Happy 4-Year Anniversary to me and boyfriend today and happy November to all of you!! 

Here’s what you can look forward to reading on my blog this month:


Featured Image by Trifon Yurukov

37 thoughts on “Nov’18: Blog Schedule

    1. No worries!!! Thank you, Rossy!!!

      On another subject,
      I feel like such a dick because I always said if I signed up for BoxyCharm I would use your referral code but I looked up the spoilers for this month, and got super excited… I freakin’ signed up right away just through their website & didn’t even think about it until I got to the part that said “where did you hear about us?” I DID check “Favorite Blogger” and wrote your blog site in the box but, I don’t know if that will do anything for you but I feel bad!!! Ugh. I wanted to give you those points!!

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      1. Lol girl don’t even trip it’s okay I don’t mind really 😁 and I try to avoid the spoilers so it can be a surprise (or not) when I get my box. If you’re excited well, I’m excited now haha.
        But don’t worry about the referral link thing, it’s totally fine! 😁💜

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        1. I had to see what was in the box or I would have never been able to decide to sign up for it not lol. You will see exactly why I signed up for it as quick as I did when you get yours!

          I still feel like crap I forgot to use your referral code! 😦

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          1. True that, I signed up right away when I first saw another blogger do an unboxing. Like she had been a subscriber for a while but I never payed attention to it until I saw she had received a freaking palette and I was like, I’m down for that! Lol.
            Okay, NOW I’m really really excited. I haven’t gotten confirmation that my box is on the way but I believe soon and should get it before Thanksgiving week. Lol.
            Haha aww, seriously girl, don’t worry! Everything’s a-okay!!

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              1. Right now they have been giving us eyeshadow palettes for a few months straight, but the palettes are not always eyeshadow palettes, they sometimes give you face palettes instead, but who knows, I honestly don’t remember seeing eyeshadow palettes this frequently but I could be wrong and just never looked into it

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