Journal Entry #157

October 19, 2018
07:30 PM

Hey all, hope your weekend has been off to a great start!

Wednesday night, when I got to work… ready to slip on my new sleek heels… I noticed a fucking black scuff mark on the plastic strap that wouldn’t come off with a baby wipe nor nail polish remover. I was so upset! I called boyfriend to check the receipt for their return policy. Luckily, they allow shoe exchanges within 7 days if they’re kept unworn. I just wore my old pair for the night which are only “done for” because the bottom of my right shoe is flapping off a little in the front.

The first thing we had to do today was go exchange them. We would have went yesterday but, of course boyfriend had to work so I sulked around the apartment all day, worrying myself to death that they wouldn’t accept my exchange for some reason!! They did happily and easily accept it but, they didn’t have my size in black anymore. Now, I’m back to the exact same pair I’m getting rid of… (clear 8-inch double straps). Oh well. They match everything better anyways.

I’m really only saying that to make myself feel better, to be honest. I actually am super sour about not getting to switch to black heels for awhile.


After getting my new new heels, we went out to eat in ChinaTown at this new Taiwanese spot called Yummy Box. I didn’t read the reviews closely enough to know exactly where it was located so we just followed the GPS and when we got to the building, we went up the stairs looking all over for it. I finally paused to look on Yelp to see that it was located inside the ChinaTown Mall…


Mostly there are just little shops selling cheap crap all over this mall so we never go in. We had no idea there was a big restaurant spot right in the middle of it all.


We walked down the quiet hallways a little until we finally found our destination. I kept wondering what was here before Yummy Box opened up… I can’t seem to remember.


It was extremely spacious inside and only one other table was occupied by diners. If I’m being honest, I am getting a little sick of this “Instagram-worthy”, rustic, whatever, hipster, farm interior design style every new spot seems to go for now.


Sure, it’s still cute… (I guess) but, I feel like I’m at the same establishment everywhere I go now.

The menu here was at least fun and different.


For our appetizer, we shared a Pork & Veggie Steamed Bun. I was surprised to find it under their “Breakfast” category.


I really prefer a more sweet and fluffy dough but, boyfriend who usually only eats the innards and gives me the dough actually liked this one a lot better and didn’t have any dough to give me! The dough on this Banh Bao was savory and more chewy.


We both ordered their Special Bento Box with different meat choices. Boyfriend got Spicy Chicken which we thought would be more similar to Orange Chicken, drenched with a sauce, y’know?? Not these nuggets dusted with a little bit of the red pepper stuff!! I mean… it tasted pretty good but, just not what we were expecting at all!


I got the Basil Chicken which totally made up for the lackluster “Spicy Chicken”! There were tons of juicy, bone-in chicken pieces and the flavor was spot-on!! For our sides, there were pickled and spiced bamboo shoots and something else– I have no idea what it’s called, oil and garlic boiled mixed veggies, white rice topped with black sesame seeds, and an Asian cucumber and carrot soup.

For the price, this dinner was a total bargain!! We got so much food for so cheap.

You all probably know where we went when we were done eating… right? If you didn’t already guess (I’m sure you did though)… it was… STARBUCKS! Lol then after that, we came home and I hopped onto here.

Fingers crossed it’s busy at work tonight!!



44 thoughts on “Journal Entry #157

      1. Don’t be sorry silly girl. I know I am your favorit becasue you hangout with me on my blog. Silly you are stuck with me now in the blogland…LOL. I nominated you for the Award but you are not forced or obliged to accept it. I just felt that you desrve it. Check out my today’s post for that if you feel like though!

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  1. Haha I’m feeling kind the same about the ‘instagram worthy’ hipster design…same here and whenever there’s a new ‘instagramable’ cafe, the price for the menu will be ridiculous pricey ugghh.

    Oh how I miss eating bento set! My favourite was Yakiniku Bento. Your Basil chicken looks delicious and juicy. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh gosh, yes! So glad that you feel the same way about the ‘Instagrammable’ cafes/restaurants! It is getting too overdone! & sometimes their stuff isn’t even good tasting, they just care about looking nice.

      Just looked up Yakiniku Bento! YUM! This was only like my second time eating a Bento Box! They’re so fun. πŸ˜€ & yes, that basil chicken was def delish! ❀


  2. I like rustic decor, but I don’t like the interior of that restaurant. It just doesn’t feel like it fits the style of food. Looking at that interior, I would think they served things like fried chicken and country fried steak, not Asian cuisine. lol

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  3. That’s too bad about your heels. Sometimes that happens to me when I buy clothes in store at Ross, I get super excited about whatever I just bought and go home to realize β€œthere’s a fucking hole”. Hopefully next time you need heels you’re able to get different ones
    And so try about the interiors of restaurant, a lot look the same so it’s nice to see a change in decor, something that actually matches the cuisine
    But the bentos looked good,

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    1. Ugh… it’s really just the worst purchasing things to only find something wrong when yo get home! I’m always so worried they’re going to blame me & not let me get my money back. πŸ˜› One of my co-workers showed me a website with a whole variety of diff heels so I can’t wait til these break LOL.

      Right?! The whole “Instagram Cafe” look is getting old & doesn’t match EVERY cuisine… the bentos were fun & quite tasty though. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg I’m the same but I’m glad they allowed you to return the heels no problem ☺
        Hahaha didn’t you just buy them?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        I think they just want to be insta-worthy but I love it more when the decor leans more towards their culture. It makes it all feel far more authentic.

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        1. Yeah I just bought them but they’re the exact same pair I’ve been wearing the past like 9 months! I wanted a bit of a change. πŸ˜›

          & yeah… the whole Insta-Worthy stuff is bothersome to me. I wanna see like new, different stuff everywhere I go!

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  4. Ugh, hate when that stuff happens with clothes or shoes! Thank goodness you spotted that before you wore them though. Ah so sorry they didn’t have your size. What a bummer!

    Wow- that Chinatown mall looks epic!! How cool.

    Oh my gosh- I was just thinking the same thing about restaurants lately!! I feel like they are really over doing it sometimes with the dΓ©cor to make it β€œgrammable”. Especially because all that rustic dΓ©cor looks somewhat out of place? Maybe it’s just me? Haha.

    That baooo! All I’d want is the bun part too. YUM.

    Hope work went all right. Hoping to catch up on the rest of your posts in the morning πŸ™‚

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    1. I know!! I was so mad when I saw the scuff… but yeah, so lucky I found it when they were still exchangeable. πŸ™‚

      Yes yes yes! About the decor, those are my exact feelings. Every new spot that opens up has the same look! It’s just getting old & boring– whether it looks in or out of place!

      I know, right?! I love the bun part of the bao, boyfriend usually only likes the stuff inside!! Does DJ like them?!

      Thanks for reading & always leaving such lovely comments, Mackenzie!! ❀ You're the best!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ya know, I’m not sure Dj has had bao?! Every time I’ve had them has been with my girlfriends ! I need to make sure he tries some soon!! He’s not picky, so I’m sure he’ll like them.

        Aw of course, girl! you truly have one of my favorite blogs- I just love our chats too!

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  5. Okay so how much is cheap?
    Why don’t you buy a black pair of shoes too and you can interchange them? The amount of time you have to replace shoes it will work out the same cost in the end.

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