My Top 5: Snacks From The Past That Should Make A Comeback

I bought some Oreo O’s cereal the other day. Eating them got me thinking about all of the other snacks and treats I remember lovin’ as a kiddo. Apparently, Oreo O’s weren’t being sold for awhile and they just only recently hit the shelves again. I wish these 5 snacks would make a comeback, too!:

1. Hot Cheetos Asteroids

hot cheetos asteroids.jpeg

For some reason, I always thought these were better than a bag of regular Hot Cheetos. They had more of the red stuff and the balls were more fun to pop into my mouth! There were other “Go Snacks” too, like mini Doritos, but these Hot Cheetos Asteroids were the BEST.

2. Kudos Granola Bars

kudos bars.jpeg

The absolute best granola bars I’ve ever had and I don’t know where the hell they went?! I used to eat so many in one sitting. My mom bought the big variety pack from Sam’s Club all the time.

3. Fruit-Shaped Trix Cereal

fruit trix.jpeg

Of course, there’s still Trix Cereal out there but, when it was fruit-shaped instead of puff-shaped it was 100x better. I’d rather just eat Cap’n Crunch’s Oops! All Berries Cereal now!

4. Seeded Watermelon Laffy Taffy


Taking the seeds out of Watermelon flavored Laffy Taffy was seriously such a mistake. It’s as bad as the grocery store only selling seedless watermelons in the summer!

5. Altoids Sours

altoids sours

You have no idea how many pieces of these little candies I used to steal out of my Ma’s purse. Hehehe.


Is there anything you remember loving as a kiddo that is no longer available for purchase??


Featured Image by Sneha Chekuri

69 thoughts on “My Top 5: Snacks From The Past That Should Make A Comeback

      1. When I worked at an ice cream shop, someone from Europe had me explain almost every single candy bar we had to him because they aren’t available there! What was your favorite snack as a kid? 🙂


  1. I didn’t know any of the sweets you listed.
    Thinking about the ones i had as a kid… hmm, then ones that are not available anymore, i say good riddance 😀 They were quite bad to be honest.
    Most of my faves are still around, and have more versions now. I really liked this thing that was basically sweetened cream cheese covered in chocolate. It was maybe the size of a finger, and was cold, and yumm ❤ That's still around with all kinda crazy flavours 😀

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    1. So cool that we all have different snacks in different countries. 😀
      That’s so lucky that all of your fave snacks are still around! I think we have so many snacks around here that should’ve been discontinued over the ones in my list! The chocolate cream cheese finger sounds YUM!! ❤

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    1. Yes!! Kudos were so yummy. 😀 & ice cream squeezed out of a tube?! Hmm… I can’t remember anything like it?! Sounds amazing!

      I like Crunch ‘n Munch, too!! Remember when the Cracker Jacks had like a prize in them?!

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      1. Yes! I think the Cracker Jack still has a prize, right? I can’t remember, but we bought some not too long ago. I used to love that! Plus the prizes in the cereal which are long gone. Brings back memories! 😁💚

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    1. I just looked them up! I don’t think I remember those but they remind me of one of my other fave snacks that are still around: The Yan Yan snack!! You would like them, I think. 😀


  2. Omg, talk about a blast from the past! I’m getting all the nostalgia feels right now. I totally remember those Hot Cheetos Asteroids as a kid! Also, I miss the fruit shaped Trix cereal too. The puff shaped ones are so….meh. lol Alejandro told me that they might be apparently bringing the fruit shaped Trix back! I sure hope so!

    Awesome post, girl! It was so fun to read! x

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    1. Hahah, man, I loved those Hot Cheetos Asteroids! 😀 I feel like the puff shaped Trix has less flavor, right?! I will totally be one of the first people to buy a box if the fruit shapes come back!! Fingers crossed the rumors are true. 😀

      Thank you, Nunzia!! ❤

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  3. Erm… what the hell are any of these? We literally have none of these in the UK. I’ve heard of laffy taffy but only from that god awful song & to be honest I thought he was taking about butts x

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  4. Never heard of any one of these but the kudos bar sounds yum!

    I remember during my time as a kid, there’s this one small cake that I really love although it’s too sweet. The other day I bought it and they’re even smaller and much more sweet god! Or maybe it’s the age matter? Lol

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  5. “What if we can’t see the shape of the trix anymore as adults because trix are for kids?”lmao I can’t remember where I saw that meme but it’s a good one, I agree, the fruit shapes were far better than the plain balls they have on the shelves lol

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    1. Sometimes I can still find the Laffy Taffy with candy pieces. ❤ I always liked those better than the one with seeds but I still wish they'd comeback! I want a choice! Lol. I wonder why they discontinued all of these snacks & I really do wonder who thought it was a good idea to take away the fruit shapes of Twix?! WHY, right!?

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  6. The berry shaped Trix were so much better! Like, why did they make them so boring now?! Also, Kudos were amazing. They were basically a candy bar disguised as a granola bar, so no wonder they were so good hahaha.

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    1. I know! All cereal is puff-shaped already, how boring! & ahh, yeah. That makes sense! But they could’ve just moved ’em to the candy aisle instead of completely discontinuing them lol. 😛

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  7. Oh hey, on a random note, I was wondering if you would mind if I used your idea for “Monthly Currentlys” on my blog?! I love the idea but I’d only be able to do it like quarterly because I never change anything haha. Of course I would credit you. 🙂

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  8. Wait- Kudos don’t exist anymore?!!? WHAT!! Those were sooo gooood.

    Lol- omg this post is making me so nostalgic. I loved the seeded watermelon laffy taffy too.

    Wahhh this is too good. Hmmmm I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I’m positive there is something, probably a cereal I loved that they don’t make any more. This was SUCH a fun post. XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know!! We were busy buying all these new “healthy” granola bars popping up everywhere, they went & cancelled Kudos when we weren’t looking lol. I wish they’d bring all of our childhood faves back! So happy you enjoyed this post!! ❤

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