Beauty Buys #3 | November 2018

Okay, so in my last Beauty Buys post, I said that I wanted to sign up for a full-sized subscription box, right?

Well, I decided to take that leap and I received my first BoxyCharm earlier this month! I will do an unboxing and review of it in a couple days so watch out for that (if you’re interested)!

I have also re-activated my Ipsy Glambag subscription… in hopes of one day being invited to subscribe to the Plus. It seems their waitlist is closed at the moment and it may take several months for them to start accepting new subscribers. 😦 I’ll be getting my “first” Glambag in December.

Now, onto My Nov’18 Beauty Buys!

2 Bath Bombs & 1 Bath Bubble by The Body Shop

Purchased: In-Store at Fashion Show Mall
Paid: 3 for $5
Scents: Moringa, Green Tea, Candied Plum

I used the Green Tea bath bomb first. The water turned a beautiful, seafoam green color. The scent didn’t really remind me of green tea at all though. It was more florally than I would have expected and actually quite similar to the Moringa bath bubble that I used second. The bath bubble was a small heart-shape (so cute!) and I was able to fill more than one bath with bubbles. I have yet to use the Candied Plum bath bomb but, I can’t wait to see the color it turns my next bath.

These bombs and bubbles aren’t very moisturizing for your skin. They are just fun for the water effects.

Energising Body Butter by The Body Shop

Purchased: In-Store at Fashion Show Mall
Paid: $10 (they were 50% off)
Scent: Pink Grapefruit

SO many of you love and have recommended to me The Body Shop’s body butter and I’ve just been seeing this product all over and on so many different blogs– I needed to finally try it for myself.

When I saw there was a 50% off deal and I had just ran out of body lotion at the same time; I went straight to the mall to pick one up. I sniffed nearly all of the scents they had to offer until I finally settled on the citrusy delightfulness of the Pink Grapefruit. YUM!

I do feel totally moisturized after applying this all over myself but, I feel I’ve used other lotions that have left my skin a bit softer. Not sure I would repurchase at full-price.

Jumbo Craft Sticks by Making in the Moment

Purchased: In-Store at Target
Paid: $2-$3

I didn’t like the thought of digging my hand/fingers into the tub of body butter so, I got these cheap Jumbo Craft Sticks! They’re a little glossy so they don’t soak up the lotion at all. They work exactly how I wanted them to; I just scoop a bit of the butter out with the stick and transfer it to my palms.

Natural Deodorant by Schmidt’s

Purchased: In-Store at Target
Paid: $4-$5
Scent: Lavender + Sage

I told you I’d be buying another deodorant. 😛 I’ve decided I’m going to stick to Schmidt’s from now on. It works beautifully at stopping my odor and sweat BUT, if I forget to wear it… my armpits smell WORSE than ever. Oh and it leaves lots of white marks on my clothes… it’s much better than having B.O. though.

Worth The Hype Waterproof Mascara by NYX Professional Makeup

Purchased: In-Store at Target
Paid: $5-$6
Shade: Black

I’ve heard all the good things about the NYX brand. Most specifically this particular mascara. Maybe I should have tried the non-waterproof one? I did like the formula and the way it made my lashes look but, it was flaky and smudgy throughout the day and impossible to wipe away.

HD Studio Photogenic Studio Concealer by NYX Professional Makeup

Purchased: In-Store at Target
Paid: $3-$4
Shade: Yellow

At first application, this shade looks too light for my skin tone but, it darkens up after being blended in. It leaves my skin with little patchy, dry spots and isn’t the easiest to thoroughly get blended in but, it does a pretty good job at covering up/lightening up my dark under-eyes and it is super afforadble.

Custom Beauty Kit by tarte

Purchased: Online at
Paid: $63

Only two times a year tarte lets us put together our own Beauty Kit filled with their best makeup products. I religiously use their Amazonian Clay Foundation and Concealer so since I was in need of more concealer, it was perfect timing to order this!!

Also, when they offered this deal earlier in the year, I tried to get one then too, but, when I put all of my info through– the kits were all sold out and they sent me my money back. 😦 I mean, I get why these kits sell out so quickly… we’re basically only paying for 2 products and getting 4 for free plus a makeup bag to put it all in! I haven’t tried any of the products yet (except the concealer) but, these are the items I chose out of the many options they had:

Black Makeup Bag

I was really surprised how big and high-quality this bag was! I guess, I was expecting something small and dainty like the Ipsy Glambags but, this was 10x better.

Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation

Shade: 42S tan sand

At the moment, I have a pretty full bottle of the Amazonian Clay Foundation of theirs that I use. There was an option to include that in this kit (I almost did it, too) but, I wanted to try their new Shape Tape line everyone is raving about. The bottle is heavy and so, so pretty. Can’t wait to try it.

Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12H Concealer

Shade: Tan

I’ve never used a better concealer. This is my favorite little guy and it is the main reason why I got this whole kit in the first place.

Limited-Edition Blush & Glow Blush & Highlighter

Shade: Rose Gold

The packaging is gorgeous but, I was underwhelmed by the shades. I didn’t swatch them or anything yet but, they both just seem a little dull and pale in the pan.

Color Splash Lipstick

Shade: Beach Waves

I got a mini sample of this lippie in one of my past subscriptions and I remember I liked it. It was moisturizing and easy to apply. I thought the shade I chose was going to be a darker brown but, we will see how it looks on my lips.

tarteist Metallic Shadow

Shade: Revel

Again, I love the packaging– this single-shadow has a cool, leather-like skin. I like the splatter paint design and that there’s even a mini mirror on the inside. But, like the previous two products, I had different expectations for the shade. I was hoping for a deeper, less purpley red shade. Still, I haven’t swatched it or applied yet so maybe it will show up differently.

Limited-Edition Fairy Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

I’ve never tried a tarte mascara before and I haven’t really seen anyone use them, either. It was hard for me to decide in this category, not knowing which would be best, so I went with the PINK packaging and LIMITED-EDITION tag. I am so easy, aren’t I?

Foil Packet Samples

Have you ever bought a Custom Beauty Kit from tarte? What’s your favorite makeup brand? What were YOUR beauty buys this month? Have you ever tried any of the above products?

47 thoughts on “Beauty Buys #3 | November 2018

  1. I love the good you’ve purchased in this post! I haven’t shopped at The Body Shop before but I’ve seen so many cute things from them! Hope you’ll enjoy the bath bombs and bubble! Oh man, you got their body butter for such a great deal. I love your makeup bag! I like the packaging of Tarte’s products. Looks super luxurious.

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Nancy! 🙂 I see TBS products everywhere online, too! I had fun finally seeing it all in person at the store lol. I love Tarte’s packaging, too! So so pretty. ❤


    1. Chanelle! I thought of you when I picked out the Moringa Bomb! 😀 I remember you told me you liked that scent. ❤ The pink grapefruit smells SO nice and fresh! I was so excited to get the deals!! With the butter and especially with the Tarte box!!

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  2. Hey girl!! I’m so jealous of the bath bombs. I absolutely love baths but we don’t have a bathtub, only a shower. I wouldn’t subscribe to any beauty boxes for a few reasons. First of all, I cannot justify the price. Secondly I don’t experiment new products very often. I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to makeup. If I find something I love and that works for me, I stick to it and replace it when I run out. I buy a lot of essence and catrice because they’re cheap and good. I buy from a few other brands I’m not sure you have there: Yves Rocher (French, mostly natural ingredients), boticário (Brazilian), Wycon, Flormar, and then drugstores.

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  3. I’ve never bought anything from Tarte. It’s just not a brand I gravitate towards. I like the Body Shop butters though. I bought a highlight palette by Profusion, Better Than Skin concealer by Maybelline and I bought a sample of Cover FX setting powder because I am looking for a really good powder to set my under eyes with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s crazy how many different brands of makeup are out there. It’s interesting to know which ones everyone else goes for. 🙂 I’ve never heard of Profusion before! & I’m looking for a good setting powder, too! How’s the Cover FX one been so far?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I was so disappointed earlier this year when I missed out on it. I didn’t know they offered it twice a year! You can just subscribe to their e-mail notifications and they will let you know when it happens again. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha she wanted to start getting into makeup so that’s why I thought it would be perfect since it’s a full face of stuff basically! But yes, it was so beautiful that it was hard! I remember the time I got it there was a “mermaid” bag and a purple bag and they accidentally switched them or something so instead of the mermaid they sent the purple. One of our work friends actually had ordered the mermaid and got it, but decided she preferred the purple so we switched and it was fixed but I remember I was so sad about it at the time!

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  4. Nice you got so many great things! TBS is expensive isn’t it? So it’s amazing that you got that body butter for only $10.

