I Went to an Abandoned Old School by Nicole at Nicole’s Niches

Screenshot_2018-10-03 I Went to an Abandoned Old School

Nicole finds her way into an old school and explores the entire building, taking snapshots to share with us along the way. The building was torn down not too long after she took these photos!


Vegan Nights-September Event by Dannii at A Beautiful Thing

Screenshot_2018-10-03 Vegan Nights-September Event.jpeg

Dannii attends a monthly, ticketed event called Vegan Nights in East London. We luckily get to tag along and see all of her incredible eats!


Recharging the “Introvert Battery” by Hayley at Life of Hayley

Screenshot_2018-10-03 Recharging the “Introvert Battery”.jpeg

If you’re an introvert who is often forced into social situations, you’ll understand what an “introvert battery” is and what it means to need to recharge it. I was nodding my head “yes” at every word in Hayley’s post. A lot of people don’t get it but, she does.


Fashion Scout : Inspo for London Week by Jennifer Amani

Screenshot_2018-10-03 Fashion Scout Inspo for London Fashion week

After attending a Fashion Event in London, Jennifer approaches some fashionistas in the street and asks them to pose for a picture. The outfits she photographed are out of this world, seriously, check them out!


What You Don’t Know About Overthinkers by Rosie at Rosie Culture

Screenshot_2018-10-03 What You Don’t Know About Overthinkers.jpeg

It’s so annoying when people advise me to find peace in meditation, I mean… it may work for you but, it’s not going to work for me and it’s not going to work for anyone like me or Rosie. As she puts it, we are “overthinkers”, we wake up immediately wondering “what’s there to worry about?”. I’ve never related so much.


Spiced Cider Recipe by Daisy Grey

Screenshot_2018-10-03 Spiced Cider Recipe.jpeg

It is apple cider season!!! Daisy has put together a small recipe to make just two perfect sized cups of Spiced Cider– all other recipes force you to make a huge batch. I’ve never tried it before but, I can’t wait to!!


Mormonism: A God Complex by Cadie Mclendon at Cadie’s Corner

Screenshot_2018-10-03 Mormonism A God Complex.jpeg

Cadie interviews an ex-Mormon in Mormonism: A God Complex. When I lived in Washington for a bit– I met quite a few Mormons and learned a lot of jaw-dropping facts about them; like that they can’t drink coffee or eat chocolate. It was interesting to read why they believe in the things they do and why the boys are always knocking on doors and biking around with the pamphlets, it all made sense to me after reading her post.


Recreating Fran Fine’s Iconic Looks from “The Nanny” by Nunzia at Nunzia Dreams

Screenshot_2018-10-03 Recreating Fran Fine's Iconic Looks from The Nanny - NunziaDreams

You guys, if you’ve ever watched and loved The Nanny, you will get all the nostalgia from Nunzia’s post where she recreates a few of Fran’s stylish ‘fits. They all turned out so cute!!



47 thoughts on “The Best WP Posts I Read In September 2018

  1. Awesome Post Hunida! Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed the posts of Rosie, Cadie and Haley. I am definitely an introvert, and it is difficult for me to explain to non-introverts why I need time alone to recharge! I love people, and spend all day around people. It is so important to get those snippets of quiet time 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great posts, weren’t they?! ❤ I'm happy you enjoyed them as much as I did!

      Yes! You're just like me. I am around people all the time & I even enjoy it but, I just need to recharge once in awhile!! ❤ ❤


  2. Oh man I’m an over thinker I get so fixated on a bunch of stuff and Alex is always telling me to meditate too. I’ve tried but sometimes that silence builds up in my head and I overthink way more lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL that’s so annoying!! My boyfriend tells me I think too much or he’ll ask like why are you even thinking about that? all the time which already maks me mad but if he told me to meditate I might punch him!! Meditation is crap!! & those weirdo men that try to talk you to sleep when you are thinking too much give me the creeps! lol.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I see yoga as being better than meditation to clear the mind because you’re actually doing something, you know? Meditation is so quiet, my brain gets extra loud, if that makes sense?

          Yeah girl lol on YouTube, you can look up people to “talk you to sleep” when your brain just won’t shut off!! Most of them are quite creepy (in my opinion) lol.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeah I feel like I need to do something to focus my attention on because I mean, hey, overthinking am I right? My mind is such a….cunt… it won’t leave me alone even on my worst days. I decided to take a day off from Ciel’s school today. I don’t even wanna bother with people today.
            And I don’t think I’ll look it up that sounds extremely weird. Lol. It’s gonna get under my skin and make me cringe I can already imagine lol.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Hahah I just laughed out loud & can’t stop smiling because you said “I don’t think I’ll look it up”!! Hahaha seriously, you don’t wanna. It will def make you cringe!

              I feel you on the not wanting to bother with people and having a cunt for a mind lol. ❤ ❤

              Liked by 1 person

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