Journal Entry #160

October 25, 2018
11:39 PM

We had a late dinner date tonight at Table Thai again. We got there at 10 PM, a whole hour before their closing time, and they seemed super upset that we walked in. We felt so unwelcome we almost walked out but, a group of 6 came in right after us and then another group of 4 so, I didn’t feel bad anymore.


We ordered their Chicken Satay ^ for our appetizer along with the Fresh Shrimp Summer Rolls:


I opted for the Pad Thai this time which came with chicken and two pieces of shrimp:


It was a little sweeter than I prefer but, not bad.

I shouldn’t even have to say what boyfriend got since he always gets… the Pad Woon Sen:


We had to make a stop at the dispensary and the gas station before we came home.

Boyfriend had worked all day. I stayed in bed and read a lot of blogs and a good chunk of this cozy coffeehouse mystery book. I got up for a shower and did a makeup look for my post tomorrow. I wanted to have three looks but, I only got around to doing two.

Yesterday, we only left the house once. We needed toilet paper and more lady products but, we also ended up getting donuts. 😀


Tomorrow, boyfriend works during the day and I’m getting back to work at night.

I’m gonna get my post scheduled for tomorrow and plop down in front of the TV for the rest of the night now. Have a nice weekend!!!

11:51 PM


62 thoughts on “Journal Entry #160

  1. The food looks wonderful. The satay looks especially good. When we lived in some places in the US we’d often see that cucumber sauce with it but I haven’t seen it here often at all. I forgot about it – it’s good!

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  2. That chicken satay looks so good! I’m practically drooling right now. lol This one time I was getting food to go, and it was 45 minutes until their closing time. I was waiting on my food as a family of four walked in. I overheard the people behind the counter complaining about them as they were walking in. I mean, I could see if it was like 15 minutes before closing, but it was 45 minutes. That’s still enough time for them to eat and get out before they have to close. Stop being lazy, just because you want to chill and do nothing the last hour and get paid for it. *rolls eyes*

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    1. Chicken Satay is such a yummy dish!

      Wow! 45 minutes is definitely long enough for a meal. I can’t believe they were talking crap loud enough for you/other customers to hear, too. You’re so right, they only get mad because they’re lazy & want to do nothing & get paid for the hour!! 😛

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    1. The one with sprinkles & chocolate frosting was just a traditional donut like the twisted one but with toppings. The one with red in the middle was also the same but with a strawberry jam center. The big circle chocolate one was like a cinnamon roll and the mini donut was a chocolate cake one. 🙂

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  3. Donuts are always a good idea!! And the shrimp spring rolls look delicious! Hope you’re in the middle of a great weekend!! Have plans?? We had friends come over to bake this morning– and tomorrow is a baby shower for my sister’s new grand-girl coming– so much fun with all those cute baby things. take care… xox

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    1. Right?! Donuts are always sooo satisfying & it’s almost impossible for us to not order the shrimp spring rolls when we go out for Thai or Vietnamese food. They’re just so yummy! 😀

      I’ve got work for the night & no plans for tomorrow! That’s so fun that you had friends come over to bake with you!! Baby showers are always such a blast!! Hope you have so much fun. ❤ You take care as well, thank you!!!

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      1. Oohhh goodness, such a hard choice. I think depends on the mood- but I usually go for something maple! I love cream filled too or cinnamon sugar. But I don’t discriminate- a donut is a donut and I’m happy to have it lol!

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  4. You are literally me – leave the house for food and that’s it. That’s life isn’t it. I wish they delivered EVERYTHING. So I could always be at home 😂

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  5. The food looks so good, like always and yet I always read these kinds of posts as I’m about to go to sleep!!!! Whyyyyyyy???????!!!!!!!!!! Lol
    I actually made tofu pad Thai from scratch at home today and it came out pretty good lol. I’m dying to try more Thai dishes, I definitely need to go back to that restaurant we went with, with my cousin lol
    Ah donuts!!! I actually didn’t get to get any donuts for my birthday from blue star even though I had planned on it lol. Oops. Maybe this weekend lol. Also, thank you for the digital card, it was lovely!!

