Journal Entry #169

November 12, 2018
07:32 PM

We finally went grocery shopping today! Go us! 😀 I bought so many goodies and have been munching on and opening everything since we got home lol.

Yesterday, boyfriend worked during the day. I woke up at almost 2 PM. I was reading blogs but, my comments were being sent to spam again so when you have time– check yours! I got annoyed and decided to just read Heart Recaptured instead. I love this Hades Hangmen series.

When boyfriend got home, we went out to eat at Karved. We’ve been a few times before; their sandwiches are just so good and they are only a short drive away.


I was a fan of their fall decor and I don’t know if I mentioned before, but their menu boards are so nifty! They just pull the brown paper down from the top roll and re-write the options when they change.


We had a bowl of their Spicy Beef Vegetable Soup… it had literally no beef. We were confused and disappointed.


Our waitress almost forgot but, I made sure to remind her of our free with Yelp check-in 1/2 order of hummus and pita. ❤ So freakin’ yummy! Their pitas are my fave.


Boyfriend had the Southwest Chicken Sandwich. It was hard to get my mouth around but, I managed to get a full bite. It was packed with flavors; from the tender rotisserie chicken, to the onion rings, and unique sauce.

I wanted to try their new special Thanksgiving dinner style turkey sandwich but… it had some dairy in the sauce so I had to go with my plain ‘ol French Dip.


The meat and dip were both absolutely perfect, as usual and I love pepperoncinis so much!! I thought it was sweet that they included a little leftover Halloween candy on the side, too. 🙂

We stopped at Starbucks for our espressos and when we got home, I did my makeup and finished painting my nails (I did all of my toes and only my left hand the day before lol).

I got to work around 11:30 PM and stayed until almost 3 AM.

Today, boyfriend worked the day shift again. He got home at 3 PM and I was still freakin’ sleeping. I got up right away and hopped in the shower. I was going to go back to work tonight but… we lost track of time… Boyfriend’s cooking dinner right now and if I was going to work, I would be doing my makeup at this time lol and Starbucks will be closed by the time we’re done eating sooo staying home, it is!

We had to stop at the dispensary before we went to the grocery store.

At Smith’s, I found the cutest Christmas mugs and this time, I carried them in and unpacked them gently so boyfriend couldn’t break them (like he did to my Halloween mug!).


Tomorrow, I get to see Lion King the Musical!!! I am SO SUPER DUPER excited!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! ❤

07:56 PM


41 thoughts on “Journal Entry #169

  1. Is WP doing that again?!??! I am so tired of it!!!
    I get A LOT of spam. Sometimes it doesn’t belong there, but lately also that is actual Spam.
    It’s so annoying. I don’t even know who it is!

    Enjoy the Lion King! I still need to see it as well!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh yes, WP always does it to me. 😦 I would not be surprised if you had a whole page’s worth of spam from me!

      The Lion King was pretty good! All I could think of was what you said about the cartoon on the cover though LOL.


    1. Ooh, these pitas were a bit different than traditional pitas but they are all yummy. 🙂 I think you would like it. The chicken sandwich was really good, too! & the Christmas mugs were on sale for such a nice price!! So glad we found them. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too, me too!! And hummus, too. I’m always looking for the hummus and pita appetizer. 😀

      Our grocery store sells such cute seasonal stuff right by the check out lanes so whenever boyfriend is waiting in line I try to find something to add onto the belt quickly hehe. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for grocery shopping!! Having a pantry full of goodies is the best feeling! I think my comments are going to spam too for some blogs. I’ll have to make a mention of it – the whole spam thing is just out of control! Ooooo that pita looks like the fluffiest yummiest pita ever!! Your sammys both look just too good! I see why you’d keep going back there!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It truly is one of the best feelings to have a fully stocked fridge and pantry. 😀 & the comment thing– it’s so annoying how they send us to spam? Like why? I never send anyone links or anything… ugh.

      The pita is deep-fried or something. It’s crispy on the outside and so soft in the center. I don’t know how they do it, girl! & the meat they use is top-notch, love that place. ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow spam again? I’ll have to check. I also haven’t been here all week but I am on break so I think that’s ok haha
    That sucks that soup didn’t have beef, like, it should have it if it’s in the name lol. But the hummus and pita look good, I still haven’t had pita bread yet but I’ve had the chips with hummus. I ate some hummus with wheat thins today lol
    Anyway, those mugs are cute!! I wish I could get more into the holidays, I haven’t decorated the house yet but I can’t until after ciels birthday party lol.
    And how cool can’t wait to read how the lion king musical went

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah… WP hates me, I swear lol. I’m always being sent to spam. 😭

      We were definitely disappointed by the soup. It must have been the last of it or something! & maybe there will be pita bread in your grocery’s store bread section? You gotta try it! It’s so fluffy! Lol.

      I love all the decorations and Christmas lights all over town. We never decorate our own home though. 😛


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