Journal Entry #170 (The Lion King Musical Review)

November 14, 2018
08:55 PM

Whoa, hello, friends. WordPress has given me the option to try out this new editor and it is TRIPPY. There are so many different buttons and ways to edit your writing. I am confused! Has anyone else upgraded to the new editor?

I can make every first letter of a sentence huge.

See? Crazy, right? lol.


Yesterday, I went to Lion King the Musical!

There was a lot more commotion going on during this show more than any other I’ve been to so far. They even had pro photographers there to take your photo in front of a Lion King themed screen and instead of just this one souvenir stand like they usually have, there was an extra one on a higher level.

Before the show, boyfriend and I stopped at Starbucks. I got the biggest size Chestnut Praline frappucino with three shots of espresso. I slurped it down fast because we didn’t have that much time before I had to go in.

It was definitely a mistake though! I peed right when I got inside and the show started 20 minutes after I got into my seat. I realized I had to go AGAIN right as the lights dimmed. I suffered the whole first act because of my overactive bladder and I could barely enjoy the show. 😦 Then, after intermission, my bladder was settled for maybe only 20 minutes before I had to go yet again so basically, the whole entire musical I was holding my pee in!! It was horribly painful and I know, oh, so bad for me to do but I wanted to watch the show, damn it!

I did get to stop thinking about it for awhile because I was incredibly entranced and fascinated with the costumes. Some were a bit creepy but, they were all WAY more than I was expecting (in the best way!). The set was so unique and fun, too.

Kiddo Simba (Joziyah Jean-Felix) and Older Simba (Brandon A. McCall) were both such lively actors. I loved how much energy both of them always had; how he jumped about and owned the whole stage. My favorite song was by far Older Simba’s solo, Endless Night, and my second favorite was by him and Rafiki, the He Lives In You (Reprise).

Of course, I was also a fan of Timon (Nick Cordileone) and Pumbaa (Ben Lipitz). Timon’s costume was a little weird… with the green man… but, I really liked Pumbaa’s! So creative! Oh gosh, and I can’t forget how many times Zazu had me crackin’ up! Let’s just say, the whole cast was spectacular!

The musical, itself, didn’t stray away from the movie’s story line at all. Every part of the movie seemed to be included and nothing much was altered besides the addition of a few little jokes here and there about tweeting and social media.

Overall, I thought the show was really thought out, the singing was phenomenal, and the cast, like I said, was specatactular. I do think there could have been a few more exclusive-to-the-musical songs added in though.

I also felt like I could have enjoyed it a LOT more if my bladder wasn’t misbehaving… Of course, I wished the whole time that the show would go faster so I could relieve myself and that’s just NOT how I want to feel, y’know?

After the show, boyfriend picked me up. I heated up some leftovers from dinner because I was hungry again. I started a new show on Hulu called Star. I had watched the last episode of UnREAL right before we left for Starbucks and the musical. I am already hooked on this Star show now. It is GOOD!

Today, we both woke up around 01:30 PM and just laid in bed for a bit. I read some of Heart Recaptured while boyfriend watched his fave Twitch folk.

We went to the library to renew and print out my business license. We do have a printer at home but, our ink ran out and I feel like that’s a hell of a lot of money to spend on more when we barely print anything out anyways… plus, it’s fun to go to the library once in awhile. 😉

After that, we just came home and I took a shower while boyfriend started cooking dinner. When I got out, I started watching some more of the Star show on the TV. Dinner was delicious and I baked some Sweet Loren’s cookies afterwards.

We made some hot coffee to drink with it and I watched another episode (or was it two?) of Star.

I decided it was time to start writing this so here I am. 🙂 My cold has finally vanished and boyfriend’s all better now, too! We’re both going back to work tomorrow. Yaaaaaay…. lol.

09:27 PM

60 thoughts on “Journal Entry #170 (The Lion King Musical Review)

  1. Hakuna Matata! (Or how ever you write that 😉 )
    I have always loved Timon and Pumbaa.
    They had their own show on TV which I always watched!

    I always compared with friends who was Timon or Pumbaa.
    I was definitely Timon haha

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  2. I upgraded to the new editor too! I’m not sure if I like it or not though.
    I’ve always heard good things about The Lion King Musical, but I never bothered to see it. Maybe I’ll reconsider haha. Also, those cookies look so good!

