My November 2018 Currentlys…

Hey, all! Welcome to another month of my Currentlys! I’m actually going to take out the Beauty category from now on because I realize that’s becoming repetitive with my monthly Beauty Buys posts. Instead, we’ll start this with…



I am on Season 03 of UnREAL. It was originally a Lifetime channel show, so you know every single episode is dripping with drama- I absolutely loooove it! My favorite character is Quinn. She is the definition of a “boss ass bitch”.


I remember saying awhile ago that I’d be starting Heart Recaptured (Hades Hangmen #2) by Tillie Cole but, I’ve only recently just started. I’m now around 5% and I cannot wait to read the rest.

I’m pretty much still listening to the songs I posted in my October Currentlys… on repeat but, I fell in love with Talk To Me by Tory Lanez and Rich The Kid at work after doing countless lap dances to it. I’ve added it into my 5-song roto now, lol.



We haven’t been grocery shopping in weeks so, our cupboards are nearly bare. Right now, we have Honey Maid Chocolate Graham Crackers and Annie’s Organic Cinnamon Graham Crackers for our only snacks. I had never tried any other flavor besides the regular kind before and I don’t think I’m ever going back now!


We have Laughing Man – Dark Roast Colombia Hula Coffee and Don Francisco’s – Medium Roast Vanilla Nut. I don’t even know why we tried with the Vanilla Nut. I’ve learned we only like really strong dark roasts.


I’ve truly been loving these Assorted Vahdam Teas that I received in my VeganCuts Snackbox. There were 6 different long leaf tea bags included: Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea, Himalayan Green Tea, Himalayan Oolong Tea, Original Masala Chai Tea, and Mint Melody Green Tea. They were packed in those cool cloth-to-biodegradable plastic tea bags, too– which is a big plus. The flavors of the ones I’ve tried (all but, Turmeric and Mint) were so smooth and authentic. If I spot them at the grocery store, I would definitely buy a box or two.



I’ve been using Revitalens Contact Solution for as long as I’ve had contacts. I love that it includes a free lens case. I replace it every month even if it’s not completely gone because the solution actually goes bad and the case gets too dirty. At least, that’s what the lady who first gave me my contacts said!


I bought some new Schick Quattro for Women Razor heads. I always use this brand and style… it’s expensive though. What do you shave with?


We’re smoking on Pineapple Express and Canes Cookies. Both were grown by FloraVega.


I am using the theme MapleForestUX by Sasurabh Gupta. I didn’t include the text boxes this time because they’re just plain with a blurred background.


53 thoughts on “My November 2018 Currentlys…

  1. Woah, I had no idea the solution goes bad for contacts and I’ve been wearing contacts since high school! Yikes, maybe that’s why I had such issues with the reusable contacts. I’ve switched to one use contacts and love them, but that would have been nice to know haha!

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    1. That’s what the doc told me anyways lol! And she also kept stressing to never leave the cap off! Every time I set the bottle down, she jumped a little and was like “ah put the cap on it so it doesn’t go bad!” Then, she said that you could get an infection by using the same case for over a month and proceeded to show me scary photos! Lol I use the monthly ones. 😛

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      1. Ooooooo I used to leave the cap off allllllll the time! Towards the end of using the monthly ones I was really good at changing the case but since switching to the daily contacts I just throw them out at the end of the day and don’t have to worry about it. I love these way more!

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  2. So I saw your lap dance song have you ever thought of a post of your favorite lap dance songs?! I would love to see that! And FYI for deodarant you should try the spray dove invisible one! It’s the best!

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    1. There are two different strains of weed– Sativa which gets you head high, energized, happy, giggly. Then there’s Indica that gives you more of a body high, makes you hungry, sleepy, chilled, happy, calm, relaxed.

      I personally prefer Indicas but I will smoke a Hybrid that’s Indica Dominant, too. A Hybrid is when they mix an Indica seed with a Sativa seed. The way they figure out which strain is more dominant is by somehow getting the percentages.

      For all different names of weed– there are different levels THC and all kinds of other things measured and recorded on the label. I usually only pay attention to the THC because the higher the percentage on that, the better the weed USUALLY is but… the other percentages do weigh in a lot and some of the best weed doesn’t even have a lot of THC, it just has a nice balance of all of the listed ingredients. I just haven’t listened to the Budtenders closely enough to really understand the other percentages– I should though.

      I hope what I said made sense? I tried my best to explain all that I know which isn’t much. I just go into the store and say “what is your best strain of Indica flower??” haha.

