Journal Entry #152

October 07, 2018
06:42 PM

Ahhh, I’m so happy that it’s Sunday! I woke up extremely sore, weak, and nauseated. Boyfriend and I did have a drink together before he dropped me off at workΒ last night but, it was just ONE– I had zero at work. I have never thrown up over such a small amount before. How lame am I, right? Lol.

I was trying to quit drinking for this whole month and I was doing good before that sooo, I think I’m gonna get back to it. It’s okay that I had one small hiccup, isn’t it?!

Friday and Saturday night were both wonderful nights for me. I stayed until 4 AM both nights and was only disrespected once by these assholes who were trying to tell their buddy I “wasn’t worth it” because I don’t do extras. *eye roll* They were literally pulling him by his shirt away from me but, I was still able to win him over… hehe. πŸ˜‰

Today, my poor boyfriend had to wake up early for an 11 AM shift. He had probably only gotten around 3 hrs of sleep. It was extra slow so he came home before 2 PM. I was still sleeping πŸ˜› and I slept a little longer after he got home, too.

I got up to barf in the toilet and immediately took a shower afterwards, we smoked a blunt when I got out and it got rid of my nausea right away. Whew! My stomach was in need of some food though so we went to that AYCE hot pot place we tried to go to last time (we skipped it because their wait time was too long).


We’ve never been able to make it for lunch time (before 4 PM) prices anywhere before so I was excited that we did today! It was such a good deal for all they had to offer!


We had to sit at that long table with everyone else which bothered us at first but, it wasn’t too bad after awhile; I stopped noticing that they were even so close. They were quiet folks though, I wonder if they were annoyed by my constant chatter hahaha.


There’s a buffet of seafood, veggies, and noodles that you can go to yourself. Additionally, on their menu, there’s meat and pork cuts, sushi rolls, appetizers, and the hot pot broth choices. We chose Spicy Miso and Tonkotsu broth, they were both only alright. For our appetizers we just had a Seafood Salad and a Seaweed Salad, we also had half of a Lemon Salmon Roll (not pictured above). We chose Beef Belly and their special marinated Beef Rib Eye for our meat choices and as much veggies, noodles, and seafood as we wanted!!

They only had ice cream for dessert so we went to this new Taiwanese dessert shop that opened up not too long ago called Meet Fresh.


I was a bit sad to find out they only had regular cow’s milk and no substitutes available.


I wanted to try one of their interesting desserts but I wasn’t sure which ones would or wouldn’t have dairy in them (boyfriend ordered so quickly– I felt rushed to choose whatΒ  I wanted so I didn’t read everything… even though him and the cashier both insisted I “take my time”) so I just went with a simple iced Jasmine Green Tea with half the sugar and a tray of little treats. Boyfriend got the same drink but, with milk in it.


I wish I had asked for zero sugar because the hint of sweetness bothered me. I’m sure it was 50% of what they usually add but, next time… none for me!


My little tray of treats ^. The square ones are yummy Mung Bean Cakes and the balls are Mochi Balls. ❀ The brown one is peanut flavored and the black one is sesame. My favorite was the Sesame Mochi but, I absolutely loved them all!! Boyfriend wasn’t a big fan of anything on this tray, though…

After dinner and dessert, we had to make a stop at the dispensary and the water mill to fill up our jugs. We also filled up on gas and bought blunt wraps.

It feels so nice to relax and be at home for my “weekend”!! The Waitress Musical is on Tuesday night. I am so, so pumped for it!! I’ll probably go back to work Wednesday or Thursday.

Hope you’ve all had an awesome weekend! Can’t wait to catch up on all of your posts. ❀

07:18 PM


50 thoughts on “Journal Entry #152

  1. Lol I am dying at your “had to get up early to be at work at 11am” 🀣 I miss those days something terrible.
    On the other hand I feel like a champ since I went out Friday night and had 10-13 jello shots and was still up and at it Saturday morning by 9am. 😏 the struggle was real don’t get me wrong but I did it.

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    1. Well, last night I didn’t leave until 4 AM & we didn’t actually get to bed until near 7 AM, when he set his alarm it said “3 hrs & 55 min” until it would go off. I don’t think that’s nearly enough & I felt bad for him.

      But I applaud you for having that many jello shots & still being able to get up at 9 AM! Go you!

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    1. I don’t remember either but once I had a bite of one, I couldn’t stop LOL. I love Mochi so much now!! The sesame one was semi-sweet with a peanutty-sesame flavor. πŸ˜€ I hope you can find some near you & if you try it, I hope you love it!! ❀


  2. Wow – hope you’re feeling better now. And yes, a hiccup is a hiccup, not a trend. Today’s a new day and you get to make of it what you like.

    Delicious looking food – and we seem to have the same taste in tea. I’m always getting jasmine or peach green tea, choosing half-sugar and sometimes regretting even that level of sweetness. Of course if I get flavours like peach, I have to have some sugar because it’s in the flavour. Sadly, there was a fire in our neighbourhood’s mall so most of it is still closed and being cleaned up so it may be a while before my usual bubble tea place opens back up. Hopefully soon!

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    1. Yes! Thank you! Much better now. πŸ˜€ I like that “a hiccup is a hiccup, not a trend.” You’re so right!! ❀ No more booze for me!

      We do have a lot of the same tastes in food & drinks, I think. πŸ™‚ So sad about the fire though!!! Hopefully everything is all up & running again in no time.

