Beauty Buys #2 | October 2018

Hello there, fellow beauty lovers! I’ve been thinkin’ about subscribing to ONE full-size subscription box starting either this month or next month. I’m mostly leaning towards BoxyCharm but, want to know: has anyone been able to subscribe to the Ipsy Plus one? Or does anyone have other suggestions? Have you heard of Yes! Oh Yas!? Should I give Lola Beauty Box another shot? (Probably not). Or should I just keep buying what I choose? What do you think?

In October, I didn’t buy much in the beauty department. Here’s what I did get though:


Classic Lip Balm by Carmex

Purchased at: Smith’s In-Store
I Paid: $1.00
Scent: Cherry

First Impressions: I have the squeezy tube of Carmex but, wanted this stick kind. The cherry scent is a nice bonus.


Salon Boards by Trim

Purchased at: Target In-Store
I Paid: $1.19

First Impressions: I promise I didn’t steal this! I bought it the night the power went out at Target so I guess their alarm systems weren’t working and it didn’t matter that I didn’t have someone take the security tag off. The “salon board” works quite nicely– I wish it came with more than two… and am I the only one who thought these things were called “nail filers”?


Strengthening Nail Polish Remover by Up & Up

Purchased at: Target In-Store
I Paid: $2.39

First Impressions: Removes my nail polish easily, just like it should! Not sure about the strengthening part though. How can I tell?


Invisible Spray by Secret

Purchased at: Target In-Store
I Paid: $4.99
Scent: Cool Waterlily

First Impressions: DOES NOT WORK and smells sooo strong. The scent lingers forever and is a bit sickening. I am still sweating and stinking after spraying this onto my armpits. Expect to see yet another new deodorant in my next Beauty Buys post.


Frida Kahlo Nail Polish by Republic Nail

Purchased at: CVS In-Store
I Paid:
Shade: N/A?

First Impressions: I can’t find the shade name for this beautiful polish– I don’t know if they have any! It was super pigmented after just one coat and lasted forever before it started to chip. The brush was a little fat and the formula a bit sticky but, overall, I really loved this. I thought it was top-notch! Also, the packaging is awesome.


Ultra-Soft Cleansing Wipes by CVSHealth

Purchased at: CVS In-Store
I Paid: $1.99 for two packs (BOGO free sale)
Scent: Fragrance Free

First Impressions: Okay, so I always use these for work… to wipe away sweat, germs, cracks… etc. So, one day, I went to buy a pack and they were on sale!! I got two packs for the price of one. Woo-hoo! I decided to keep a pack at home and have been using it to wipe away lipstick and other face makeup that I apply but, end up hating. Seriously, put away those weirdo Summer’s Eve wipes and sprays and all of those different makeup remover wipes, and just buy yourself a pack of unscented baby wipes. Personally, some other brands dry me out “down there” but, not this one! Everyone’s pH balance is different. 😉


I promise that next month’s Beauty Buys post will be tons more interesting. I’ve already bought some fun goodies and I have quite a few makeup items that need replacing.

What beauty buys did you make last month? Anything you really loved?


66 thoughts on “Beauty Buys #2 | October 2018

    1. Hahah yeah, “nail files” is what I’ve always heard & used… never this “salon boards”. 😛 “Emery board” is a new one to me, too! Carmex is alright, it’s cheap & gets the job done! Is it sold in NZ?

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    1. The other shades of polish either had her artwork or different portraits of her on the cap. They were all so cool! I wish I could use the spray but, they just never work for me. Back to the stick I go!

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    1. I really did love Birchbox when I was subscribed to it! I found a lot of products that I ended up buying the full-size for but, I’m just not wanting the sample-sized stuff anymore. Thanks for your recommendation though. 😀

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  1. Salon boards? Whaaat? It’s definitely nail file I’m sure, or yeah like someone else said… emery boards LOL. Never heard of a salon board before but okay 🤷🏼‍♀️ Love love love that nail polish color 😍 so pretty! I haven’t really bought much in terms of beauty lately… That’s a first 😂 xxx

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    1. Next month’s post will be even better, I’ve already bought too much and it’s only been a week. OOPS!! At least you like these posts so it makes it all worth it. ❤ ❤ & yeah… what the hell is this "salon board" stuff?!?


