Journal Entry #166

November 06, 2018

09:12 PM

Yesterday, boyfriend and I both had the day off. He went to the office to ask about replacing our oven. They said that the maintenance man would come by but, they didn’t  have any idea when. Annoying, right?

We were gonna go grocery shopping if he came on time and was able to get it fixed but, it was starting to get late and he never showed up so we went to Chipotle for dinner after we stopped at the dispensary for a weed refill.


Chipotle always freakin’ hits the spot, anyways! YUMM-O! I got a steak bowl and boyfriend got a double chicken bowl with hard shells on the side.


We started off eating inside the restaurant but, it was fuh-reeeeezing in there so we went outside to eat where it was the perfect temp. and there was no wind.

Starbucks was only two doors down from Chipotle so, of course, that’s where we walked to for dessert. The Christmas cups were out and the store was decorated all Christmas-y, too! I was filled with so much joy when I walked in. 😀


And with the new decorations… there came new flavors!! I chose the Chestnut Praline and boyfriend had the Peppermint Mocha. We turned them both into frapps and added a few extra shots of espresso. There was a delicious, crispy cookie topping on mine and little red sprinkles on top of boyfriend’s. We both really enjoyed our drinks!! We also had them heat up a choco chip cookie and a brownie for us. We practically finished both treats before the frapps were even done being made, hehe.

We spent the rest of the night at home. I browsed a lot of online stores and looked at all the Black Friday deals. Boyfriend and I want to get an XBOX One S from JCPenney’s or Kohl’s, we can’t decide which store we think would be less busy. I saw that you can just shop the deals online right at midnight, too. Would that be a better option?

And, if we do decide to go to the store and it opens at 2 PM on Thursday– what time do you think we should get there if we want to be one of the VERY first through the door?

I’ve never wanted something specific on Black Friday before so give me all the advice you got, please!

Today, we both woke up around 1 PM. We had to buy some things at Target so we went there not too long after. When all was bought and done, we came home, smoked a blunt, and I took a shower. The maintenance man finally showed up and told us he’ll be ordering a new piece for our oven and hopefully, he can come replace it tomorrow morning.

When I was done moisturizing and getting dressed, we went out to eat at Panera. Out of all 4 years that boyfriend and I have been together, we have never ate at Panera. I used to go all the time as a teenager though because there was one at our fave mall to hang out at.


Every time I have suggested Panera before, boyfriend had said, “nope, I won’t get full” LOL and my gosh, he wasn’t lyin’ because he ended up having to order three different plates before he was satisfied.


His first order was a full-sized super yummy Steak and Baby Arugula sandwich and a small Mac and Cheese with bacon— both came with a bag of chips but, I ate one of them. I had the half Asian Sesame Chicken Salad and half of their absolutely fantastic Turkey Chili with a piece of bread.

While I was still finishing up my meal, he had ate all of his and went to order half of a Chicken Caesar Salad with the bread and he finished it at the same time as me. I really don’t blame him though. The portions were quite small and we’ll probably not be returning!

I remember one of my friends used to work at Panera and whenever he closed, he’d bring us a bag of bagels. Ooo, man, they were SO good. Especially that one with cinammon all over it. ❤

ANYWAYS, I signed up for that BoxyCharm box last night and I’m so excited to get my first one. I looked at the spoilers, which I usually never like to do, but I just had to see what I was gonna get or I would’ve probably not even have signed up. Next month, they have the BoxyLuxe upgrade and it’s all I can think about right now… if I should do it or not? I probably just should so I can forget about it and have some brain space!!

ALSO, has anyone seen that new Kindle Paperwhite that’s coming out tomorrow? I WANT IT.

These Holiday deals and new releases are getting to me. I want everything.

I guess I better get my booty to work then!! I’m all done with my hair and makeup already, so I’m going now!!

