Journal Entry #167

November 08, 2018
11:43 PM

I can’t believe it’s already so late already. Ugh.

I was going to go to work tonight but, yesterday, I woke up completely clogged up. I thought it was allergies but, I took a Claritin pill and I don’t feel any better… I think I’ve caught a stupid bug! I feel like complete crap!

Our oven is finally fixed but, we still have been going out for food. Last night, we went to this new restaurant in Chinatown called Miàn. It has actually been open for awhile but, we had a thing against it because it bought out one of our fave ramen spots.

We finally decided to drop our grudge and try it out.


Instead of water, they served this cold, sweet drink called Mung Bean Soup. I, personally, wasn’t a fan but, boyfriend said he “kinda liked it.”


The artwork on the place mat was super cute. My menu is covering the step-by-step illustrated directions on how to eat your noodles but, the first step was to “take a picture of it.” 😀 Well, we already knew I was going to do that, right?!


I got the Hot and Sour Soup— I added beef (not pictured) and replaced the thin noodles with the thick homemade noodles. Luckily, mine came with the fried egg included. The broth had a nice, even sourness– it coated the noodles completely and I loved it but… it was soooo oily. I wasn’t able to drink it at all. It served more as a very liquidy sauce.


Boyfriend had the Spare Ribs Soup– his didn’t come with the fried egg but, he was able to add one. The pork was tender and delish but, the flavor of the whole bowl was just lackin’.


It came after our noodles instead of before them but, we shared the Pork Dumplings which were a bit too sweet. I appreciated that there was so much sauce at the bottom though and that we were able to cover our dumplings in it.

The interior of the place was really sad and bland. There was nothing?? And only one other family in there the whole time we ate.


The food wasn’t that bad at all. I think they deserve more customers but, I wouldn’t be surprised if they close down or someone else buys them out soon.

When we got home, I was finally able to bake my cookies– we ate them all except for like 3… and we also made a midnight run to Rivas for chicken wings, fries, and a large Horchata.

Today, boyfriend had to work all day. I defeated that freakin’ Adventure Time game on my Nintendo 3DS and finished reading Blackbird by Michael Fiegel. Then, I started Heart Recaptured by Tillie Cole.

When he got home, we went out to eat at this bar called Aces & Ales. We had never been before, surprisingly. They’re open 24/7.


My brain is in such a fog from this bug, I forgot to take a picture of the exterior AND I even almost forgot to take a picture of these onion rings…


We had already ate quite a few when I remembered. I wish I hadn’t ate so many though– they weren’t even good. I think they were fried waaay too long and the greasiness made me queasy.


Our second appetizer was awesome though. Some deviled eggs with smoked salmon and capers… mmm, mmm. I already want to eat them again.


Boyfriend got the Juicy Lucifer with regular fries on the side. His meat patty was stuffed with pepperjack cheese and chorizo!!


I didn’t take a bite because I’m already suffering from all these symptoms and I wasn’t about to add a stomachache to it! But, he said… it could have been better and cheesier!


I went with the Prime Rib French Dip (no horseradish) with sweet potato fries for my side. The bread was incredibly soft, the dip was filled with flavor, and the meat was tender without an excess amount of fat.

On the way home, we had to stop to fill up our water jugs. I made hot green tea before writing this. Now, I’m gonna read and reply to your lovely comments then, veg out and watch some TV. Probably make another hot cup of tea and take a bubble bath before bed.

12:30 AM


48 thoughts on “Journal Entry #167

  1. Food looks delish! The first restaurant does look quite bland to me too.

    Sorry you’re not well. It seems to be going around right now. We’ve had two colds in our house this fall already. Feel better! ❤💜❤

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  2. I am on the same boat with the allergies! Hope you’ll feel better soon. Main looks like an interesting place. The menu is super cute! The soup looks tasty! It’s a bummer that the restaurant was kind of empty during the time.

    The burger looks delicious! Glad you enjoyed your time out! :).

    Nancy ♥

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    1. Ugh! It’s so hard to tell if I’m having allergies or a cold. I know it’s weird to say but, I just can’t wait for winter to get here already!

      Mian’s menu and food was def interesting! I don’t get why their interior is so boring and they have no customers! 😛 Every other spot next to them is always so busy.

      The burger was scary!! Lol but boyfriend enjoyed it at least. 😀 Thank you, Nancy!!!


  3. Ooh nooo! Tis the season for those annoying colds. So sorry you caught one, hope you are back to 100% in no time.

    First step is alwayyys to take the food pic, lol. I follow this one account called “thecameraeatsfirst” and I’m like.. yesss, genius.. that is my life. Haha .

    Ahhh the thick homemade noodles sound ah-may-zingggg. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    While those onion rings look good, I totally know what you mean about the extra fried= extra queasy. too much fried will get me every time too.

    Oh my ! Those deviled eggs are sooo up my alley- yes please! YUM!

    That burger!! DJ would LOVE that.. sounds like all good things on one burger! & a French dip Sammy is one of the best burgers of alll time. xo

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    1. Uggghh, I hate the changing of the seasons! I always seem to catch a cold. 😦 Why can’t I be healthy?! Lol & I LOVE THAT, the camera does always eat first hahaha!

      The deviled eggs were definitely my favorite part of the meal. So dang yummy! ❤ & that burger was monstrous!! I love a French Dip because they're so simple & delicious with no worries of dairy being around. 🙂

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  4. You weren’t kidding! The interior of that place IS really bland! The noodles look really yummy though. I wish I could eat some right now.

    Onion rings are really good, but I hate when they make you a little queasy. I’ve had that happen to me before too.

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  5. Sucks you weren’t feeling good I hope you’re much better now! 💜
    The noodles from the first place look good but yeah I see how oily they actually look I don’t think I could drink the broth from that either
    And I’ve never had deviled eggs but that looks interesting lol
    That burger stuffed with cheese and chorizo actually looks pretty good but I think I’d get a stomach ache after eating something like that 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still am fighting the bug a little bit but I think I’m getting better. 🙂 Thank you!!

      Yeah the noodles were good but that broth wasn’t lol. I really love deviled eggs! It was my first time having smoked salmon stuffed in them though. Yum! & I totally wish I would have just taken a bite of that burger, one bite couldn’t have hurt lol.

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  6. I know I’m late on reading this but I hope you got better soon! That sucks. It’s just that time of year I guess. :/
    I love that you guys held a grudge against that place because it bought out your favorite ramen place! That totally sounds like something we would do hahaha. At least you gave it a try in the end because I guess that’s just how business works.
    Those salmon deviled eggs look AMAZING! I love love love deviled eggs and salmon both, so combining them sounds like heaven. ❤

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    1. I’m feeling better now!! Thank you, babe!!! ❤ I hate the changing of the seasons. I always catch a stinkin' bug.

      LOL we were like "nope, we're not supporting their business!!" but I saw the bowl of noodles on Yelp and finally gave up the grudge!! The deviled eggs were so good!!! I had never tried them with smoked salmon before, wow!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Me too! The change in weather always gets me. And ever since we moved to our new apartment, I’ve been having the worst allergies. I sneeze like twice a day at least and my eyes are always itchy and watery. Though we did adopt Kona at the same time so I’m not sure if it’s a plant around the apartment or if I’m actually allergic to dogs and never knew it since my family always had hypoallergenic dogs. Weird!

        Those noodles really did look so good! I would give up my grudge too haha.


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