My Pet Peeves Pt. 3

If you have been here for awhile, you may remember my first two lists of Pet Peeves. If you missed them, you can find them by pressing the buttons below.

Now, you may be thinking that I have about enough pet peeves as it is but,  somehow I have a whole new list of them to share with you today!

1. Losing a sneeze

Photo by Joseph Greve

I hate not being able to relieve that little nose tickle!! Sneezing always feels so good and I can’t help but get FOMO when I lose one. I’ve tried getting them out by staring at the sun and fake sneezing but, those tricks never work. My sneezes come out whenever THEY choose to.

2. Dried up bit of lotion and/or soap

Photo by Raw Pixel

You know when you have a pump-style lotion or shampoo/body wash? I swear, I grab up every little bit but, more product drips out when I’m not looking and when I go back to use it again that freakin’ drip has dried up, gotten all crusty, and is sometimes even blocking the flow of more to come out. Yuck!

3. Adding “and a half” to ages and dates

Photo by Charles Deluvio

I just HATE when people say that they’re a certain age and a half or that they’ve been seeing their partner for X and a half amount of years. I don’t know why but it irks me– I don’t care about the half a year, it doesn’t count!

4. “Waa-laa” instead of “voila”

Photo by Almos Bechtold

Seriously, I have seen TOO MANY grown adults type out “waalaa” (in different spelling variations) when they really mean “voila”. The word is voila, you guys, VOILA. It’s a French word that means “there it is/there you are.” So next time you make a bunny magically appear out of a tophat, you say “voila,” okay?

5. When people say “I work hard for my money”

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

EVERYONE does, not just you.

What are some things that just get to you? Do we have any in common?

70 thoughts on “My Pet Peeves Pt. 3

        1. When I was younger I used to get so upset that none of the teachers could pronounce my name and that my friends would sometimes spell it wrong but it happens so often I’ve gotten used to it by now. 😛 (Still pretty annoying though lol)

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  1. I agree so much with the Voila!
    I think once a celebrity wrote Wallah on instagram and then the entire Muslim society felt insulted (because it looks like Allah or so).
    I don’t which one is worse. The fact she doesn’t know how to write it, or the fact that people act insane over something so small.

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      1. I am still not sure why “I sweat to God ” should offend anyone.
        This celebrity showed that she finished dinner and then wrote that, obviously because simply cannot spell.


    1. LOL that’s so embarrassing… especially that she was a celebrity! & I just hate how worked up everyone gets over religion & politics. Blah! I never wanna talk about that stuff. 😛


  2. It’s annoying with losing the sneeze but when I finally do, I did it with all of my heart lol! You know..the sound and stuff like ugly face haha! Only when I’m home of course 😁

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  3. Lol you make me laugh 😆
    Pepper works for sneezes every time!
    And I know what u mean about the “and a half”. I always feel stupid when I say it cuz I know people don’t give a crap lol. Oh and the dried up lotion is disgusting and annoying cuz then you gotta pull it out and throw it away 😒

    One of my many pet peeves is when somebody I literally just met calls me “Steff” like I’m their buddy 🙄

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    1. Heheh, I’m glad I could make you laugh. ❤

      How do I use the pepper to help me sneeze? Sprinkle it in front of me or like put some in my hand?!

      LOL, I just don't get the point of "and a half." It means nothing to me. 😛 & the dried up lotion bit is just so gross, right?! Hate it!

      That would be so annoying to me, too! Like… what if you don't even let your buddies call you that?! What gives the stranger the right?!

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  4. I love love love your last point haha. It’s so true–everyone works hard for their money!! It’s not a competition and you have no right to judge whether someone doesn’t “deserve” their money as much as you because you “work hard.” My gosh that’s such a pet peeve of mine too. I’m currently writing up a ridiculously long post about working from home and I cover that a little haha.
    I totally agree about “voila” as well. It’s even supposed to be pronounced with a “v” sound not a “w”…so people are weird lol.
    I’ve heard looking at the sun for sneezes only works for blue-eyed people? I guess it has to do with how light the pigmentation in their eyes are.