Good night! ❤

09:43 PM


65 thoughts on “Journal Entry #166

        1. That’s like The Strip for us! We never go on it even though it’s super close. It’s just too busy and parking prices are outrageous. 😛

          What show are you going to see?! 😀 You should def get some Chipotle while you’re out there. ❤

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  1. This post has made me soo hungry and just crave meat, haha. I can’t believe your boyfriend had to order three dishes at Panera before he felt full, that’s crazy! It definitely doesn’t sound worth returning there haha, go somewhere one dish will make him feel full. Ooooh Black Friday. I’ve only ever bought one thing on BF and that was my laptop and by mistake. I didn’t even realise it was Black Friday I was just like ‘I need to buy this laptop today’. It actually turned out pretty well because I got a good deal unexpectedly. I did have to wait a couple of hours tho to be seen by the customer advisor. I think buy online if you know what it is that you want, it will save you so much time and having to queue. If you can buy online for the same deal then why not!?

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    1. Ahh, I’m sorry! Boyfriend and I are such carnivores. 😛 I couldn’t believe he needed 3 either but the portions were just so tiny! Definitely won’t be going back lol.

      Hahaha! That’s awesome that you bought the laptop on Black Friday without even knowing. I can’t believe you had to wait HOURS though. Ugh.

      We don’t wanna buy online because we wanna have it right away lol… that’s the only thing!

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  2. When am I gonna learn not to read your posts when I’m hungry? Lol.
    That’s so funny about Panera because my guy doesn’t get filled up either so I just grab it for lunch by myself sometimes. It’s a treat for me because it really isn’t filling and kind of expensive. I love that cinnamon bagel with hazelnut cream cheese 🤤
    In my opinion, I’d just go Black Friday shopping online because everywhere will have deals and it’s less stressful. Maybe Amazon will have it on sale?
    Hope you get your oven fixed soon. I feel ya tho. I had my freezer give out and a bunch of food was wasted. They replaced it the same day but I felt like they coulda offered to replace some of the food too 😒

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    1. Hahah I’m sorry, I just love taking pictures of my food!! But yeah, definitely never bringing my boyfriend back to Panera. I’ll never hear the end of it about how he knew he wasn’t going to be filled up LOL. It’s more of a lunch spot over a dinner spot, isn’t it? Oooh & hazeulnut cream cheese sounds so delish!

      Yeah, the deals start earlier online, too but, then you have to wait for shipping which is much longer than waiting in line to check out lol. 😛

      We got our oven fixed this morning, woo-hoo! 😀 & oh my gosh, I’d be so sad if our fridge/freezer went out!! I agree they should’ve offered some credit to your rent or something!!

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  3. Wow- Starbucks already has their Christmas stuff pulled out?! love it! That Chestnut praline sounds sooo yummy.

    Oh man, I’ve only done Black Friday a couple times, and just was way to overwhelmed. Wish I had some sort of tips for you hahah. Let us know how it goes!

    I actually agree about Panera- it is quite pricy for the amount of food you get. But it is DARN tasty! The cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera is EPIC though! I agreeee. xo

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    1. Starbucks is DECKED out in their Christmas gear already lol. I was surprised when I walked in too… but not mad at all. 😉

      I am deadly afraid of Black Friday but man I want that XBOX lol. I will let you know how it goes if I come out alive!

      I wasn’t that impressed with the salad at Panera, though?! They only used iceberg lettuce?! The soups & sandwiches really are so good, though! We just need MORE lol. & ooh yes yes yes, that cinnamon crunch bagel. I can taste it in my mouth now. ❤

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      1. haha yessss I cannot wait to hear about this! I am cheering you on from afar, girl!

        I tend to always get their sandwiches if I do go ! Their salads definitely don’t fill me up much, especially for their price !

        I can taste it too- ughhh if only they were open at 10:49 at night. Haha

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  4. I’ve never been to Panera, although I would like to try it. We have one here, but I’ve just never been to it for some reason. I’ve been so hungry for Chipotle lately! I wish they stayed open later than 10 pm so I could stop after work, but they close just as I’m getting off. ugh.

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  5. Chipotle and Starbucks in one day? I’m slightly jealous, haha. Especially since I moved overseas, the iced vanilla lattes in Australia are not the same as home 😦 Did you see the Christmas edition water bottle with a snowglobe at the bottom?!

    I also completely forgot about the Black Friday deals I’d be missing out! I loved shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to curb my spending cravings (lol) and also pick up some cheap Christmas gifts.