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    1. The new editor is so confusing but I’m trying my hardest to get used to it! The Lion King was sooo cute! If you love musicals, you should definitely see it sometime. 🙂 & Sweet Loren’s cookies are just the best!!

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    1. It was so fun!! The Lion King is always touring so I bet they’ll be in Ohio sometime for you to see. 🙂 My bladder ruins things all the time, too and I’m not even pregnant like you are lol! I wish I could sit through the whole entire show without needing to go!

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    1. I did like it! The costumes were so creative and fun! And OMG I was wishing I had the she wee and that no one would watch me if I used it right then and there. I was even thinking about wetting my pants LOLOL.


  3. Oh my gosh I hateeee that when I’m just trying to enjoy something and I keep feeling like I have to pee! It’s the WORST. So sorry that you had to deal with that!
    Those cookies look bomb by the way. I need to pick up some cookies that we can just pop in the oven and enjoy after dinner haha.

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    1. It really is the worst!! I don’t think I should have had all that Starbucks drink right before, I wanted to enjoy the show a bit more than I got to. 😦

      I love Sweet Loren’s cookies!! If they sell the brand at your grocery store, you should try some. 😀

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      1. I totally get it! It’s easy to make that mistake though, especially when something tastes so good and then you don’t realize what you did until after haha.

        I will look for them for sure. I fall so easily for any chocolate cookies lol.

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  4. Hahhahha, women and their bladders…. don’t worry we all are like the same. I cant sit somewhere longer than 30 minutes without feeling the urge to go… I am not a cookies person but those cookies in the picture looks great. Good you both had fun.

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  5. I was going to mention the new WordPress editor in my most recent post, but then I didn’t because it didn’t fit in with the theme of my post. lol But yes, I tried it and didn’t like it. I mean it wasn’t too bad at first, but then I couldn’t figure out how to insert the Read More tag (so my entire post isn’t clogging up my home page) but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I hope they didn’t get rid of it in the new editor! So I switched back to the old editor for now, but I’m sure eventually we won’t have a choice but to use the new one.

    I never much got into The Lion King hype. I was never a big fan of Disney stuff to begin with, but I did like Cinderella, Snow White, and Aladdin.

    Those cookies look so delicious!

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    1. It is really confusing… I was having such a hard time with this post lol. I thought about switching back to the old editor but yeah, I wanna learn this new one before we’re forced to use it against our own will. 😛 I’ll try to find that Read More tag when I write my post today and let you know if I find it!

      There was nothing I was obsessed with and none that I favored within Disney but I did love all of it and still do. The musical was a little more childish than I would have hoped for though.

      & I love those dang cookies!! There are only like 5 left haha.

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    2. Ok I found the button!! You can either press the circle with the + sign inside of it (add block button) that’s located at the top left corner of the page or you can press the same button that appears before you start typing, it’ll show up every time you press enter, too. Then scroll down to “Layout Elements” and you will find the “More” button!! ALSO, you can just go to the “Formatting” tab and click “Classic” then the old editor shows up but everything else stays updated.

      I hope that I made sense!!

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    1. Hahaha it was my fault though! I shouldn’t have downed that huge frappucino right before sitting down!

      The Smith Center is soooo beautiful and big!! You can even set tours to be guided around the whole place. 😀

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  6. Okay school is kickin’ my butt right now, and I desperately need a study break- what better way than to read one of your posts?!

    That’s so crazy with the update! Hahah you cracked me up how you showed off the giant “I”… but I had no idea there even was an upgrade?! So fascinating!

    I SOOO empathize with the having-to-pee issues- that is me everywhere we go. But for an experience like that I see why you wouldn’t want to miss a second.

    Ahhh I have to visit just to see these costumes alone! Lion King is probably the #1 Broadway Musicals I’m dying to see.. it just sounds absolutely spectacular in every way!

    Those cookies!!! Goodness those look perfect- and not overcooked one bit just how we like um’ mmmm mmmm!

    So glad y’all are feeling much better 🙂

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    1. Waahh! Sorry to hear that school is kickin’ your butt, babe! ❤ I hope the workload eases up for you soon!!

      The new editor is freaky but it's starting to grow on me… I think I like it! There are so many new ways to edit your text but, some old ways I still can't find lol.