    1. I agree! I can’t find anything that works for my lips better than Carmex. The nail color is really pretty! & yeah, definitely, stay away from that deodorant lol I’ve actually never tried a spray-on kind that worked!

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever officially tried Carmex but I hear it’s a really good lip balm lol. I’m so so excited to film and takes photos of my huge birthday haul. It was so so much.
    And that nail polish actually looks like a nice shade.
    And one more thing, me personally I can’t use baby wipes on my face, they feel too rough. Just make sure you’re not excessively tugging on the skin and be very gentle around the eye area and under eye area. 🙂 hmmm there was something else…..oh yea yeah if you want to save more money look into getting a makeup removing towel. I believe Ulta has some, at least they should under their own brand. You run them under warm water and it takes the makeup off like magic and the towels can be washed over over. I love mine, I may need to get another to replace it even though technically I don’t need to but I’m almost convinced that the Halloween makeup kind of ruined it lol.

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    1. I like Carmex! I’m sure there are probably better lip balms out there but, I don’t know of any. 😛 I cannot wait to see your birthday haul!!!!

      The nail polish is really pretty! I liked it. 🙂 I use my First Aid face cleanser to really wipe my make up off but, I just use the baby wipes to wipe mistakes & stuff when I’m playing around lol. I mostly use them for… sweat & cleaning off germs more than anything!!

      I have never heard of that makeup removing towel though!! Sounds really cool lol. You’re always telling me about something new. ❤ ❤ thank you!

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      1. It’s massive, well…based on my standards haha.
        Ah okay i see I thought you meant you use them to completely wipe your face off lol. But yeah I use them to clean Ciels face and occasionally I will use them to clean my brushes if I don’t have time to actually wash them.
        I looked them up on ulta and I’m not entirely sure how big they are, but I think it’s a pack of 2 for $10. The one I have I found by chance at Marshall’s and I’m telling you one of the greatest things I have ever used haha. It really does remove your makeup, if I’m ever super tired I just take off my makeup with the towel and go to bed. I know you’re still supposed to wash your face but there are times when I’m not up for it hahaha at least I’m not sleeping with my makeup on. That’s definitely not good. But yeah no problem, definitely check them out!! If you ever get them let me know if you like them.

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        1. I love all the hauls, small ones, big ones, MASSIVE ONES. Cannot wait!!!

          I’ve seen a lot of my co-workers use the baby wipes to completely take off their makeup at the end of a shift though. I’ve never even tried that because I just don’t like wiping my makeup off without water. 😛 The towels seem SOOO cool though, like it still includes water but you’re not having to splash your face!! Nice nice nice, thank you again!! I’ll for sure let you know what I think of them if I buy them. ❤

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        1. Those are a bit expensive but, I will have to check out the 2 pack for $10 at Ulta. I’m sure they’re the same quality anyways!! Are they super soft??! I can’t wait to try it lol. Thank you for going through the trouble to find it for me! You’re the best. ❤

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          1. Yes they should be about the same quality, and yes they’re so soft! The one I have, one side is soft which is the side to remove the makeup, and then the other side is used to exfoliate which is super nice. A two for one 😀

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  3. What a bummer about the deodorant (again!). Personally, I’ve never had good experience with Secret! I once bought their “clinical strength” to try it out but it was so weird because it said to apply it like at night before bed? Definitely not what I was looking for haha. I agree, there’s no reason to pay for expensive cleansing wipes! I always just get the Equate two-pack at Walmart for removing my makeup haha.

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      1. Exactly! That’s what I thought. I feel like it would get on my sheets and then not actually work well the next day haha. Why is it so hard to find a good deodorant?! I feel like this is a bigger issue than a lot of people let on because it’s “weird” to talk about haha.

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