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    1. YES, EXACTLY!!! ❤ I hate how everything in life is a competition. When people say they work hard for their money, they are acting like no one else does? I don't get it… it's really so annoying lol. I can't wait to read your post about working at home. 🙂

      RIGHT?! Like, are they pronouncing it with a "w" when they say it out loud, too?! I'm so embarrassed for them… hhahaha.

      OH WHAT?! I never knew that it was only for blue-eyed people. No wonder it never worked for me!!!

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      1. Completely agree. It’s frustrating and I’m just so over judgmental people. Like, if you’re so happy with your job, why do you feel the need to act like mine is inferior?

        Hahaha I KNOW right, I’m totally heard people say that. XD

        Yeah I guess it has something to do with the light-colored pigmentation. It sometimes works for green-eyed people too if it’s a very light shade, but I’ve never had it work for me either. My brother has dark blue eyes and it works for him, though, so it’s strange!

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        1. That’s the thing! They are not happy with their jobs & are jealous of yours. 😉

          My boyfriend has green eyes, sometimes they’re dark and other times they’re very light, but he said the trick doesn’t work for him either! What color are your eyes??

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          1. I’m sure it comes down to something like that! They are insecure or something and want to make you feel that way too. I’ve heard that about bullies as well!

            Mine are green. 🙂 They are just kind of a medium green and I’ve never had the sunlight work for me haha.

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    2. It annoys me when people say, this person deserves to make a thousand times more money than this other person as if a CEO actually works a thousand times harder than the janitor in his headquarters. A speaker once asked a room of CEOs if any of them paid their secretaries as much as they were worth, and the CEOs just laughed with embarressment. They knew they didn’t.

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  5. Number 1 and 2.. YES! Losing a sneeze is crushingly upsetting and for some reason finding a hard piece of cream (that has dried up in the tip of the pumper) among the liquid cream when I pump it out onto my hand causes me irrational rage!

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  6. Sneezing is an orgasm for the nose! LOL It’s true. 😛 I hate losing a sneeze too!

    I hate those dried up bits on lotion pumps too! I use a piece of toilet paper to get them off, but I just find it gross.

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  7. I love this post and I haven’t even read it yet! These are so good- the sneeze- amen to that!

    Wait, this is so ironic- JUST last night I was asking DJ how to spell “Voila!” … we came to the conclusion that it was “oula!” lolol. So glad you posted this, now I know My #1 pet peeve- loud chewing. I can’t get over it. Nothing makes my blood boil more haha.

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    1. HAHAHA oh my gosh, I am more than happy I could assist you. Now you know it is “voila” ;D and you know what, I hate loud chewing, too (especially gum!!). I don’t believe that some people “can’t help it.”

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    1. Gosh! That’s the worst– when it keeps getting lost throughout the whole day!! It had to have been amazing when it finally came out and I’m so glad it did for you in the end!! 😀

      SERIOUSLY, the “and a half” is so pointless and WHY do mothers do that shit with the months??? HATE IT lol.


  8. Uhh, dried bits of cream is a no no 😅. I switched to hody butter in a tub cuz of it. Of course that one collects tiny bits of fluff, so no win there.
    I’ve never seen waalaa written, thankfully, but i wouldn’t have realized it was supposed to be voila 🙈

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    1. I just purchased my first body butter in a tub and have been lovin’ the no dried up bits part!! But, I haven’t noticed any fluff yet either? Oh no, it’s something I will have to look out for. Thank you for the heads up. 🙂

      LOL, I bet you will see the “waalaa” more often now. You know how that happens?!

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  9. The lotion thing is fucking annoying lol.
    And I’m one of those people that use “and a half”, usually referring to Ciel’s age because I find it important to tell people since usually with kids their development is more or less the same depending on their age lol.
    As for my relationship with Alex, I think about same? Though I’ve said it less and less throughout the years lol. I do go overboard sometimes and add the months just because I like to count the actual time frame, it literally does not feel like it’s been this long. It’s safe to say that I think I got lucky and found “the one” 🤣🤣

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