lol. I can’t seem to convince alex to get it since we have Netflix lol. But since you have it, can you check if they have Scrubs in there?? I love that show and Netflix took it down 😭😭😭😭
            Oh I do that too. It’s to keep me organized. The only difference is that you’d be keeping that schedule to yourself now so it’s still good for you. You plan out your month and go from there. And overloaded as in, it’s a lot of work you feel like you have to do?
            Awh were so alike!! I’m glad someone understands me 😭😭😭
            Idk if I said Merry Christmas to you already, and I’m like days late now so happy holidays! ! 😁😁😁

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh man, Hulu does do deals often. Next time I see one I’ll be sure to let you know! I can’t believe Netflix would take Scrubs off!! Wow!! I love that show, too. All seasons 1-9 are on Hulu, I just checked. πŸ™‚

              Overloaded like so much I wanna write but I can’t post it all in one day, y’know? & then there’s more & more I wanna write about as the days go– I’m trying to keep my posts at one a day lol.

              I am glad to have found you; someone who understands me, too!! ❀ & you're not late, your postcard came early!!! πŸ˜‰

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              1. cool! i really have been wanting to watch Scrubs for months so maybe this will be what convinces Alex to let me subscribe LOL
                Oooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! girl, me too! all the time!! too many ideas not enough time, i think that’s a phrase in one of my binders LMAO i had so many ideas for the month, but everything fell through, so i’m kind of scrambling to only post priority ones 😦 lol

                ❀ ❀ ❀ xx

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                1. You’ve got that dang Scrubs theme song stuck in my head now hahaha.

                  Yeah!!! It’s so hard to get ALL of your ideas out!!! & sometimes, the idea just passes because the time is no longer right!! 😦

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. LOL scrubs is such an amazing show, i love it! πŸ™‚
                    no kidding, i’ve had to drop a lot of ideas for this month because I didn’t have time to do any of them 😦 which is one of the reasons I’m barely posting, otherwise I’d be posting like 4x a week lol

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