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    1. Hehe! Sorry to make you hungry before bed but, there is no harm in a bedtime snack. ;D I love that you made Pad Thai at home! So glad it turned out well, too! I hope you’re able to go the restaurant again soon. 🙂 & these donuts are just from the grocery store, nowhere super fancy!! Did you get any other dessert for your birthday instead? ❤

      You're welcome for the digital card!! I was so excited to see you had it read it earlier. 😀 I was worried it hadn't gotten to you safely!!

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      1. I’ve been snacking all month long 😦 LOL editing and filming has probably made me gain some weight again LOL
        Nothing else besides the cupcake Alex got me 🙂 LOL
        I just hadn’t logged on until this morning 🙂

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        1. Lol I have been snacking my whole life!! 😛 Editing & filming seems like sooo much work!! Maybe the stress from all of it will actually make you lose weight. 😉 & that’s so sweet he got you a cupcake!!! ❤

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            1. I know I already said it in my e-mail to you, but you can always message me if you need to talk!! I hate to hear you had such a hard Monday. 😦 & you’re really perfect just the way you are but if working out makes you feel better, I hope you can get back to it soon!!! I hate when Mother Nature comes for her visit lol.

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              1. It wasn’t anything serious though if I had a mental breakdown I guess one would say it is serious 😂😂 nah it was just a hard day in school with Ciel and he did something that made me feel hurt but I mean. He doesn’t know any better lol. I’m gonna talk to his teacher and the behavioral specialist to see if they can help me out with him a bit more to make his schedule a bit more structured.
                Yes I love working out. I’ve been really liking yoga lately so I think I’m gonna keep doing that. It’s the perfect full body workout.

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                1. You are such a tough cookie. ❤ It's okay to have a little breakdown once in awhile, doesn't have to be anything serious, y'know?! Kids will be kids, but it doesn't mean what they say doesn't hurt!! I hope you get something figured out with the teacher & specialist. ❤

                  I've always wanted to get into yoga! If you ever come up with like a quick & EASY routine, lemme know. 😉 lol.

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                  1. Too tough I don’t give myself a break. Haha get it? Being a tough cookie, can’t break. Lol. Lame ass joke, I’m sorry, moving on!
                    But yes, he’s a kid and he’s still my precious little guy that I will always be overprotective of lol. His teacher gave me some good ideas, the specialist was sick so we probably won’t see her all month long lol.
                    And I follow Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, I know there are way more yogis, but ever since I found her I have not been able to let myself find another yogi to follow because I just love her so much and how she encourages you to just “find what feels good” and she tells you it’s ok if you don’t get the pose correctly etc. She’s just so encouraging in general and each and every practice is fun and engaging. She’s my favorite. She has a lot of short 5 to 10 min practices that feel way too short and she also has a 12 minute one by the beach that is so so good for waking up the body. I hope to do that routine on the beach as well when I go lol.

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                    1. Hahaha okay, no worries. I love the “dad jokes.” 😀 I’m a sucker for all of them. But, you should give yourself a break once in awhile, babe. ❤ I know it's easier said then done, though!

                      I'd be the same way if I had a kiddo! That's awesome that you were able to get some good advice from the teacher. What a bummer the specialist is ill… hope it's nothing horrible!

                      Ohh, maybe I'll look her up. I've never heard of her before! Do you have a favorite video??

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                    2. Yes it is. But I will do it. Idk if I told you but Ciel spent the night at my cousins house for my birthday lol. But Alex and I didnt do a damn thing because it was raining and we don’t really go to bars so we got french vanillas from 711 and watched a movie lmao.
                      Nah just a cold. But we don’t have many classes this month and next, so I don’t think we will see her because she usually comes on Mondays and we have like the next three off 😂😂
                      The one at the beach is one of my favorites and it’s also pretty short, let me find the link real quick……


                      Hopefully the comment doesn’t go to spam because of the link.
                      But anyway, she also has a playlist for beginners.

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                    3. Aww!! At least you two got to spend a little quality time together. Staying in & watching movies is always nice. ❤ Did he like staying at his cousins??

