Boxycharm | November 2018

I was so, so excited to receive my first ever Boxycharm!! It came about a week after I paid for it and it fit into my mailbox nicely. I totally prefer that over having to go into the office. πŸ˜› My first box came the same month I signed up for it. Some subscription boxes make you wait until the next month. I chose the regular month-to-month subscription which is $21/month. I still can’t believe it’s so cheap for the amount of items you get!

The packaging was secure and everything was placed neatly. Every company should start using this thick foam lining!

What Was In My Box?!

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Lashaholic Lashes
Instaglam False Eyelashes

Boxycharm’s Description:

“Elevate your look with your new Lashaholic Lashes. These 100 % vegan falsies made from premium silk fibers gives your lashes dimension, natural-looking length and volume.”

My Review: I do not know how to apply falsies properly but, I plan to learn one day. I’m saving these for when I become a pro. They are so beautiful and the box it came in is so cute.

Retail Value: $14.99

Luminous Eye Set

Boxycharm’s Description:

“Add a little sparkle to your brush collection with this limited edition Boxycharm collaboration. The LUXIE Luminous Eye Set features 4 synthetic eye brushes exclusively wrapped for Boxycharm.”

My Review: I am no expert on brushes and I’ve only used two of these so far. They were extremely soft, picked up product perfectly, and blended like a dream. The brush heads are really quite small which I wasn’t expecting but, they are useful for creases, corners, and precision. You can easily do a whole eye look with just these 4 brushes… and, do I even need to mention the handles? The sparkles are gorgeous.

Retail Value: $21.00

Glittering Star Eyeliner

Boxycharm’s Description:

“Sparkle up your glam with Jonteblu Glittering Star Eyeliner. This specially formulated black glitter eyeliner pencil glides on smoothly, leaving behind a long-lasting and subtle shimmer you’ll completely adore.”

My Review: I hate pencil eyeliner, it is always so scratchy and painful to apply. This was even worse because it had glitter in it… it does not go on smoothly at all.

Retail Value: $5.00

Cover FX
Glitter Drops in Nova

Boxycharm’s Description:

“These ultra-concentrated drops of multi-dimensional glitter create a high impact, reflective finish that wows. This multi-use glitter can be used alone, under or over makeup, or mixed into your foundation or moisturizer for an incredibly luxe, glitter effect on the face and body.”

My Review: Cover FX was NOT messing around when they created this. If you are a glitter queen, you need this product in your life. Just a single DOT, not even a whole drop, of this product goes the longest way. IT LEAVES SO MUCH SPARKLE!! It does not turn out gold like you would assume… when you blend it in, there’s pink, blue, white, silver, purple, gold, and moooore! It’s a silky liquid, it doesn’t feel heavy on the face, and it’s doesn’t leave harsh lines like other liquid highlighters do. The dropper-style bottle is pretty neat and I’m excited to use it in all of the other ways it can be used.

Retail Value: $44.00

Ace Beaute
Grandiose Palette

BoxyCharm’s Description:

“Featuring 4 shimmering shades and 4 bold mattes, your new Grandiose Palette has all you need to create unlimited eye looks. These eyeshadows were carefully milled and pressed to deliver intense pigmentation and easy blending.”

My Review: I don’t own that many eyeshadow palettes but, this one is my favorite that I’ve gotten so far. I LOVE the color story– especially the red shades (Rose and Poppy). The pigmentation was out of this world; they all showed up on my lids exactly how they looked in the pans. They felt soft to the touch and not at all dry. It was a breeze blending them all in, too.

Swatches (left-to-right): Jasmine, Clove, Myrtle, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Rose, Poppy, Primerose

Retail Value: $24.99

I was MORE than happy with my first box and I cannot wait for my next one! If you’d like to start receiving your own Boxycharm each month, why not sign up now?! Click here to use my referral code (at no extra charge to you, I promise). I heard they’ll be putting the boxes together based on your beauty profile starting in January ’19!

31 thoughts on “Boxycharm | November 2018

  1. The glitter handles on the makeup brushes are a cute touch! The Nova drops and the eyeshadow palette look beautiful, your swatch picture is so good too! I always find it so hard to take them, what’s your secret haha?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? Looove the glitter handles on the brushes. β™‘ & I wish I would have shown you a swatch of the glitter drops, dang it! It’s super sparkly! & wow, thank you! I am so surprised that you think my swatch photo is good. I just quickly did the swatches and took the pictures in my bathroom then, I put the “sharpen” filter that’s pre-installed on my phone’s editor! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ll show you how it looks on my cheeks in my next Makeup Looks post. πŸ™‚ & it is hard taking the photos! Maybe you could do the swatches on your other arm so it would be easier to take the photo?!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. The lashes are so pretty! I couldn’t believe how nice the packaging was. I’m scared to ruin them lol. The Cover FX glitter drops are outrageous!! One single dot covered my whole cheek with all the glitter!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh, $21 really is so affordable for all those full-size products!! Those lashes are absolutely stunning! I love how feathery they are. ❀ The brushes are gorgeous! They look really soft and high-quality. That's such a bummer about the pencil liner. I use a pencil to line my waterline, but you really have to get a creamy one or it can be painful and pull. What a disappointment because sparkles sound like such a fun idea lol.
    Anyway, it sounds like a super successful first box!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is so worth the price! ❀ I love the lashes, too. They look too delicate to touch! Lol. & the brushes really are so luxurious and soft! I've never found a pencil eyeliner that didn't pull so I'm not a fan of them!! I do like sparkles though. πŸ˜€ They're always a fun idea!!

      ❀ ❀

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  3. Yasss!! I literally replied to some of your comments asking what you thought of them but here is the answer to my question lol.
    I love love love Luxie brushes, they’re the best! I have never tried anything softer than their brushes lol.
    And I’m so excited for th glitter drops. I plan to film a video sometime next week trying new products and I’ll be sure to try them lol.
    Last time I received a jonteblu product I decided to skip it, I have it in a giveaway pile and putting this eyeliner on there too, not only do I have too many but Kathleen lights reviewed them on her unboxings and she didn’t like them either.
    I’ve put away the lashes too, you might get a few more, I have a few stashed from this sub box alone.
    Oh yeah and the palette looks dreamy!! I can’t wait to try it also! I’ll be waiting to do a first impressions video unfortunately so it might be a while but I’m excited because all these goodies plus whatever I bought in October is plenty to try in the next few weeks / months lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heheh, I tried not to go into too much detail in reply to that comment because I thought you might read this. πŸ˜‰

      The Luxie brushes work so well!! I love them, I can barely feel them touching my skin. The glitter drops are so cool!! I saw a video of a girl mixing it into her lip gloss, too! It was crazy! & yeah, I wish I would’ve gotten the makeup brush cleaner spray thing instead of the dang eyeliner. It was no good! I so hope to get more eyelashes. It will motivate me to practice more! The palette IS a dream. SO pretty. ❀ I love the reds soooo much. I did one look with it and I fell in love.

      I can't wait to hear what you think about it all. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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