    Good to know about the Schmidt’s deodorant. I want to find a new one too but they all kind of suck lol. Then again, I feel like each has its own pros and cons lol.
    And I didn’t know about that tarte custom kit. That’s pretty rad. Love what you got, I’m still not very familiar with the brand myself aside from the samples I’ve gotten in boxes and through bloggers who review their products lol. I only own one of their palettes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, TBS really is expensive!! I feel like cheaper lotions I’ve tried have been way better for my skin, too. 😛 I wanna try the yogurt and pump lotion still but, I don’t think I’ll buy the butter again.

      Yeah!! Seriously, all deodorants have one thing or the other. At least Schmidt’s gets rid of the odor which is the most important to me lol. The tarte custom kit sale happens twice a year & it’s such a good deal… I want to get it every chance I get! I really do think it’s my favorite brand of all-time. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I want to try a body butter SOMETIME. At least once. There’s a brand called Soap & Glory and I’ve heard their skincare products, their body butters, are bomb. I didn’t get to pick one up this time when I went shopping lol.
        Good to know. I’ll be on the lookout for Schmidt’s when I run out of my current one.
        That’s great! I haven’t really heard anything bad about Tarte, like ever, so to me, they seem like the kind of brand I wouldn’t mind giving my money to lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, everything works differently for everyone so you never know!! I think I have heard of Soap & Glory… is it the one with the pink packaging?? I hope you like the Schmidt’s deodorant if you try it. 🙂

          All of the Tarte products were sooo good!!! I finally tried them all last night. ❤ Highly recommend lol.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I’m gonna have to try Soap & Glory when I run out of this TBS butter! I can’t wait lol.

              I wanna try that shape tape concealer, too! I think their Amazonian Clay foundation is a bit better than their shape tape one though! I’ve never tried Bare Minerals foundation before!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Me too!!! I think I’ll be able to get away with one more purchase lol. I’m running out of body lotion so that’s an excuse right?! Lmao
                Shape tape, I called shape concealer lmao. I’ve heard GREAT things about their Amazonian Clay foundation. It’s been on my wishlist for YEARS!!! and BM’S original powder foundation is one of my faves just because it sits so nicely on the skin and it looks natural. Their pure Brightening Serum foundation is a close second. Then again, those are the only ones I’ve tried. I know they have matte liquid foundations, but from experience, those don’t look good on me lol. But I might give it a shot someday and get a sample.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Yes yes!! Let me know how the S&G lotion is. 🙂 I have not really made much of a dent in this butter so I can’t get it YET! lol.

                  I love the Amazonian Clay foundation. It’s the only one I’ve ever used at work for all 5 years and I’m only on my second bottle!! So worth the $$. I do like to put a powder over it though because I like the matte look better. I’ll have to try BM powder foundation sometime but I’ll probably never run out of foundation now having two!!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Girl, it takes nearly forever for me to finish up foundations too, the BM powder one I’ve had for like three years, Granted I don’t wear it EVERY day, but I do love it and I love the finish. I’ll have to put one of these foundations on my project pan for next year LOL.

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  5. These are all such good products! Through getting fab fit fun I actually somewhat recognize brand names lol. There is that Schmidt’s deodorant!!! My normal Secret deodorant is letting me down lately, so I’ll have to give this a look. Also, do not tell me that either of these nails are your “bad” nails because they both look ah-may-zing to me. Seriously you have the best nails of allll time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, that’s why I love sub boxes!! They introduce you to new products and brands you would’ve never otherwise tried. 😀 I love Schmidt’s Deodorant for everything it does… except those dang white marks are the worst!!! It really is the only one that keeps me dry and smelling GOOD for the whole day and not just an hour though lol. Every formula of Secret used to work for me but, I don’t know why they all just stopped one day?! LOL and oh no no, these photos were all taken befooore my nails went bad!!! ❤ Thank you, Mackenzie, that really means so much– you have no idea!!! ❤ ❤

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  6. What a fun haul!! I have never tried Tarte cosmetics but I really want to someday since everyone raves about it! Especially that shape tape foundation & concealer. 😉 Also, I think I want to try the Schmidt’s deodorant next! I like that it’s natural and I might as well give it a go. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love love love Tarte! I have never been disappointed by any of their products. ❤ I really think they are worth the splurge! & the Schmidt's deodorant is the only one workin' for me lately! Just make sure to rub the white chunks into your armpits so it doesn't get all over your clothes! 😉

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