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    1. Hahaha aw, they were right next door to each other. We had to! 😉 I’ve heard the coffee is not as good in Australia! I wonder why that is?!

      I didn’t see the water bottles but, that sounds so cute! I’m definitely gonna keep my eyes peeled for them next time I go in!

      Are there no Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals in Australia?!


  6. Chipotle hits the spot, ALWAYS. And I tried their pumpkin spice latte and didn’t like it as much so I’m not really wanting to try any other holiday drinks from them lol. I’ll stick with the chai latte and coffee frappe with almond milk. I finally remembered to substitute it and I haven’t had a tummy ache since 😀
    Oh my goooossssshhh, I haven’t had panera in literal years, since I worked at Macy’s before I got pregnant with Ciel lol. Since it’s at the mall and i hardly eat food from the mall it never comes up hahah. It’s always until we drive by it that I’m like “we could eat here too!” 😂😂
    Hopefully you have gotten your new oven already? I’m only a day or so behind on reading so I assume they were supposed to fix it today??
    And about Black Friday sales, I haven’t really shopped during Black Friday in the last couple years, I have found that sometimes the best sales are either before or after OR right before Christmas as they’re trying to get rid of inventory. But since you’re buying an Xbox it’s best to be there as early as possible so you’re one of the first there. Also, if you don’t feel like making the drive and waiting in line, you can also wait until cyber Monday deals.

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    1. Ahhh, seriously! Chipotle is so good!! ❤

      I tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte awhile back and hated it too lol. I love trying all the new flavors but it does suck when it tastes like crap! I did like the Chestnut Praline though, I thought it was really good and boyfriend always gets the Peppermint Mocha at least once or a twice a year– he loves it (I don't). Also, YAY to no tummy aches, right?! I don't see a difference in flavor with the almond milk but boyfriend always says he can taste it?? What do you think?!

      Oh screw Panera!! It wasn't filling at all. It's probably always in the malls because it's like a middle of shopping snack. 😛 hahha.

      Yeah we got our new oven yesterday!! He just replaced the bottom "vector" that started on fire. It took him like 5 minutes!

      Yeah, I think the XBOX will be sold if we wait that long!! We don't wanna buy online we decided because we don't wanna wait for it to get here lol we have been waiting long enough for the day to come & the line won't be as long as shipping & handling, y'know?? Do you think noon would be early enough if they open at 2 PM??

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      1. What is mocha anyway? Idk anything about coffee I don’t even know what it’s a latte either…..I should really look it up I’m so dumb 😩😩🤣🤣🤣
        And honestly I don’t taste the almond milk itself , BUT it does seem tastier to me with the almond milk. Better than with regular in my opinion. Lol.
        Lol!!! I do remember liking some grilled cheese sandwich, I don’t remember if it was the cheese or the bread that I liked hahaha
        Oh wow it took them that long to replace something that took 5 minutes lol.
        Ooh I see that makes sense, yeah better to go in store. And,..,shoot idk what to say I haven’t gone to the mall for Black Friday since I worked at Macy’s and one thing I remember is people being lined up for an hour or more before the stores officially opened so who knows lol. I think if you want to be the first of the first 12pm seems like a good time, be sure to get drinks and snacks and be prepared to stand for a long time. Bring something fun to play with or to entertain yourself with. A book even. Haha.

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        1. You’re not dumb!! There are just so many complicated coffee names for no reason. Like umm… MOCHA. It just means chocolate LOL. & a latte is just espresso with milk & whatever flavorings.

          Yes! I agree! 😀 I think the almond milk makes it tastier too!! Boyfriend is always like “icckkk I can taste the almond milk” it makes me so mad because I want him to think my drinks are good like I do hahaha.

          JCPenney’s is giving away $500 to the first people through the doors lol I hope we get it but, gosh. Standing around for two hours sounds horrible. Though, when I read books or blogs– it seems quick so I will be doing that and hopefully forget about what time it is. Thanks for your advice!! Macy’s is a really popular store so I’ll take it and get there at 12. ❤

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          1. Ah I see.. It’s always so interesting to me the many types of coffee or really anything. LOL. That’s why there’s connoisseurs for everything XD
            Bahahaahahha omg he sounds like Alex!! And you sound just like mee!!! LMAO I was just having this discussion with Alex about how I’m always like trying to get him to like the things I like hahah my defense was “I just want you to feel included” LOL
            OMG What??!?!?! That’s so cool!! I would love to get free money for a shopping spree LOL. So where will you guys be going first? Game stop for the Xbox?