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      1. Thanks for explaining! I did know about Sativa and Indica, but that’s about it. lol I don’t really like Indica, which is mostly all I’ve had, hence why I’ve never been a big smoker. However, at the Halloween party I went to, they had Sativa, which I really liked! So I discovered that I had just been smoking the wrong kind all this time. lol

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        1. Yeah! That can happen with a lot of people. They think they don’t like weed because they smoked the wrong kind for them. Personally, sativa gives me high anxiety & makes my heart beat too fast. I like to be slowed down by the Indica. 🙂

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  3. AHHH I keep forgetting to restart UnReal. I Neeeed to get back on that train. I’m glad you posted this because I was trying to think of something new to watch a few days ago. I’m currently binging 90 day fiancé- and it is SO good. BUT sometimes you need that hard core produced drama- hence UnReal!

    I am obsessssed with honey maid graham crackers- regular and chocolate. SO yummy. It’s one of those snacks I crave.

    Those tea flavors sounds wonderful. xo

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    1. 90 Day Fiance?! What’s that all about? Lol sounds interesting!! Are you gonna restart UnREAL from the beginning?

      I had never tried the chocolate or cinnamon flavors before! SO yummy! & the teas were sooo smooth with the perfect amount of flavor. ❤

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      1. OH GIRL. It is next level TV GOLD. So basically there are couples, usually one person from American and one from another country, that meet one way or another and end up getting engaged. They come over to the US on a 90 day visa and have 90 days to decide if they still want to get married. It’s absolutely fascinating, on TLC! I think I should start UnReal from the beginning since it’s been over a year. Ahh I need to finish How to Get Away with Murder too- that’s one I’ve had to start over and over again. Have you watched?! It’s realllly good.

        Those sound scrumptious! I tried a “dessert delight” lemon tea from Tazo last night and LOVED it. Mmmm so tasty. Have a great Wednesday, Hunida!

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        1. Whaaaat the heck?! Lol that reminds me of the movie The Proposal with Sandra Bullock lol. Is it on Netflix or Hulu or neither?

          I just finished watching UnREAL. The ending wasn’t that satisfying but the entire rest of the show was fantastic!!! Let me know if you get back into it. 😀 I’d love to hear you thoughts!!

          Thank you, love! Hope you have an amazing rest of your week!! ❤

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  4. Omg the cinnamon Graham’s are the bomb. I need to start gettin into healthier snacks or maybe just stop snacking period I feel like because it’s getting much colder I have a tendency to want to hibernate and that includes lots and lots of snacking because I was doing really good when it was warmer lmao
    Omg there’s actually a Pineapple Express?!!! Oooohhhhhh I would love to try it lmao

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    1. Why have I only been eating the regular graham crackers all this time when there is chocolate and cinnamon out there?! I went grocery shopping today and bought so many snacks… lol. Snacking is fun, I don’t blame you!!! Especially when you’re all curled up in a blankie. 😀

      Lol yeah!! I’ve actually never seen the movie but that’s exactly what I thought of when we bought it!!


      1. Yeah they’re soo soo good. I’ve gotten the bunnies for ciel too I believe and they’re just as good. I love them!!
        Lol the movie is very silly and funny in my opinion. I also like Seth Rogen and James DeFranco so that made it enjoyable to watch

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          1. LOL!! Thanks! But I meant the actual bunnies too, you know, like the goldfish? They have cheddar bunnies, cinnamon bunnies and two other ones. They’re really good!! I prefer getting those for ciel over the goldfish snacks haha

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  5. I use the Dollar Shave Club razors and love them! It’s a (cheap) subscription service, but I cancelled the subscription right after I signed up and only order the heads when I need them. They have a really good deal for their starter box right now for only $5! Here’s the link if you’re interested. 🙂 and if you want to help get me a $5 credit, you can use my referral link 😀

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  6. Girlll we tried the Don Francisco coffee and totally hated it! It was honestly gross to us and I didn’t even finish a cup. Why does good ground coffee have to be so expensive?!
    Also, I totally use the same razors!! I’ve been using the Schick Quattro for forever. They ARE expensive so I order them on Amazon and save a bunch of money. You can get eight replacement heads for $22. Here’s the link!

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    1. Ground coffee wouldn’t be so bad honestly if ALL of them tasted good… it’s like only Starbucks or Peet’s brand grounds taste right. Spending that much on the Don’s was so not worth it though, ick.

      I’ve never been able to find a better razor so I’ve been using it as long as I can remember! I love that we use the same one. 😀 & thank you for looking out for me, but the thing is, I only remember to buy more when I’m on the last one and I don’t have Prime so I wouldn’t be able to wait for the new ones before I got too hairy, heheh.

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      1. Agreed! We always get Dunkin’ Donuts ground coffee since it’s a bit cheaper than Starbucks and still tastes pretty good. It’s so hard to find good ground coffee for sure!

        Oh okay, that makes sense! 🙂

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          1. We just get the regular flavor, and I *think* it’s a dark roast but it might be medium. Never light roast, gross haha. I’m not a big fan of flavored grounds, they taste so processed to me, so we just get regular flavor.

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