      Ugh!! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one with this pea-sized bladder!! I always try to go before I leave my home even if I don't feel it because if I don't, guaranteed I'll have to go wherever our first stop is. 😛

      Yeah! The costumes were bananas. I was shocked that they went through that much trouble. I thought it was just going to be humans with painted faces lol. Boy, was I wrong!! I really think you would love it! It's magical seeing a childhood film come to life. ❤

      Thank you!!! I'm so so so happy you noticed that my cookies weren't overcooked LOL, it was like the first time ever I didn't burn the bottoms!! 😀

      ❤ ❤

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      1. Thanks, Hunida- this week is a lot lighter! wooohoo!!!

        I’ll have to update my editor soon- How do you update it?

        Oh, girl, you are SO not alone- I ALWAYS need to make sure that I have a bathroom break in sight haha. I also drink a ton of water and drink it super fast, so I think that mayyy be part of my issue too. My friends have literally had to limit my intake on road trips hahah.

        yaaasss- oh my gosh, my sweet tooth is really actin’ up now. I am gonna go get ice cream now.

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        1. Yay!! So happy to hear your schoolwork is a lot lighter this week. 🙂 & I’m not sure everyone has the option to update the editor yet. One day soon when you open to write a post, you will get prompted to try it out!

          Hahaha! I drink a lot of water, too!! I always have my water bottle with me lol. Maybe that is the problem! But I feel so dry if I don’t!?!

          Mmm, I wan’t ice cream, too lol. ❤

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  7. Awwww I’m sorry you weren’t able to fully enjoy the show Hunida! I remember before Les Mis they were telling everyone “if you have to go then go NOW”. I believe the first act itself was an hour and a half or something on it’s own and they weren’t letting people back in if they left until intermission.
    Oh, I tried the new editor too and I actually really like it but I think I need to play around with it more to really understand how it’ll impact my posts. I just found all the features I am used to using. It was annoying when I went to go edit a post that I wrote before the new editor and the entire thing was one “block” and I couldn’t figure out how to break it up to be able to put in photos throughout the text. It kept adding them to the very top instead of in between the paragraphs like I wanted!

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    1. In the e-mail I receive before each show they always warn that they may not allow people back in during shows but, then, every show I’ve been to I’ve seen at least one or two get to go in and out. I’m just scared I’d be the one the that gets told that I can’t come back in lol and I really don’t wanna miss a second, y’know?!

      I am really starting to love the new editor after having used it a couple more times! There are so many more options and different things we can do to our posts now. I just sat and pressed every single button until I learned what it all did LOL.

      For the old posts, you can click “Classic” under the “Formatting” tab and it will turn that “block” into the classic editor and you can do everything the old-school way from there. I hope that makes sense?!

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      1. Yeah I never risk it either so I stay in my seat the whole show! I rarely go out during the intermission too since the lines always get so long.

        Oooooo I wish I had seen that when I was editing it! I had to cut and paste sooooo much haha!

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  8. So glad to hear it wasn’t altered much, I tend to hate it when everything changes almost drastically to make it more relevant to today’s audience of you will. Lol. I’d definitely love to watch it myself because the lion king is one of my all time favorite movies lol.
    And sucks that you had to hold in your pee, but I can understand not wanting to miss a second of it.

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        1. I don’t know why but I get e-mails from Walt Disney and I got the trailer in my inbox yesterday! I didn’t watch it yet but I will now!

          I just got done! OMG! It’s so cute! They look really awesome and baby Simba so fluffy hehe. ❤


  9. Oh my gosh! That’s so frustrating that you needed the toilet for virtually the whole show, I’ve definitely experienced that before and it’s just so frustrating because you’re trying to enjoy the show but also wishing it away so you can go to the bathroom! Uh! 🙄 I feel as though you would definitely have enjoyed it more had you not been suffering with that little dilemma haha but still I’m glad you thought it was a good show! I wonder if the social media jokes were the same as they are here in the UK? They made one joke about Frozen when I went to see Lion King…
    Those cookies look delicious btw 😍 I’m hungry now! X

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    1. It was soooo frustrating needing to pee the whole time because usually I’m wishing for a show to move slower and last longer!! I remember the joke about Frozen so I bet they totally made the same social media jokes, too!

      Love those cookies!! ❤ Sorry to make you hungry hehe.

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