Journal Entry #148

September 29, 2018
07:11 PM

Wheew! It’s finally Saturday. It’ll be my 5th night of work in a row tonight!! Tues, Wed, and Thurs were so shitty and slow. I thought I was going to be broke forever but, please, let’s take a moment to thank the Stripper Gods who were looking out for me and sent me an Angel of a man last night. ❤ He was the first guy I chose to talk to and what a good choice I had made– we spent quite some hours together in the VIP room. He was so respectful and kind but, he lacked conversation… I mean, he was good at answering questions but all I did was talk his ear off lol. I guess he didn’t mind though!

Yesterday, we went out to eat at Jason’s Deli. Boyfriend had worked the day shift and got home around 3PM. We smoked a blunt and I took a shower, then we immediately left the house.


I had read somewhere that Feta cheese (and a couple other cheeses) should be okay for those who have a lactose intolerance like myself so I tried the Nutty Mixed-Up Salad and didn’t tell them to leave it out.


It luckily didn’t make me gassy right away but, my stomach did hurt a little in the morning (I had an early wake up call around 9AM!). I’ll never eat any type of cheese again. I don’t care what anybody says.


Boyfriend also added a run to the Salad Bar with his sandwich so he had a mini salad of his own. We also ordered a cup of chili and chicken salad mixed with pineapples and almonds. The chili was fine but the chicken salad was weird… it was too sweet and everything was way too shredded up.


Boyfriend’s main entree was their famous Wild Salmon-wich but, he forgot to ask for no guac (we both hate avocados so much). The salmon was good but the guac was disturbing the flavors… we also thought the sandwich was a bit small compared to their other ones.

After we finished eating, we went to Starbucks for our espressos and then, came home for a little blogging and smoking before I started to get ready for work.

I got to work at like exactly 11 PM and after my Angel of a client left, I worked for like another hour before I felt like I would pass out. It was almost 4 AM.

I took a shower, smoked a blunt, and passed out right away.

Today, boyfriend’s been at work since before I even woke up. I read some blogs on my Reader before I hopped into the shower. After my shower, I walked to La Bahia to get my fave take-out meal (within walking distance).


I always order the same thing when I go there because the meal includes SO MUCH! A big piece of chicken, a little onion salad thing, a little cabbage and tomato salad, plantain chips, rice and beans, a deep-fried mozzarella triangle (I never eat this though), and half of a fried plantain! I can never finish everything but, it’s all so freakin’ tasty!!

While I ate, I watched the second half of the episode of Love Island I last left off on.

I kind of want to paint my nails again but, they’re not that bad and sometimes when I re-do them, they look even worse than the previous chipped job lol. I also need to get my October blog schedule and my ICYMI post together still. 😛

I can’t wait for the night to be over so my “weeekend” can start!!

07:52 PM


34 thoughts on “Journal Entry #148

    1. It’s a Latin cuisine restaurant! I have to resist the mozzarella square because the first time, I couldn’t… I took just one single bite and had stomach troubles. 😭

      Thank you, babe!!! Hope you have a wonderful week! ♡

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  1. Girl, I feel you about the cheese. I haven’t eaten cheese (comfortably!) in years. First, people told that I could eat goat cheese, because it was “easier on the system.” So, I gobbled up a greek salad and did not like the results! Then, people told me that Lactose pills would cure my predicament. No, they did not. I also did an elimination diet recently, but still that dairy did not reintroduce well back into my system! Don’t listen to the cheese liars!


    You are such a badass going to work 5 nights in a row! I am happy an angel client visited you! Enjoy your well-deserved weekend!

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    1. Agh! We are the exact same! Lots of people have suggested the lactose pills to me but, now I’m guessing since they didn’t work for you– I’m outta luck, too! No more cheese of ANY kind for me lol. I was so excited when I read those lies. 😦

      Aw thank you so much!! ❤ You are the sweetest! Hope you've had great start to your week/month!

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    1. I had done 5 days in a week before but not 5 days in a row!! 😀 Thanks for cheering me on (I need it lol)!! ❤ You're the best!!

      The fried plantain is so yummy!! Have you tried it before?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yasss keep going!!! Lol.
        Yes I have! It’s my favorite lol. My auntie and grandma used to make it for us all the time when we were little. And my dad’s wife is Colombian and they make it too so whenever she had me over she would me some! 💜💜

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    1. Mm, La Bahia is a dream to live next door to. ❤ I was so excited when they opened up! I'm so jealous that you can eat cheese! I love cheese & I hate the taste of milk anyways so I wouldn't mind that!

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