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            1. Yeah! There are seriously connoisseurs for everything! & I’m cracking up!! For real, I just want him to be able to ENJOY it as much as I do hahaha!!
              We’re going to JCPenney’s first and only. That’s where they’re selling the XBOX (weird, huh?)! And HEY, all JC’s are giving away the shopping spree so if you’re crazy like me… ;D

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              1. Lol yeah and Alex won’t admit to it but he does the same thing when he tells me about something he likes. Haha.
                They sell xbox there?! Really?? Since when?! Lol. But that’s neat, I think you should definitely be there early then because added with the $500 gift a lot of people will want dibs on that.

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                1. Lol my boyfriend doesn’t mind when I don’t like his stuff… he’s just like “more for me”… 😛

                  I was confused, too? Do they always sell xboxes or are they only selling them for Black Friday? I don’t know lol but I’m going and am scared!


                    1. Okay so I looked at that $500 giveaway thing and it’s not actually the first people in the door. I’m pretty sure it’s like a scratch-off thing. 😛 Hopefully not too many people will be there and they’ll go to Kohls instead because they’re also doing the XBOX too & you get a free $65 to shop at Kohls no matter what.


    1. Hehe, sorry to make you hungry, Rhonda! Chipotle is just so good every time, isn’t it?! & the teas & bagels at Panera are the best! I think they’re more of a lunch/hang out spot over a dinner restaurant though!


        1. The baked treats are hard to beat! Happy weekend to you, too, Rhonda! I had no plans besides going to work but, I can’t even do that because of this cold I’ve caught. So I’ve just been at home reading books, blogs, & playing games.

          What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?! ❤


  7. Hahaha you know I’m stoked about Black Friday and the new Kindle!! I still can’t decide if I want the new Kindle or the Kobo…ugh decisions lol. -_- I hope you are able to get your Xbox for an amazing deal!! We’ve been adding so many things to our Black Friday/Cyber Monday list…I don’t know how we’ll be able to afford it all even with the deals lol. It’s a good time to save on Christmas presents though!
    I LOVE the new holiday flavors at Starbucks! In fact, the Caramel Brulee is like my favorite of the whole year lol. I’ve never tried the holiday flavors as a frapp though!
    Also now I’m totally craving Chipotle. It’s so addicting because it really does hit the spot every time. And I’ve never had Panera! We don’t have one in Flagstaff. BUT we are going to Phoenix at the end of the month so maybe I should look one up just to try it!

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    1. I want that new Kindle so bad! It’s all I can think about lol. I still haven’t looked up the Kobo though– I’m nervous it might make me indecisive, too! Thank you, we need all the luck we can get for Black Friday shopping! ❤ I hope you get everything you want for a good deal, too! Do you know if the new Kindle will go on sale?? Or prob not?

      We went to Starbucks earlier and I ALMOST got the Creme Brulee but I wanted the Chestnut Praline again. Neeext time, I am so getting it now that you said it's your fave!! I love a frappucino though, I feel like I only enjoy hot coffee when it's completely black.

      Chipotle is SO good!! Never does me wrong lol. & girl, forget about Panera! It's not worth the trouble. Any old deli, sandwich, soup shop will be better & more filling. 😛 Hope you have fun in Phoenix!!!

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      1. It looks so great! I love the idea of it being waterproof. When it’s a big decision for something over $100, it’s hard for me to decide because I don’t want to choose the wrong one lol. I bet it will go on sale, at least a little! They probably released it in November to up-charge before Black Friday and then make more sales without losing money. Maybe Cyber Monday since it’s on Amazon?

        I hope you like it when you get the brulee one! I guess some people don’t like it as much but I love anything creme brulee so it’s amazing to me haha. Frappuccinos are so good and I think for some drinks, they actually have stronger flavor than the hot versions.