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  3. Hey Hunida! I hope that you are feeling better! Don’t beat yourself up for “hiccuping” a dry-month-challenge. Rather, congratulate yourself on every day you day you don’t drink! It is really hard to eliminate food and drinks from your diet. You are doing a great job!

    As usual, all of your food looks delicious! Now, I want seaweed salad and the lemon, salmon roll!

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    1. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ I’m definitely feeling better now. ❀ ❀ You're right, there have been more days where I didn't have a drink & I should focus on that!


  4. It’s so awkward when you’re seated with other people. I’ve only had that happen once. It was back in 2007 when my (now ex) boyfriend and I were celebrating our 8 month anniversary. He took me out to eat at this really fancy and expensive restaurant. I actually hated it. lol It was gorgeous inside, but the menu was very limited (only five things to choose from, and nothing that I was really hungry for at that time), and there was no prices listed. We both ended up ordering the steak and when the bill came, it was $100! He kept trying to tell me how to cut my steak because apparently I was “doing it wrong”, so I was annoyed the entire time. Anyway, the point of this story is that not long after we were seated (at one of those long tables), they ended up seating another party at the table with us. It was a group of elderly people, and there was like ten of them. It was just awkward because they were right there with us, so we could hear their entire conversation and vice versa. They were all “upscale” type people too, dressed super fancy and all. I felt so out of place because that’s just not me.

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    1. It really is!! I hate places that make you sit around or near people, it’s just not my style at all. πŸ˜› I hate your ex-boyfriend already… that’s so annoying that he was trying to tell you how to cut your steak. I would have continued to do it wrong. 😑 Glad you’re not with that guy anymore!!

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  5. Heck, one hiccup since the beginning of the month is great, girl! Also- I said to myself, “Shut the front door” when I saw Meet Fresh. We have one literally in our backyard (well our apartment’s backyard)! I walk by it every time I go to Target and see everyone nomming down. I have been a couple times for bubble tea, and was also disappointed there were no non-dairy substitutes. I think I ended up with just a green boba tea. It was so good, but would have been better with milk. Neeed, and I mean, NEED to try those Mochi balls. I hope the one here has them. YUM!

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    1. But it’s only been a week into the month lol I think I can do better than that… ugh. πŸ˜› No more from now on though. Thank you for the encouragement, babe. ❀

      Is there really one right by you?! It juuust opened up here & is already pretty popular! I really wanna try one of their desserts but I'm so nervous on which one to try first. πŸ˜› I bet yours does have the mochi balls! Get 'emmm!! ❀

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    1. I know! It’s like they’re being so kind to me so I should hurry up lol. That’s exactly how I feel!!

      Thank you! I do try to get photos for each Journal Entry but sometimes I don’t have any. πŸ˜›


  6. That’s so shitty that they were rude to you. But at least the guy stayed right lol
    And that hot pot place looks dope I’ve never been to one but I cannot wait till I finally go lol.
    And the mochi looks soo good, I’ve only tried some cookies and cream one, though idk what the mochi flavor was πŸ™„ lol

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    1. Yeaaaah, it’s okay! I’ve dealt with much worse; it was just annoying. πŸ˜› I was so happy to shove it in their faces when he stayed hehe.

      We’ve been to 3 total hot pot places so far but of course, our favorite one is the farthest away. πŸ˜› My mom makes a mean hot pot, too but she’s even farther away. Lol, I wonder if there is a restaurant near you?! There was none in Minnesota until I moved away (one just opened up there this year).

      I love mochis!! πŸ™‚ I think the Sesame one is the best one I’ve had so far!!

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      1. Ahaha good on you and bad on them, instant karma lol
        Awh moms make the best food don’t they lol. And I think I found one by the Asian supermarket near us, which isnt actually near πŸ˜‚ but I’ll try it someday now that it’s getting cold I think I’ll be up to driving way over there.

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        1. Yeah I don’t know if it’s because she’s my mom or what, but I just have never had anything better than what she makes. πŸ˜› She even cooks better than my Grandmas in my opinion!

          Hot pot is sooo warming and wonderful during the cold days, it’ll be worth the drive. ❀

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  7. I always wonder why dudes that are fairly nice hang around with dicks but maybe they’re not dicks to them I guess. Those little square and round treats sound yummy. We always find it difficult to get to brunch/lunch deals but like you say, the prices are worth setting an alarm for. Love your Halloween wallpaper V—V

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    1. I know! There’s always a couple nice guys in a group of dicks & all I can wonder is “whyyy?!” every time I ask them, they just laugh or say “he’s not a bad guy!”

      I loved those little round treats. ❀ I wish I could have them again right now lol. Lunch deals are always so good for so cheap! Definitely setting your alarm once in awhile to make it on time is worth it. πŸ™‚

      Hehe glad you like the Halloween wallpaper, it was so hard to choose one when there are so many all over the internet!!

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  8. Considering one of my work besties said she was going to quit drinking this month too and spectacularly failed by drinking at least 2-3 times per week anyway so far I think that you’re good with your “hiccup”! The tray of treats look amazing!!!!

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    1. Hahaha thank you for telling me that, it’s actually nice to know someone else had made the same goal but failed– I know that sounds so bad but it’s true!! I haven’t drank since my hiccup so I’m feelin’ good. πŸ˜€

      Thanks so much, Pamela!! ❀ ❀

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