                      Okay!! I'm gonna watch that video when I work out next. I'm bored of doing the same routine. 😀 Thanks, babe!! ❤

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                    4. Oh yeah it was amazing. It hasn’t been just the two of us in a long long time. And he did, he absolutely loved it and he was being really good with his youngest cousin who is like a year old already. Super cute. He was like teaching him things lol.
                      Im about to do yoga right now, it’s nearly 9am but it’s not like I’m gonna eat right now anyway 😂😂 wish me luck it’s my first day exercising again after a long time hahaha

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                    5. Yeah kids tend to learn things from one another, and it’s amazing seeing it with your own eyes because they don’t really know that they’re teaching you know? And the younger ones are always little sponges just taking everything in.
                      I didn’t do yoga this morning because I felt sore af and because I stayed up all night reading. Literally. I. Could not. Put. The. Book. DOWN! 😅

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                    6. Ahh that’s why sometimes I think I wanna be an Elementary school teacher since I don’t want any of my own but I wanna be able to see them learn and grow because of me haha 😀

                      If you’re sore, you’re not supposed to work out, I heard!! So that’s okay. ❤ What book are ya reading?!?

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                    7. I’m sure you could. I did find a job like that for one of Alex’s cousin and they didn’t require any experience or certificates.
                      I didn’t work out this morning either but in my defense I had a meeting early ish and that took like 2 and a half hours to get through haha
                      I’m currently reading The Strain trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, it’s post-apocalyptic / high tech vampire / horror lol. I love these kinds of books so much they’ve become my favorite genre haha

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                    8. Ooh, really? I always thought I’d go through school for it if I really wanted to but, it’d be even better if I could find something without experience/certificates! What does his cousin do exactly?

                      I was honestly telling myself to workout today too since I’m home sick… I should be doing something but I couldn’t bring myself to do it either. No excuses on my end! LOL.

                      Ooh, I see you’re into the fantasy/sci-fi genre!! I haven’t really read much of those but, I want to give more of them a try!!

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                    9. I guess it depends on each place, most of them do require some degree or training but some places are willing to train you if they really need someone. And she ended up not taking the job which was a shame, but it was a part time job. All she would have had to do was act like an assistant to the teacher, basically the same as in Ciel’s school, they have an assistant who basically has the same responsibilities as the teacher but is mostly there for support and in case there’s too many kids you know?
                      LOL no worries, it’s hard to get motivated when you first start working out, the first week is the hardest 🙂 once you get into a routine it’s much easier and I can almost guarantee you that if you stick with it, you’ll look forward to exercising. 🙂
                      YES!! From the authors I’ve read so far, this trilogy is really good, the authors wrote it very well, there’s also the author that wrote Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton and another favorite is Justin Cronin 🙂

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                    10. Oh okay! I think I might do college if I do decide to become a teacher in the future… who knows? I would’ve totally taken that job, though.

                      I’ve heard so many good things about Justin Cronin! I should read something by him soon!!

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                    11. I would have too it seems easy enough lol. And if you decide to do college, look into what kind of degree or certificate you need so you only take classes you need. Sometimes they have accelerated programs.
                      I’m dying to read something other than The Passage, there’s another book I’m eyeing hopefully they have it at the library. I’m gonna check today because I’m practically done with the book I’m currently reading

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                    12. You’ll be fine! You’re also in charge of how many credits you want to do so if you don’t think you can handle all 12 credits which is like three or four classes depending on how many credits they are, then you can just do part time and do one or two classes.
                      Anyway, I didn’t go I just didn’t get a chance to but I will sometime this week either today or tomorrow.

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                    13. Yeah, some are sketchy but my friend got a degree from one so I know there are some good ones out there. 🙂 I don’t know though. I might just work in a casino when I’m older LOL.

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    1. I know, right? Like an hour is seriously a long time & the owner wouldn’t have them open for that last hour if s/he didn’t WANT customers to be in there at that time. I heard the waitresses complaining about the group, too… like SO RUDE!

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      1. That is so rude! Like, for those who are hourly, that’s a whole hour of pay + tips and they are going to complain?! Crazy. It’s not like you are forcing them to dirty the kitchen again after cleaning up for the night…there’s still an hour before closing lol.

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