        Oh that’s good to know! Okay, crossing Panera off our list. Especially since it serves smaller portions, that kind of seems disappointing for the price. Thanks!! Joshua got a new job so they are treating us to a week at an Airbnb during his training. I’m so looking forward to trying to new food places!

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        1. Okay, seee? That’s exactly what I was thinking. That the price will go down after Cyber Monday. I totally think I’d choose the Kindle over the Kobo– I did a little research but that’s just my thought. Joshua definitely has more knowledge than I do though!!

          I think I’ll like the creme brulee, too! Have you tasted the toasted white chocolate one?? Oh and for my frappucinos I always ask them for half the syrup because they always add TOO much flavor!! lol.

          Yeah, Panera is just not worth it to me!! & OH MY GOSH! How freakin’ exciting!! So many congrats to Joshua on his new job!! & I hope you guys have the best best best time in the AirBnb & trying all the new food. 😀

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          1. Hahaha ooh I know: you get the Kindle, I get the Kobo and we can compare. lol 😉 I’m mostly just leaning toward the Kobo since Overdrive is integrated with it so it’s supposed to be super easy to borrow library books. That’s the biggest pro for me haha. I’m still not convinced, though, so out of curiosity, what sways your opinion for preferring the Kindle?

            Yesss the toasted white chocolate is so good! Even the plain white hot chocolate is one of my favorites.

            Thanks girl!! He said thanks as well haha. I think it will be so fun to spend a week out of town! And we get to take Kona with us lol.

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            1. Okay so I had only looked at the Kobo that was being sold on Amazon but now I went to the Kobo site and I reeeeally can’t decide, it seems so much better just because the Kobo has the blue light filter to protect your eyes from the light… I really want that but I also want 6 months of Kindle Unlimited for free (it comes with the new Kindle) and I am just nervous about the Kobo because what if it just goes down the drain like Nook did? I don’t see Amazon ever slowing down, y’know?!

              I don’t usually like white chocolate but, toasted sounds yummy!! 😀 I’m gonna try it after the creme brulee hopefully before they go out of season.

              You guys will have a blast!! That’s so fun that you get to bring Kona!! ❤ She's gonna love it!!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Oh yeah they don’t have the Kobo Clara HD on Amazon, which is the one I want. I looked it up again on their website and I’m pretty convinced that’s the one for me. I had forgotten about the blue light filter but I LOVE that for reading at night! It’s so much nicer. All it’s missing is the waterproofing…but I guess I can’t live without lol 😉

                The toasted is great! I hope you love it if you try it!

                I’m so happy we get to bring her so we don’t have to get a house sitter. I will miss my sweet Zelda though, but it’s only 5 days…I’ll survive. Just the longest we will have been away from her! I’m such a mom lol XD

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                1. Yeah, the blue light and amount of fonts and font styles on the Kobo are big pros for me but I think I’ll go with the new Kindle because of Kindle Unlimited and I like Amazon… but hey! Why not the Aura H2O?? It’s waterproof for a reasonable price!

                  Who is going to take care of Zelda?? We don’t go anywhere for more than a night because I am such a mom to my cats, too LOL.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. I totally get it! The Kindle Unlimited sounds like an amazing feature for sure. Haha well the Aura H20 seems overpriced (compared to the new Kindle) and doesn’t have that great of reviews. I definitely considered it at first until I realized those two factors. 😉
                    Thankfully, Joshua’s co-worker is willing to check in on Zelda, scoop out the litter box, check the food & water, etc. I wish we could just take her with us too though lol. XD Exactly!! I’m so glad you can relate. I think most people think I’m crazy. 😉

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Ahh, you know what? I don’t know why but, I haven’t even read any actual reviews. I’ve just read like comparison articles and stuff. 😛

                      Ohh, that’s so nice of his co-worker!! Boyfriend has suggested that he could ask one of his so we could go on vacay but I don’t know any of them and I don’t know if I trust them around my cats… lol.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I get that!! Thankfully, we have met with her before and actually had a puppy play date with Kona & her dog, and she has cats too, so I feel pretty confident thankfully. The only other option for us would be to get book someone from as a house sitter. They aren’t expensive but it’s just an added stress that I don’t want to deal with right now lol. But yes, I’m so grateful for his co-worker! We will totally be getting her a gift card or something nice haha.

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